Annoying Customers

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Here's part two of the subway stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I want to read them!
Also, special thanks to Jaiden Animations for voicing a customer (go check her out) :
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Apr 11, 2016




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Comments 80
Jake Stodola
Jake Stodola 22 minutes ago
If I was you I'll just throw the cash register at the Roberts face
Emman Canonigo
Emman Canonigo 23 minutes ago
4:56 were holding hands :)
Ebo Gamer 6000
Ebo Gamer 6000 25 minutes ago
You needed to say Sooubway Pew pew
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen 2 hours ago
At 1:52 he actually said subway
Jill C
Jill C 2 hours ago
Since I'm only 8 once I was working at a lemonade stand and there was this little girl probably about like 12 or 13 came here in front of us and just started laughing and yeah and we asked her what was wrong and she kind of just wouldn't go it looks like she was like my sister something in them and then we just stopped the lemonade stand and we went to a different location
Elie Chavy
Elie Chavy 2 hours ago
Sneaky Sam 656 why are you so right
Luthfi Hadiyan Fajri
Ardhito Pramono put this video in his playlist.
jasmine dery
jasmine dery 3 hours ago
I don’t know why but the funniest part for me is the lettuce lady
The Wifi turned off
Does anybody know what the guy with the accent tried to say
Tyler Gayton
Tyler Gayton 4 hours ago
Can we see your face when you’re a grown-up
TailsTuber The Fox
TailsTuber The Fox 4 hours ago
I wish my sooubway had doge as a topping
Hector Almada
Hector Almada 5 hours ago
Hey James do you still play clash of clans because I barely started playing my username is destructor so if you still play tell me plz
Lennar Svensson
Lennar Svensson 5 hours ago
2:33 Me watching this 4 years in the future: Pfffffffffffffffffffffffff because 73 million views and 15 million subscribers makes your youtube channel flop
Deang O
Deang O 5 hours ago
You said subway not sooubway
Let's be honest here the customer on the thumbnail looks really derphy
Jared Yanez
Jared Yanez 6 hours ago
*O N I O N S*
Santiago Celedio
Santiago Celedio 6 hours ago
Super Tian
Super Tian 6 hours ago
a. a a a a a a a a a. A. Anw
Mandi's blogs
Mandi's blogs 6 hours ago
Jaiden, I thought you were vegan...
Grace Hutchinson
Grace Hutchinson 8 hours ago
AmW 8 hours ago
i bet the girl who said I wanna speak to the manager is called Karen.
Khy .H
Khy .H 10 hours ago
Omg I came in with a full list
UltraJasperWorld 10 hours ago
hello :P
Thuy Dinh
Thuy Dinh 11 hours ago
Onions 🧅 on the side of onions 🧅
Story Time
Story Time 11 hours ago
1:55 James warned us about Karen's!
Diamond BOI
Diamond BOI 12 hours ago
5:19 Every Subway Ever
The Gaming Gamers
The Gaming Gamers 12 hours ago
Well American cheese IS the best
Jayden The Hedgehog
Jayden The Hedgehog 14 hours ago
U said subway
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 14 hours ago
your so cool
Bailey my dog
Bailey my dog 15 hours ago
Yes I watch him because qurintine
Marek Pan
Marek Pan 17 hours ago
0:51 is that jaiden?
Toxic man 35
Toxic man 35 17 hours ago
What happens when its time to go back to school 4:47
OM 2027Campus
OM 2027Campus 17 hours ago
He wants onions on the side of onions
Marvel contest of champions
You said subway not soobway
SpringpR0 _X
SpringpR0 _X 18 hours ago
3:43 cup: *puts subway* TheOdd1sOut: *impossible*
BlackCrow64 19 hours ago
Karen:manger is who I need James: I AM THE MANAGER
Caroline George
Caroline George 20 hours ago
He said subway
Richard De Pablo
Richard De Pablo 21 hour ago
Isang kang gago!!
Richard De Pablo
Richard De Pablo 21 hour ago
Isang kang gago!!
DaUnknown Witch
DaUnknown Witch 21 hour ago
He says he can’t say subway then after this he says Sooubway
TheCatSquad 22 hours ago
wait i think at 0:11 he said subway
TheCatSquad 22 hours ago
oh wait 0:09
YT Ian
YT Ian 22 hours ago
To whoever sees this, Have an amazing day, be safe and be healthy
Nada Kanda
Nada Kanda 23 hours ago
yeah i am
Jöergen Day ago
i didn’t even realize that i chose THIS video james uploaded as i eat a subway cookie-
TTV w1nner
TTV w1nner Day ago
You’re right
Paul Likes Coffee
Aneesh K
Aneesh K Day ago
Who is watching because they are bored in their house.
Chicken engineer Gaming and animations
Charlie Bouch
TheRoyalKiwi Day ago
Wow this video alone has basically 5 times more views than his subscribers
Family Groves
Did you hear him actually call it subway at the start of the video
Russell Dunn
Russell Dunn Day ago
No, I found him yesterday lol
Rodzila Halim
Who rewatching JaMeS video bc of corona virus? | | \/ Like plsss
This is literally my favourite video!
I used to work at subway 🤓👍👍👍👍👍
Samuel Schneeberger
👇🏻 100%
the Galaxy lightning mason
Dang he has so much views
Manon Day ago
5:02 That's a different T-shirt. 😌
ali Day ago
that's amazing
turtletrain Day ago
say what level town hall
Random stuff
Random stuff Day ago
Just A Man Eating Sub way Yes I did just steal that comment
Derpy Face Dude
I would of said something about the chip bag, it would be so funny 😂🤣😂
Jacob Solis
Jacob Solis Day ago
He said subway
Marnan Hidayat
Squid Of the lake
Who else is rewatching every video on RUvid and quietly going insane because of quarantine
Joseph Perreira
I know what happens when a kid punched you in the face when you try to take a photo with him.
Don Don
Don Don 2 days ago
He wanted the onions inside the paper you dumbass
FreckleEar WarriorCats
Hello dropout millionaire
thedogeflame 2 days ago
My doesn’t watch part 1 vid me looks up next part 1 vid watching me like it’s gonna kill me if I don’t watch me doesn’t watch me tomorrow me blood on bed my parents wake up my friend pokes me and asks me am I dead me grabs knife and say I drank to much coke
Freddie Storey
Freddie Storey 2 days ago
Wait... they have different types of cheese options in America
Kristin Thomas Sancken
what if they said "no" to the receipt?
Coolman0906 Goodman
In my country onion on the side means on the ground because the counter isn’t long enough to put ONIONS ON THE SIDE so in my country you would never say ONION ON THE SIDE
mayraeli rodriguez
James are you a annoying customer
fnafplayer 257
fnafplayer 257 2 days ago
Guy: onions on the side James: you know we do salads right?
Ice Dragon 2.0
Ice Dragon 2.0 2 days ago
“ It’s awkward you stare until....” Says Happily:” The receipt prints out”
TR Racc
TR Racc 2 days ago
10 dollars is cheap for u you got 73k dollars from views
Ammar Uzair
Ammar Uzair 2 days ago
Stranger : let me talk to your manager. Me: let me guess, Karen?
Zach Gaming Studios
3:54 DOGE!!!!!!!!
Zach Gaming Studios
Zach Gaming Studios
3:15 Doge!!!!!
Zach Gaming Studios
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