Annoying Customers

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Here's part two of the subway stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I want to read them!
Also, special thanks to Jaiden Animations for voicing a customer (go check her out) :
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Apr 11, 2016




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Toasty Marshmallows
Toasty Marshmallows 18 seconds ago
Do you want your receipt? Nah /Prints\
Lyrics of the Draw
Lyrics of the Draw 3 hours ago
J= Just A= another M= man E= eating S= Sooubway
pierce plays
pierce plays 6 hours ago
BMat 8 hours ago
64,141,137 views... make this blue if u rewatched | | V
SkaterBlades 9 hours ago
I just started going to unbranded sandwich shop the other week and now i think I've got an addiction to the italian BMT
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera 13 hours ago
He said with a tiny cups
Shahida Nasreen
Shahida Nasreen 15 hours ago
“You may make the sandwich but the sandwich eats who you are :the legend still wants it
Ignacio Reyes
Ignacio Reyes 16 hours ago
xiaoming jia
xiaoming jia 16 hours ago
At 0:10 He said the real
MusicAndGaming x9
MusicAndGaming x9 18 hours ago
XxNovaxX Gacha
XxNovaxX Gacha 19 hours ago
My mom threw a sandwich at a employee once .-.
Brianna Towery
Brianna Towery 19 hours ago
i would actually murder if someone asked me to make a meatball on flatbread
jack got game
jack got game 19 hours ago
I like how he went through the counter
Tom Landry
Tom Landry 20 hours ago
You said subway than sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooubway
RANDOM STUFF 20 hours ago
I mom overheard this video and she even laughed
Ali Ganadiely
Ali Ganadiely 20 hours ago
Look at the views fucking bank
Benjamin Turner
Benjamin Turner 22 hours ago
Ohhhhhhhh okkkkkkkk🤔
NightShade 1806
NightShade 1806 22 hours ago
5:03 there's the Doge meme on the indian guy's shirt. 🐶
Kevin the Savage
Kevin the Savage 22 hours ago
J-Just A-A M-Man E-Eating S-Sooubway
MARCEL j Day ago
Somehow, the employee in subway that made my sandwich somehow can pull apart American cheese fast and with gloves on
Gina Martin
Gina Martin Day ago
why do you call it soobway when its called subway
Mark Sojka
Mark Sojka Day ago
Anyone after part 4 vid of soubway?
Nyrele Gandecila
it didn't FLOP though
Nyrele Gandecila
is mozzarella in sooubway?
Joshua Milonopoulos
There was a Derek Savage cameo
Delta Jim
Delta Jim Day ago
The most annoying customer I've had was a few days ago (note: I work at a sub shop that's not Subway. Like, it's ACTUALLY not Subway). I was cleaning tables and got to an out-of-the-way one we mostly use for when we need to pack boxes for catering orders. Before I could wipe it down several people came in (the "lunch rush"... it's a small town, so the "lunch rush" is like 5 people). So I left the rag and spray bottle on the table to signify "this table still needs cleaning". One guy gets his food and goes to the lobby. There's 13 tables in the lobby and 12 of them were empty. He puts his tray on an empty table... then gets up and moves to the out-of-the-way table with the cleaning supplies on it and moves my cleaning supplies TO ANOTHER OPEN TABLE so he can sit there. I just stood there watching this dude walk ACROSS THE FRIGGIN LOBBY to the out-of-the-way table with cleaning supplies on it, as if he was magnetically drawn to it. I've had some annoying people (like the regular who INSISTS his onions be chopped up), but this guy seemed like he was trying to make a point to me (note that in the time I've worked there only 2 other customers have ever used that table and there were 12 other open tables, 6 of them still open when the entire lunch rush was eating. This was not in any way an inconvenience to him). Also, the "woman stole a drink cup" thing happened at my work. I wasn't working at the time, but my boss told me the next day about it. A while later I was ringing a woman up and my coworker was standing behind me (she usually goes in back when there's no customers). After the woman left my coworker told me she was the one who stole the cup, so my coworker was watching her.
Demonetized gang Does roblox
How many times James said subway and not sooubway | | |
Icyx Tiger
Icyx Tiger Day ago
“Do u want ur receipt?” Customer: No **Receipt prints out** James:Waht
Formula gaming
The onion guy looks like my sub in my school he was really mean and he had a accent what the crap
Hilda chavez
Hilda chavez Day ago
I fart
Kai Butt
Kai Butt Day ago
1:52 James watch your language
Kieran Brain
Kieran Brain Day ago
Aninna Espinosa
Iam at sooubway rn
E e
E e Day ago
As a Subway manager this is sooo funny, but I frown on your portion control lol
Freddy fasbears world
Wait un 0:11 James said"Subway" when ir said sooubway on top of James
alex prou alex
Did he just say subway or soouway ik the answers
jeanie Allcorn
Cody u R a name of god
Barriton Day ago
OMG he said subway not sooubway
Ally Fey
Ally Fey Day ago
Araz alpha
Araz alpha Day ago
I have the same shirt as the 5 footlong guy😂🤣
T Series
T Series Day ago
You said subway get sued 2:15
James the man wanted it in a side cup
Brit Hill
Brit Hill 2 days ago
my dauter LOVES you JAMES
naghmana irfan
naghmana irfan 2 days ago
0:11 he said subway
tv salon
tv salon 2 days ago
Floryna Moise
Floryna Moise 2 days ago
I play clash of clan
Orestis Georgatos
He meant not inside the sandwich but in a cup or something
Abigail Flaherty
Abigail Flaherty 2 days ago
He probs want it on the sauce
CE User
CE User 2 days ago
64 mil views
Brenda Panameno
Brenda Panameno 2 days ago
xavier estra
xavier estra 2 days ago
Cust says, to employee, humm what would u recomend?,, employee would say shoot ur self been stupid ass not knowing what to pick or want or just dont fucking come back... have to love, love? Hate Retail.
Random Cashews
Random Cashews 2 days ago
You said subway not sooubway!
Eli Nelson
Eli Nelson 2 days ago
HecTecto 1
HecTecto 1 2 days ago
Can you do a video of a video game
Moviebuff Shatto
Moviebuff Shatto 2 days ago
ON THE SIDE!!!!!!!!
Pizzaman 2180
Pizzaman 2180 2 days ago
guys what was that kid holding at 6:02 what is that a phone? what is it
Freya Read
Freya Read 2 days ago
Did u realise when James told the onion story when the boxes of like peppers and olives there was a doge .🙂Like if u did!🙂
Eliza Hamilton
Eliza Hamilton 2 days ago
"Who likes the sequel better than the original?" I am from the future. does anyone get my quote?
Ethanexedragon100 Nemeth
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