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Dong Hai STUDIO Month ago
Thanks for your support of my AI Assistants Battle video. I was very happy to hear that I speak like a Siri male voice 😂. In case anyone suspect I am Siri, have a look at my TED Talk. ruvid.net/video/video-TYWGN4pe-lY.html
Junior Gabe
Junior Gabe 2 days ago
I didnt know 4k was 720p
Rali Tarig
Rali Tarig 18 days ago
Dong Hai STUDIO the last phone is made
Muhammad Irsyad
Muhammad Irsyad 18 days ago
Ahav SHS ahz ahs banyak snsnsj 383849496393939393039393
apache deva
apache deva 20 days ago
You are a living Siri lol
بلو سان_ Blue san
Iphone seX Bad idea
BlueRazorGaming 7 hours ago
WTF is the last one
Иа Иа
Иа Иа 7 hours ago
Taehyunie luvs
Taehyunie luvs 10 hours ago
5:14 my iphone
nrJ Sandhu
nrJ Sandhu 11 hours ago
Where is iphone SE ??
HELLO( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Tysocool 101
Tysocool 101 13 hours ago
I have a iPhone 6s+ iPhone 7 iPhone xs
Wan Perak
Wan Perak 14 hours ago
Iphone only for kids..men use samsung😎
Berat Emirhan TR
Berat Emirhan TR 15 hours ago
İphone 5 to LTE ? WHATT
Mathew’s Youtube channel
The iPhone at 10:12 should be foldable😑😂😂
Jamal Mehdi-zada
Jamal Mehdi-zada 16 hours ago
what about xs and xs mac
Nazif Useini
Nazif Useini Day ago
I like X MAX
Maria Chinou
Maria Chinou Day ago
Iphone x: Buy me loot at me im very beautiful! Kid:Mum can i get Iphone x? Mum : How much it costs? Kid : hmmm..... Sorry mum i dont want this!
Overhaul Day ago
cringe in the first few minutes
Awais Awii
Awais Awii Day ago
I love iphones
Iuguxyx Uffuxu
Is IPhone 25 a joke
山田知幸 Day ago
blink only army
blink only army 2 days ago
Samsung is better. For the price, you will not be broke and the quality is good
Bleach is gud for u
+blink only army sure thing anything else than iphone is better xD
blink only army
+Bleach is gud for u but iphones are more expensive. But your right..huwawri phones are affordable. But i'll choose samsung better
Bleach is gud for u
The samsungs have gotten pretty expensive lately. The huawei phones are still pretty affordable and worth it
Shadowboy 235
Shadowboy 235 2 days ago
I’m about to get an iPhone 8 yay 😁
Only Drinks
Only Drinks 2 days ago
I will stop meaning to buy iPhone 7. I will wait to the iPhone 11
andy wesley
andy wesley 2 days ago
I have android and iphone Both awesome
gui s.
gui s. 3 days ago
the capitalism is CRUEL!
is good honey
Nghox Khang
Nghox Khang 3 days ago
2:07 which is film it
Rîzwàñ 5048
Rîzwàñ 5048 3 days ago
Mine iPhone 6S😁😁!!
Gomez Rain
Gomez Rain 3 days ago
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P y N Nicole y Pabla
I do not think anyone will buy the latest iphone, I'm sorry😂
Paritosh Kumar
Paritosh Kumar 4 days ago
iPhone 3Gs back in the old days: I’m the most powerful iPhone yet!!! iPhone X: yeah right
Lil PopTxrtt
Lil PopTxrtt 2 days ago
Dont disrespect your elders
Paulo Aldiro
Paulo Aldiro 4 days ago
Iphone 25 eu gostei
Maravillas Cuz
Maravillas Cuz 5 days ago
My mom:Iphone 6s My dad:Iphone 6s My brother:Iphone 6plus Me:Iphone xr (I saved lots f money for it)
FirasYT Games
+*Shits on The table* your ass is bullshit
*Shits on The table*
You should have bought the S10+ or the Note 9. Those things are better than that bullshit
ศิริพร แสงโชติ
Ayeen Yiyin
Ayeen Yiyin 5 days ago
iPhone 25??? Isn't true??? Or fake??
Amina Raza
Amina Raza 5 days ago
you forget iphone SE
Amanda Nady
Amanda Nady 5 days ago
I Have iPhone 5s
Falah Alkhadher
Falah Alkhadher 5 days ago
iPhone 2G recording sucks iPhone 10 is the best because the camera is so awesome
Falah Alkhadher
Falah Alkhadher 5 days ago
You forgot the iPhone SE and the iPhone one
•Zone Zine•
•Zone Zine• 2 days ago
The iPhone 1 was in this blindy
leos_pg3d 5 days ago
No to iphone
Rion Elshani
Rion Elshani 5 days ago
Where is Iphone 7
Rezqa Himbetli
Rezqa Himbetli 5 days ago
iPhone x 2017 no 2019
nooh way - im back!
I remember being mind blown by the iphone 4. It was my dream phone, and i only got it in 2013 hahahah and it was the 4s, but i got the same feeling
Seoung hwan Choi
Seoung hwan Choi 6 days ago
Plz come back jobs...
Seoung hwan Choi
Seoung hwan Choi 6 days ago
아이폰4는 진짜 너어어어어~~~~
Seoung hwan Choi
Seoung hwan Choi 6 days ago
재발 탈모좀 없애 제발좀 어휴
Ira Widianty
Ira Widianty 6 days ago
Huawei is the winner.
Zein Segaf
Zein Segaf 6 days ago
gamernadm 1234
gamernadm 1234 7 days ago
10:27 I laughed so hard
Skilled Parkour
Skilled Parkour 7 days ago
In the add for the iPhone 3G and the s had a crack in the screen
Abdul Mamedov
Abdul Mamedov 7 days ago
Rufino Dark
Rufino Dark 7 days ago
1853: In the future we will have flying car.. Future : ............. Welp.. We made a shity iphone 25 😂
Antonio Alejandro walas bount
En español Chicos
Maximus !
Maximus ! 7 days ago
iPhone 3G мой ровесник
Maximus !
Maximus ! 7 days ago
Моя история iPhone (My iPhones History) iPhone 4 2015-----> iPhone 6 2017------> iPhone XS 2019 -----> ????????? 2020
lacrosse gaming
lacrosse gaming 7 days ago
( • ) ( • ) ) • ( ( ^ )
hello my friend youtube
Bgi teman2 baru mari2 kunjung. Nti d kunjung balik..👍🛎 pasti..
hello my friend youtube
Alm kenal..sempurna ya bang..👍🛎jan lupa sempurnakan punya sa lgi yaa...slm kenal..
Omar Msangi
Omar Msangi 8 days ago
Hahhaha am whatch this in 7plus 😃😃😃😃😃
Antoni Akaharnianka
Indonesia konten . Pertama aku kiranya konten luar ternyata konten dalam negeri . Soalny ada tulisan bonusnya
vamshi ande
vamshi ande 9 days ago
25 😂😂😂🙏🏻
Database Lord
Database Lord 9 days ago
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the man
the man 9 days ago
Forgot iphone se
Alessandro Ghini
Alessandro Ghini 9 days ago
blackberry or you love it or hate it. I love it.
Arnab Chakraborty
Where gone I phone 9
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres 9 days ago
iPhone 25 💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres 9 days ago
The iPhone 7 plus JetBlack is better than any of the X iphones
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres 9 days ago
The iPhone 5s and se are the most beautiful looking phones, yeah the 5 has the same design but the 5s perfected it.
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres 9 days ago
The iPhone 3G was crap the 3Gs was legendary
SZERETLEK Dano 9 days ago
iPhone se???
Sarah S.
Sarah S. 10 days ago
whose the iPhone se?
UNKNOWN 10 days ago
My smartphone history: iPhone 4s to iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s to Samsung Galaxy S7 to Samsung Galaxy S8 plus... And now S9 Plus
Chris Flasinski
Chris Flasinski 10 days ago
I think The iPhone 25 od so dumb thats How Tall it is
ivckleg hbu m2bienc u iydb2du v2duh 2fihe
Where is İPhone SE
Esra Aksen
Esra Aksen 10 days ago
FLEX1K 10 days ago
My iPhones history iPhone 5s - iPhone 6 - iPhone 6s - iPhone 7
SHANN 32 10 days ago
Im still using a iphone 6s plus
Marcopolo Alcapone
Marcopolo Alcapone 11 days ago
I never having iphone
Сергей Межевикин
Кто из России
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
I’m still using the iPad mini 2
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
Wall I’m using the iPhone 6 trailer as my Ringtone
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
My phone 6s si water damaged😫😩😩😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
iPhone 5s is made out of gold water 😂😂😂😂😂😆
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
Good memories iPhone 2g to iPhone XR
Amir Alhayani
Amir Alhayani 11 days ago
iPhone 4 is my favorite
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 11 days ago
iPhone 25 looks stupid. Who’s gonna carry that in public
CK Gamer
CK Gamer 11 days ago
Or iphone 2G
Fija Anna
Fija Anna 11 days ago
Song 9:57 ?
M201 11 days ago
3:04 oh god siri, whats with your voice?!?!
Goar LOVE 11 days ago
Nurcan Calis
Nurcan Calis 11 days ago
Lyric Partee Vlogs
Lyric Partee Vlogs 12 days ago
You forgot the se
Astro 12 days ago
Anderoid is better!
Coronex 12 days ago
the iPhone 5 was my favorite iPhone. Second to that is my iPhone Xr. 3rdly My iPhone 6s plus which I used up until Xr's release. Upgrading phones should only be required every 3 years... Most innovations aren't even touched on til 3 years minimally. Apple barely changes designs (see iPhone 6s-7-8) and iPhone X was the last major revision of the models.
Yetxo Girl
Yetxo Girl 12 days ago
I still Have iPhone 7
Yetxo Girl
Yetxo Girl 12 days ago
Even the old phones
Yetxo Girl
Yetxo Girl 12 days ago
Apple has made all of those phones!
IlOvEfOrTnUt 12 days ago
Samsung has left the chat..
Rodrigo Pinillos
Rodrigo Pinillos 12 days ago
Hi helo hi 
soupnumber5 12 days ago
3:14 oh how the times have changed
duszek buszek
duszek buszek 12 days ago
My iphone history Iphone ???? Iphone ???? Iphone 7
super wolf
super wolf 12 days ago
Wow the iPhone 25 is giant 😱
LUCKY 2.0 12 days ago
iPhone 25? Are kifing me? Its ugly 😂
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