Apple Watch Series 4 LTE Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

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So what do you guys think. Is the new Apple Watch or Samsungs Galaxy watch your new Favorite smartwatch?
Buy now on Amazon www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Silver-Bluetooth-SM-R800NZSAXAR/dp/B07FTKJCMT/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=ad317-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=1f26a723ca8fcd92bdbf0cba71b3ea0e&creativeASIN=B07FTKJCMT
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Phones And Drones
Phones And Drones 7 months ago
For all those wondering...here's the link for the Galaxy watch band www.amazon.com/CreateGreat-Samsung-Frontier-Replacement-Breathable/dp/B075MDJG56/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=ad317-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=b1facf478aee564f1a645e214c7e327b&creativeASIN=B075MDJG56
Conrad [SplatMaker84]
How are you paying for both Apple watch & Samsung Galaxy watch? That is so cool!
Conrad [SplatMaker84]
Doesn't matter for me for team Samsung or team Apple.
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 17 days ago
Apple Watch series is better. You will know if you truly understand tech. Still prefer the classic look.
Jozkito B
Jozkito B 24 days ago
bluepitt breed
bluepitt breed 24 days ago
I guess I will lay down.... I will charge my Samsung watch.... Hold up........ I have 3 more days of battery life....
RubeeRoja 2 months ago
I wish Samsung would adapt a smaller display, similar to Apple's size. I haven't yet owned a smart watch, but I've hesitated to dive in for the sake of 1) deciding if it's practical since my phone will be in my pocket anyhow and 2) I have slender wrists and the Android watches just seem massive to me. I suppose you need it to be large enough for on screen operations, but it seems uncomfortable. I like Apple's style better in this regard, but don't intend to switch phone camps. Battery life and functionality on the Samsung are great selling points!
App Parin
App Parin 2 months ago
I love Apple Watch but short use and low battery 😤
the Gamer121
the Gamer121 2 months ago
I’m an Apple user. Never will I ever switch to Samsung.
Riley Baylee
Riley Baylee 2 months ago
Tactical feedback. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
zerocover23 3 months ago
I have the galaxy watch and I like it more than my old apple watch.
Bharath Kumar reddy
Bharath Kumar reddy 3 months ago
fuck apple and samsung still fan of Nokia
Sterling Howard
Sterling Howard 3 months ago
Both watches are smart and beautiful ( I HAVE THE APPLE 🍎 WATCH SERIES 4=44mm ) I want the Samsung Galaxy by this summer ( I WANT THEM BOTH )
Manic Mania
Manic Mania 3 months ago
2:58 how professional..
Backcountry Adventure
Manic Mania Eat a dick
Goran L
Goran L 3 months ago
Just Samsung and Android....
Noob King
Noob King 4 months ago
Team Samsung
carlos quiroz
carlos quiroz 4 months ago
I will say Apple Watch ⌚️ And It looks like your cat first day of your video lol 😏
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 4 months ago
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 4 months ago
 Watch is better. Still like the galaxy though
mirecmusic 4 months ago
Samsung for the watch Apple for the phone
•{ Amaryllis Gacha }•
I'm a fan of Samsung and all, but the apple watch is more of my style.
Logan Sharma
Logan Sharma 4 months ago
Team apple
D1 Anthony Kinaia
D1 Anthony Kinaia 4 months ago
Apple Watch series 4 all the way
PGamer Cool
PGamer Cool 4 months ago
Team Appl
Hatem Ali For Objection
Useless video as fuck first you didn’t show the LTE OPTION what extra ? Number 2 why u didn’t open music coz in Samsung watch you can hear sound on watch and in apple u can’t only throw phone . Learn how to show and talk
cooleroca 4 months ago
Team Samsung
Cassie B
Cassie B 5 months ago
It's not helping that he is an apple fan, when samsung is winning 100%
FurryWolfDog 5 months ago
Team Apple! ❤️
amari stevens
amari stevens 5 months ago
Team Samsung
Felix bror
Felix bror 5 months ago
Team samsung
Curly_ 2025
Curly_ 2025 5 months ago
The Samsung watch is actually a nice classy watch and a smart watch to not a fucking box with a crown and straps
Everett Delph
Everett Delph 5 months ago
18 hr’s on apple compare with 5 days on Galaxy you Figure it out if you
Huhrandomthings 4 months ago
My Apple Watch series 4 lasts about 2 days. as I don't constantly use it during everyday life. Then I simply charge it. Just acknowledging that battery life always doesn't matter to some people.
Everett Delph
Everett Delph 5 months ago
Apple Watch is for little girls wrists
Farid Abdulla
Farid Abdulla 5 months ago
it is not gear it is galaxy watch!
C. J
C. J 5 months ago
Team Samsung by far I getting the galaxy watch in a few days
r3conwoo 5 months ago
as a note 9 and galaxy watch owner if samsung doesnt fix the Heart Rate monitor im moving to the overpriced apple ecosystem.
Guitarmann 1818
Guitarmann 1818 5 months ago
Team samsung icant stand iphones but the watch does look cool still going with the galaxy
Kim Bridge
Kim Bridge 5 months ago
So is it the new galaxy watch or gear
Formally Informal
Formally Informal 5 months ago
Apple watch is the best hands down!
Lunar Viking
Lunar Viking 5 months ago
If I want to monitor my health. Heart rate, pulse and exercise mostly. Wich to choose?
Lunar Viking
Lunar Viking 5 months ago
Joel Strauss
Joel Strauss 5 months ago
Apple watch is a beast!!!
DS Ganims
DS Ganims 5 months ago
William Potts
William Potts 5 months ago
This is so biased
Ra y
Ra y 5 months ago
Apple Watch is beautiful
Tyler Melton
Tyler Melton 5 months ago
If only the Apple Watch came in the Samsung package.
Brunkki Pro TV
Brunkki Pro TV 5 months ago
Apple id BEST!!!!!
XEliteMastrX 5 months ago
Fuck apple
Marco Benzoni
Marco Benzoni 5 months ago
I would like to know if the Galaxy watch LTE is able to make and receive call in bluetooth mode if esim is not active. Thanks
Trevor Betty
Trevor Betty 5 months ago
It can as long as it is within 100 feet of a mobile device.
Xe Modz
Xe Modz 5 months ago
I mean the galaxy watch is an elegant time piece. The apple watch looks like a toy on my wrist it's just not practical.
The Dominus
The Dominus 5 months ago
i have the galaxy watch, and i'll say, apple watch is better: Clean software, more apps, and a bit more features than the galaxy watch. it's like apple watch is in 1st, and galaxy watch is in the 2nd place. i still prefer my galaxy watch tho, i love it so much.
The Dominus
The Dominus 5 months ago
where did u get that band?
Marco Bellavia
Marco Bellavia 6 months ago
Apple watch suck my nuts.
John Alvarado
John Alvarado 6 months ago
But does it have fall detection? ECG? I mean obviously a smart watch is gonna look like a smart watch if I want a watch that looks like a normal watch just get a normal watch. And yes Apple Watch is only for iPhone what’s wrong with a company giving perks to their own users? I mean your gonna call the watch trash because you can’t use it with a Samsung or android phone? Seems to me like you can’t make up your mind on what side to stay on.
Vedansh Chauhan
Vedansh Chauhan 6 months ago
I hate Apple stuff but wait, what? Less organised? It's beautiful! And what kinda versus video was it?
Huhrandomthings 4 months ago
the youtube failed to acknowledge that there if you press hard on the screen when viewing apps, it gives you the option to scroll through apps separately making it some what easier to navigate.
I don't think this guy actually has used the SGW. All the apps on the phone can be placed on the watch you just need to add them...Samsung has been making smartware for 6yrs.
I-KayBee07-_- 6 months ago
Team Apple
David 6 months ago
I'm team Gremlin
Rich Dollars
Rich Dollars 6 months ago
Apple watch for gays
Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson 6 months ago
Well I have to say I have the Samsung galaxy watch Bluetooth and still no LTE 46mm Model in UK. Also the memory is rubbish in Samsung galaxy watch 4gb and you don't get that, the heart monitor had lots of issues. I'd say around 3.5days with Samsung watch I think I will be leaving watches till next year as they're still not great. Need watch to last min 7 days with 16gb
Alexandre Macauley
Alexandre Macauley 6 months ago
Apple fan
Lewis Bassett
Lewis Bassett 6 months ago
Apple is better, sorry Samsung
Lukas van Husen
Lukas van Husen 6 months ago
Team Apple
Juan G. Nieves
Juan G. Nieves 6 months ago
You can use Galaxy Watch without the phone and receive de message ?
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez 6 months ago
team Samsung!
Andreas Hopen
Andreas Hopen 6 months ago
Galaxy watch looks better :)
Dawood Adamjee
Dawood Adamjee 7 months ago
Wish the apple watch was compatible to android. Thats the only thing putting me off from getting the watch.
The Legend
The Legend 7 months ago
Samsung Galaxy Watch is realy better then Apple for shure... (this time)
sukhbir singh
sukhbir singh 7 months ago
Great Leader Kim il Sung
Phones And Drones
Phones And Drones 7 months ago
Maybe I'll let her do a review haha
Great Leader Kim il Sung
+Phones And Drones perhaps you should do a review of Gremlin
Phones And Drones
Phones And Drones 7 months ago
Always in the way haha
akshay sutar
akshay sutar 7 months ago
She will kill you in your sleep. Trust me my cat tried twice. Loved your vdo.
Raphael Shay
Raphael Shay 7 months ago
Team samsung. It really depends on your needs though. I would really like a longer battery life AND having a browser and RUvid on it.
Daniel Bichler
Daniel Bichler Month ago
There is a browser in the store 😂 and with this browser you can visit RUvid!
Tavo 323
Tavo 323 7 months ago
That Apple watch is a straight up "I sit down to pee" watch...
Trey’s life TM
Trey’s life TM 7 months ago
Team apple
Ken Fregien
Ken Fregien 7 months ago
I like the Samsung , easier to scroll to apps and i prefer the round face...the Apple is nice though , like you said its personal preference.
GLItch Boy
GLItch Boy 7 months ago
Team apple
Joe Jawanda
Joe Jawanda 7 months ago
Thanks for 5he quick overview! However if you were into fitness which is better or they the same?
47crazed 7 months ago
nothing is smart about the samsung galaxy watch. it's just a watch with OLED screen
Devmore Brown
Devmore Brown 7 months ago
Samsung Hold This L 🤣🤣🤣
Fabrizio Alcocer
Fabrizio Alcocer 7 months ago
team apple
Karol Sendrei
Karol Sendrei 7 months ago
Hello,the Samsung watch work with iPhones?thanks
Phones And Drones
Phones And Drones 7 months ago
Yes it does
Sidney Farrior
Sidney Farrior 7 months ago
#TeamSamsung Til I Die
Dom Rolfe
Dom Rolfe 7 months ago
The Apple watch the Apple watch the Apple watch another bist review this is a unfair review always pros of Apple and cons of Samsung I'm disliking this video sorry
The Friends
The Friends 7 months ago
Team Apple
wewex7 7 months ago
I just got my apple watch 4 today how do i get the steps to show up on the face like my Gear 4?
Hugo Cortés
Hugo Cortés 7 months ago
Philip Paul Lige
Philip Paul Lige 7 months ago
I have a Samsung phone but I like the Apple Watch...
First Name
First Name 7 months ago
Is Galaxy Watch worth it for $135? Because I am getting it at that price so..........please help me here.
Reverse 2
Reverse 2 7 months ago
How old are tiger. Yevtushenko Hagfish Dteirbw A Dl
Bradford A. Ciecko
Bradford A. Ciecko 7 months ago
What about the software for the phone side? I have a samsung watch and contacted the developers because I have a tattoo on my wrist. Because of that I couldn't get notifications. After chatting with samsung I suggested an option to turn wearing the watch on or off as an option. To my surprise they did and it works great now. I am wondering if the apple watch has an option for that, to toggle notifications on or off with it detecting that it's being worn or not?
O. Jackson-Bey
O. Jackson-Bey 7 months ago
Apple Watch is for girls. Galaxy Watch is made for men and i wear long sleeve shirts and my Galaxy Watch never got caught up.So miss me with this video
Huhrandomthings 4 months ago
Sexist. Where in the Apple stores or Samsung outlets does it say 'For Men' and 'For Females'. some of 'The hermés' Apple Watch bands are very masculine and so is the Milanese loop bands and the most expensive metal band. Simply the watches are for both sexes therefore declaring them unisex.
rence fernan
rence fernan 7 months ago
Apple watch look like a toy
Carlos Jauridez
Carlos Jauridez 7 months ago
Note 9 + Galaxy Watch awesome
Oscar8mx 7 months ago
I'd be team Apple watch cause that's just about the only thing Apple is good at but the crap about having everything as a propriety to their own brand ruins it for me. So I'm team Samsung. I hope samsung can step up their watch game cause it would be awesome. I'm very fond of their cell phones and prefer their phone line up over Apple's any day.
Joe M.
Joe M. 7 months ago
The Samsung watch can beat all apple watches together
سعودي شنب
سعودي شنب 7 months ago
Team Samsung
Eman _smile
Eman _smile 7 months ago
Samsung Watch look like real watch! In my class the teacher takes mobile, and apple watch (2 have in my class) but The teacher dont kn8w i have samsung watch! she things is a nirmal watch but is nit
TVCH LORD 7 months ago
Lol Samsung stealing the band design
Raphael Shay
Raphael Shay 7 months ago
The band was not made by Samsung. He bought it separately..
amit lama
amit lama 7 months ago
What is LTE? N what the different between lte and other normal watch
Fanoel Gutierrez
Fanoel Gutierrez 7 months ago
First of all, I prefer a mechanical or quartz watch vs a smartwatch, as far as functionality I own a gear watch and it’s pretty good, my daughter owns the Apple Watch and it’s great too. I don’t think there’s much to fight about that, now stylistically talking I prefer the new Samsung it gives the classic watch look and the functionality of a top of the line technology just like the Iwatch besides that and the proprietary control of apple products I don’t see much discussion for bragging rights.
apple lover 572
apple lover 572 7 months ago
Bezels ewww round id rather buy a normal watch the same thing but not touch apple beats your ass once again
apple lover 572
apple lover 572 7 months ago
MobileFall5 so u love bezels and the galaxy watch tell u to breathe 🤦🏻‍♀️ but apple watch has heart rate thing so awsome
MobileFall5 7 months ago
So dumb
samani yash
samani yash 7 months ago
Team apple always
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