Another Day Of Heavy Fighting Russia: Chechnya: Grozny - 1995

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Grozny has been rocked by another day of heavy fighting - the ninth day of the Russian offensive to take the Chechen capital.
Artillery rounds were fired every few seconds and heavy machine gun fire was also heard.
Chechen officials believe that Moscow has changed tactics - depending more on heavy artillery fire and rockets rather than tanks.
Shells continue to rain down on the capital of the breakaway republic.
And although the fires in the presidential palace appear to have been put out, many other buildings are still ablaze.
Russian troops are now said to be positioned in a rough arc running from the north-west to the north-east of the palace.
And tank and paratroop units are trying to move in from near the central market to near the train station in an attempt to cordon off the palace.
Chechen government officials believe Russia has changed its tactics, depending more on heavy artillery and rockets rather than deploying tanks, which became easy targets in the early days of the battle for Grozny.
The new strategy appears to be aimed at beating back resistance near the presidential palace.
However, taking the city like this would require house-by-house fighting, something that could take weeks if not longer.
Despite the relentlessness of the Russian invasion, Chechen fighters continue to be moved into Grozny, to reinforce the resistance.
But the last few days of fighting seems to have taken its toll.
At the start of the fighting, Chechens used to sing and dance while the shells continued to fall down.
But on Sunday, the rebels stayed close to buildings and there were few smiles.
The fighting in the capital has also spread to surrounding villages, where Russian jets have inflicted heavy damage.
In Tsotsin, some 35 kilometres south-east of Grozny, a number of villagers were killed in aerial bombardments on Friday.
The dead have been laid out in the local mosque.
And the village school has been turned into a makeshift hospital.

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Comments 80
Astonishing boss
One day the chechens will rise and the Russians will fall
Homefront 10 days ago
This is California soon...
Homefront 10 days ago
Russia Suxx
Carlos Valle
Carlos Valle 18 days ago
Malvinas argentinas
Denis Maкov 1
Denis Maкov 1 24 days ago
Там где Россия там смерть и голод
Eunjung Hahm
Eunjung Hahm 25 days ago
2:50 12 years old:(
Trabzon 26 days ago
The russian army is the most overrated army there is, they have lost numerous of wars against real armies. Afghanistan,chechnya,finland... and against real armies they only have the advantage of manpower. Russia is a weak country but people want to think they are strong because of their size
Mr. Algeria
Mr. Algeria 27 days ago
Real heroes born in Chechnya
Çağatay Mert
Çağatay Mert Month ago
Allahu Ekber 🇹🇷
Çağatay Mert
Çağatay Mert Month ago
Chechnya support from Türkey🇹🇷
Uni0n The Creator
"The Dead Only Knows One thing. It is better to be alive"
Abou Hamzah
Abou Hamzah Month ago
The martyrs are alive in paradise.
Klippa Tung klippa öra
who even fucking won this war
herrniemand 2 months ago
Ну его нахуй
Slobodan Zeljic
Slobodan Zeljic 2 months ago
Sad bi ih Rusi Zgazili!
Chuck Lynch
Chuck Lynch 2 months ago
That's what happens when the corporate globalist Deep State/Western private central banksters weaponize a religion and use it to try and fragment another country/region...and now the world!!!
Крачун Дмтрий
когда у власть имущих много власти , денег , им становится скучно и надо поиграть в войнушки .....Россия проиграла войну главнокомандующий то есть Ельцин(или кто то дугой главный) должен был застрелиться !
Mo Saleem
Mo Saleem 2 months ago
The Chechnya people are the bravest soldiers in the world.
Asad Alvi
Asad Alvi 2 months ago
love and respect chechens brothers and sisters from Pakistan
michael swords
michael swords 2 months ago
This has got to be one of the most depressing wars one could be involved in.
enea shini
enea shini 2 months ago
There are no "happy wars"
Богдан Романов
Это не русские
Die With honor
Die With honor 2 months ago
One day we will triumph my war born country inshallah!
Vagina Crusher
Vagina Crusher 17 days ago
Erwinus Rommlus Kurds need their own situation. They imo are the only group deserving of their own state.
Die With honor
Die With honor 2 months ago
Erwinus Rommlus
Erwinus Rommlus 2 months ago
Insh’Allah brother... I am kurdish, the Situation of Chechenya and our Kurdistan is very similar. Both our people are amongst the best fighters in the world, especially in the mountains, and with the help of Allah we will get what we deserve. Ameen Peshmerga + Chechenya
Yokinen 3 months ago
ok it's video ok youtube camo on
Naoél Hofmanes
Naoél Hofmanes 3 months ago
Teroriste chichinya
Isse Brutha
Isse Brutha 3 months ago
alhamdulilah my country chechnya will be with allah❤️☝🏼 Noxchi brothers and sister/ muslim
Mr. Algeria
Mr. Algeria 27 days ago
@Joseph .N Good luck akhi
Isse Brutha
Isse Brutha 2 months ago
Joseph N. ❤️🙌🏻
Joseph .N
Joseph .N 3 months ago
Love chechnya brothers from Algeria 🇩🇿❤️
Sunil Chhetri
Sunil Chhetri 3 months ago
Where ever there is Islam, there is War , Peaceful religion of Islam can't live peacefully
4öRT y.
4öRT y. 3 months ago
lucian kristov
lucian kristov 3 months ago
Fuck chechens
TheBic4 3 months ago
Russia is all for crimea “seceding” from Ukraine, but if one of its own territories tries doing the same this is the result.
TheBic4 3 months ago
Славорум do you not understand English? I’m against all secession. I Didn’t support Chechnya, didn’t support Kosovo, don’t support Crimea.
Ruthless 3 months ago
@TheBic4 and Albanian terror against Serbs on Kosovo and secession of Kosovo is ok? Fuck off hypocritical yank..
TheBic4 3 months ago
@Lubhomir i dont get your point about the American civil war. America is against secession like in Crimea which happen only after Russia invaded. Russia is being hypocritical supporting secession of other countries if it benefits them. Chechnya would have never had any issues with jihadist if russia never started a war, it never had them prior. people like khattab only came after russia was bombing grozny.
Lubhomir 3 months ago
You cannot blame them after Kosovo. What the world will gain from another Jihadi state anyway. Learn something about American civil war, then youll know how land of liberty thinks about secession movements.
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo 3 months ago
Don’t mind me I’m just causally scrolling through comments no big deal here
Beibars Ruxnidin
Beibars Ruxnidin 3 months ago
русски мир
Dr. Tiggy
Dr. Tiggy 3 months ago
Very smooth and surgically precise anti-terrorist operation by Russian forces here! Pretty much flawlessly executed and incredibly successful, indeed! 🤤🤤🤤
R35spect GT-R
R35spect GT-R 3 months ago
Fuck the Russians, bunch of assholes, we only want our country that's all.
90caliber Macher
90caliber Macher 3 months ago
Brave men.
MrPewds 4 months ago
Long live Chechnya from 🇩🇪
Subscribe to PewDiePie
Chechen people fucked your german woman
J Blank
J Blank 4 months ago
A preview of Ww3 in 1990s
Enkhamgalan Batbuyn
Enkhamgalan Batbuyn 4 months ago
Аллах бүгдийг шийтгэсэн бүгд алуулсан хувхай дээрэмчид алуурчин хүүхэд эмэгтэйчүүдийг барьцаалагчид тамд унасан
Ardean Perdana
Ardean Perdana 4 months ago
❤Love Cechnya from Indonesia and Malaysia
ksa3090 15 days ago
Big Smoke look at Arabian Golf like Dubai Doha Kuwait Riyadh and look at to your fucking country 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 15 days ago
@Ryan Suryoatmojo so you should be your own version, create your own culture and society.
Ryan Suryoatmojo
@Big Smoke we just don't want to be India that's all
@Big Smoke actually we also strongly preserve our culture but some idiots may just criticize but goverment ain't changing how we used to be/to do
Адренохро́м _.
Love from Russia !
Enno Kravchenko
Enno Kravchenko 4 months ago
Chechenia warrior
indiana146 4 months ago
Gentleman all wars are savage especially for civillians and soldiers My great uncle was bombed out of three houses in london during the blitz by the luftwaffe Imagine any civillians being bombed by aircraft britain did same when we bombed dresden War is just an exstension of politics
qzz qz
qzz qz 4 months ago
I was born there exactly 23y ago, in 14/11/1996. I remeber hiding from bombings in 1999, with my mother who was pregnant of my sister, she was born in 15/12/1999 during the bombings. Lost my father same year
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia 7 days ago
qzz qz I'm sorry
TacticalMailman 2 months ago
qzz qz Jesus what a life. Sorry for loss and glad you’re still alive
Ash 2 months ago
@dak9554 Because Russia = Cancer on this Planet. They also supported serbia during the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995. It's the only country (with serbia) that refused to acknowledge the genocide in Srebrenica.
dak9554 2 months ago
Can you explain to me why Russia was there and why they were bombing Chechnya??
FERNANDO FLORES 2 months ago
@Ash 👍🙏
500K Vs 32K Hmmmmm..
Cabby 1992
Cabby 1992 4 months ago
Simple math: Vietnamese, Afghan and Chechen people should unite. = enough power to whoop russia's and USA's ass. 😀
kurir sepatu
kurir sepatu 5 months ago
Checnya vs ?? Idk
Deni Musaev
Deni Musaev 4 months ago
KU 5 months ago
HeliRy 5 months ago
Opening shot of a Russian APC... flying a Chechen flag. Pretty much sums it all up!
Why would they fly their own enemy's flag?
Guga 13
Guga 13 5 months ago
chechnya respect from georgia
Rohan Ghosh
Rohan Ghosh 5 months ago
Russia has shown how to treat Muslims Wahhabi. God bless Russia
Мустафа иракский
Russia actually lost 66,000 killed and wounded.
Kies Baradan
Kies Baradan 5 months ago
This is basically just like what’s going on in Syria but we will not bow down to bashar or his bitch boy Putin Revolution until victory
PRATEEKsirji 5 months ago
a peaceful day in Grozny
YAESU YASEUEV 6 months ago
1:40 таксист🤣🤣🤣
YAESU YASEUEV 5 months ago
@The Best ever сорри, забыл тебя спросить.
The Best ever
The Best ever 5 months ago
Реально не до смеха чувак, не до шуток. Тем более шутка у тя не смешная.
Karl Juice
Karl Juice 6 months ago
Almost took his mates eye out with the A.K lol.
arabic 6 months ago
dont play with mother russia .
Мустафа иракский
Russia actually lost and retreated , they won the 2nd war , barely
Cabby 1992
Cabby 1992 4 months ago
Russia lost first war lol
Нохчи 5 months ago
Fuck your mother Russia
Steve Rzucidlo
Steve Rzucidlo 6 months ago
False prophets... Woe to them. In the terms of zuckerberg the world will look upon them with amazement. I myself worship Jesus Christ Himself.
Magis Nobiliora Atrocius
Wow! That one feller was carrying a PPSh-41!!
Garrett Fitzgerald
Garrett Fitzgerald 6 months ago
Human beings killing each other, destroying themselves.
fantasie & AJ
fantasie & AJ 6 months ago
Strange how most of the ‘civilians’ are grown men with rifles.
Theodore Bagwell
Theodore Bagwell 4 months ago
Most of them were ex-soldiers in Sowjetunion. What do you think lol, do you think they are all peasants fighting with showels?
Dankington 5 months ago
"Strange how these people are arming themselves to attempt to defend themselves against an invading force"
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe 5 months ago
Oricand I’m being sarcastic. I know it’s Russia invading Chechnya
Oricand 5 months ago
@Joe Smoe , you mean Russia?
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe 6 months ago
Fantasie & AJ yea it’s strange there fighting to defend where they live, who would do that
fantasie & AJ
fantasie & AJ 6 months ago
Muhjadeen love fighting in civilian clothes a lot of the time then cry when massive amounts of civilian casualties occur in the combat areas.
Yo moms Fgt
Yo moms Fgt 7 months ago
Just why man why
укроп упоротый
Не понимаю по английски, просто сосите ХУЙ.
Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров
ali boba
ali boba 7 months ago
Osaman hap cenien 2× cenienien Cennien turk itay 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
MagiX TV
MagiX TV 7 months ago
gio shekiladze
gio shekiladze 7 months ago
The eternal glory of those who died because of the Russians bloody empire. respect from georgia to our Chechen brothers(Who really deserve it)
Alex Wens
Alex Wens 7 months ago
Им дали независимость, вопреки законам и установлениям РФ, и что они сделали спустя четыре года? Просто террористы, убивать людей это норма похоже для них, либо пусть отдельно живут за забором, либо пусть приспосабливаются жить в этой стране, где закон одинаков для всех и не должно быть исключений
fallen angle
fallen angle 8 months ago
That's what happened when terrorist USA support terrorism
MsLampalampa 8 months ago
Russia was thrown out of Chechnya by Chechens. This is the war that made the world realize that Russia and Russian are nothing to fear.
The Administrator Adam
The brutal war
idiot dusst
idiot dusst 8 months ago
Pubg car 1:38
Legate Krownen
Legate Krownen 5 months ago
He's getting outside the red zone nigga!
keydowagh b
keydowagh b 7 months ago
BozkurtGame019 9 months ago
Why chechenya cant got Independence 😭😭 Loves from Azerbaijan "Yolumuz azadlıq yoludur" 🇦🇿🇹🇷♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Вук Тодић
Вук Тодић 3 months ago
Because if russia gave all land to republics who are shit she would lose a hell amount of land andnpeoples and natural resources its better to be together and stronger than to have your country who cant even live without other countries
BozkurtGame019 8 months ago
@Rusin Me ?
BozkurtGame019 8 months ago
@MsLampalampa Yes ik XD But is it take not much :/
MsLampalampa 8 months ago
Rusin Stfu you as a Russian should never say anything about propaganda. You whole life and the whole Russian history is propaganda. Start drinking before you get even more stupid.
Ak 47
Ak 47 9 months ago
Miss Hear
Miss Hear 9 months ago
chechen Masha Allah
issam islam
issam islam 3 months ago
what the fuck
Do you know that this is Russia came to my homeland (Chechnya) with 483,000 troops and bombed her to the ground? Brutally killed 300,000 civilians people of my people. And after all this, am I a TERRORIST? Explain the gentlemen, How many people should a person kill in order to become a Terrorist? So where are the terrorists in the Kremlin or in Chechnya?
Kermit 9 months ago
Russia fights jihadism very seriously.
Мадао Хасегава
Russia fight against humanity and truth. This is why God hate them all
zubair islam
zubair islam 10 months ago
الله هو اکبر Afghanistan and chechenya are lions a people ☝🏼
Soccer Loco
Soccer Loco Day ago
Afghanistan? 😂😂😂😂
debashish kachari
debashish kachari 7 months ago
Vietnam will say hold my beer
Liopth Hologramm
Liopth Hologramm 8 months ago
@Ak 47 russians are only numbers and weapons no more in reality ur nation is very scared of chechens in ur country :) then now shut the fuck off get out from my face
Petti G
Petti G 8 months ago
@Alex Mercer At that time Chechenya didn't have the money to buy weapon. The only dumb one here is you:)
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 8 months ago
How are you inbreds lions when you get easily invaded and destroyed by stronger nations all the time? You're too dumb to even make your own weapons.
engy mohamed
engy mohamed 10 months ago
oroshi karasu
oroshi karasu 10 months ago
00:30 homie was like nahh fuck that
communist sans
communist sans 10 months ago
many people call this terrorists but in reality those are soldiers or men that lives in chechenya and stood up to defeat russia
Вук Тодић
Вук Тодић 3 months ago
Well we saw how that went when chechenya tried that same i dont know what they tough with that to defeat one of the world stronger country and for retaliation chechenya payed very bad
communist sans
communist sans 8 months ago
@Мадао Хасегава ow my parents are but i am from belgium
Мадао Хасегава
@communist sans you chechen?
communist sans
communist sans 8 months ago
@Мадао Хасегава what am i saying then ?
Мадао Хасегава
Only brainwashed by russian propaganda call those guys "terrorists". They're brave mens, freedom fighters, rebels. Love them and respect.
Das Leben ist ein TEST
Shahid in scha ALLAH
Last Hero
Last Hero 10 months ago
Death or Freedom!!!!
Mega Doge
Mega Doge 3 months ago
@Честный Человек свободу продал наш всеми "любимый" кадыров
Честный Человек
Last Hero ну и где свобода?Хотя я за отделение чечни
0 1
0 1 10 months ago
There is no reason to shred blood like this, the human nature maybe violent but we must fight the primitive urges and not give in to blood thirsty politicians. One human life is worth more than all the gold in the world.
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones 16 days ago
Genesis Alexandria islam commands fighting
Genesis Alexandria
I dont really believe somebody would go through all this just for the sake of bloodshred. Majority of the times soldiers are forced to fight.
Frederick Röders
@Ahmed Depends on the society and the culture. You have cultures of war and cultures of peace. Safe to say we dont have many cultures of peace in the world, though Japan kinda comes close?
Ahmed 2 months ago
Human nature is violent look at any culture at any point of history there was always pointless violence and will always be
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 2 months ago
@slightly amused black kid from the suburbs we often come up with excuses, such as defense, ideology etc. But it's all just a reason to act on our violent nature.
Huoriel 10 months ago
Viva Chechenistan❤💪
Нохчи 2 months ago
It's Chechnya not Stan
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