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APPLE STORE DUMPSTER DIVING!! FOUND TEN iPHONES!! Our Local Apple Store Have Moved Location!! Behind The Store We Found A Dumpster Full Of Apple Stuff!! We Found iPhone Boxes, Chargers, And Cases!! Best Part We Ended Up Finding Ten iPhones!! Biggest Apple Store Dumpster Diving Of All Time!!
-Abandoned Apple Store Dumpster Diving Part 1
-Found Working iPhone 8 Plus Dumpster Diving Apple Store
-Working Galaxy S9 Plus!! Dumpster Diving
Thank You For Watching!!
Big Thanks To Abandoned Exploration Squad!!
Comment Where We Should Dumpster Dive Next!!
Credits: Abandoned Exploration Squad For Voice
Wauconda Broke Boy For Camera (Freelancer)
Credits & Rights Owned By Both Parties : Wauconda Broke Boy & Abandoned Exploration Squad As A Collaboration.
Thank You.
#dumpsterdiving #applestore #foundiphone


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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 7 289
Noa Herewini
Noa Herewini 2 months ago
Dumpster dive at Gucci or Rolex
Diana Arenivas
Diana Arenivas 18 hours ago
Rylee Brannon
Rylee Brannon 3 days ago
And they can’t afford Gucci or Rolex to put in their little box for clickbait
Rylee Brannon
Rylee Brannon 3 days ago
The videos are fake though
Tik Tok
Tik Tok 8 days ago
Noa Herewini i think gucci
Tyson Lee
Tyson Lee 14 minutes ago
I have the same iPod but I cracked it
Can I get a thousand subs with no videos ??
This ih how many times he said empty
Uraniumm 7 hours ago
Raymond Delarosa
Raymond Delarosa 8 hours ago
Please I need a I phone
BrickSage - Mc
BrickSage - Mc 9 hours ago
U forgot to check for sim cards
وردة وردة
وردة وردة 12 hours ago
طيني واحد اني بل عراق العمود 711
Valchand ghanchi
Valchand ghanchi 13 hours ago
Wow I love video
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar 16 hours ago
Can you sell me your iPhone 6 or 7
kalyan rebelli
kalyan rebelli 17 hours ago
Plz in my address
kalyan rebelli
kalyan rebelli 17 hours ago
Send me 1phone
Diana Arenivas
Diana Arenivas 18 hours ago
what my i phone 7 looks like that rose gold but my screen is not cracked
M3aya Rabi
M3aya Rabi 19 hours ago
علابالي بلي تكذب بصح حبيت نكمل على جال تلفونات عجبوني 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Arslan Naveed
Arslan Naveed 22 hours ago
I am in bro and I want a iPhone's
Cody Butler
Cody Butler 23 hours ago
Are you doing a give out?
Henry Fetty
Henry Fetty Day ago
I have an I pod like that. Also iphone 4
Stormzy Day ago
Sub to my RUvid channel
Mayzoca_ofc Day ago
A única coisa que eu consigo achar de valor no lixo e latinha!
Annie Stuart
Annie Stuart Day ago
Why tho
Maria Ellena Favata
That was a fun video. You kids have fun but also be careful. I did subscribe
Abby B
Abby B Day ago
I find this funny you're not allowed of throw phones away so it's fake
BigBobbyE141 Day ago
15:51 that's an iPhone 4 ;-;
Mrs_xGaming Day ago
So funny how he doesnt know which iphone each one is lol. And plus every phone he never showed them working.
Gerri Lemons
Gerri Lemons Day ago
And that was me asking if i can get the iphone but can i get the iphone 4&5 with the iphone four and five cargere
Gerri Lemons
Gerri Lemons Day ago
You can i get the iphone for send it at 6129 portridge drive with the cargere please...
حسوني حسوني
اكو عرب بل طياره 🤣🤣
wher you have take this iphones
Princess Mari
Were??? I wanna come
Marcela silva Marcela
Traduz pra o português!! 😘💕
وسام العراقي
واو شي حلو جدن
Reon Palmer
Reon Palmer Day ago
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooove you please give me a iPhone any whon
Reon Palmer
Reon Palmer Day ago
pleas give me air pods
Busawla Mawlud
Busawla Mawlud
Charlie B
Charlie B Day ago
“I don’t think we have a charger for this” “We might have to go through our charger box” Proof it’s fake who has more than one charger?💀💀
Kill king tamer Kill
Plz i ned iPhone i dont hav iPhone i ned iPhone 4
555 555
555 555 Day ago
Omg fuck RUvid commercials!!
Rose Vanese
Rose Vanese Day ago
Help me
Maria luiza Silva
please give me some of those good iphones i really want to have an iphone but i have no money please I'm from brazil
aian llupar
aian llupar 2 days ago
wow can i have one
iraq iraq
iraq iraq 2 days ago
كلهن زبايل مالهن قيمه
AVIAE W 2 days ago
My mum has a ipod
Ladonna Sandifer
Ladonna Sandifer 2 days ago
I wish I could do this.....
Double XQ
Double XQ 2 days ago
Did.. did he say he's close to 1m subs? Uhm he has 160+k subs?? Did he lie or his subscribers ran away
Abdullah eldomiaty
give me phone hhhhh
Ron Hollands
Ron Hollands 2 days ago
Hi guys I love your videos please read this comment I've been wanting a phone for so long if you can find a working one can you send it to me
Tom-Lee Waisbaum
Tom-Lee Waisbaum 2 days ago
Fucking fake
Thomas Harfst
Thomas Harfst 2 days ago
'Let's check out the dumpster' Jump...cut to the fake box they put in there.
Teekee 2 days ago
I'm in
Idk what to Put
Idk what to Put 2 days ago
Y’all don’t realize that the camera man has a repair shop explains why so many broken phone and phones that don’t work
Кирилл П
Кирилл П 2 days ago
Stupid fake video
AS creations
AS creations 2 days ago
Fuck off 🖕
Lord XFiery
Lord XFiery 2 days ago
It is fake
Joymakeover 2 days ago
I,m in iphone 8plus
David Tilton
David Tilton 2 days ago
Can I get a I ponye
jordannxx 2 days ago
You kept moving the trash around instead of taking it out of the box and getting it out the way hhhhh 😭
John Kuki
John Kuki 2 days ago
Sorry to ask but, bros what you both went to the dustbin because i see that you threw no garbage in it. And fells like you went there on purpose or with information.
John Kuki
John Kuki 2 days ago
7:13 who would ever throw a phone along with it`s box
Harvey Basanes
Harvey Basanes 2 days ago
This is the number of times he said “Geez there’s so much stuff!” 👇🏻
حسين الخولى
Pleas lwant tliphon
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