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Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame) and Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) talk with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz at D23 about 'not' trying on Captain America’s suit and Tom Holland’s future as Spider-Man.
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Aug 29, 2019




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Comments 141
Funtimez 2 months ago
They have done so many interviews with this guy😂
DEK9 2 months ago
I’m convinced that roasting Tom Holland is entrenched in Anthony’s DNA
arth chester reyes
arth chester reyes 2 months ago
Gyllenholland is better than Sebastian Mackie 😂 Anyways, i hope tom will be part of the mcu again 😑
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
@arth chester reyes lmaooo i don't give a fuck who you ship or who you like. All I'm saying is gyllenbolland is better than Stackie only in your dreams. And the fact that you came to a Stackie video to claim gyllenholland is better is just pathetic and desperate. So ship who you want but gyllenbolland is better than Stackie only in your dreams 😂😂
arth chester reyes
arth chester reyes 2 months ago
Liz b this is my life this is not your life you don't care if for me the gyllenholland is better than mackiestan, you can't do anything about that coz this is my life and that is your life , we have a freedom to express ourselves and we have different perspective to both Gyllenholland and Mackiestan nyajahahaja I ship gyllenholland and you ship mackiestan, i think you are affected coz everybody knows is Gyllenholland is better nyahahaha fuck off liz b, b is for Bitch that's why your name is Liz B! B is stan for Bitch 😂😂😂😂
Emerald Beauty
Emerald Beauty 2 months ago
Opinions are opinions after all. You can enjoy your one movie, while we Stackies enjoy our TV show, multiple press tours, scenes together in future movies, and an actual friendship that's not just for cameras. Hope Tom has fun with whatever remaining movies he has left with Sony before they fire him and reboot Spiderman yet again. ✌️
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
arth chester reyes how can I stop someone from being delusional? Lmao 😂😂 anyway, that only applies in your dreams 😊
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
arth chester reyes I’ve accepted gyllenhollander is better in your dreams 😊
frankie 2 months ago
What kind of jutsu is Sebastian trying to do?
Paige W
Paige W 2 months ago
“iD lIke tO sEe aNThOnY nUdE” i fucking cackled
Ariadna Cobain
Ariadna Cobain 2 months ago
Stanners I made a video tribute to Bucky Barnes late long hair ruvid.net/video/video-p6OSOG2iNhE.html I hope y'all like it 💗
oui oui baguette
oui oui baguette 2 months ago
I would like to see Anthony in the nude lol
Dark Humour
Dark Humour 2 months ago
can they just become a canon couple please *for the love of gay* I'm dying 😩
Ruthi Asraf
Ruthi Asraf 2 months ago
They where taking about Spider-Man not being in the mcu not to stop playing Spider-Man like no one said anything about that so shut the fuck up
nan 2 months ago
i love them so much. so excited for their show. mackie will be a great cap
Salsabila Rooseldy
Salsabila Rooseldy 2 months ago
first question: how much nudity in the show? *_priorities_*
Marc Tunstall
Marc Tunstall 2 months ago
Cut the check
Degenerett 2 months ago
Don’t click this ruvid.net/video/video-v0VuHgHqWoU.html
Aliel Avi
Aliel Avi 2 months ago
this calls for a 700k slowburn fic of them constantly saying they wanna see eachother nude until they do
Allie Hodges
Allie Hodges 2 months ago
Aliel Avi hit me up for some recs 😂 I’ve def stumbled across some
Lavender Roselinda HP & 1D
So sad they can't bully Tom anymore
esha karavadra
esha karavadra 2 months ago
Come onnnn even Seb and Anthony want spiderman what more do u WANT 😭😭
I am annoyed
I am annoyed 2 months ago
They were so sweet when talking about Holland. I love how Mackie joked about the situation but at the end you can tell how him and Seb really care about Tom Holland’s future as Spider-Man.
한수진 2 months ago
After all these interviews, it seems like Anthony has faith in Tom. I knew it!!!
Nhi Vân
Nhi Vân 2 months ago
Okayy so Anthony tried to undress Seb and now i have Sebastian wanted to see Anthony nude scene...okayyy... i'm (not) okayyy
Sonnystar 2 months ago
I want tom Holland back in the mcu
May Flower
May Flower 2 months ago
I think Mackie just revealed a spoiler about his suite
Henn essy
Henn essy 2 months ago
Nah he didn't
mochike 2 months ago
sometimes seb starts talking like mackie and that's a) a great testament to how much time they spend together and b) a whole MOOD because my accents and speech patterns take on others' really easily
Becca Blue
Becca Blue 2 months ago
He's said before he picks easily someone's accent, even tho I don't hear him like Anthony 😊
Gaming Bonnie
Gaming Bonnie 2 months ago
Why tom holland not in MCU again? :(
Myeisha Lang
Myeisha Lang 2 months ago
Because Disney was greedy and Sony wasn’t having it.
wmbookworm96 2 months ago
I don’t know why but I had major dejavu watching this video, like I swear I dreamed it before I saw it
madison boynton
madison boynton 2 months ago
dude this interviewer is iconic i love him
Emily Stark
Emily Stark 2 months ago
yeah we stan josh
nbbim2012 2 months ago
This reporter is being very rude to stackie. I will not stand for this level of disrespect
I am annoyed
I am annoyed 2 months ago
Did we watch the same interview?
Srishti Gupta
Srishti Gupta 2 months ago
But where is he being rude and disrespectful?
Mesoma Maduka
Mesoma Maduka 2 months ago
Josh: How much nudity in the show Anthony: Every scene every scene 😂😂😂
N 2 months ago
They would make a great couple. Marvel has a great chance right here they better, they BETTER not ruin it.
lucia zhou
lucia zhou 2 months ago
josh horowitz is the best interviewer.
Alyssa C
Alyssa C 2 months ago
“you know what josh?” 0:35 THIS MAN IS NOT JOKING AROUND JFKDKD
l e
l e 2 months ago
the way he said it is _cracking_ me uP
Alyssa C
Alyssa C 2 months ago
Leo Brook i just found it funny that he addressed the interviewer by his first name to prove his point lol :)
Leo Brook
Leo Brook 2 months ago
Why is it funny? Im not getting😟😟
Stackie Forever
Stackie Forever 2 months ago
My bois are back
Mary Schroeder
Mary Schroeder 2 months ago
I love Sebastian and I get what he's trying to say, but "73 degree cruising altitude" makes no sense whatsoever. I would love to insert a laughing emoji here, but my stupid keyboard doesn't have that capability=(
Mary Schroeder
Mary Schroeder 2 months ago
teghlura Thats the emoji I wanted to use=)
teghlura 2 months ago
I know, when I heard that I was like, wait did I just hear that right? Oh, Seb. 😂
Cailee Swallow
Cailee Swallow 2 months ago
Stackie want nude scenes in their show. 👀 Dear Lord, will Disney be able to censor these two when it comes time to start filming? 😂😂😂
I am annoyed
I am annoyed 2 months ago
Right. They forgot it was a kids show or something? 😂😂
Ms Awesome
Ms Awesome 2 months ago
i don't get the ben lyons joke that made seb cracked up so hard.. anyone care to explain?
teghlura 2 months ago
Idk if there's anything deeper to it, but I do know that Ben Lyons is (was? idk) an E! news reporter.
Hope Roiter
Hope Roiter 2 months ago
Dude even they want Tom back . ....Please ?
Showbreadgurl 81
Showbreadgurl 81 2 months ago
This interview should last longer, this duo is the best! Stackie 4ever!
alex c
alex c 2 months ago
Darah Turner
Darah Turner 2 months ago
Did someone say NUDE SCENES? 👀
Rita Veiga
Rita Veiga 2 months ago
I can't stop looking at Sebastian's hands
Carly walker
Carly walker 2 months ago
Rita Veiga same😔
Apollo 2 months ago
Jana peaches
Jana peaches 2 months ago
Jessy Lezama
Jessy Lezama 2 months ago
*Y o u k n o w w h a t, J o s h ?*
S P 2 months ago
Leo Brook yes
Leo Brook
Leo Brook 2 months ago
Is his name really Josh?
ur mama
ur mama 2 months ago
nobody: seb: i’d like to see anthony nude
Christen Kimbell
Christen Kimbell 2 months ago
My favorite part of this is Seb laughing at Mackie having to backtrack on the whole suit thing at 0:58.. Mackie's been free to say and do whatever, but the spotlight gets a lot brighter when you have to be someone like Captain America. Yeah, Seb isn't carrying the shield, but he also doesn't have to watch his every word right now. Mackie does. Bet we'll get less "my friend Nishka" type jokes from here on.
Hannah Goldberg
Hannah Goldberg 2 months ago
endgame is not the last avengers movie. Lol I love when chris evans scares scarlett, I love them both together. And love chris hemsworth and love chris evans. And scarlett should make a black widow movie and have bucky, thor, and captain america in it. And Chris Evans is not going to die. And Were not going to have to say goodbye to Captain America because Chris evans confirmed on GMA that he wants to renew his contract and he confirmed on a recent comic con that he's not done yet with captain america and that what he said on his twitter about the last day of end game was not meant for people to think that he was done with captain america. Also Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, and MCU also confirmed that he's not done playing captain america and that we will see more of captain america after endgame. So this is not the end of the captain america. And were certainly not going to say good bye to iron man, thor or black widow because the actors like Chris Hemsworth who played those characters like thor confirmed that were going to see more of them after endgame as well and that they're going to renew their contract. so this isn't the end for any of them and bucky and other characters are going to be coming back so cap and bucky can be in a lot of movies together in the mcu after endgame. Anyone who doesn't believe me I have proof
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
@Hannah Goldberg your "proof" is worth shit. Feige's has spoken and what he said is what is. Go plan your Stucky funeral.
Hannah Goldberg
Hannah Goldberg 2 months ago
@Liz B no its not and I have a lot of proof. And thats not true Chris will still be in the mcu and. Chris Evans will be in the mcu with sebastian stan and I have proof.
Hannah Goldberg
Hannah Goldberg 2 months ago
@Liz B no thats not true and I can prove it to you in other ways
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
Hannah Goldberg your proof is nonsense when Feige himself has said what the way forward is. There will be more avengers movies in phase 4 but not with Black Widow or Iron Man it Steve Rogers. Again, Mackie is the new Cap and your Stucky dreams remain dead.
Hannah Goldberg
Hannah Goldberg 2 months ago
@Liz B no not true and I have proof if you don't believe me
Paris Boyd
Paris Boyd 2 months ago
Anthony Mackie is ageing backwards I swear
Language Lover
Language Lover 2 months ago
I'm really not trying to be a racist but I think Bucky should've been the next Captain America. He's definitely more skilled than Sam and he's always been Steve's best friend.
ilovetteokbokki 16 days ago
Sebastian stan himself gave a reason why it cant be Bucky who gets the shield */shrugs* it is what it is
Liz B
Liz B 2 months ago
Addi Hanna thank you! Tired of Bucky stans making Sam getting the shield about Bucky. Sam didn’t get the shield cos Bucky is tired or his mind can be controlled. Sam got the shield cos Steve knew he was the only choice. He’s been Steve’s right hand for the past few years and upholds the same values as Cap so it’s a no brainer. Bucky doesn’t fit in this equation no matter how much y’all want it to. And making the black Cap getting the shield all about your white fave is in fact racist. Y’all can stay mad tbh.
truth seeker
truth seeker 2 months ago
Exactly no one would thought that if he wouldn’t have brought it up lol
I am annoyed
I am annoyed 2 months ago
How is this racist? Lmfaoo. You could’ve said how you felt without saying that. Maybe you are now that you mentioned it. Is the idea of a black captain America that repulsive to you?
Srishti Gupta
Srishti Gupta 2 months ago
@uwldluvme21weird because i only wish for that kind of a button for your comment
yamila quinteros
yamila quinteros 2 months ago
Anthony: *denying what he just said* Sebastian: jajajaja Love it. Watching this makes me think that the couch story it's a big lie from Anthony
Godly 19 days ago
There’s a panel where Chris Evans says that Mackie makes it up just so people can ask them about it next time. It’s for shits and giggles.
faithslayer500 Month ago
@Srishti Gupta ruvid.net/video/video-6NUuS-2m4zE.html
jd80cm 2 months ago
seb was at an italian convention(jibland) & said mackie was never at his house, so yeah couch story is a lie.
Srishti Gupta
Srishti Gupta 2 months ago
@Whans Bee of the conversation referenced in the original comment
Whans Bee
Whans Bee 2 months ago
@Srishti Gupta which time stamp do you want?
Shourya 2 months ago
Desiderata 2 months ago
Not having Tom Holland as Spider-Man WOULD be weird.
Lavender Roselinda HP & 1D
@Dark Tales Production it is a big deal. Tom Holland became some people's favourite Spidey (including me). Seeing him go is sad
L 2 months ago
Which is why I have faith that he'll come back. Disney knew what they were doing. They made in such a way that spidey is so intertwined in the MCU that he has to be there now, plus he was going to be "the next Tony Stark" as the movie kept enforcing. Plus, there's too much money on the table for Disney to simply drop him. And, we all know a Sony storyline will be shit. Just saying, we all know it will suck. I really think he is coming back, and I think we all should keep on putting pressure on both companies. There's still faith. :) Don't give up just yet.
Dark Tales Production
We've had other Spider-Man's before. It's not a big deal, people are over exaggerating
Paulo Braga
Paulo Braga 2 months ago
Cmon hes playing spiderman for like 3 years only
Namankita Rana
Namankita Rana 2 months ago
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Sebastian: 'I'd like to see Anthony nude, actually.' 🙈
Heather Marsters
Heather Marsters 2 months ago
Hahaha lmao that was probably just a tag back since Anthony always tries to get him to take his clothes off.
Bendadick Cuminherbatch
I would too
Arika Karin
Arika Karin 2 months ago
then I am Sebastian
Kenzie Summer
Kenzie Summer 2 months ago
GRACE 2 months ago
I read this comment before I watched the video and I completely thought you were joking... to find out that he ACTUALLY SAID IT??????? I can't 💀
Namankita Rana
Namankita Rana 2 months ago
The editing on this is hilarious. Mackie trying to straight up deny what he said verbatim is too good 😂
Aisha Asgard
Aisha Asgard 2 months ago
Anthony and his wise words
Aisha Asgard
Aisha Asgard 2 months ago
Clicked straight away
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