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Apple Banana Smoothie Healthy Juice Recipes


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Aug 6, 2016




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Comments 80
iMesmerise Day ago
Great channel.
J . I
J . I 3 days ago
I dont think blending milk and banana is good for you.. u can search it up
Imran's Kitchen Secrets
Fantastic Regards team imran's kitchen secrets
Jerin Sumaiya
Jerin Sumaiya 11 days ago
Bad recipe
JD Spiration
JD Spiration 13 days ago
I just had to make a similar smoothie on my channel... bananas are heaven
Abdulla Ziyad
Abdulla Ziyad 16 days ago
That's totally a shit
Skyla Plath
Skyla Plath 19 days ago
It taste soooo good thank you so much but this is low key a scam because look at the thunk nail and look at the end of the vid 👀
Foods with Healthy Twists
Look yummy. Check my chenal👍
ayesha majeed
ayesha majeed 23 days ago
Can i add yogurt instead of milk
Ami Ananya
Ami Ananya 23 days ago
গরমে ভেষজ শরবত, রোগ প্রতিরোধ ক্ষমতা বাড়ায়,৫ মিনিটে বানিয়েনিন Immunity booster fruit drinks at home @
Debendra Behera
Debendra Behera 26 days ago
Morgia's VLOGS
Morgia's VLOGS 26 days ago
Healthy juice 😍😍
Asya Ait
Asya Ait 29 days ago
good 👍💖
Sharifunnisa Khann
Faith in all things W
Going to try this. I hope it taste good.
NS world
NS world Month ago
Hi..friend super..PLEASE support my new RUvid channel NS world..
Nishat Putul
Nishat Putul Month ago
Really It's so yammy
asmaa mahmoud
asmaa mahmoud Month ago
Very good
Minato Abe
Minato Abe Month ago
what kind of pernaunsiations do you have
Eve88 Vlogs
Eve88 Vlogs Month ago
Lovetso healthy....😘
Remz world
Remz world Month ago
This smoothy can make us fat or not????
น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยขยะ by Unclenui
👍👍👍 It's so good 👍👍👍
Javier Yurrita
Javier Yurrita Month ago
It sucks
Fooder Month ago
easy summer drink : ruvid.net/video/video-d3dN1Re6pG4.html
Kejsi Nexhi
Kejsi Nexhi Month ago
It was really good mmmmmmmmm I love it 🥰
Simo العربي
Can i add sugar instead of honey
Jamal Chase
Jamal Chase Month ago
It ain't even cold. Where the ice at?
ilham Berber Lady
Ice is not that great for your stomach ;)
KiNgSPONgeBb Month ago
Can you do it with no honey?? If not then can i use syrup ?lol
Tega Amunghete
Tega Amunghete Month ago
Very well
Basavaraja Gt
Basavaraja Gt Month ago
So nice
Rashmi S
Rashmi S Month ago
What if we add sugar?
Daughter of the Most High
Babies cant have honey till one year old..
Erica Mae Balingit
Erica Mae Balingit 2 months ago
yummy juice
Israel Mawuli
Israel Mawuli 2 months ago
Very nice
mostakim khan
mostakim khan 2 months ago
Food Delight
Food Delight 2 months ago
Kbtv Vyggdf
Kbtv Vyggdf 2 months ago
small pieces
hasanmahmud rajib
hasanmahmud rajib 2 months ago
yammi the all recipes....i will try this at my home thank u.....
vSynqable 2 months ago
you know you only need to de-seed the apple and unpeel the banana
Sk Nasir
Sk Nasir 2 months ago
Fati Labbi
Fati Labbi 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-01h8Pzs0gz4.html 🔥☘️🔥🌹🐬🌹🐬🌹🐬🌹🐬🌟👍
INDAY MJ TV 2 months ago
Aoole banana smoothie very delicious and healthy
Akshana VR
Akshana VR 2 months ago
Healthy juice. Love it!!
Entertainment Media channel
MN Mousumy
MN Mousumy 2 months ago
Aeita. Khabo 😍😍😍
زينب ادم
زينب ادم 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Hqsfu4B9l9k.html jus❤
Health Is Wealth
Health Is Wealth 2 months ago
nice bro
Miff Miff
Miff Miff 3 months ago
Why would you peel the apple
ii_mxchellx 3 months ago
Add some vanilla and cinnamon it will be bomb!
Syehhr Dhff
Syehhr Dhff 3 months ago
Harshit Pandey
Harshit Pandey 3 months ago
Cold milk ya hot milk
Santri Channel
Santri Channel 3 months ago
Becky Belvora
Becky Belvora 3 months ago
i will subscribe to u if u can tell me y i cant stop laughing rigjt now
Antonio Albarado
Antonio Albarado 2 months ago
beacause her voice
Judy Wambui
Judy Wambui 3 months ago
Shie Shine
Shie Shine 3 months ago
What type of milk should be used.
yana Nayak
yana Nayak 3 months ago
It s perfect
nazmul Haque
nazmul Haque 4 months ago
Just Owwawwww 😱 😱😱 😱😱 😱😱 😱
Chinaza Ikechelu
Chinaza Ikechelu 4 months ago
Wow I love that
Anabith Kitchen
Anabith Kitchen 4 months ago
Looks yummy food
TẤN LỘC VLOG 4 months ago
gọt táo ngon quá,sinh tố chuối ngon
MAC 4 months ago
Yummyyss world
Yummyyss world 4 months ago
Plzz welcome my channal
Manju Manjula
Manju Manjula 4 months ago
Super amazing taste good for health try this
Soma ariyan Ariyan
Soma ariyan Ariyan 5 months ago
Kylie 5 months ago
Can i use green apple instead?
IsaacParuz 5 months ago
Be a King to Ur wife In one Hours Watch 👇👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-jvIsr9QQS84.html
EMON GAMING 5 months ago
I love it thanks for making
Ananya Gamer
Ananya Gamer 6 months ago
It sucks because there's no sugar
Tataji K.
Tataji K. 6 months ago
How many calories it contains
Myrna Ortiz
Myrna Ortiz 7 months ago
I do not find those small bananas in my area, could I use one large banana? Thank you for your time.
D D 7 months ago
Obviously🙄. You could add one large banana.
Zura Namutebi
Zura Namutebi 7 months ago
Thanks dear
Sk Jabeena
Sk Jabeena 7 months ago
jazzy jaz
jazzy jaz 7 months ago
Add some cinnamon to this you won't regret it!
Saad Kahoul
Saad Kahoul 2 months ago
No, I would regret it
Leah Mulod
Leah Mulod 8 months ago
hi..im from Philippines can u subscribe to my channel Norhana Kitchen thank u👍😘
Rahwa Paulos
Rahwa Paulos 8 months ago
I like your speking English
NEHA IRFAN 8 months ago
I tried and loved it!
Beat The Devil
Beat The Devil Month ago
It looks so simple yet delicious
Ayman Jamadar
Ayman Jamadar 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing your expirence
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 8 months ago
why the HELL would I skin off the apple and then slice it into bits both banana and apple when I'm going to bled the crap out of it??? my way is better .. 1 Apple, 1 banana, strawberries, celery, 2 raw eggs,& some orange juice. there you go & thanks.
Nene Ken
Nene Ken 8 months ago
Raju Anu
Raju Anu 8 months ago
very testly
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