Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch

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Apple's new Watch Series 5 starts out so far ahead of the competition that Apple didn't need to do much. But it did one big thing: add an always-on display. In this review Dieter Bohn gets into all the new features of Apple's latest smartwatch.
Check out the full review here: bit.ly/2kQfH1e
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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 1 765
The Verge
The Verge Month ago
Would you upgrade for an always-on screen?
Chris Erics
Chris Erics 4 days ago
The Verge no
theevenonein dark dark dark
Just buy a galaxy watch active 2
Louis Broomes
Louis Broomes 11 days ago
I did, from an series 4 too.
APPLE_ Printer
APPLE_ Printer 14 days ago
The Verge yes but I am poor
Ariozo 11 hours ago
Must agree, if you use iphone Apple Watch as a "Smartwatch" is the best. Can´t beat my Garmins for training but on the other hand Garmin only wins on training and battery ..:) If Apple just could make one extra BIG size..like 52-58mm with big battery it would be sweet..will never happen tho. :)
Rafold Starking
Rafold Starking 13 hours ago
Sorry to disagree, but I would go as far as to argue that the Garmin Fenix 6 is the most advanced smart watch out there (and I wish to be proven wrong, but not by an apple absolutist). Technologically advanced = what the watch can do for you, irrespective of means (CPU etc).
To Pi
To Pi 13 hours ago
But Apple doesn’t innovate. Yeah ok 👌
Leon Wang
Leon Wang 17 hours ago
useless watch
Fat ugly Whale
Fat ugly Whale 2 days ago
I’ve got the Fitbit versa 1st gen and was wondering if it was worth the upgrade to Apple Watch series 5
Zenande Ngoma
Zenande Ngoma 3 days ago
I’m getting an Apple Watch series 5 and a lilac iPhone 11🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Chris Erics
Chris Erics 4 days ago
But you never described what we really need one for?! 😂
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais 4 days ago
A 400 smartwatch that needs to be recharged everyday... I can't understand that...
Can Inelli
Can Inelli 4 days ago
Wish you could download playlists from Spotify and play them offline. Unbelievable why they don't offer such a feature!
Syed Akib Uddin Alam
Is it going to work with any andriod device or my galaxy buds?
Archie Lemcke
Archie Lemcke 5 days ago
Im getting one
R4ZR_Hunter YT
R4ZR_Hunter YT 5 days ago
*cough* apple making processor ? Thought they teamed of with intel 0_o
R4ZR_Hunter YT
R4ZR_Hunter YT 5 days ago
Apple developed the screen? Hmm not Samsung this time?! Is this only for the watch LOL *cough* apple making processor ? Thought they teamed of with intel 0_o
Gamer God
Gamer God 5 days ago
Cool watch
Christopher Fehr
Christopher Fehr 5 days ago
Great review & dig the content! What are you guys using to shoot your show? Fantastic image & colour!
Nico Lafertin
Nico Lafertin 5 days ago
A watch that can't last 3 days is a no for me really.. 😊 but that's just me.
Carlo viegas
Carlo viegas 5 days ago
It’s nice but why you want all those features for after while you never will use it rather use those things on my iPhone
Vishal Rathee
Vishal Rathee 7 days ago
Sponsored by Apple
Jesse Jorgensen
Jesse Jorgensen 7 days ago
In my opinion just get the Fitbit versa 2 . I love this watch it is the best watch ever
Pedorosa Villales
Useless video, ever try simplifying a video! You’re not Apple, you don’t need to discuss the specs of an Apple Watch. What can you do with it exactly? What Do you use it for exactly?! no worries you’re not alone all the videos on RUvid are useless when it comes to Apple products because it’s just a bunch of posers discussing their Apple purchases without ever using them.
Pedorosa Villales
Zero personality in this video!
Uzair Arshad
Uzair Arshad 8 days ago
Finally the Apple Watch series 5 is out, which means that the series 4 will be cheaper. Now I can finally afford a used series 1
mario9587 10 days ago
Is this durable? I’m thinking on getting one for the health features but in concerned on its durability. I tend to beat watches.
Myles Wardlaw
Myles Wardlaw 10 days ago
$399 for a smart watch no thanks
Ron Cooke
Ron Cooke 10 days ago
Plenty of clap trap
theevenonein dark dark dark
Ahh a rectangle watch
altbinhax 10 days ago
What. Like tell time. My watch never needs recharging, and in 30 years or more it will still tell time.
Arya Pathak
Arya Pathak 10 days ago
The only thing missing is WATCH GAMES :{
J F 10 days ago
Are cases for series 4 compatible with series 5?
Andrew B
Andrew B 11 days ago
I’m really loving Apple and Samsung’s latest smartwatches
Stuart Pascoe
Stuart Pascoe 11 days ago
Most of those features are available on the samsung watch plus I can answer my phone on it even if I’ve left the phone at home
Kelly Mark Balay
Kelly Mark Balay 12 days ago
What is the size of his apple watch? Is it 40mm or 44mm?
TheLifeOnHigh 12 days ago
Can the “always on” display be disabled? I prefer the move-to-wake mode.
Gibran Alfarizi
Gibran Alfarizi 10 days ago
TheLifeOnHigh yes it can
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 12 days ago
It doesn’t make much sense to buy a ceramic watch if the new one is just going to come out
john doe
john doe 13 days ago
Why don’t the verge rewind the Garmin series
Dark Gridd
Dark Gridd 13 days ago
I prefer my: Patek Philippe 5216 Grand Complication Rose Gold on Strap with Silver Opaline Dial 5216R 001 Item ID:39588Model #:5216R 001Case:18KT Rose GoldCase Size:39.5 mmMovement:ManualDial:Silver Opaline DialBracelet:Brown Alligator Leather
phillip morales
phillip morales 13 days ago
samsung galaxy watch active 2 for the win
William Shryock
William Shryock 13 days ago
I just upgraded from my series 1 to a series 5 and I can say this it is a MASSIVE upgrade
Dimpho Solo
Dimpho Solo 10 days ago
Antonio Lomeli I’m about to do that tomorrow 😄
Antonio Lomeli
Antonio Lomeli 11 days ago
William Shryock Same I upgraded to the 5 from the series 0
Hailo Trumpaline
Hailo Trumpaline 14 days ago
They should do solar Apple Watch!
Techozu2 14 days ago
Apple watch - New always on display Samsung Galaxy watch - Am I a joke to you?
Meganne Rouzetta
Meganne Rouzetta 14 days ago
I enjoy this iPhone. 💕
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 15 days ago
What size is the watch in your review? Also what band was used? I like it.
monster3644 15 days ago
Anyone think the price will go down during Black Friday?
ZeAlphaWolf 11 days ago
monster3644 apple devices never go down at any point
Ikko Mikura
Ikko Mikura 15 days ago
monster3644 no haha.
Jerel McCollum
Jerel McCollum 15 days ago
What screen protector do you have on your watch if you even used one? I like it without one but want to protect this beautiful screen.
Dylan 16 days ago
Finally decided to make the jump up from my Apple Watch Series 0 to the Series 5. Seemed to finally justify all the updates.
liljunie73 16 days ago
Typo, purchased the watch for my “WIFE AND I”.
liljunie73 16 days ago
Purchase one for my wide and I three days ago. LOVE THEM!!! We’re still playing with them, trying to figure out all of the features.
rasmokey4 16 days ago
$399.00 !! RU out of your mind???
Tosh- Nique
Tosh- Nique 17 days ago
The only question I’ve had about the series 5 is if the message notification in the green bubble changes to 1 if you receive a message while the watch is in 1hz mode. (Not referring to the red dot) I’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find the answer. Anyone with the series 5, if you can test it and let me know please and thank you!!
Lmchoi 17 days ago
Here I am with a series 2
32poppa savage
32poppa savage 17 days ago
Galaxy watch active 2 is on par with Apple watch.
Rok Novak
Rok Novak 17 days ago
Does it work if I don't own (and don't intend to own) an iphone?
Naved Rasul
Naved Rasul 17 days ago
Come on Dieter, haven't you seen Samsung Galaxy Watch with brighter always-on screen with a longer battery-life and a ton of free watch faces for every taste. And yes, Galaxy Watch is also fast (snappy).
Naved Rasul
Naved Rasul 15 days ago
@Dylan I agree with you regarding Wear OS. However, Galaxy Watch runs Tizen OS (not Wear OS). 🙂
Dylan 16 days ago
WearOS just isn't good though. It's a lot of endless scrolling in menus. Nobody is really trying on the android side. It's more like a notification center on the wrist rathe than something leading toward a fully capable self sufficient OS which watchOS is close to. They're just sticking to what is out and hoping that is enough to sell. Fitbit and cheaper smartwatch models are honestly better options now over most android wear currently.
Greg 18 days ago
Unique presentation - he led with the lead. Up voted.
JackCarver10 18 days ago
Aaaaw yeah, Mastodon in the house!
Franz C.
Franz C. 18 days ago
Perhaps one of you can help me. Is the screen the same across all models of the series 5? The Apple website mentions that the back is sapphire, but I see no mention of the front.
Yvannek 18 days ago
it is the best because it is the best... very informative - not!
Jo Senga
Jo Senga 18 days ago
I'd love to see that same sort of enthusiasm on android based devices, a little bit of objectiveness will be appreciated.
lovesuisui 18 days ago
I saw other reviews said in terms of the phone call quality and the speaker quality, Apple Watch Series 5 cannot compete with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, which is a lot cheaper.
Dylan 16 days ago
It can though simply because of first party capabilities and having more of a full fledge OS on it vs just a lot of menus.
Saifo Wahsh
Saifo Wahsh 19 days ago
The worst smart watch in the world.
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