Answering Riddles in 7 Seconds with TheAMaazing

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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 2 686
UnFoundTONE Hour ago
James, how can it be 7 seconds if you keep on pausing the video/riddle time
Callie Schulte
Callie Schulte 4 hours ago
You really like Minecraft don’t you JAMES
Unicorn McGart
Unicorn McGart 4 hours ago
At 12:54 it's true that SOME dogs can swim but some like pittbulls, bulldog's, and pugs. (I think)
ControlFreak707 6 hours ago
9:37 James is a Furry, confirmed :D
TurtlePlays52 6 hours ago
Its time for a strange spinoff no one really understands
Dr. Depression
Dr. Depression 8 hours ago
Aiger Akabane
Aiger Akabane 8 hours ago
Would you rather never eat pizza again OR let 2 puppies die Me, a dog hater BUT an Odd1sOut fan: make sure it’s not James dogs got it 7-second riddles: ok Me:Good, good. This makes me happy.
SØUR_Berry Seedlin’X
“And then she was crowned to be the next king” Me:...so are we getting onto another topic about drag kings now?
Naiya Arts Studios
Naiya Arts Studios 10 hours ago
Nice background
Nuclear Ether
Nuclear Ether 13 hours ago
The answer is K for Kelvin, right? Video: 🅱erhaps
Carson Ferguson
Carson Ferguson 14 hours ago
It says “Who would you save FIRST” not “Who would you save. So I would get the million dollars, pull up my mom, then dad. Got em
Tara Fighter
Tara Fighter Day ago
Every kingdom in the child?
Greenpixel Day ago
0:38 that's actually probably how they did that scene now that I think about it
Ludo Wolf
Ludo Wolf Day ago
Nobody see the egg when he talks about stuff in reflections..
Dino Puppet
Dino Puppet Day ago
James in the thumbnail: NO FILMING IN THE HALLS
Mystic Angles
*Eats mic*
Truffle Goat Productions
2:06 James: As she prepared for the jump, people started to gather around her. Maaz: WhÀt Shə Haš aN AuDIenCe?!?
just an animator
just an animator 2 days ago
"He gave the seed to every kingdom in the child."
Pikachu Comments
Pikachu Comments 2 days ago
If you didn't get the seed riddle you didn't read the book "The empty pot". I already knew the answer.
InfinityArc YT
InfinityArc YT 2 days ago
Whatever it takes To eat pizza
Devansh Pruthi
Devansh Pruthi 3 days ago
Eden Harrison
Eden Harrison 3 days ago
15:12 It’s not killing the puppies it’s letting them develop and eventually die. You would have to make immortal puppy juice to succeed in doing “whatever it takes” however never eating pizza again is never eating pizza, there is no way to outsmart it so, *LET THE PUPPIES DIE ALONE IN A MISERABLE HOLE OF DEPRESSING AGONY*
GamerJanko 3 days ago
13:24 i will save my mom then my dad bc my dad is stronger and can hold in longer then he 1 mil dolars
xNico Gachax
xNico Gachax 4 days ago
10:04 they took a backround from gacha life and added a few things
FireZkeloton 4 days ago
FireZkeloton 4 days ago
PLS CLICK NOW (IM overeacting)
Jumphawk88 4 days ago
Darth Kermit
Darth Kermit 4 days ago
3:44 Me: **thinks the same thing as James** Maaz: Yeah, but that could be because the guy bought them drinks! Me: Hmmm, yeah *or* the girls bought their own drinks and Kyle killed John! Me: Or I am completely wrong. ._. (i didn’t watch ahead yet) edit: ok i was wrong
noobtakingover12 4 days ago
7:56 it's Agatha because Agatha is not a name
SwagMaster69 Dönke
Logan DeFreitas
Logan DeFreitas 5 days ago
aha! the riddle answer is wrong. elafants cant jump
Space Chicken
Space Chicken 5 days ago
I watch these videos mainly for floof
The Stickamator
The Stickamator 5 days ago
The king riddle was only good because it was plagiarized from a book.
Johan Edfors
Johan Edfors 5 days ago
Stupid 7-seconds riddles, all animals cant jump higher than a building. Elephants are incapable of jumping so hah.
YeboiJames :D
YeboiJames :D 5 days ago
10:30 Wouldn't the plants die with no sunlight?
SIMPLY GJ 6 days ago
Dad Nos
Dad Nos 6 days ago
Maz and James: *Talking and joking around normally* No one: James: *Puts mic in mouth*
Benedict Steele
Benedict Steele 6 days ago
Mayans didn't have iron... James 1-ups the riddler
Sockopotatoes *
Sockopotatoes * 6 days ago
11:05 no the plants are poisonous if you don't eat them your fine
xTheBraveKnightx - Yeah, I do Stuff
5:38 Some animals don't jump, ever seen an elephant jump?
tira horton
tira horton 7 days ago
You and Maaz are my favorite ship
Brandon Mac
Brandon Mac 7 days ago
Wait a second 9:31 It’s a business suit but in the reflection, it’s a white t shirt
Stick man World
Stick man World 7 days ago
I like how Luigi is just staring at the camera smiling
Caveman Dixon
Caveman Dixon 7 days ago
15:54 "It's kinda like what vegans are saying." I'm a vegetarian 🤣
Oofhead Despacito
First of all Santa lives in Finland
RoyalKirby 8 days ago
Nice 666k views
Vivian Larson
Vivian Larson 8 days ago
x XRaptorsyX x
x XRaptorsyX x 8 days ago
Bruh the seed one is a book for like 5 year olds I have read it before the riddle copied it
Anna Nogueira
Anna Nogueira 8 days ago
trust me, someday i'll steal floof from james
Aarav Varma
Aarav Varma 8 days ago
Me:*got murderered* James:TRIGERED
Sentient Teapot
Sentient Teapot 8 days ago
They're animal racists 15:50
gacha midnight
gacha midnight 8 days ago
11:30 why are so many parts inappropite like 1:05 when maaz im the didl- wait
gacha midnight
gacha midnight 8 days ago
1:05 Now im the didl- wait
CookieMaHookie YT
The Harry potter edit is amazing
Untitled v1
Untitled v1 9 days ago
Me: Pizza or Ice Cream? Friend: I think ice cream Me: 16:18
BigHatLogan56 9 days ago
2:11 whos arm is that?
Chung He
Chung He 9 days ago
james laughing sounds so forced
StrangeMation 9 days ago
Just watching this video feels cramped
Brynn Makes Slime
9:37 ahahahahahaa *AHAHAHAHAHA*
Rom_11_TheGuy 9 days ago
i would rather not eat pizza ever again. like if you don't agree if you want to
Marvel Mason
Marvel Mason 9 days ago
Is Luigi carrying Thor's hammer in the background?
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