Anthony Joshua FINALLY REVEALS: Why I lost to Andy Ruiz Jr IN DETAIL

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Thanks to JD Sports, we present a candid chat with Anthony Joshua regarding his upset defeat to Andy Ruiz jr and their rematch. www.jdsports.co.uk/page/boxing/


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Aug 9, 2019




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Comments 3 613
The Wilder Fan Club
The Wilder Fan Club 38 minutes ago
9 times out of ten Ruiz would win.
Rich McIntyre
Rich McIntyre 2 hours ago
AJ's talking shit. After the fight, Eddie Hearn looked like somebody killed his dog. This fight was supposed to be AJ's big entrance into the U$$$A and he got knocked down twice in the 3rd after he knocked Ruiz down. Where was the big closer? On his ass twice. This fight cost him and Eddie millions. After Ruiz, he was set to go right to the top but now he has to take a chance and fight Ruiz again. Sure he'll make good money in Saudi Ariba but he lost a big opportunity. If Ruiz beats him again he'll be back to fighting in the UK only for a while. After watching 3 minutes of this, I hope The Champ kicks his whinny ass...again. I don't believe for a minute the fight meant nothing to him. Isn't being the champ worth protecting?
Rolf Simonsson
Rolf Simonsson 4 hours ago
There are a lot of crows making noise in the commentaries. I still think Joshua is the man to beat Ruiz and he will come into the ring with a better analysis and fight plan.
Jimmy Hernandez
Jimmy Hernandez 11 hours ago
AJ is a great fighter but he got his ass knocked the F out! plain and simple no excuses.
stephan riley
stephan riley 11 hours ago
Ruiz switched your thinking cap off with one punch , which shows a chink in your armor .. SO YOUR ONE GOOD SHOT AWAY FROM DEFEAT BRO.. You look nervous watching the fight back..,,GOOD LUCK
Tom Pozsonyi
Tom Pozsonyi 20 hours ago
It’s a shame that they are not giving Ruiz the credit he deserves, what’s he going to say when Ruiz knocks him out the second time?
John Lloyd
John Lloyd 20 hours ago
He will simply pack it in, rather than make a tit of himself.
Lawrence House
Lawrence House 22 hours ago
Even if Joshua wins the rematch he will get destroyed against wilder with that chin he is a good fighter but unfortunately he falls in that category with Amir khan great fighters with glass chins
Ernest Sillion
Basically Joshua didn’t take that serious.
Steven Sharpe
i cant understand why he never used his huge reach and worked on the body
Ze ZeZe
Ze ZeZe Day ago
Is there anyone out there sick and tired of this Uber commercial that is in every video ?
scrambo mills
Ruiz going to snuff his ass again sit the fuck down joshua ya big dosser
scrambo mills
joshua looks like es off the roids
InChrist Day ago
Here's a crazy notion, maybe Joshua got beat by a better fighter?
Steph Harden
Steph Harden Day ago
Ruiz is a better boxer than aj, and aj cant change that in a few months. Only way that aj wins is by knockout/getting lucky
Saul Perez
Saul Perez Day ago
Like in life ? Don't you ever underestimate and Opponent. Both are a great fighters
James Johnson
Why are we rewinding this man's failure. lol... He got his ass whooped. The man was too fast for him.
Daniel Cordero
Even a Blind Cat Finds a Meal Every Once In Awhile. Joshua Is Going To Destroy The Destroyer In Rematch I Promise You That ! 6 rd KO Baby, Dig It !
Jeff Day ago
We'll the rematch will spell it out
gregory small
Joshua giving away all his weaknesses , As to be say my opponent can not keep up with his foot movement . Very amateur . This guy is the best guy Joshua has fought so far .
Daniel Cordero
You think Ruiz is better boxer than Klitschko? Crack kills bud!
Cellphone Jones
Cellphone Jones 2 days ago
Omg the accent 🤮
Andy Ruiz said it himself he could beat AJ, and not Wilder or Fury. Ruiz taking the AJ fight at 6 weeks notice, imagine the damage he'll do now he's got the $$$$$ and full camp with nutritionist ect. Ruiz will bang AJ, Wilder/Fury will beat him then it'll be between Wilder and Fury.
BIGGAME ZAY 2 days ago
He underestimated Ruiz, and I hope AJ comes with vengeance
Joe 2 days ago
There is no time for a rematch. Andy should be given a straight shot to the top!
Larry Emert
Larry Emert 2 days ago
Wonder why blacks in USA don't pick up on the local accents? Seems like most do in Euro. Most stick with their roots in the US
Aqib Elahi
Aqib Elahi 2 days ago
As a person there's not much to dislike about AJ. A fighter with a chiseled physique and an opponent on the back foot makes any fighter look terrific. But a great fighter is one who looks good when the heat is on and he's taking punishment, that fighter smiles and says let's get it on! AJ has this to prove before he becomes a great fighter. Real legends have mental strength in abundance. At the moment the jury for AJ is out. I hope he has the mind of a real warrior but my mind says no!
Dawn Tabbert
Dawn Tabbert 3 days ago
aj lifts weights too much, and bottom line is that ruiz has a great amateur history, and Joshua will only win a rematch with a lucky punch, but it has to be at long range, ruiz is a killer in close, gotta use your reach aj or another defeat will happen, I would bet on ruiz.
Buffpro 3 days ago
He says he never wants to be in a slugfest again. He cant beat wilder with that mentality ever. Hell I doubt he can beat Ruiz with that mindset.
marco romero
marco romero 3 days ago
My Dearest AJ, Why this interview?Although I'm your fan. It only gives additional inspiration too Mr. Andy Ruiz. To come at you. And be the distroyer & obliterate you!!!!
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce 3 days ago
not the brightest spark is he...
Calico D'Nikonian
AJ got whupped like many other boxers have been whupped. AJ lost; Ruiz won. PERIOD. Rehashing the same, exact bullsh ain't going to change anything.
Dutchee&TheToonz 4 days ago
Lol when dude pulled the video up AJ looks uncomfortable
Stewart Telford
Stewart Telford 4 days ago
Looks to me like some of that fight still haunts him, I don't think AJ's confidence is there yet, and he knows deep down ruiz could still be to good for him.if his heads not righ he will lose, but u can also see its fucked him right off losing so if he can get that hunger and focus back he will destroy ruiz in 8 rds
Craig Beattie
Craig Beattie 4 days ago
Talk about over analysing everything. Just get in there and fight
clayton jackson
clayton jackson 4 days ago
Aj's spirit is not in the sport...I feel emptiness emanating from him..Sounds like a drunk kid being schooled and hoping not to get an ass whooping. Sad
Rann Rann
Rann Rann 5 days ago
Tyson Fury is the greatest Heavyweight boxer right now.!! #FilmDoesntLie
Matt Eagles
Matt Eagles 5 days ago
AJ should focus on his opponent & disregard Miller's dismissal. AJ admitted he underestimated Andy Ruiz that's why he lost. If AJ emphasizes on Ruiz a bit more. He definitely can win.
A B 5 days ago
Hard to recover from innate complacency. Not the brightest lad...
Desmond Ransom
Desmond Ransom 5 days ago
Go watch all of Joshua fights and learn something about him he is a very determined fighter great in fighter, Strategic,Strong and he recovers well after being hurt.. plus this interview is organized to push a certain narrative such as He only loss because he underestimated Ruiz but truly it was a rigged fight to give ignorant boxing fans and blind working class people hope that if" Ruiz can do it you can too" Mark my words in the rematch he will beat Ruiz and the David vs Goliath fairytale will be over #PeepGame
Buffpro 3 days ago
Aj has no dog in him. He cant beat Ruiz with that let alone wilder. Wilder would literally just will his way through this dude.
Charles Jack Bickersteth
Was really good to watch.
Israel Dominguez
Israel Dominguez 5 days ago
Phil Barnes
Phil Barnes 6 days ago
Now that he's not looking at Wilder or Fury after this fight, (because they're contracted to fight each other) I expect him to be much more relaxed, he may even win this time.
Unk Own
Unk Own 7 days ago
Gay vibes from these two.
Pikeman50 7 days ago
He no Mexican assassin like Floyd. For sure.
spartacuslife 7 days ago
He’s a great talker that AJ
spartacuslife 7 days ago
spartacuslife 7 days ago
Ruiz is a great underrated fighter Ruiz overcame the knock down but he couldn’t no dog in him
spartacuslife 7 days ago
The crowd was booing seriously focus on your man you can’t beat Ruiz you AJ NEED A BASKETBALL COACH TO GET YOU Some LEGS YOU LIKE LIke A STIFF LEG Frankenstein about the legs
spartacuslife 7 days ago
That’s wack, wilder is the key and fury also AJ IS A JOKE ABOUT THIS BOXING SPORT CHAMP FIGHT CHAMPS THATS HOW YOU GROW THE SPORT Of BOXING no other way
Abraham Rodriguez
He wants to feel the wrath oh the destroyer.
Alloy_Agony 7 days ago
How he gon say he underestimated him and that's why he lost. He got dropped in the early rounds. You telling me he didn't adjust right after that? Nah he got outclassed
Alloy_Agony 7 days ago
Cause his ass got dropped multiple times
Paul Joseph Buggle
Come on! Stop kissing his ass. He was beaten. And he was dodging other fighters.
Grogster2007 7 days ago
What if he gets hit on the side of the head again?
MotoRider 7 days ago
Cause he got knocked the fuck out
Freikorps11/11 7 days ago
He underestimated a better boxer got banged and never recovered yeah we know, he has lost weight so he can dance around and jab, he knows he cannot mix it up with a faster puncher with more skill.
jonathan richardson
He didn't loose the fight, Ruiz won the fight....hope Ruiz wins again, this guy takes fights he thinks he can win, wilder and fury was both asking for a fight
reighn401 8 days ago
HAIL FRIENDS, /Honour /Respect /Bow YOUR TRU SOULS, FRIEND. -JayJaytheRedeemed🏴😿🐧😻🏴 /BOW
saintquinn007 8 days ago
AJ has the look of horror on his face when looking at certain moments of that fight...He should have taken a couple of tune-ups....
V Gar
V Gar 8 days ago
I think he will win the rematch. But it will not be easy. He knows Ruiz can hurt him. He will be a little cautious.
Len Fargell
Len Fargell 8 days ago
Yeh 'lucky punch' Blah blah !
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