Another Girl BL0WING UP My Phone PRANK(she cried..💔)

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Sep 28, 2019




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Comments 100
I feel bad for Chrissy. Damn Jamila has your ♥️
lil_b 5 months ago
okay but like WHAT is that song😂
CLASSY MHE 6 months ago
Whee chile ghetto
R & B Nation
R & B Nation 7 months ago
Just to let all you beautiful females that gets really bad cramps if you are barefoot for sometime in the house or anywhere except with carpet u will get cramps girls I'm telling u u will get bad cramps please wear shoes or socks because your cramps will go from 0 to 100 quick I'm a nurse I used to go through it it's not worth ur time
Jay_ Jayeee
Jay_ Jayeee 8 months ago
Y’all both falling off it’s sad
E 10 months ago
Nothing 05
Nothing 05 10 months ago
lmfao Crissy's a cheater thats why she's so insecure about someone cheating on her
Nylah Kiara
Nylah Kiara 10 months ago
Jaysta— 10 months ago
Crissy fire 🔥
Deona & Wendy
Deona & Wendy 10 months ago
My dad was taken by ice this morning. Please help keep my family together. My sister was already taken from us in 2016 and I have yet to see her since www.gofundme.com/f/1u0f5llzc0?+share-sheet&rcid=74495e0ad20841188af1709dc3ce0e76 anything helps 🙏🏼😪
TJ Atkinson
TJ Atkinson 11 months ago
Am i the only one who see crissy smokin ? Holdin a blunt ?
karen alvarez
karen alvarez 11 months ago
Thats how domo felt lol
Jocey Lyles
Jocey Lyles 11 months ago
Omg she did the same shit too Domo trying to take her phone and telling her what to do
Brenda Shadley
Brenda Shadley 11 months ago
I think Mila really should cheat it be CRISPY KARMA
Zoe Fox
Zoe Fox 11 months ago
Crissy is crazy
Ridwan.abdullahi Ridwan.abdullahi
Mila will make you pay for what you did to domo and you will never get anyone like domo
C Manuel
C Manuel 11 months ago
Chrissy is scared mila is going to cheat on her just like she did to Domo. Carma is coming!!!
Megan Delawder
You can tell who runs the relationship lmao
Tee KayOfficial
Let's do a prank on Chrissy ... I'm in AZ let's collab
Tee KayOfficial
Let's do a prank on Chrissy ... I'm in AZ let's collab
Subscribe For A Reason
Awwwww , she did the same thing to domo .. sweetie dont feel too special !
marti glover
marti glover Year ago
Honestly she would not have trust issues if she didn’t cheat on Domo karmas a bitch what comes around goes around
Jamiee Ruelas
Jamiee Ruelas Year ago
Y'all laughing & they be doing these pranks but give it a couple years she bout to pay what she did to Domo & Wick ..... Mila gonna leave when she get all the clout she wants to have 😂😂🖕🖕 Bet Crissy don't like the feeling of Mila's phone blowing up
P C 11 months ago
Fr Mila doin the same shit to her that she did to Domo, just trynna get clout
DaShon Monique
DaShon Monique 11 months ago
She didn’t do anything lmao. She just didn’t want to be with Domo & when she got in another relationship domo took Domonic from her out of SPITE. And if you couldn’t tell, she wasn’t phased by Mika phone ringing. Get a life. Move on girl.
Kayxis Nation
Kayxis Nation Year ago
Domo and wick don't need Crissy so why you still bringing that old ass wanna be family up
Kayxis Nation
Kayxis Nation Year ago
Girl shut TF up why you still stuck on some dumbshit from years ago 🤣 bitter bitch
Rosa Maldonado
Team Crissy lol
Ariel Cherry
Ariel Cherry Year ago
intro song ??
Kayla Barreiro
You are ugly
Captivated Lunt
Do you wear pads or tampons when you’re on your period ??
Captivated Lunt
Ardrena Desmond you mad u can’t watch premium pornhub u little toddler
Ardrena Desmond
Captivated Lunt lol sorry I offended you little kid. But don’t make me tell your mom that you are using bad words 😭
Captivated Lunt
Ardrena Desmond shut tf up don’t talk to me
Ardrena Desmond
Lmfao wtf. Do you wear pads or tampons ?
Danny&Kassie Rogers
Crissy straight psycho
Natalie Reyes
Natalie Reyes Year ago
If this how she treat her new gf, imagine how she treated Domo..... #TEAMDOMO
Imani Haden
Imani Haden 11 months ago
She like 30 lol girl gone
Rosa Maldonado
I mean she thinks Mila is being shady so i think she's justified and Domo actually cheated on her so she probably was like this
Jude Dumatteo
Jude Dumatteo Year ago
this is the same shit that happened with dumbo ans crissy
Ashmarie Hossein Cruz
Carter Shan
Carter Shan Year ago
#TeamMila got that ass Crissy 🤣
Goginaand alina Bridges
Goginaand alina Bridges
Nuria Gibson
Nuria Gibson Year ago
I be goddamn if somebody talk to me like that, especially if i pay my damn phone bill
Nuria Gibson
Nuria Gibson Year ago
Smdh crissy is doin to much, if i want to know somethin im not goin to be doin all that. I wouldn’t be yellin in her face like that, demanding, tryin to snatch the phone or anything. Crissy frfr need help.
Astro's Lil Bit of Everything
Thats that guilt lol
no no
no no Year ago
i love y’all.. crissy is so sweet taking care of you 😩❤️
Random Empire
Random Empire Year ago
Mila is an amateur when it comes to pranks lol she needs training to make it reach the climax!
Noa Marina
Noa Marina Year ago
She gonna cheat regardless , crissy thought 🤣
lexican foreigner
Crissy them text now numbers can actually remain active I remember getting three separate calls from u.s. numbers and was confused as fuck
D3B Breezy
D3B Breezy Year ago
You cramping and all I can think of is why you sitting all open legged lol dam you finna make that room stankk
Neenee Smith
Neenee Smith Year ago
I fucking love this prank but she definitely going to get u back so u better sleep with one eye open 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jasmine Taul
Jasmine Taul Year ago
Prank starts at 5:33
J E Year ago
Team Mila ❤️
Mikelle Weathers
Crissy was about mila up😂😂😂😂y u pull the prank early it was bouta get juicy
RisingNyx Year ago
When Crissy started I was like oh sh*t I’m scared for you. 😂😂😂
jay Johnson
jay Johnson Year ago
Lmao I can’t lie this would be n mines with her crazy ass
Silvia Ramirez
She didnt cry?
jewel robinson
DWL Crissy said "I'm finna call it then 😑😑😑" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kyle a
kyle a Year ago
I have feeling they broke up for real soon. Sorry just how is
Devon Roper
Devon Roper Year ago
She was mad asf I’m weak 😭😭😭😭
stevanna` Riggs
When your gf vids are 1% better than yours 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
tay wright
tay wright Year ago
I like how they just dry matching around the house lol
ArtaeJa BlackMagic Tv
This was a good one 😂💙 #TEAMMILA
Hope Jiggy
Hope Jiggy Year ago
I love them Help me reach 20subs at least 😭 😭 😭 😭
Life Of Mandy
Life Of Mandy Year ago
Mommy_ FirstN4most
Lmao!!!! Good one Mila 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
savage smash
savage smash Year ago
Good shit bruh i was scared for you just cause i been in this situation and it wasnt a prank lmfao😂😂
Subscribe With 0 Videos Challenge
Lol keep on with these pranks I was laughing 😆😆😆
Subscribe With 0 Videos Challenge
7:00 I miss Kevin hart also Mila this was a very good prank 😆
Larriana Freeman
Why end the prank right there that was dumb
Tierra Williamson
Stopppppp ending the pranks when it gets good stop laughing and keep it going 😹
Bratty Babee
Bratty Babee Year ago
Crissy Gotta Big Booty 💕💕💕
chocSINsation Year ago
Mila 🤣🤣🤣 girl u was almost dead. Girl ur best bet is to piss her off over the phone. Love yall stay blessed.
Amber Year ago
Pretty Perfect
Dead ass Lee and gramz prank from years ago lol. Y’all didn’t even switch up the lingo
Yg Ss
Yg Ss Year ago
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee Year ago
😂DAMN I was scared fo yo Ass😂😂😂 She gonna get you back because she is taking it easy on you so far but she good at the PRANKS 💯😂
Tashay Pommells
They matching😍
Sierra Lorraine
Crissy be on that ass 😂
Dem Damn Foo's DDF
Im so fuckin dead bra😭😭😭😭
Mychaelisa McIntosh
U got my blood pressure high n shit
rachida goodman
Why she always end it so quick 😂😂
Ashley Muñoz
Ashley Muñoz Year ago
lmfao tbh i enjoyed thisssss haha
Momma Bear
Momma Bear Year ago
That intro bass 😍😍😍😍
Alyssa Feger
Alyssa Feger Year ago
“ you you stop playing I’m finna go nuts “ 🌚🌚😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa Feger
Alyssa Feger Year ago
Lmao best prank of them all!!! Good job Mila you know crissy was coming to clown😭😭😫😫🤣🤣... I love the intro so much
Spirit2 Soul1
Spirit2 Soul1 Year ago
Watch yo back Mila!😩😩😩😩😩😂😂😂😂
Shanice Miller
Dymond Janae
Dymond Janae Year ago
All black people put food they don’t want no more in the microwave 🤣😂😂 it’s like a secret trash Buh when somebody find it “ ohh shit I forgot about my food
Dymond Janae
Dymond Janae Year ago
My period come tomorrow 😔 I feel you mila
Pika Psplayer
Pika Psplayer Year ago
Would have left her ass real quick she too crazy
SHAWNN D Year ago
Mila you already know how crazy Crissy is 😂😂🗣🗣
Olee Bush
Olee Bush Year ago
Leileani & Leroy
The intro song is lit
Sarkazz Here
Sarkazz Here Year ago
Kachell Phillips
Good job Mila 😂😂
Ebony H
Ebony H Year ago
Chrissy was going crazy. Mila was lit when she said it was a prank. Chrissy big mad🤣🤣🤣. This was a good one Mila#4kgang
Theresa Jo
Theresa Jo Year ago
Haha. Crissy was me in this situation!! Got her though! Love you Mila!
Stephanie Gomez
Omg she hopped over u bruh 😂😂😭
Stephanie Gomez
I can tell she got anxiety while she got mad😯😭😭
Stephanie Gomez
This was a good prank 😝teamMila
Santos family
Santos family Year ago
Kandi Martin
Kandi Martin Year ago
I wish my dude would offer me head every time I get mad at him😒
kkelssss Year ago
Facts lol
Kandi Martin
Kandi Martin Year ago
Lovely Jaay right!!!!!!!! Real Quick!!!!!
Lovely Jaay
Lovely Jaay Year ago
I would've been like hell yeah cut the camera
Natalie & Cherokee
Poor crissy 😩😂😂
Ashely Sams
Ashely Sams Year ago
That Kevin Hart clip 😂😂😂
Ashely Sams
Ashely Sams Year ago
FaceTime them!!!!!!!!! I'm dying over here 😂😂😂😂😂
Nakia Mónay
Nakia Mónay Year ago
“ well I’m finna call it then” 😂😂 RS!
Kaci Year ago
"She cried" bitch where lol
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