Anne-Marie & James Arthur - Rewrite The Stars [from The Greatest Showman: Reimagined]

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"Rewrite The Stars" from the album 'The Greatest Showman: Reimagined'.
Download/Stream Now: Atlantic.lnk.to/TGS_ReimaginedID

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Nov 16, 2018




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Comments 100
Anne-Marie Year ago
So excited to see this finally be released! Hope you love it ❤
Afroza shema
Afroza shema 9 hours ago
Love to rewrite 🌼❤🌼
michael woulfe
michael woulfe 3 days ago
Hey, love this so much I covered it. Hope you guys like ruvid.net/video/video-BkT1E43A3ho.html
I'm Jules
I'm Jules Month ago
Hazim Nazmi
Hazim Nazmi 3 months ago
i love it doe
Mark Justen Abella
Mark Justen Abella 3 months ago
I watched it so many times because I like you this MV Anne-Marie 😊😘
alessandra Andreatto
alessandra Andreatto 2 minutes ago
acotar song :
A A 34 minutes ago
Sylvia Hour ago
Im crying 😭❤
K M M 2 hours ago
God loves you
Sachini Wanigasekara
Suman Barman
Suman Barman 4 hours ago
This song means so much to me and you made it sound so beautiful Annie. Thank you.
Mariyam Mia
Mariyam Mia 5 hours ago
They are the king and queen of beautiful sounds
Swqnton 5 hours ago
They sing with all their heart no one can Rewrite this song, my ears are listening to angelic voices
Rose-mary Johannes
Rose-mary Johannes 6 hours ago
This song is music to my ears. The way their voices merge together. "NO ONE CAN REWRITE THE STARS"
Amanda Maqueo
Amanda Maqueo 6 hours ago
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 7 hours ago
1:49 LET IT STARRRR!!!!✨✨
Lobanos 8 hours ago
im brazilian i love this music
eykiz PAK
eykiz PAK 8 hours ago
But you're here in my heart... So who can stop me if i decide that you're my destiny... No honey... This heart kils everyone... Don't listen to this little piece of shit... It'll just hurt you more...
Afroza shema
Afroza shema 9 hours ago
Love to rewrite 🌸
Dean Pratama p
Dean Pratama p 10 hours ago
eykiz PAK
eykiz PAK 8 hours ago
I'm wheezing and chocking CUZ i was CrYiNg..
Maria Andrades
Maria Andrades 11 hours ago
His voice has so much emotion I just want him to scream in that one note to let it all out😩🥰
Taufik Ismail
Taufik Ismail 14 hours ago
Fals anjeng si arthur
Allotrophs Carbon
Allotrophs Carbon 15 hours ago
underrated song
MeowCat 16 hours ago
gaming girl56
gaming girl56 19 hours ago
If you came from tiktok you are a 😍𝓪 𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓷𝓭😍!!!
Lizzy’s Chips
Lizzy’s Chips 23 hours ago
Who keeps on listening to this over and over
Giada Giurio
Giada Giurio Day ago
Guadalupe Velazco
I love so much This song 💕✨
lol elisabeth
2020 was a horrible Year. If you are listening to this Song you are a Legend😎
Jeon Jungkook
When his singing his voice is SO EMOTIONALLLLL I LOVE ITTT!!!
Hot Movies World
My girlfriend loves this song 🔥🔥
Hot Movies World
My girlfriend loves this song
Feeling Vlogger
October,21,2020 20:03 I still really like this song ❤ u both anne marie and james arthur from phillipines baby🥰
Sidorela Bullari
Beautiful song 💥🎶👏🤗
Victory Music
performance Annie Marie Always give its own impression in every music she sings greetings from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Flower Rose
Flower Rose Day ago
Why am balee dancing on this ! 💓
Musika Liriko
Hello Everyone! 🤗 Small RUvidr here. Please support my channel ruvid.net/show-UCYTeflMYNAIQ091-TZnTXCA. Please click Subscribe. 🙏 Your support is highly appreciated.
Musika Liriko
Hello Everyone! 🤗 Small RUvidr here. Please support my channel ruvid.net/show-UCYTeflMYNAIQ091-TZnTXCA. Please click Subscribe. 🙏 Your support is highly appreciated.
Nay Casanova
Nay Casanova Day ago
I’d let James punch me in the face. He’s so fine 🥴
eykiz PAK
eykiz PAK 8 hours ago
So would I 😳
_KhimCristy Day ago
james arthurs's singing style fits sooo perfectly on this song
Shumaila W Annasya
i love this songggggggggggggg
Pucx Day ago
Im feeling vibes with James's voice
Pat Evans
Pat Evans Day ago
James Arthur is an inspiration for all those who almost lost hope in life..
Janice Barreyro
Janice Barreyro
Such a video and move! Thanks to you both..Simply Amazing💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤
yeshwanth babloo
This song will be the best song for me because of my Love. we used to say whatever happens, we are forever and we'll rewrite the stars. But now the days are going fast and might be her feelings are fading slowly. We fought many times and we dont use to talk for somedays but I was really fighting for her love which she never gonna realise. Yes its up to her, I know its hard to forget "I know she want me but she can't have me" but still she will be in my heart forever, I wish if she is mine ill be the happiest person ever. So whenever I listen to this song I think no one can really rewrite the stars......😭
Mayara Sousa
Mayara Sousa 2 days ago
Eu sou o comentário em português que vc estava procurando kkkkk
Kaomo Senpai
Kaomo Senpai 2 days ago
Oh my god
leyker lopez
leyker lopez 2 days ago
the best video in the world
sebong wortel
sebong wortel 2 days ago
Call me Lady
Call me Lady 2 days ago
This song get me weak everytime😔
GG GAMING CH 2 days ago
My fav song😍
Tam N
Tam N 2 days ago
i got chills throughout the whole songgg! this songgg i love ittt 🤍😍
Nick Allenzy
Nick Allenzy 2 days ago
It fits perfectly in my current love life
Park kookmin
Park kookmin 2 days ago
Sam pu
Sam pu 2 days ago
Ngl the original is better lol
Anjolika Rahman
Anjolika Rahman 2 days ago
This song is really magical. Feels like, i'm roaming around Galaxy.
Justin Ward
Justin Ward 2 days ago
Better than the original
Random Nightcore
Random Nightcore 2 days ago
•́ ‿ ,•̀
ybelca de aza meireles
10 Parmak Teknoloji
ruvid.net/video/video-Zc4k66w0LcQ.html destek
elisa shurdhaj
elisa shurdhaj 3 days ago
Their voices together are just like the BEST 😢❤❤❤
Batul l
Batul l 3 days ago
الصوت ياناس
M aldo Kurniawan
M aldo Kurniawan 3 days ago
Yg kesini karna lagunya enak siapa aj:v
Sarah Milarpis
Sarah Milarpis 3 days ago
2020. But still watching and watching this video! I love Anne Marie in this video!!! Such a gorgeous woman i ever know! I love you girl 😍😍😍😍
Just Rose
Just Rose 3 days ago
Heaven 💓💓💓💓
Gamer Boii
Gamer Boii 3 days ago
Love from India💖💙 , Anyone else?
AmirulPP46 3 days ago
Who from 2020 back to 2019 here?
Nakib Gaming
Nakib Gaming 3 days ago
Kenjiro. R. Azhar
stef fani
stef fani 3 days ago
James arthur❤❤❤
indiana91 _
indiana91 _ 3 days ago
Love this chemistry😭😘
Sabah Girgis
Sabah Girgis 3 days ago
TinyTigerNYS B
TinyTigerNYS B 3 days ago
if only i had that someone to sing this with 👁💧👄💧👁
tab rony
tab rony 3 days ago
Mantap musiknya&lagunya 👍👍
Hannah X
Hannah X 3 days ago
This is probably the best James Arthur has ever looked
Minal Jahangir
Minal Jahangir 4 days ago
oh my god this is incredible
Living Tangerine
Living Tangerine 4 days ago
I don't usually feel sad listening to sad songs but this is real deal
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Fun fact: Not a single person on planet earth cares if you're watching in October 2020
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If you're listening to this song in this horrible year, you are a Legend.
Sorin Blidaru
Nurzaheerah Abdullah
I love this version so muchhhh
nordiea miller
nordiea miller 4 days ago
Love this song
mel issa
mel issa 4 days ago
Imagine someone love you like James Arthur's song's
noor kara
noor kara 4 days ago
OMG very amazing music
Randall Prather
Randall Prather 4 days ago
Brown wants play football he went out his
Chiquita Parker
Chiquita Parker 4 days ago
life hacks
67大魔王 4 days ago
Mubashira Syed Ali
I'm sorry but I like this version better than Zendaya-Zac one.
허여누 4 days ago
와우^^원곡보ㄷ.....암튼 , 너어무 듣기 좋다. 두분의 목소리가 너무 내취향이다 이제야 이런 분들은 발견하다니....역쉬 난 럭키거얼이었어!!!!! I was lucky girl, because i find it....
xpert 10
xpert 10 4 days ago
I ship em
Dorca Nyakundi
Dorca Nyakundi 4 days ago
Hey guys I love ur voices
Shiroi Hebi
Shiroi Hebi 4 days ago
I cried.
Shaun Brennan
Shaun Brennan 4 days ago
Makes it better that big James is a rangers fan
Diane Cerbito
Diane Cerbito 4 days ago
Still watching hoho
Ami Ami
Ami Ami 4 days ago
Anyone from 2020?🤜🏾🤓🤛🏽
Chelseyareann 12
Chelseyareann 12 4 days ago
Randy SANN
Randy SANN 4 days ago
Love you Anne❤
fortunate dzvova
fortunate dzvova 4 days ago
During this difficult time when we are far apart caught between reality and hope for things to go back to the way they once were ..What if we rewrite the stars right lets continue to keep the faith 💪
Valentina 5 days ago
This is what it feels like to be gay and still in the closett
Dhowowjegd Shqioqksgz
peehu negi
peehu negi 5 days ago
wow what a beautiful song
Glen Candra
Glen Candra 5 days ago
I love you anne marie
sarah kithan
sarah kithan 5 days ago
I love them both. Such an attractive voice😘😘
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