Announcing Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10

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We’re pushing the graphical possibilities of the game by ​partnering with NVIDIA to bring real-time ray tracing to Minecraft on Windows 10 in the coming year. ​Prepare your eyes! With the capabilities of this tech, you’ll be able to experience your Minecraft worlds with realistic lighting, vibrant colors, realistic water that reflects and refracts naturally, and emissive textures that light up. What does ‘emissive’ mean? It means you’re about to see Minecraft like you’ve never seen it before!


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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 60
kid unperfect
kid unperfect 2 hours ago
This is needed on everything not only on PC like banners on shields
Xxez clapz2178 Vo
Plz bring shaders to bedrock edition plz
Harry Wiggins
Harry Wiggins 4 days ago
Oi oi lads, i got a pc with an RTX graphics card, and this is great!
Dani wow
Dani wow 5 days ago
Mcpe plisss
Swords 8 days ago
Minecraft Java: has tons of shader packs Minecraft Bedrock: Okay, my turn.
Achi 789
Achi 789 9 days ago
Is also availabe at pe ???
Alaskafish 10 days ago
Damn erybody has a speech impediment.
E Floor
E Floor 17 days ago
The comment below me is about how their pc can’t run this
rAndOm TOTz
rAndOm TOTz 19 days ago
wow rtx is cool is like minecraft Realife
Astral 20 days ago
Can u just add this to minecraft im tired of work idk how to download on windows 10
Crafty Alex
Crafty Alex 21 day ago
i have a rtx on my computer but... why rtx doesn't work on android
Hölökyttäjä 5 days ago
TG Squad for life
TG Squad for life 26 days ago
Roblox could never
TG Squad for life
TG Squad for life 26 days ago
No love for ios and android users
Brixton Games
Brixton Games Month ago
I only have Minecraft on my iPad and Xbox so I can’t see this beauty
homeset 2.0
homeset 2.0 Month ago
Me computer need a milk, but he drinks a slowness potion) 0)00)0)0
Marco Gonzales
Marco Gonzales Month ago
3.1k ppl disliked probably because they dont have money to buy a graphics card... Like me, i feel ya bois
Declan Dodd
Declan Dodd Month ago
How do u get this?
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
You Need an RTX graphics Card
James Month ago
Alright, but you know the people want it for Java. Shaders are great, but they aren't ray tracing. They're an inferior supplement.
HorrizonLP Month ago
so jsut a super expensive shader
ray smith
ray smith Month ago
Shadow Music
Shadow Music Month ago
PS5??? Me too
It's Vortex YT
It's Vortex YT Month ago
This is nice! Time to play on my laptop!
niko andra
niko andra Month ago
There is no android rtx
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
Yea i think phones would explode trying to run this 😂
Geo Vilaro
Geo Vilaro Month ago
The video just game me wood, someone pass me and axe so i can wack my wood
paty e Ângelo souza souza
Thats for mcpe too?
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
No it only works on a powerful PC
Nathanlodeon PE
Nathanlodeon PE Month ago
If there is any Shaders like this, I would immediately download it but My dream came true. THIS IS SO AMAZING!!
New_ Phong29
New_ Phong29 Month ago
RTX off: Mojang RTX on: Mojang Studio
Wyn Is Supa Dumb
Wyn Is Supa Dumb 2 months ago
rt is like realistic mode
CREEPER GUY 2 months ago
How can I get the rtx?
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
You Need an RTX Graphics Card from Nvidia and the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft
Seb the Hell Guardian
tbh guys I think the reason why it isn't on mobile is that mobile does have shaders, and you need a strong CPU to run it, something that consoles and computers very much have
Tiara Aja
Tiara Aja 2 months ago
Add for mobile!!
King cat Memes
King cat Memes 2 months ago
Well now we will actually need torches
Damien Fleming
Damien Fleming 2 months ago
How much detotated wam do I need to run this?
Guilherme Veloso
Guilherme Veloso 2 months ago
Me: stares at CPU watching this PC: every action has a reaction bro
naywils 2 months ago
*Has an RTX card* Bedrock.... what....... Excitement gone
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
naywils that’s true (and the many shaders are great too) But there was an event (I don’t know if it is still going) where java users get a free MC Windows 10 code
naywils Month ago
@Just a Normal Gamer Gamer Yeah but java is where the modding is at :P
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
If you have java for a Long enough time you can get bedrock for free i think
Thomas Price
Thomas Price 2 months ago
Will this eventually be available for the Nintendo Switch? I want it SO bad.
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
The Switch doesn‘t have enough Power to run RTX
MultiKillerjoe 2 months ago
does leaves and grass move like the wind is blowing them is the real question.
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
No i play it and they don‘t move (but i wish they would because it Looks cool 😎)
CreepyOst Toast
CreepyOst Toast 3 months ago
Can it come on PS4?
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
Maybe on ps5 it is confirmed on the Series X tho
wahyu main2
wahyu main2 3 months ago
Minecraft pocket edition rtx plissss
burning godzilla
burning godzilla 3 months ago
rtx version
ɢᴇɴ zero
ɢᴇɴ zero 3 months ago
internet random
internet random 3 months ago
Is it just me or is the available Nvidia RTX actually a dumbed down version of what's presented in these trailers?
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
- JacobTD - they really need to fix some Things 😅
- JacobTD -
- JacobTD - 2 months ago
anonymous extra yeah, but it’s in beta development. I’m guessing there was filters for the trailer that were added after screenshots. But like I said, its in beta.
JackyPak 3 months ago
Will rtx come to the mobile version ever? Plz do it
Just a Normal Gamer Gamer
Yea a phone would explode trying to run this 😅
wilo farah
wilo farah Month ago
The Red Knight
The Red Knight 3 months ago
Console players being real quiet now
TheBMG Gaming 4182
TheBMG Gaming 4182 3 months ago
Will it also come on Mobile Users because it's also part of the Bedrock Edition family and if it comes in Mobile Devices, I'm gonna play it everyday even in my survival world!!
RedblueRenegade 3 months ago
Super Duper Graphics Pack: You took everything away from me Minecraft RTX: I don't even know who you are
Mel 3 months ago
Me: hehe My computer: my time has come..
Sensei 2.0
Sensei 2.0 3 months ago
Sensei 2.0
Sensei 2.0 3 months ago
I am 2 months download shaders all fake what is new RTX
Sensei 2.0
Sensei 2.0 3 months ago
wolf gaming
wolf gaming 3 months ago
why sid you not put it on android
Frog787 icekoala Minecraft gaming
can u just add this to minecraft and make everyone get to play
Bear Puns
Bear Puns 3 months ago
They aren't finished with it yet. Also framerates will probably be in the single digits for graphics cards without dedicated raytracing hardware
CubeMaster 3 months ago
Nvidia's dirty plan is to force all Minecrafters to BUY A RTX! even if my GTX 1050 ti can do a little ray tracing on java version! now imagine how high my performance would be on Bedrock edition! THEY MUST add support for none RTX Gpus if you agree like to let Mojang and Nvidia see this
Creep King
Creep King 3 months ago
Awwww it's not for java?
MR MEEP 3 months ago
My 20GB laptop yes
MR MEEP 3 months ago
Thankyou minecraft
Proaspat 3 months ago
me:watches the video also me:has java edition
Colonel Rubix
Colonel Rubix 3 months ago
It’s out
C'est moi
C'est moi 3 months ago
For Xbox one?
OofItsLuka 3 months ago
I really just don't understand why I have to be older than 18 to do this.
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