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Maxbig gt Luffy
Maxbig gt Luffy 10 days ago
The Math Guy
The Math Guy 12 days ago
He looks soo similar to Will Smith it's uncanny!
Alphonso Stewart
That's the sound I make when she top me不不不不不不不不不
Bob Guerio
Bob Guerio Month ago
Damn, amazing falcon call there! Bravo!!
Bob Guerio
Bob Guerio Month ago
0:38 "you have a similar look" OMG I'm Dead the guy don't look alike at all , like comparing a Scottish redhead with a Dark Haired Spanish XD
Libin Mathew
Libin Mathew 2 months ago
2:36 holy moly..
nimbu 3 months ago
that wasn't real...
T Funk
T Funk 3 months ago
Dayum that falcon call was hilarious
Matthew Curley
Matthew Curley 4 months ago
The falcon call was too much
susanne anique
susanne anique 4 months ago
Why isn't this video titled after that crazy falcon sound he made? 仄 That was awesome!
Alfa Elwafa
Alfa Elwafa 4 months ago
now i watch this clip again in 2019 (now) after seeing capt. marvel, the scar from the fury's left eye is similar to a cat scratch LOL they planned it long before the movie indeed
Axel 5 months ago
Now I can't stop thinking of Nick being falcon's dad
Axel 5 months ago
I don't want to hear that sound ever again
Zetsuke4 5 months ago
Lol captain america (not the senile ass) doing some mating call screeching
thecrakanot 5 months ago
Wow that was the most amazing thing ive seen. Great falcon call
Reet Verma
Reet Verma 5 months ago
Someone write a fanfiction about Nick Fury being Falcon's dad, and send me the link.
Siti Norhasrizah
Siti Norhasrizah 5 months ago
god anthony mackie you make my cat scared shitless
Chris Summers
Chris Summers 5 months ago
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu 6 months ago
Woah that call was crazy
Connor Bergeron
Connor Bergeron 6 months ago
Falcon the saints fan 不不
PAbcentral ______
PAbcentral ______ 7 months ago
Dude his face when he makes the hawk call is insane lol
Faizal Ali
Faizal Ali 7 months ago
Anthony is so much more entertaining than Falcon
Uce28 7 months ago
Clarence Dad has an eye patch.
Sheenyl Hassan
Sheenyl Hassan 8 months ago
He's like Will Smith but not PG.
Joshua Junio
Joshua Junio 8 months ago
People are so hesitant to laugh; being really careful not to be racist
Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan 8 months ago
New cap.
Angela Hsiao
Angela Hsiao 8 months ago
Its so weird to hear the guy playing Sam Wilson calling someone else Sam
JDog Gaming
JDog Gaming 9 months ago
Is Sams favourite car the Ford Falcon ??
Bluebird Grayson
Bluebird Grayson 9 months ago
Most Marvel Actors: I try to give respects to the characters and get into the mindspace so I can... understand what theyre going through Anthony Mackie: Nick Fury is my dad and I can also do a Falcon call
Stewart Fletcher
Stewart Fletcher 9 months ago
Dang that shirt is great. I want one
E thy
E thy 10 months ago
Lil Vince
Lil Vince 10 months ago
Did that noise just come out his mouth??
J 420
J 420 11 months ago
Looks more like will smith
I played this clip and my cat jumped 5 feet straight up when he made the falcon call
optical Year ago
Cut the check
Stephanie Cummings
My cockatiel got scared at the falcon call
Samved Iyer
Samved Iyer Year ago
"And I felt he was my dad". The biggest secret Marvel has been hiding from us! Nick Fury is Falcon's Dad!!
Titi Hilda
Titi Hilda Year ago
That falcon call made my cry of laughter
Abdiel Garcia
Abdiel Garcia Year ago
This guy is an avenger his real name's Clarence
John Smithee
John Smithee Year ago
And Falcon's parents had a real good marriage...
Alex Mc Kinley
Angry at breakfast!!
2:39 WOWEEWOWOW!! That falcon call was so good
BrooklynJade Year ago
Was that falcon call real or fake?
Rec Manyeah
Rec Manyeah Year ago
Im dead
Ha Ta
Ha Ta Year ago
Mackie is hands down the funniest Avenger hahahahahaha
Gidds Year ago
Terrible cast as falcon
Kimi Butz
Kimi Butz Year ago
Anthony Mackie reminds me so much of a young Will Smith
Hervian Rahim
Hervian Rahim Year ago
they can make you do that, they can make you do that, they can make you do... *that*...
Reed Leighton
Reed Leighton Year ago
He made that falcon call and my wifes cat went what?! And I got scared real fast.
I like girls OK
Sheesh what a shitty audience
imicca Year ago
awesome dude
Hermes Trismegistus
Was that real or dubbed it sounded dubbed
Sinan Tuna
Sinan Tuna Year ago
that falcon sound is DOPE
moh amine
moh amine Year ago
0:26 exactly what groot told rocket in infinity war
Kaila Year ago
is he actually made those sounds then he can hit whistle notes dam
He's like a combination between Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Sam Jackson.
Faizal Ali
Faizal Ali Year ago
imagine if he did that in his last scene in infinity war hahahahaha
Haters Gonna Hate
i didn織t know Will Smith was in Marvel
gaireth nelson
lmao i wanna hear him scream that in the avengers
Nellie K. Adaba
Night Eye
Night Eye Year ago
Why is the other guy eveb ther on the couch? And why is conan acting like a smartass. Anthony Makie is 手手
Nellie K. Adaba
It's Andy, he's Conan's sidekick.
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