Apple Watch 4 - 40MM vs 44MM

Karl Conrad
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Hands on and impressions of the new Apple Watch Series 4 - 40MM vs 44MM smartwatches. The screens are 30% larger and comes with a ton of new watch face and health updates!
Which size would you get?
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Sep 14, 2018

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Comments 512
Karl Conrad
Karl Conrad 11 months ago
JUST realized my audio channels got messed up in editing. Your right eardrum is gonna get love for the next 4 minutes :)
Wayne Rocha
Wayne Rocha 6 months ago
Find yourself constantly touching and pointing at your biceps? New for 2019 the Apple BiPhone! Comes with pop out mirror for those times you feel like kissing yourself. 😝
Cristian Jehobani CJ
Karl Conrad Y
Dr Usteh
Dr Usteh 9 months ago
How about you fix it instead of being careless?
Alexander Chapliuk
Alexander Chapliuk 9 months ago
You had a MONTH to re-upload this video. Duh..
Got Game
Got Game 10 months ago
Karl Conrad fall for old people, what if your hiking and fall off a cliff
Patatillas Fritas
Patatillas Fritas 22 days ago
Ironic that you are not wearing the apple watch on the video dont you think?
Lexa 777
Lexa 777 Month ago
Синтоловый маньяк
elwolf122 Month ago
there are more biceps in this video than apple watches
Cecicouture Month ago
I thought it doesn’t detect afib 🧐
your biceps are disgustingly disproportionate
Mark G.
Mark G. Month ago
It’s ginormous.
Show 🇧🇷
FAHAD MEYON 2 months ago
You look like Christiano Ronaldo bro💪
Marie Joy
Marie Joy 2 months ago
i thought my earphones is broken but then it's not. That really made me scared 'cause earphones is also expensive only for me. i'm just a poor person with big dreams.
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson 2 months ago
A day and a half lol. Yeah right. I need to charge mine daily
M G 2 months ago
Please can you tell me which watch your wearing right in your had ? I really like that but I don’t know which brand it is . Please let me know
Foro Loca
Foro Loca 2 months ago
Somebody really loves himself
Indominus Darwin
Indominus Darwin 2 months ago
For 400$ this watch better let me watch porn in the train
Saran .N
Saran .N 2 months ago
Shall I know which band you are wearing on 40mm Apple Watch in this video
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean 2 months ago
This video was supposed to be about what size I should buy.......um you mentioned nothing about that. Can I have that almost 4 minutes of my life back please?
ST4RDU5T 3 months ago
Click bait
Garry Baptist
Garry Baptist 3 months ago
Since when is 18 hours = a day & a half?????????? Isn't 24 hours LONGER than 18 hours???
renee p
renee p 3 months ago
If I have a small wrist, will I look dumb wearing a 44mm?
T Gants
T Gants 3 months ago
I testes my airpods on other videos when i heard this video, i though my airpods were broken
Manny Milan
Manny Milan 3 months ago
If apple watch in general is so good as you presented, Why are you not wearing one? Little rebel....
John Marquez
John Marquez 3 months ago
40 vs 44m? Wheres the comparison? More like you just explained the Apple Watch 4! 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kevin O'brien
Kevin O'brien 3 months ago
so a positive man)
Nikki K
Nikki K 4 months ago
Why does his biceps look fake?
Will W
Will W 4 months ago
you are way too excited
john vines
john vines 4 months ago
First ECG? Garmin did it first dude
Augusto R.
Augusto R. 5 months ago
Ur cute 😍
David Hamada
David Hamada 5 months ago
you presented the Iwatch, and you didn't even wear it. how funny.
Andrew Polk
Andrew Polk 6 months ago
Just FYI, FDA cleared does not equal FDA approved
Ray Porter
Ray Porter 6 months ago
What a tool
Wayne Rocha
Wayne Rocha 6 months ago
Find yourself constantly touching and pointing at your biceps? New for 2019 the Apple BiPhone! Comes with pop out mirror for those times you feel like kissing yourself. 😝
Alex 6 months ago
Damn ! I buy Yesterday the 40mm version, but i think 44mm is Better help!
Gonzalo Rios
Gonzalo Rios 6 months ago
Fail RUvidr
Gonzalo Rios
Gonzalo Rios 6 months ago
Bad youtuber
Bill Jobes
Bill Jobes 7 months ago
The word 'the' is not pronounced 'thee.'
Megan Q
Megan Q 7 months ago
came here for an apple watch video, left with a FAT ass crush 😍😍
Guillermo Huapeo
Guillermo Huapeo 7 months ago
I’m saving money so I can buy my first Apple Watch by mid April. I know I could save a good amount if I get the Series 3 but it’s like a go big or go home [with the latest model] right? I may be thinking of starting some type of workout routine but not going to the gym or anything [I think]. Should I get the Nike+ watch or stick with the regular?
Jsythe *
Jsythe * 7 months ago
This was garbage.
Sadie Blackwell
Sadie Blackwell 7 months ago
My right ear loved this video 😜
Rob L
Rob L 8 months ago
My right ear enjoyed this video.
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews 8 months ago
I thought this video was a comparison between apple watch 40mm and 44mm because of the title.
Sarina S
Sarina S 6 months ago
Dan Matthews right, that’s what I clicked for.
Binh Binh
Binh Binh 9 months ago
45m ?
ATX - Fit Life
ATX - Fit Life 9 months ago
Make your videos about the content, not your arms. You’re over douche look makes your vids cringe worthy. Maybe getting shirts that are not meant for your little brother will be a good start.
JonnyBoii 9 months ago
Bro your so gay 😂😂😂😂
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange 10 months ago
0:37 45mm??
Fluffy Kitten
Fluffy Kitten 10 months ago
Your Omega Planet Ocean is a better watch than the Chinese-manufactured mini-iPhones around the wrist.
Guttalan Santhirasekaram
Left ear have a cool music
Noa Paul
Noa Paul 10 months ago
Look at 0:37, he made this video too fast..
Nguyễn Hữu Đức Thịnh
FUCKING mono stereo!
DEADPIGE0N 10 months ago
Are.. are those silicon biceps?
мᴀʀco ᴘoʟo
мᴀʀco ᴘoʟo 10 months ago
that new 45mm watch looks great - who makes it LOL
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 10 months ago
do you shave your arms lol?
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 10 months ago
2:50 quick maffs
Sky-view 10 months ago
Rubbish. What is it with these reviewers nowadays always repeating what Apple has already addressed in their presentation. Look you people, you are becoming annoying just review the damn thing and stop repeating to people what they already know.. we already know all this shot man!!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 10 months ago
WHAT IS WRONG WITH AUDIO TODAY. 2 different vids in a row with same issue. my left ear is very mad now.
druhill9491 10 months ago
40mm for men or not ?
Franco6328 10 months ago
Hello from Italy!!! AppleWatch Series 4 is Best!
fresh, boss261
fresh, boss261 10 months ago
I’m $200 short 😭
Devaan Tyagi
Devaan Tyagi 10 months ago
Can u plz tell me.. that do we get standard apple watch faces in the nike plus version?
федеральный - A
Sean Barber
Sean Barber 10 months ago
What’s the watch band at :43?
OVO Bimmy
OVO Bimmy 10 months ago
You didn’t even compare the size smh
Mrs LizG
Mrs LizG 10 months ago
Finally! Someone who compares sizes on wrists 👌🏼
C.C. ORR 11 months ago
Didn’t even compare the sizes wtf
C.C. ORR 11 months ago
Hani Habbal
Hani Habbal 11 months ago
Question: Why is apple restricting the use of the speakers from playing your music directly from the watch speakers?
Luan Barbosa Furtado
Luan Barbosa Furtado 11 months ago
the one on the wrist on the video is 40 or 44mm?
Tony Styx
Tony Styx 11 months ago
Downvote because my ear hurts.
Melonie33 Artist
Melonie33 Artist 11 months ago
I’ll stay with my Apple Watch 3!
UniverseStars Stars
UniverseStars Stars 6 months ago
Melonie33 Artist Series 4 is much better, you should’ve waited
Lorna K
Lorna K 11 months ago
Lars 11 months ago
This is not a 40 vs 44 video
latency 11 months ago
My right ear enjoyed this video
GeekBCN 11 months ago
Unboxing en español del Apple Watch 4 Gold Aluminum 44mm - ruvid.net/video/video-FlbVm4lFHMo.html
Paul Day
Paul Day 11 months ago
So is the 40mm same body as 38mm but with 42mm screen??
Ahmed Shibil
Ahmed Shibil 11 months ago
After watching this I returned my left Airpod
凯文马尔斯 11 months ago
Damn I thought my speaker was broken..
HIGHTONE 11 months ago
40 seems like the perf size imo. The 44 dumb big lmao, it’s gotta be subtle
Ryan Lillie
Ryan Lillie 11 months ago
I simply can't stop thinking about these guns. ^^
Stanislav Coros
Stanislav Coros 11 months ago
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