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Oct 8, 2019




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Keira 2 hours ago
Maybe dont post videos abt topics u dont rlly understand cuz ur offending the entire lgbtq+ community and thats just messes up. I tried to be nice... Did it work?
ren argh
ren argh 5 hours ago
make a better fucking apology
jax xx
jax xx 9 hours ago
it sounds like she has body dysmorphia tbh
jax xx
jax xx 9 hours ago
gender identity therapist: what's up? trisha: i'm transgender therapist: aight, ima head out
Leo González
Leo González 13 hours ago
I’m sure those ads pay that excellent gender therapist of hers
Narwhal Drawings
Narwhal Drawings 21 hour ago
As a transgender male, I really don’t think you’re trans based on the words and phrases you use when talking about this, and also the fact that you sorta kinda said you 1000% identify as your assigned gender. Your identity is yours to have and I’m not telling you what you are, just my opinion is you don’t seem like you are.
Theunis D
Theunis D Day ago
She just made this because of the hate
Muk Bang
Muk Bang 2 days ago
Just being trans is not a joke it’s serious and u shouldn’t make a video saying u are until u absolutely no cause people will think your fake
Shelby The Bombshell
Sis.... Your spray tan......
Alisha Amoruso
Alisha Amoruso 4 days ago
Please take time off the internet! Take the time to really think and work on yourself. You have upset a lot of people and this was not an apology video. You do not need a label. Please take time for yourself.
Alisha Amoruso
Alisha Amoruso 2 days ago
Romey Gaskill honestly I feel bad for her. She’s really hurting! I wish she would respect herself enough to take this time to learn grow and figure out who she is.
Romey Gaskill
Romey Gaskill 2 days ago
Sis with her new videos. She’s going insane
Alec Carrillo
Alec Carrillo 4 days ago
you probably pay your gender therapist to tell you what you want to hear
Rainbow 987
Rainbow 987 4 days ago
Wasts of time watching this..gosh who is she
Tia na
Tia na 4 days ago
So over dramatic , so fack
Girl With The Blue Glasses
She gets so much hate but she just carries on embarrassing herself. I can’t decide if she’s being phony or actually has problems.
na_th_an 4 days ago
Please learn to not refer to people as “transgenders” it’s not comfortable. It makes it sound like you’re speaking about people who are transgender as objects and feels way too distant and derogatory. Just as I wouldn’t go round saying “I’ve spoken to whites/brunettes” I wouldn’t say “I’ve spoken to transgenders”
Gracelyn Dottellis
the people that liked this video couldnt see cause they were laughing so hard
I only watched the whole video for the ads
melissa v
melissa v 5 days ago
You did a coming out video because you saw Nikki tutorials do one and you thought “hhhhmmm I’ll Make one too for clout” or you would have talked about this years ago.
gothic_hoe 6 days ago
shes done this 3 times but apologized 4
Tiffany 7 days ago
You are literally a piece of shit
Costa_ Coffe
Costa_ Coffe 9 days ago
Trisha stop going at communities that bond together No one likes you ricegum is probably more rellavant than you just get of RUvid and stop begging for attention next thing you know she has tourettes so she can say the n-word
Through Maddi’s Eyes
Im sorry but wheres the adams apple? U got it surgically shaved down? I think not u need sum help for all the lies you put outt! Theres people who ACTUALLY go through this and your mocking them! Disrespectful ass
KK Kurly
KK Kurly 9 days ago
Okay so get this ! When a male or female transgender comes out saying they want a sex change to be in the body they want to be in it’s super okay , cause other people can relate... BUT when Trisha paytas comes out and says I IDENTIFY AS MALE BUT I LIKW THE WAY I LOOK.. it’s a problem ? Do you know how many other people who feel exactly like this but feel like people would call them stupid because if you come out as transgender you “HAVE TO get sex change in order to meet the transgender qualifications” like what type of shit is that ?????????? Please explain !
Quaes 10 days ago
This is a great example of an apololie
shit happens wtv
shit happens wtv 12 days ago
i wanted to watch this video again because i remember it being hilarious and i looked up “trisha paytas apology” and 6 other videos came up
Logan Young
Logan Young 13 days ago
Her nails are hideous claws. Who ever thought that'd be a good look XD. I would cover my throat with terror if I saw her reaching out for a hug.
marina svensson
marina svensson 13 days ago
Trisha, you’re like the boy that cried wolf. You’ve lied about so any things, we no longer know what’s real and what’s not. I’m a woman and I’m very unhappy with my womanly curves. I don’t want breasts or hips. This doesn’t mean I’m transgender, it just means I have insecurities.
Cobina Elletson
Cobina Elletson 3 days ago
Aaron Barnett
Aaron Barnett 15 days ago
your not an ally if you harm the community
Jasiah Vazquez
Jasiah Vazquez 15 days ago
Of course you got hate u dumb bish u are trying to get attention by pretending to be a trans man
Emma Bedford
Emma Bedford 15 days ago
Trish: I never really liked girly things Also Trish: has a bright pink car
Samantha Forbes
Samantha Forbes 17 days ago
She keeps trying not to smile
unsub. thx
unsub. thx 17 days ago
okay okay that was good! now apologise to the did community
Kayla 18 days ago
Her feelings are valid
Cobina Elletson
Cobina Elletson 3 days ago
no they arent shes doing it for attention
Scarlett (Nick) Amlee
It's totally okay to be questioning. That's not what people are upset about. What's not okay is spreading misinformation to your 4.8 million subscribers.
Lillian Nierhake
Lillian Nierhake 19 days ago
"I just thought as long as I had boobs and stuff like that I would never be accpeted." Then why did you get surgery to make them bigger multiple times?? And why have you put your body that you are "So Uncomfortable with" all over the internet?
mocci van-loo
mocci van-loo 20 days ago
I feel bed for her if she actually feels like this, BUT THIS GIRL IS COLLECTING IDENTITY/SEXUALITIES LIKE THEYRE POKÉMON.
Captain Cheeseballz
10/10 acting in this video is great, you should do theater sometime
Jay Fresquez
Jay Fresquez 22 days ago
Lmao makes me a woman hahaha it's not anxiety bish its gas go to taco bell and really think before you post 🙈🙉🙊
Chiara Stante
Chiara Stante 22 days ago
4 ads?
Shadow Monster In Your Closet
Could someone please tell me all the communities she’s tried (and failed) to enter? P.S. Trish, maybe if you feel uncomfortable in your body you should try working out?
Scarlett (Nick) Amlee
From what I know and my understanding, she's claimed that she's Bi, Pan, Black, a chicken nugget, a gay man (this video), a drag queen (also this video), and most recently that she has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and also tried to say that she has MPD (the outdated term for DID, and tried to claim that they were "different disorders". Not to mention that most, if not all of those videos were monetized
Kai Hagenaar
Kai Hagenaar 23 days ago
Stop met aandacht vragen. Wejoo
Tori Servais
Tori Servais 23 days ago
i’m not typically a gatekeeper, but she needs to stay the hell out of our community 💖
no more
no more 23 days ago
You did the wrong thing, please do not ever again try to be something that you are not, it is wrong and does extremely hurt people since you're in a way making fun of the community I am apart of, my friends and I receive so much hate and have even been threatened to be beaten up because of it. It is not right, I forgive you, I will not hate but I forgive you please all I ask is not to pretend anymore to feel that you have to pretend to have very real disorders.
Kamui Gakupo
Kamui Gakupo 24 days ago
"Thank youb for being open, thank you for being honest" five minutes earlier: I kNoW IvE TrOlLeD iN tHe PaSt
Kamui Gakupo
Kamui Gakupo 24 days ago
this my friends is what we would call a transtrender, somebody who does it for attention. SHE SHOULD NEVER make pronouns sound hard, because they are not hard. Jeez you should've expected this sort of backlash
Asmr Nugget
Asmr Nugget 25 days ago
What’s she apologizing for
SamanthaBlueWolf 25 days ago
She just wants to be somewhere. She wants attention. She wants to belong in an area I guess.
SamanthaBlueWolf 21 day ago
Tommy The Turtle Artis ...idrc XDDD
Tommy The Turtle Artis
She literally used the word "choose" when regarding to gender identity. She's saying that she chooses her gender identity? Like bro, no.
magic beans
magic beans 25 days ago
Trisha is uneducated on this whole topic and she seems to be on a lot of other topics too. PLEASE TRISHA DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE U MAKE A VIDEOOOO!! I think people would be nicer to u then because then when u speak u don't contridict urself every other sentence. Thank u veryyyy much!
James Hay
James Hay 25 days ago
She’s trying to collect all the letters of LGBTQ like their Pokémon.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn 26 days ago
Wow that's a lot of dislikes
kayhla turner
kayhla turner 26 days ago
People are only being nasty to you, because you identified being someone you're not. You sat there and identified yourself as SOMEONE YOU'RE NOT that isn't okay, any shape or form. You don't feel like you should apologize you NEEDED to apologize for upsetting a lot of people. Think about your actions
Koala Princess
Koala Princess 26 days ago
If you hated everything girly, why is EVERYTHING you own pink, and glittery? Why do you show off your VERY feminine body? and if you ACTUALLY were sorry about offending people, why are you literally lying through your teeth, mumbling nonsense, and putting so many ads in this video. If this was a true, raw, apology, those things wouldn't be there.
Niepomysłowa Julia
Just DON'T talk about things you're not sure about behind camera and post it on RUvid.
Finn 29 days ago
I wanted to watch this video to see her apologize but all I got was second hand dysphoria from her tits being out. I actually wanted an apology thinking she's realized her wrongs but no. I got a dysphoria-induced panic attack and her not actually apologizing like the video said. My family thinks I don't have to go on T to be comfortable now so thanks for that. I genuinely think you shouldn't have a platform. That's all thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Connor the Opossyeen
I feel bad for your therapist. I feel like talking to you would be like talking to a block.
PonyoNoodles Month ago
As a FtM guy myself and... Like... What..? What are you talking about??? Honestly this video and the "coming out" video made me feel dysphoric...
Maggie Petry
Maggie Petry Month ago
watch kalvin garrah’s video. this is pitiful
Elliot Silva
Elliot Silva Month ago
Shes just a overall shit person.
Purple Backpack Girl
This part ( 4:45 ) really annoys me. You don’t apologise because you don’t want to receive hate. You apologise because you realise that your actions are wrong and that you shouldn’t of done it in the first place. She should have just gone to a proper gender therapist and talked about her gender identity instead of stating gay and transgender stereotypes on RUvid.
Sydney Bates
Sydney Bates Month ago
So a trans man that got breast implants? So believable...
Rainbow Quartz2.0
I don’t hate her. I don’t think people have a right to send hate to her. She clearly is suffering, but as a trans guy..she’s not trans. I’m sorry, you have hate me for it, but she’s not trans. Again I’m not trying to hate her. She really needs help, but like..she’s not trans
Patricia Gonzalez
"I've been so open online"7⁶about
Kiana Pomerenke
Kiana Pomerenke Month ago
Trish you seriously need to wait on making videos's like these until you are 100 percent sure on who you are. With your "did" you need help. Get help, diagnosed, and a life check then tell us who you really are. I am not telling you who or who you are not but who clearly are extremely hypocritical and you need to stop.
Tori Moore
Tori Moore Month ago
I’m sry to hate but really she needs to stop posting stuff about her personal life if it keeps giving her backlash every time she puts out this kind of bullsh*t every week just stop telling us what you think is wrong with you keep it to yourself. Us commenters don’t have the right to tell you that you’re not or you are because we don’t know we are not you
woodsnhoods Month ago
Can you talk louder ffs and stop mumbling. Just because you talk in a pathetic voice doesn't make anyone feel sorry for you
asSASSin Month ago
Wow another apology video
Virgil Month ago
Trisha you belong in whatever community you choose to be in jsut don't lie or you will get backstabbed me as a trans woman would not hate but would be a little bit offended if you want to transition then you can that's great we support you'll be expected but if you don't please don't lie. Have a great day!🏳️‍🌈❤
Ari Hicks
Ari Hicks Month ago
"I feel lie I should apologize so people stop being nasty to me". Uh, hell no. She was the nasty one, and now she's upset that we didn't just take it. She wants us to stop pushing back? she should get off the internet and figure out her life. It's not because she looks feminine, it's because she makes no attempt to look masculine. I can't believe how angry this makes me.
sam Month ago
an apology isn’t “i’m sorry” an apology is understanding what you did wrong and addressing that you did something wrong. ie: “I know what i did was wrong. I shouldn’t have done what i did. (insert what you did wrong) i’m sorry if i offended anyone by what i said.” Sorry. isn’t fixing anything!! It is not an apology for what you did.
April Neale
April Neale Month ago
“Sorry i got a phone call” *phone doesnt ring*
Anna Month ago
Call me crazy but I think this is articulated extremely well. He talks about dysphoria, he talks about not ever feeling comfortable in his own skin, talks about identifying as a male, and the fact that many of the body modifications made over the years were an attempt to embrace and love the female body that he never felt comfortable in. How many men do you know who act just as "feminine" as Trish does, because I know plenty. You really have no way to know what is going on inside someones head and to assume you know the right or best way to be trans can also be extremely toxic to the trans community. It shouldn't be about how they present themselves on the outside or how much they appear to show off or "love" the skin that they're in. Respect people and their pronouns regardless of how they present themselves because shaming someone for not identifying with patriarchal gender roles is shitty.
Rainbow Quartz2.0
Anna there’s different being insecure about your body and having gender dysphoria.
emma varesio
emma varesio Month ago
emma varesio
emma varesio Month ago
But also tho people have a point in the comments
Karma Zaddy
Karma Zaddy Month ago
》Moonlight》 》Animations》
Oh Trisha it's ok and I'm sorry
》Moonlight》 》Animations》
@Loser CEO bruh I'm trans
Loser CEO
Loser CEO Month ago
if you're not apart of the group she offended, it's not in your place to accept her apology
Same Month ago
moon light animations saying no is not an opinion
》Moonlight》 》Animations》
@Same I didn't ask for ur opinion
Milo Markus
Milo Markus Month ago
Trisha Paytas in 2049: I identify as a homophobic, transphobic, racist, gay, black, trans man.
Manifesting Leo Goddess
Soooo she's made videos on having luxury cars in all pink, went on tour as a knock off Brittany Spears, blinging out everything from shades to coffee cups, had plastic surgery to enhance her curves, lip fillers, hair extensions, auditioned for Playboy, and now wants us to believe she thinks she is a man. Now you hated being a woman. 🙄 Shes always trolling and the when she gets her ass spanked, she plays the victim.
Abbigail -joy Wilkes
You wonder why
J Siegrist
J Siegrist Month ago
You’ll screw anyone for publicity.
Isa Ressler
Isa Ressler Month ago
An apology video *never once apologized*
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