Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch

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Apple's new Watch Series 5 starts out so far ahead of the competition that Apple didn't need to do much. But it did one big thing: add an always-on display. In this review Dieter Bohn gets into all the new features of Apple's latest smartwatch.
Check out the full review here: bit.ly/2kQfH1e
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iPhone 11 review: bit.ly/2mmwBoN
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
The Verge
The Verge 8 months ago
Would you upgrade for an always-on screen?
stephen zork Review
i'll denitely upgrade it for sure
DUTER DIE HARD 21 day ago
@Eugenearella ha ha ha
Gameplaz Beast mode
Sam Feh
Sam Feh Month ago
Owen 2 months ago
Po Russki the series 4 and 5 are both huge upgrades from the series 3 👍
#vlogsforlife #lakshan
Keep watch-ing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson 12 hours ago
They said they’re using high quality of sapphire glass but they lied
Monther Abuhantash
What I really want to know from this video.... is where he got his RING from! looks great 🔥
Maz Bangash
Maz Bangash 6 days ago
Out of al Apple products the watch design is silly and again you can’t do much .... Garmin is way better than Apple
Ken Zauter
Ken Zauter 8 days ago
Dieter should have his own Tech Review show on Apple TV. He’s that good. I actually get ill trying to watch anyone else now. :)
FBB 9 days ago
Can it keep track of my sh!ts?
Paul B
Paul B 10 days ago
What’s the music at the beginning? Thank you
Blue Eyed Tech
Blue Eyed Tech 11 days ago
So is the cellular connection better on the series 5 vs the Series 3? I have the Series 3 and use the cellular function a lot but the connection isn’t the best so I am considering upgrading if the connection is better
yusof ahmad
yusof ahmad 12 days ago
Don many talk
Guttersnippee Smithers
Is it worth getting this I’ve just bought 11 pro max iPhone is it really gonna benefit me buying this
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 12 days ago
Guttersnippee Smithers I love my series 5 but if I was up I’d wait 4 months for the series 6
Bujar Rraci
Bujar Rraci 18 days ago
No,thank you!
Oscar 19 days ago
I thought I didn’t need it but bought one anyways. And now I love it. The features have a lot to do with your personal lifestyle. It’s a very cool watch. I don’t regret buying it.
rich 19 days ago
Dude lost interest in the first sentence when you stated this is the best smart watch. But it’s not is it? Why? Cause it doesn’t work with android! If you said it was the best watch for iPhone that wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s certainly not the best watch as it only works on iPhone. Bafoon at least try and make your review realistic.
Erin Buck
Erin Buck 19 days ago
I love Apple Apple Watch ⌚️ series 5 I love it more then my series 3 🤦🏻‍♀️
hoogh100 20 days ago
Is the reviewer paid by Apple?
Jim Pennington
Jim Pennington 21 day ago
Wait a sec... Apple watches don't have third party watch faces?! That's my favorite part of a smart watch! (Also, I've never seen an Apple watch face that looks attractive.) (EDIT: "California" looks ok.)
IJsbrand Vreugdenhil
It's not aluminum, it's aluminium.
J K 21 day ago
0:17 naravno balkanac :)
Sri Charan Naga
Sri Charan Naga 21 day ago
i actually want google to make such a watch
Aces 21 day ago
I bought an Apple Watch but decided to return it. Everything I did on the watch I could do faster and more efficiently on my iPhone. So what’s the point? I’ll keep my regular watch.
Tangchi Prathomo
Tangchi Prathomo 23 days ago
Pass this. Keeping my G-Shock and money.
nowtleft2 26 days ago
Battery lasts 12 hours. A day is 24 hours - not a good watch - nuff said.
Aakash Sachar
Aakash Sachar 28 days ago
It would have been great if you used the clip of George Bush Sr. 's presidential debate scene when you talked about looking at the screen for the time.
Kim Jones
Kim Jones Month ago
I’ve just got one after a year off waiting tried other watching but this beat the biscuit. So I came on here. I was wonder why it didn’t turn off on my wrist. Thanks for info
Stormingnorming Month ago
No comment about larger size?
Mobile Magic by Bryan
I ordered my series 5 and it is in route.
Arc. Ismail
Arc. Ismail Month ago
Fredmitnick95 on ig
Arc. Ismail
Arc. Ismail Month ago
We recommend him to all our users for help
Arc. Ismail
Arc. Ismail Month ago
Fredmitnick95 on ig is the best ever
Arc. Ismail
Arc. Ismail Month ago
Consult fredmitnick95 on ig for all Apple product unlock
Isaac Iitembu
Isaac Iitembu Month ago
Love to have one😀
João Guerra
João Guerra Month ago
18hours . Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Maria Moré Garcia-Fontanet
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller Month ago
Should I still buy the series 5 or wait for the next generation?
PooBrainHorse Month ago
Would love one of these but I'm covered in tattoos and been told they don't work properly for people covered in ink 😩
PooBrainHorse Month ago
Update: it works perfectly.
PooBrainHorse Month ago
Update: I've ordered one anyway.
oliver harington
i feel like this is bias
MrDuckie228 Month ago
Why are people placing their hand over the watch? is this a particular function?
Evan Coleman
Evan Coleman Month ago
MrDuckie228 It turns the display off/dims the screen
Martin R. Cady
Martin R. Cady Month ago
All thanks to max_hack20 I got my iwatch series 5 unlock
Agitated_Zombie Month ago
I remember trains
Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta Month ago
Samsung active 2: crying and laughing at the same time
Promax 8
Promax 8 Month ago
Yesterday I bought an Apple Watch for the First time. Hope it‘s worth the money
olivia pope
olivia pope 2 months ago
I think apple watch is very beneficial to doctors or anyone that works as a medical practitioner. When they have emergency calls or messages, they dont need to look at their phones or be on their phones 24/7. They could just hover and look at their wrist. They can bond with their children while not holding their phones
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men 2 months ago
Great Watch .......
Hare Coakley
Hare Coakley 2 months ago
I’ve been an Apple user for years. The best thing it has that no other company has is the strong economics across all devices. The frustrating thing about that though is the prices 😡 and the constant minor upgrades every year. I’m still using iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, AirPods 1st Gen and iPad Pro 12’. Connection across all is great still.
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo 4 days ago
I agree with u bro I'm using a iphone xr with a series 5 watch and apple ipad air 3 they upgrade way too much every year it's crazy I dint have the money to upgrade every year but when I get a chance and have extra money I try to upgrade
I was reffered to Jinnyhacks on !NSTAGRAM HE GOT MY WATCH ICLOUD MIN
Jeffery Ruski
Jeffery Ruski 2 months ago
get a better mic please
John Harrison
John Harrison 2 months ago
Lol he’s at BART
shaydee brown
shaydee brown 2 months ago
Highly recommended ultimate_hacker09 IG, finally I got my account back successfully!!
Ryan Conklin
Ryan Conklin 2 months ago
I had a series 0 for two years then I got a series 2 watch. I could tell there was a big difference. I wondering how much of a difference I am going to notice with the Series 5 I just ordered? I got the Aluminum in Space Grey I like the matte look, if I had the money I would have gotten the Series 5 in Stainless Steel in Black. I am looking for faster speed and use it more for actives. Sometimes my Series 2 doesn't automatically pick up my workout until I am 15 mins in and it miscalculates all the workout times. So, I am hoping the Series 5 will show an improvement. Has anyone had experience with the activity app on the Series 5?
Marcelino_195 2 months ago
You think that the Apple watch series 5 worth for a Android users
Angelo Angibeau
Angelo Angibeau Month ago
Marcelino_195 no your gonna miss to many feature if u don’t have an iphone
goodguynow 2 months ago
I love my Apple Watch ⌚️
Doctor Drywall LatinoAmerica
I’ve never used apple products, got the phone loved it! Although don’t think it’s worth the price. Got the Mac book pro, so far the best purchase I’ve ever made. Then the AirPods, wow. Last but not least, Apple Watch 5, it completes the pack! At the end of the day it ain’t the price, it’s how everything works so good together.
Neptune Vibe
Neptune Vibe 3 months ago
Garmin and others look like the middle ages in display and design.
AJvanuw 3 months ago
There’s nothing new: save your 8 minutes
Carlos 3 months ago
I dont like the iphone and I want to buy one of these. Sad to hear that I need an iphone to program this watch
mark miller
mark miller 3 months ago
Bought one. What a waste of money!!!
Tyler Eckart
Tyler Eckart 3 months ago
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he voted for Hillary
Vernon Dmonte
Vernon Dmonte 3 months ago
less informative and a lot of unnecessary chitter chatter. that's this video in short
stinky retakes
stinky retakes 3 months ago
Samsung is still better
Angelo Angibeau
Angelo Angibeau Month ago
Keep dreaming buddy
stinky retakes
stinky retakes 2 months ago
@rat apple is triple the price and half the quality wys
Kyriakos Sidiropoulos
That’s not a review that’s an advertisement
Flight Gamer
Flight Gamer 3 months ago
Next thing you know the Apple Watches basically turn into a phone
Rapper Gamez
Rapper Gamez 4 months ago
I skipped some and bought the series 5 for my first watch. My friends said the I wasted my money and all watches are basically the same Is it because they don’t have a series 5?
RpM_Evan 3 months ago
Money well spent
RpM_Evan 3 months ago
Rapper Gamez yes it is
MGArt DZN 4 months ago
Sorry, no one can change my mind... Mi band 4 is the best and soon mi band 5 will available and it's even more of a killer than the 4! Sorry, apple lost this fight against Xiaomi (my opinion)
F77 RAPTOR 4 months ago
Edward Norton! didn‘t know you were in the video👌
Hero5 4 months ago
I have been a long time user of Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and now Apple Watch 5, i can totally agree it’s the best smart watch ever made. It’s very responsive, u can swipe watch faces in less than a second without a lag, and all the apps in it work smoothly. I wish though if there was 3rd party watch faces
kaden bailey
kaden bailey 4 months ago
I am getting it
YNW Mitae
YNW Mitae 4 months ago
Might get mine today I’m still debating whether or not
Shelly Lynn
Shelly Lynn 4 months ago
First time Apple Watch user here! Just purchased a series 5. Thank you for great info!!!
mrskyfarmer 4 months ago
Is this the 44mm or 40mm
bnza10 4 months ago
I don't like this review. I don't want a review saying how awesome it is all the time. Obviously there are some things that are not so good and things that can be improved but this guy doesn't mention. I like Apple products and have been using it since 2009 but you gotta admit that it's not perfect.
??? 4 months ago
Only feature i care about is does it work on tattoos finally? I mean people were able to fix it with a piece of tape before...
Mark Cavallo
Mark Cavallo 4 months ago
Apple Watch is good.. Garmin Fenix 6x is better. Had the Iwatch 5 series and have jumped to the Garmin Fenix 6x
Truevan ASAP
Truevan ASAP 4 months ago
I’m 16 not a boomer. Just got one as a gift and I don’t know why it exists
Dgripper 4 months ago
Ugh, I want one but 18 hours ain’t cutting it, it’s a smart watch so I need at least 36 hours, I don’t want to take off my watch every single day, that’s tiering and defeats the purpose of having a smart watch, especially or health and fitness
MonolithMike 4 months ago
Still not clear to me why it’s so ahead of the competition. The < 1 day battery life is kind of a deal killer too, especially when xiaomi is out here making great watches that last over a week or two with a single charge
HonestBrotha 4 months ago
Are mens health
Charbel-Fred Mansour
Doesn’t even have a camera
GetYourGameOn 4 months ago
Alot of diffrnt smart watches in your l8fe....well you look easily in your mid 30's and smart watches are not that old of a tech...so idk..just sounded weirs
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