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New album »Aurora« (OUT NOW)
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01. Like A Parasite 00:00
02. STFU 03:51
03. The Tragedy 07:22
04. Face The Facts 11:37
05. Overload 14:57
06. Bonfire Of The Millennials 18:25
07. The Cocaines Got Your Tongue 22:10
08. Under Your Tattoos 25:50
09. The Blame Game 30:02
10. I Saw What You Did 33:48
11. Standing Still 36:36
12. Friend Or Enemy 40:21
13. Terminal Velocity 44:33


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Jan 31, 2021




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Comments 100
BD Lefther
BD Lefther 4 hours ago
que buen álbum (y) esplendido
DP13 #78
DP13 #78 Day ago
Oh so good
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson 2 days ago
I listened to this at 1.5X speed and didn't realise until now ! lol I recommend both normal and 1.5x.
ArisenMind 5 days ago
This is actually quite good.
Floris k
Floris k 7 days ago
they can suck it up like they used toooooooooo
Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov 7 days ago
I can play DOOM with this.
Sandwich Breath
Sandwich Breath 11 days ago
These guys just get better and better. Been following since Lucid Dreamer, and it's like each new album has the same 'touch' you're used to from them, but also feels fresh and different.
Sasha Zest
Sasha Zest 11 days ago
неймовірно чудова музика. дякую виконавцям за можливість насолодитися цими чудовими піснями.
Wender Douglas
Wender Douglas 11 days ago
Perfect album, perfect band. Listening from Brazil
C9 HEEks
C9 HEEks 12 days ago
im just late for 2 month.It is okay? :D
Marta D
Marta D 16 days ago
How the hell i didn't know this band earlier ??? This is beautiful!!!
ThiccBlooded 16 days ago
I do have to ask i remember growing up as a kid i remember "annie are you okay?" Does this band name have anything to do with the past in reference to that?
ThiccBlooded 16 days ago
Ok ok, I saw what you guys did I am a simple man. I liked.
Martin Mehlhorn
Martin Mehlhorn 16 days ago
Geile Mukke Jungs.
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 17 days ago
Keep up the great work!
Rafael Carvalho
Rafael Carvalho 18 days ago
Que album incrível, parabens
Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira 19 days ago
Som bem pesado! Gostei
Alkatrasz 20 days ago
Seltsam eine andere Stimme neben Christoph zu hören.
Timguitarman87 21 day ago
Is it just me or do they sound a little like I SEE STARS? SOUNDS AWESOME!
Marek Reinup
Marek Reinup 22 days ago
Good very good! Gratz from Estonia!
maybe is better the last LANVSMARK album but this is not bed
Stay Rosy
Stay Rosy 23 days ago
I just found it. Looked at the song titles and found this band condescending. I automatically assume they are younger than us millennials. Which as one I have been waiting to hear some progress in this overrun genre but this band is taking from a genre more than they are seeding and acting overly confident. :(. They wont be around in a few years promise it. They listened to Millenials growing up who defined this genre and they some how think they are defining a genre. Not even close. You are borrowing your style more from millineals than what you are seeding in new talent or creativity. Good luck but you are no Underoath even though you think you came before them. haha.
William Martel
William Martel 23 days ago
This is some fucking awesome deadspace music right here haha never use to like music like this until I embraced it now this band is fucking awesome/stfu is amazing😎🖤🙌🤘💯🔥😱🤯🇨🇦
Sir Ahmad yahowwah Allaha
Thank you sweet soul voice beauty divine reflect ,comfort the beautiful souls
MrUkGamer 24 days ago
was randomly recommended to me and holy shit im glad it was! not a single bad song on this album!!! You got yourself a new fan
Richard rudy Eltammi
Akhirnya keluar juga lagu dan album barunya👍👍
Cathy Colchado
Cathy Colchado 26 days ago
This is kind of a mash up of TBM, Nine Inch nails and As I Lay Dying. Nice!
Cathy Colchado
Cathy Colchado 26 days ago
My name is Walter and i got fired today.
Xzändher 28 days ago
Great record, great artwork 🤘🔥
faithlux 28 days ago
Wer ist auch durch DerDunkleParabelritter zu ANNISOKAY gekommen?
Yvonne Mertel
Yvonne Mertel 27 days ago
Der dunkle was?n Film?gleich mal googeln:-)
CasualBeliever 28 days ago
My hours played on this video is likely accumulating into days...
ADAYISGONE 29 days ago
I love this so much so amazing
Юлия Черножукова
Это прекрасно😍
aaron johnson
aaron johnson Month ago
I'm sorry its just not as good as their previous album ARMS (One of my favorite albums in the last decade) the lead singer is awesome and I love his voice but you guys need to get your old dirty vocalist back he's much better than whoever you have now way more talented he seemed to compliment the lead singers clean vocals more. Your current dirty vocalist sounds to generic where as the previous was very unique I can name more than a few bands that have singers that sound exactly like your new dirty vocalist.
metalgamer_666 Month ago
So ist es 🤘
Stephen Richardson
Sometimes you gatta love the RUvid algorithm for bringing me here to this 😎 I went back to track 6 after completing the album 😉
CraazyC5 Month ago
Danke, dass es Euch gibt und Ihr so unfassbar gute Musik macht!! 💙
Forget Number One
this is pretty cool cause it gives me that 2008 era metalcore vibe
WillyJohnes Month ago
amazing album
CarltonUK Month ago
overload is such a fucking banger oh my god
Ryan Arrington
Ryan Arrington Month ago
Loved them since the beginning
Man the groove at the beginning of 'Face the Facts' is so damn good.
Cathy Colchado
Cathy Colchado 25 days ago
Hello deviant. How are you doing?
Ke Fi
Ke Fi Month ago
Wait, are they new? Im listening to all kinds of Metal since more than 15 years and i've never heard any songs of them. They are pretty fcking good.
aaron johnson
aaron johnson Month ago
Not new they have been around since mid 2000's listen to their previous album ARMS in my opinion its much better than this one.
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson Month ago
not new, but very underrated
Damien Month ago
Wow! so nice!
Jonathan Cardenas
Haven't listened to them since their wrecking ball cover. This band deserves more attention.
Ayrton Chaile
Ayrton Chaile Month ago
excelente sugerencia de youtube
Tom MacDonald's Quittin'
Hey. It's Annisokay. I'm just calling to say that Ann is okay. She had a baby. I mean four of them. I'm a daddy for rich. I love you, too, baby. Amen. I wrote it at the end. I loved her so much, and now this. -Annisokay/Dogis is rich/Be kind
Einar_cz Month ago
I've totally forgotten this band exists. Now I'm here seven years later listening to how they've evolved. Monstrecrazy's full of nostalgic feelings ...
Drake Armani
Drake Armani Month ago
@Everett Kareem trying it out right now. Looks to be working.
Георгий Валов
It is wonderful album!
Dustin Hyde
Dustin Hyde Month ago
do these guys have a history? why is this the first time im hearing this?
Einar_cz Month ago
I've jsut re-discovered them after 7 years. Last time I listened to their songs I was a skinny emo dude :D They have pretty juicy history let me tell you :D
did someone already make a clip of that STFU drop at 5:21 so i can link that whenever i feel some1 needs to stfu?
7:03 is a good candidate too
Christian Peters
Wie konnte ich Euch nicht auf dem Schirm haben.. BOMBE :D Ihr habt nen neuen Fan.
GOD Month ago
Excellent groove, flow, snare production is excellent. Great songwriting, nice changes.
Anonymous Month ago
The name sounds like a yerba mate brand
John Roberts
John Roberts Month ago
EXCELLENT Job , #SpeakerJohnny
MaD_KrEvEdKo Month ago
My friend put on a few songs from this one when we were hanging out and god damn, a lot of these songs are instantly recognizable after one listen. The Tragedy is vast, epic, heavy and SO DAMN MEMORABLE. It should be a radio hit.
W4tch0ut Month ago
fuck yeah!
RazorTreewise Month ago
14:57 John Otto! Take´em to the Matthews Bridge
Pancorania Month ago
Like a Parasite... That is how you start an album!!
CasualBeliever Month ago
So powerful and great messages in the lyrics. This band needs to be heard. I know the screams aren't for everybody, but I hear the voice of the downtrodden and it had better be angry. Get this out to your friends and enemies alike. God bless.
CasualBeliever 2 days ago
@MaD_KrEvEdKo Thanks for the story. I find this genre fits the cognitive dissonance we live through daily very well. Angry poetry.
MaD_KrEvEdKo Month ago
Honestly, I'm not really into music with screaming, I dig heavy music and even experimental shit, but I've never been specifically into music with screaming and extremely heavy vocals. I think this album finds a great balance between being extremely accessible and challenging some people who are not into that type of music to explore the genre. My friend put on a few songs from this one for me and I think I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole here. I haven't listened to music similar to this since I was like 15. I am 23 now and somehow I reeeeally slipped into this whole genre for the lasr few weeks because of a few songs from here.
cdsfg2647 shldj
cdsfg2647 shldj Month ago
One word...........KICKASS!!!! Im getting a vinyl!
liamharlo Month ago
Winston coming inn right before the breakdown.. WOOTT what can i say!!.. this song sets the bar so high for anything else coming this year!
Frajjor Month ago
i found gold
Olivehill Soapery
Uh UH right in the EARS N GUTS YES!!!!!!!!!!
Mimi x
Mimi x Month ago
Architects, Annisokay grow up since 3/4 years !!! Quality level Up !!! New screamer 👍
Jordan Holman
Jordan Holman Month ago
No you may not be all of them Matthew.
Jonas Lindqvist Medfors
This is a really good album, lots of songs I really like :D
Mere Skillz
Mere Skillz Month ago
Damn. Who knew that going through memory lane with Architects, and August Burns Red would have brought me to a badass band. Absolutely love this. The cleans and screams really accent each other and that's crazy
Becka McMillan
Becka McMillan Month ago
Mario Project-N Nardi
Great job, amazing vocals, killer riff.....greetings from Italy
Andrew Verreault
i havnt cared for this kinda music since i was 19...... so 12 years but damn this is among my top favs now
Kokoro xx
Kokoro xx Month ago
Currently in my exams, BUT the songs are amazing! Thank you
Glitched Rena
Glitched Rena Month ago
oh darn this is amazing!!!!! Instantly hooked with the first few sounds!!!
Maria Luisa Barros
Tracy Dargatz
Tracy Dargatz Month ago
So STFU came on a daily mix playlist on Spotify and I immediately fell in love. Those cleans man 😍. Decided to give the whole album a listen and my god, what an absolute banger. Been listening non stop. Superb work! Love Terminal Velocity and Under Your Tattoos!
Lord Six
Lord Six Month ago
1:06 Into the fire lol
Luis Zambrano
Luis Zambrano Month ago
top coment hahahaha
Brennan Davis
Brennan Davis Month ago
Hope your freelance, no record label that’s the way to go
Trevor Wene
Trevor Wene Month ago
Amazing. Incredible even
0ni XXL
0ni XXL Month ago
Simply amazing. American rock has lost it's once tasty flavor in my opinion. I'm older and damn this music just resonates in my soul I swear. True talent isn't lost! Good job gentlemen. And rock tf on!!!🤘😎
jew jews
jew jews Month ago
i was enjoying this until i realized every song is anti pandemic safety measures and suddenly i dont want to support this band anymore
Kurt Wehner
Kurt Wehner Month ago
see you in concert :)
Ulfi Nae
Ulfi Nae Month ago
mein Herz.
Jean-Philippe Darveau
Thanks to youtube suggestion! You guys are going straight to my playlist! All the songs are amazing!
Yvonne Mertel
Yvonne Mertel Month ago
Andrii Kapsamun
Andrii Kapsamun Month ago
My, my, what do we have here, another Annisokay's masterpiece of an album 😏😍
Great sound diversity in this album 👏
Joao Haskel
Joao Haskel Month ago
boooaaa caralho!! gostei gostei, continuem assim. Umas ruins outras boas, faz parte!
Rute Mendes
Rute Mendes Month ago
👍I'm still listening and enjoying every song.
How in the hell does this not have more views? Your music is fire you guys lol
Ruslan Zot
Ruslan Zot Month ago
Bonfire of the Millenials - заебись!
Susanna Larini
Susanna Larini Month ago
Ellie x.x
Ellie x.x Month ago
vacances a la neige
лучший сын
Egi Cahyadi
Egi Cahyadi Month ago
I like this 👍🤟👿
fr4me01 Month ago
I dont even know how I got here but god damn every song is a banger.
tater crisp
tater crisp Month ago
one minute I'm listing to toxic by attila and then this fucking bangers yo
Ludovico Paone
Ludovico Paone Month ago
​@Daniel Fišer I think that's the reason for everyone who came here without searching for
Daniel Fišer
Daniel Fišer Month ago
I got here thx to I Pravail/FATN/Architects/and the others cuz YT played me this as "related" music style, I guess...? >.>
Ludovico Paone
Ludovico Paone Month ago
Same here..
Denial Month ago
Joanna Flak
Joanna Flak Month ago
This band is So good ♥ i love it
Hioten Sokatsui
Hioten Sokatsui Month ago
Just geniuses!
Nikos Nenes
Nikos Nenes Month ago
I gave it a 2 week wait period.... why is this still not on millions of views???
Leroy Kincaide
Leroy Kincaide Month ago
Ripping...... Thats all that needs to be said. DAILY REPEAT is a must for this album 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
jean luc Garcia
jean luc Garcia Month ago
Iced Strawberry Music
Esum 2 months ago
Bis auf das gerappe ist das Album gut.
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