Announcing Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10

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We’re pushing the graphical possibilities of the game by ​partnering with NVIDIA to bring real-time ray tracing to Minecraft on Windows 10 in the coming year. ​Prepare your eyes! With the capabilities of this tech, you’ll be able to experience your Minecraft worlds with realistic lighting, vibrant colors, realistic water that reflects and refracts naturally, and emissive textures that light up. What does ‘emissive’ mean? It means you’re about to see Minecraft like you’ve never seen it before!


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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 23 756
fAzE Pilll
fAzE Pilll 19 hours ago
when WHEN WHENNNNNNN????????????? HOWWWWW WHATTT NANIII HOW DO I USE (i have 2070 super)
What is this?
What is this? 19 hours ago
Oh no my CompeutEr
Owen360 - Animations
Me: watches video PC: don't even think about it.
Batmankid Roblox
Pc players: oh boi I can’t wait to download this we are way better Mobile and console players: peace was never a option
NinjaPuppy Day ago
does a NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics card work with this?
beatvampire 3 days ago
the only problem about this that you need a very strong comuter
duckface 3 days ago
so light source + stained glass = coloured light?
Doan Karloz
Doan Karloz 3 days ago
Cant wait to play minecraft with raytracing
Vincent Weinschenk
Will these be on next gen consoles or just pc?
John Day ago
It'll VERY likely come to the new Xbox Series X and PS5 since they support ray tracing.
HaremKing Mojo
HaremKing Mojo 4 days ago
So yeah we are implementing a function that litterally only those insane RUvidr Gaming Rigs can run. Sounds like the Microsoft marketplace to me 😂 Find another way to ruin parenthood and drain their pockets. 99.9% of the player base doesn’t even have a RTX graphics card.
elizabeti nevdi
elizabeti nevdi 4 days ago
Will it be on minecraft pe (Pocket Edition) too?
John Day ago
No because phone GPUs will most likely never be powerful enough to support ray tracing.
_Triger_ 5 days ago
minecraft barely works for me right now why would you do this
Limitless Beast
Limitless Beast 7 days ago
Looks amazing. I hope it can be enabled and disabled easily!
Hiram Blue
Hiram Blue 7 days ago
I need this on Pocket Edition
WizardBoy79 8 days ago
Chefsuperkill 9 days ago
And Xbox One?
John Day ago
It won't be coming to Xbox One because the Xbox One's GPU isn't powerful enough to support ray tracing.
muhammed efe koc
muhammed efe koc 9 days ago
when will minecraft 1.16 snapshots be released
THE FIEND 10 days ago
Good thing I have a windows 10
Robin Moens
Robin Moens 10 days ago
Does it work with Quadro RTX?
ZombieTheWorker 1771
silverstrings gia
silverstrings gia 11 days ago
I have this shader pack already
WoodVictorM :3
WoodVictorM :3 11 days ago
I hope you do this :/
Yoda 13 days ago
Would rather download a shaderpack but ok.
حسين العاب و انميشن
Oh, art. ArtX in Minecraft, wow
arcane reinz
arcane reinz 13 days ago
It's so realistic boxes have never been this square
Saverio Barone
Saverio Barone 14 days ago
In the future it will be possible that update exit for android or ps4 too?
Irish Potatoes
Irish Potatoes 15 days ago
Rtx is one of that make that improve the game Litteraly everyone with Intel uhd graphics: Minecraft hit me up with a nvidia rtx 2080 ti k?
irgendjemand der gerade schlecht gelaunt ist
Mojang: i think i forgot something.. Jeb: If you forgot, then it wasnt important. *Super duper graphics pack*
matt 18 days ago
I would love to get this...if i could get the code....backlog maybe, atleast my java edition isnt broken
DarklionAnimations 19 days ago
CIRCLES IN MINECRAFT!?! *notch has left the chat*
odebCS 19 days ago
This is why ill buy rtx
Spiderman vs Ant man
COOL. Where to get the texture?! its Beautiful its very VERY Beautiful if i hot this i will put this in Minecraft VR
G. Dude
G. Dude 20 days ago
Why can't you put Ray Tracing on Minecraft Java Edition, WHERE I SPENT MY MONEY TO PUT AN ACCOUNT ON!!!!
G. Dude
G. Dude 17 days ago
@Raz Ok, thanks!
Raz 18 days ago
Minecraft Java edition does not run on DirectX 12, which is required by Microsoft's DXR.
FunieStudios 21 day ago
Me: YESSSS My Pc: no
Jamile Silva
Jamile Silva 3 hours ago
El Tak0s
El Tak0s 21 day ago
Help my PC has a... Memory card attack or something!
UnknownShinobi 21 day ago
is this gonna come to ps4 bedrock?
John Day ago
No because the Xbox One and PS4's GPU doesn't support ray tracing. They're too under powered.
Raz 18 days ago
Imelda Parungao
Imelda Parungao 21 day ago
Is that a version
Nour Hamid
Nour Hamid 21 day ago
Can you put it in pe plz or as Minecraft pocket edition
John Day ago
No because phone GPUs will most likely never be powerful enough to support ray tracing.
I have no will to Live
Too bad I don’t have pc
karla rojas rivera
karla rojas rivera 23 days ago
Is cave update
Excuse me Wth
Excuse me Wth 24 days ago
I cant wait for this to come out
Bianca Dix
Bianca Dix 24 days ago
Can add this in minecraft? Can be cave update
Charles Kevin
Charles Kevin 24 days ago
how about Android
John Day ago
No because phone GPUs will most likely never be powerful enough to support ray tracing.
Good ol' Good
Good ol' Good 24 days ago
My computer: *Exists* RayTracing Shaders: *So you have chosen death.*
Chris Kîng
Chris Kîng 24 days ago
absolutley beautiful man everyones gonna love playing this more if it looks that damn amazing
HaremKing Mojo
HaremKing Mojo 4 days ago
Chris Kîng totally because everybody has an RTX graphics card installed in their rig
Prabath Sampath Purandarage
wait- *ONLY* for windows 10?
John Day ago
It'll most likely be coming to the new Xbox Series X and PS5 since they'll support ray tracing.
Toxic Whipped Cream
I'm seeing that this will also be canceled, like the Super Duper Graphics...
John Day ago
Ray tracing is a LOT easier to work with compared to what they tried to do with the Super Super Graphics Pack. they even had demos that you could play at Gamescon and such while the Super Duper Graphics Pack wasn't stable at all even for demos.
Kell Ross
Kell Ross 25 days ago
LucasgamerADR24 flash24
How can i dowload ??
John Day ago
You wait till it comes out..
Jb Mateo
Jb Mateo 25 days ago
I feel bad for bedrock players because they won't able to experience this beauty.. How about Add this to bedrock too
John Day ago
...This is for Bedrock, this isn't for Java Edition. Java Edition cannot officially support ray tracing.
rr 123
rr 123 26 days ago
good thing my computer is huge
Suck On My Cancerous Balls
Bruh Minecraft looks better than real life
Scifox da fox
Scifox da fox 28 days ago
Will it be on win10 edition for XBOX?
John Day ago
It'll be for Windows 10 yes, but not Xbox One.
Scifox da fox
Scifox da fox 28 days ago
Will it be on win10 edition for XBOX?
BMX_pro_ 9
BMX_pro_ 9 28 days ago
Yes I’m bout to use my rtx 2070 super to it’s fullest
GFD Gon 29 days ago
Popo MTZ
Popo MTZ 29 days ago
So is no one gonna talk about the fact that they didn't say it will come out on the Xbox too...
John Day ago
Because it isn't, it'll LIKELY come out on Xbox Series X though.
Tunatrain53 29 days ago
FPS counter: *-32*
Hybrid Destiny
Hybrid Destiny 29 days ago
How do you enable it?
cyber_ 07
cyber_ 07 Month ago
Ow hell yeah 😀
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