Apple's $700 Wheels are NOT Crazy...

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You're not going to buy Apple's new $700 Mac Pro wheels, and that is exactly why they are brilliant.
Read the Forbes article: www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2020/04/19/apple-mac-pro-expensive-price-wheels-castors-replacement-alternative/#73775fc170ec
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May 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Jay's World
Jay's World 3 days ago
i want iphone 11 max pro and ipad pro 2020 for 200dollar in india...apply economies of scale in india..dont deprive us apple..i know ur secret its possible
Jay's World
Jay's World 3 days ago
Apple is a open Scammer..dangerous than Indonesian call centre
David Tran
David Tran 4 days ago
Apple: Not for filthy peasants.
Supersampeck 5 days ago
My pc costs less than them whells
Flamincos 8 days ago
Great video, how could you dislike.
Dhul-Qarnayn 8 days ago
They see me rollin they hatin
Milky Way
Milky Way 8 days ago
I got a pulseway ad with your face in it . And I was not disappointed
Francis 14 days ago
I'm watching apple video's now because of this. So it works.
7hili7 Goodnight
7hili7 Goodnight 14 days ago
It’s a shame you had to explain common sense. You did do it beautifully however.
NexoD2 15 days ago
They cost 850€ you guys in amerca have it cheap
Notification 17 days ago
“an apple a year makes your money disappear”
Vladimir Khrushchev
For 700 dollars you can buy A BIKE
Saurabh Yadav
Saurabh Yadav 21 day ago
U want to destroy apple real hard😂😂😂
Oscar Van de walle
Oscar Van de walle 22 days ago
here is another video about these wheels: ruvid.net/video/video-col9vD2Re-4.html
alxcsb 23 days ago
The only Apple product I ever bought in 32 years on this planet was a £70 MacBook, which was already 7 years old at the time of purchase. I only did that because I wanted an informed opinion on their products, especially their software. I will never pay for an Apple product again, even if it becomes the only option.
Zulkifli Ahmad
Zulkifli Ahmad 24 days ago
As I said before. Apple is a status brand. People bought their products because of the *Logo* LINUS.
Kelvin watse
Kelvin watse 25 days ago
Clazy intro man!
MPG187 27 days ago
7:50 Funny when you used to by 3.5mm headphones they would all say "iPod Compatible" like the iPod used a special jack or something. It's the same ol' jack from portable CD and Casette players, no special compatibility needed. Ahh the times before iPhone fanboys had to buy adapters to use headphones or line out to standard devices. To be fair my HTC Touch Diamond used the USB port for headphone jack, either use USB Earphones (included, I seen a pair of mine lying around) or adapter. But that phone was small and maybe there wasn't enough room for a jack, what's Apple's excuse? Can't even fit a screen on without a bezel island...
MPG187 27 days ago
3:29 Ain't look like High School students to me
Cocktus 25 days ago
Stock photos lmao
MPG187 27 days ago
1:15 Limp Bizkit
Phenian Oliver
Phenian Oliver 28 days ago
"You could make a fan fiction site! Although I'm not giving you any ideas..." That's where you're wrong, Linus. In just that moment alone the burgeoning number of ideas you've disgorged into my mind tempt me to follow your suggestion for just such a purpose, no matter how sarcastic your intention.
JC Raymond
JC Raymond 28 days ago
This is a super honest take of these kind of products, it's awesome to see.
Scarfqce_ 28 days ago
bet apple would learn its lesson if we don't give its overpriced outlandishly useless junk any attention. treat it like that one loner kid in highschool. would be hilarious to watch that happen lol
Dotson6996 Month ago
You guys should test the worth of the ridge wallet. I've read that, you can accomplish the same RFID protection with a couple sheets of Aluminum foil. I know one of the main features of the wallet is its size but, even that doesn't feel like a good enough reason to spend around $100 for a wallet. Legit want to know.
Thomas Wakerley
Thomas Wakerley Month ago
Why would my fruit snack need wheels?
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson Month ago
Coming soon from Apple....Apple stickers for $500!!! They do absolutely nothing, but keeps us rich!!!!!......and makes you look cool too.......yip
Matthew D
Matthew D Month ago
P.C Weiner 🤭
SOMAC Kim Month ago
it's Crazy
Muhammad Shorman
Do wheels have an update support, or they will lag after few years?
Grant Walker
Grant Walker Month ago
I think it goes one layer deeper. I think they're doing it to purposefully disgust the professional market. They obviously do not want to be a computer company anymore. You're right they want to be a mobile company. They want to design small sleek products, even if it means sacrificing functionality to do so. However they know they have to serve their core fanboys and professionals... So they are going ahead and trying to make products which are inaccessible to their core market. It makes fan boys lust, but not allow them to obtain the product... but it satisfies their ego around the brand... and then they try and give terrible performance per dollar for the professional market... potentially pushing more professionals away. This allows them to slowly phase out almost all their desktop users. Look... The second Jony Ive left... That's when I knew they lost their ability to innovate. I always said it shouldn't have been Tim who took over... Tim's a businessman... It's the same mistake they made with Scully. It should have gone to an artist... and Jony Ive is just that. Now he's gone... probably because no one was listening to him.
Axel Mind
Axel Mind Month ago
I'm waiting for the 2000 USD breaks
Prima61 Month ago
Ya, but they're not just any wheels, they're _Apple Wheels_ , Whoa ! 🤑
Clocktower Hill
Clocktower Hill Month ago
Get off the PC treadmill... buy a Mac Pro!
Nikhil Chennakeshava
My whole laptop doesn't cost $700. When you have money ot burn I guess.
Wait wait what if apple makes apple sanitizers hahahahah😂😂😂😂
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel Month ago
Pricey and cheaply made, breaks easily... Should i go on?
Jordan Pringle
Jordan Pringle Month ago
Linus better chill before they try and file a lawsuit for $700
Lmao sly fox sounds like sly fucks
Whats In the name
I need 10000 bucks apple shoes pro
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Month ago
Apple:"our products is for everyone who rich or didnt need kidneys! " (There Apple I give you my free advertisement! Now let my cat go!)
Doggie W Keys
Doggie W Keys Month ago
OMFG i thought this was a new host
Tidal Wav3
Tidal Wav3 Month ago
He is in a pulseway ad, and has a shaved beard.
Keith McPherson
Keith McPherson Month ago
That transition to the sponsor tho
Mecha-Art Month ago
I think the paper that comes with it in the box probably reads at the header "Dear idiot"
TAMER Tamer Month ago
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo Month ago
4:58 Oh look it's Russell.
Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan Month ago
I just don’t understand why it would need wheels. Bolt it to a 20 dollar skateboard. Or an electric skateboard. Heck, an rc car might fit the bill. It has handles, don’t be lazy. Still waiting for a trash can to be mounted to a roomba. Kidding aside, great video!
White T poison
White T poison Month ago
Who are the ones who were directed here by MKBHD!
Mayo Bottle
Mayo Bottle Month ago
“Nobody on earth actually needs any of them” Justine has ALL of them
Scarfqce_ 28 days ago
apple fanthots smh
Stuart Hollingsead
I have boycotted apple and all its products since I was born... not even interested in criticism... Disney has joined my list of evil companies that must be destroyed.
Communist CIA
Communist CIA Month ago
Think imma just get car tires
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma Month ago
So much fake news going on guys. It's not $700. Its only $699
Etern Month ago
Facts - People dont care about tech People like to buy iphones, mac and other stuff to show off to people that they are superior Me - stupid people buying apple expensive products, saves up money buy a Mercedes
mohamed ouhibi
mohamed ouhibi Month ago
i literally searched risitas and this video was the first result.
FDN Month ago
5:14 you can replace "apple" with "the last star wars trilogy", "disney" or the name of anyone who worked on those, "p.c." with "s.w.", and the message still works
raymond peter
raymond peter Month ago
If you can buy $50,000 Macpro Pc. buying a wheels for $700 is not really crazy.
Daddy Tygren
Daddy Tygren Month ago
Would be a nice skateboard
Jerry Doe
Jerry Doe Month ago
You have to sink pretty low to come up for an (in)valid reason to claim there is reason/logic behind these wheels. I guess Apple pays pretty good sponsor money, sure place some $700 wheels underneath your DESKtop/WORKstation so your $10.000 mac pro can roll off your desk so you can buy a new mac pro with a new set off wheels, and while you are at the Apple store don't forget to buy a $999 monitor stand. I have to go now, i'm gonna mount a set of wheels under my 86" TV
Ultrajante Month ago
I love that he's saying all that wearing an Apple Watch lol
Another Demon From Hell, I guess
Soooo, you didn't pay atention to the whole vid, or...
Samuel Dunlap
Samuel Dunlap Month ago
So you’re telling me apple thinks like this; *Apple* Overprices something *Random Consumer* Writes negative forum that has to include positive information in order to show the negative information. *Apple* It’s free real estate! Remember: An Apple a day takes you’re money away!
saber379 Month ago
"Everything is worth what you are willing to pay for."
Petr Kisselev
Petr Kisselev Month ago
In other words, Apple is a brand that lives off gimmicks instead of products and anyone gullible enough to buy their stuff is just participating to humanity's decline as a species.
marksapollo Month ago
I would call Apple’s wheels expensive, but Linus bought RED cameras that cost as much as a house just for You Tube videos..... nuff said.
VNY D Month ago
It would be great at their next conference that they jokingly say they’re making a pro version or make “brakes” for them
Kontrol49 Y
Kontrol49 Y Month ago
When I heard about these wheels, I flipped out. ...then I looked at the price of a Mac Pro. I realized that not only can you afford these (unnecessary) wheels as an accessory if you can afford a Mac Pro, but also that a Mac Pro (base model) costs 3 times what my car is worth and I do NOT hesitate to spend nearly twice as much as those wheels on tires when I need them. ...and I need them *every year*. Yes, I spend almost what my car is worth every year just for tires. All of a sudden, I can't call the people who paid Apple $700 for a set of $50 casters crazy because I now realize *I'm the crazy one*. :)
Enver Dashdemir
Enver Dashdemir Month ago
Do you coping the same context from each other? Marques did say the same things like you. Exact same things
Mike Soda
Mike Soda Month ago
Not talking about apple to hurt them is a double edge sword though. Even if you don't factor in potential stress from keeping it bottled up inside (YEAH KORN!!!). You're also not helping spread the hate or persuading others to dislike them. I think more should do like you, sure talk about apples shit in a bad way but be sure to include that if others agree the best thing to do is spread the word about how talking about apple less will hurt them the most. Yes conveying this message will add to publicity but providing people listen & stop discussing it from that point forward. Is how we can actually do some damage to the company & maybe, just maybe wake them up.
Davy Kroket
Davy Kroket Month ago
If brains had legs, apple users would need wheels....there you go.
Presto c
Presto c Month ago
CrApple is terrible!
The Guitarist
The Guitarist Month ago
So pretty much you're saying that they made it 700 just so they can get more publicity in news articles?
- SARGNT Clash Royale and More! -
My wheels for my car cost about the same as these!
Monir Al-Taher
Monir Al-Taher Month ago
I would love to get an email list of the people that bought the wheels,you could literally sell them air for $9.99 if you wanted to
Durian Siggy
Durian Siggy Month ago
this video was surprisingly good! I thought it would be clickbait, but it is a reasonable explanation of the marketing involved
Anna Sofiyak
Anna Sofiyak Month ago
I unplugged my brain from my spinal cord to see what would happen. Within the first 5 seconds I got a little light headed, and was immediately confronted with the urge to buy $700 wheels.
d Maisnam
d Maisnam Month ago
At this stage, why not make the price $999 and provide with a spare wheel?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
In some countries Apple remains luxurious brand,...with the wheels its super luxurious with iPhone SE I think I can own an iPhone now 😎
Ded-Gang Month ago
Was i the only one that was scared of the intro damn that’s clean😂
Cobyn J.
Cobyn J. Month ago
this is the first time ive seen a 4k option for a youtube videp.
CraftyFox Month ago
Apple makes good products. The problem is, they want to lock us in their ecosystem, and in the long run it will cost us a big a mouth of money. And I disagree, they prove the point selling stand for $999 or wheels for $700, that they don't care about the consumers. If we take Rolex for example: They want you to have the best quality and performance from their products. Apple just made a mistake and try too fool everyone else and is correct they are getting media attention, but for the wrong reason. For me Apple will never be premium brand and I will never say they are equal to Rolex or the rest premium brands.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Month ago
which is cost $1899 the pro version is basically same as normal version, but you get the pro logo on your mask!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
that is some 4d chess move levels of scam
Kekoapono Month ago
You should’ve included a link to the Mac Pro Wheels. 😂
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
ifs its outrages than dont buy it
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