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~Anime~Princess Mononoke = Legend of Ashitaka Soundtrack (Original)

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Feb 4, 2012

AnimeSoundtrackLegend (film)PrincessOriginal




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Comments 992
umer seth
umer seth 17 hours ago
Gosh i cry my heart when I listen this
T&S Day ago
This song is soooo emotional, my soul is dancing in the sky... I love it~~
Freemix 2 days ago
Hand on my heart, most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard.
2004mojo 2 days ago
Crying for 3 reasons. 1. Because this piece of music is simply epic. 2. Because I discovered it by accident after loving 2 other films by Hayao Miyazaki and looking for scenes from them on youtube, I came across the soundtrack for Princess Mononoke which I later purchased & also the film. 3. Because I never tire hearing this piece and never will.
John Smith
John Smith 2 days ago
*GOT's Ghost's original parents.*
Picasso VVIX
Picasso VVIX 3 days ago
This music is the only type of music that makes me feel a deep connection to life. like the vibe I get from this melody is that of looking over a city, knowing that there's much more to life than all of that of what I'm looking over. To want more and to do more than that of what I'm overlooking with the lives that's just going on, being out and about in their way in that city. But that's how I feel with this song. I love it. It brings meaning with it
J T 4 days ago
watched this when i was 12, i just watched this again at 20, its beautiful
Whats the best music to describe the enormity of nature? Tchaikovskys Waltz of flowers? Vivaldi’s four seasons? I would say this piece would be the best...
Wulpes Wulpes
Wulpes Wulpes 5 days ago
This is my favourite piece of Ghibli music and possibly my favourite piece of all time
RTO 6 days ago
What kind of monster downvotes this
RdhBro H-man
RdhBro H-man 7 days ago
I love this song so much because it has the peace and emotion everyone should put in their lifes
Number 57
Number 57 8 days ago
Well there's 374 people I'm glad aren't in my life.
Tasha with the pasta
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva 9 days ago
Home road
Home road 10 days ago
Love the ending, Not a classic westhern style ending, but more realistic one. I'm lucky that I still have the passion, admiration or love to this movie untill I finaly close my eyes.
עמית עציץ
עמית עציץ 13 days ago
i came for 2:18 altough that whole ost is amazing
Marta Nowak
Marta Nowak 15 days ago
Jak to pierwszy raz usłyszałam w radiu to musiałam znać tytuł, JEST PIĘKNA💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞To jest do bajki chińskiej albo japońskiej
m m
m m 15 days ago
My parents are super anti-tattoo - my Princess Mononoke tattoo was actually ok
Ethical Cobra413
Ethical Cobra413 17 days ago
U notice this sounds very similar to "Phantom of the Opera"??
An Khánh
An Khánh 17 days ago
Bài hát thật tuyệt vời
Frost Bite
Frost Bite 17 days ago
Saw this when i was 10. 18 now.
Weaboo :3
Weaboo :3 18 days ago
This piece never fails to make me cry
Julien Brissart
Julien Brissart 18 days ago
This should be Japan's national anthem
alter schwede
alter schwede 18 days ago
2019 Here :D
Carcasse 21 day ago
Je this the meilleur movie que j'ai vu de toute ma life ? Obvousli yes
phudu Đặng
phudu Đặng 21 day ago
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day. 🙂
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 12 days ago
phudu Đặng I like peas
Martin Duplessis
Martin Duplessis 22 days ago
La légende d'Ashitaka, celui qui porta sur le monde un regard sans haine.
Adam Hyatt
Adam Hyatt 22 days ago
Natures voice
Richardi 23 days ago
I love how this music is a mix of some different Ghibli themes from Totoro and Nausicaa, but still has an original theme. This theme is among one of the best Ghibli pieces
Koyomatsu Demon san
I remember watching some of this as a child and for years YEARS ive been trying to figure out what it was Who knew all i had to do was tap on a link to (top 10 archer characters)
macfiash92 25 days ago
other anome graphisme 2019 possible bestt animé
Fire Ferret Gamer Boy
legend of ashitaka. *cough cough* legend of zelda *cough cough* I think nintendo *cough cough* copyrighted *cough cough* *wheeze* *cough* no *cough* *wheeze* i am not *wheeze* doing alr- *cough cough* right. *cough cough*
Nameless 28 days ago
This movie should see everyone once a life😁 great movie, and soundtrack is just Harmony of death and life😊😆😉
Rhumbrero Loco
Rhumbrero Loco 28 days ago
I was looking for about 4 years to find the title of that amazing movie I watch when I was 15. I only had the music in mind but not the title of the music, I even recorded myself singing it to not forget it. And finally found it. Thank you, it almost made me cry
Caribou des profondeurs
Mein Name
Mein Name Month ago
Just great!
noémi Month ago
I love
Aube Yakamoz
Aube Yakamoz Month ago
this is the song to represent our existance as human.
Lichtblick Month ago
I love it ♥
Nᴜᴍʙ sᴘᴀᴄᴇ
1990-2000 = best generation
Dakophyntix Month ago
I watched the movie for the first time when I was 14. Back at that time I really liked the characters ( especially San, even had a crush on her o_O ), the plot, the setting and the soundtrack. This movie was the first anime that I've ever watched in my life. It was so strangely exotic and beautiful that it touched my heart. Yesterday, I just found the movie DVD standing in my shelves and I couldn't resist to drag it out and put it into my DVD drive. After not touching it for about three years I was really excited to watch the movie again. This time, I came behind the true meaning of this movie and it didn't only touch my heart, it even went further. It gave me a feeling of inner peace which I can't describe. No other movie has ever managed to give me such a feeling.
Brandon Her
Brandon Her Month ago
0:30 - 1:02 makes me want to take a hike over mountains on a cloudy day while it is barely sprinkling.
Shootin' sum Ballas ya know
This makes me feel sad but idk man, sad in a good way i think, i dont really know i feel so bad, it makes me think on another world where its just me and just me, im lost in a beautiful place, where i need to survive by myself, its beautiful but i feel so alone, i wanna be with someone, or maybe i just wanna stay alone in this beautiful place, i wanna be with my friends and family people i really care about and we all together working for something in common, lost but at the same time we wanna stay there, in that beautiful place where we need to find our own things. I dont know man i dont really know i wanna cry i feel so sad. i dont know whats happening to me im so confused, i dont know where im gonna be next years, i just want the best for my family but im so misunderstood even by myself i dont know who i am im so lost in this life. i imagine a better world or a more interesting world, where im with people i care about, in a jungle or egypt or somewhere like that i dont know if you feel me, im just so sad i cant get that life or that "world" and knowing in the real life im alone its so heartbreaking.
L Mason
L Mason 7 days ago
You will find yourself and people who will love and understand you. Chase those feelings; let yourself feel sad and crave a beautiful place where you work alongside those you care about for a common good. That is the most powerful feeling you can have and if you work towards that then you can change the world. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself.
Jonathan Baldwin
To tell you the truth I thought they could have done more with the story but the art is absolutely breathtaking
I couldn't think of a name
Lmao your profile pic tho
Hawk Light
Hawk Light Month ago
There's no black or white in this film. No one's truly good or truly evil, everyone has their views and motives in this. It manages to capture real life, how everyone has their own reasons to be in the right and its not like other films where there's a villain and a hero. Its all just grey.
Steven Lillford-Wildman
New England!
Naya Watchman
Naya Watchman Month ago
2:48 ur welcome x
TTF Tyrenn
TTF Tyrenn Month ago
See the little one with his boner and his smile in the up-right corner of the image ? Can't unsee him now..
Hawk Light
Hawk Light Month ago
"Awe heck yeah, I'm missing an eye but there's some hot wolf girl looking my way"
Lisa Month ago
this is one of my favorite songs from joe hisaishi, i absolutely love it! and the movie of course
An yee
An yee Month ago
You know the composer is hella good when I want to watch the movie when u only heared the.song
An yee
An yee Month ago
Madeleine Month ago
This film is such a masterpiece. I watched it the first time when I was a child and now that I’m an adult I can understand a totally meaning. It’s Miyazaki Genius : there’s a different meaning for every age. It’s so political and so poetic at the same time. The soundtrack is just wonderful. For me Princess Mononoke is a piece of Art extremly underated.
Niday Month ago
I’ve listened to thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of pieces of music. But for me, this is the best of them all. It just conveys so much emotion, all the different instruments really interact with each other, tell a story to the listener. I can’t really put it into words, but I’m glad to be alive so I’m able to listen to this. „Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living.” - Osa
Варя тич
Варя тич Month ago
я таю🤤🤤🤤🤤
fatih mulla
fatih mulla Month ago
uprising of the nature
Sandro Immordino
I’m in love with mononoke ... literaly.. hahaha
Dban1 Month ago
missy basic
missy basic Month ago
never seen this movie but this is the best thing
Unicorn Tears
Unicorn Tears Month ago
The inuyasha vibes, the nostalgia and childhood memories come crashing all in together
전채린 Month ago
This song is sad,but very beautiful
B Babamzel
B Babamzel Month ago
Feels like the Little Witch Academia ost took inspiration from this
Juan A
Juan A Month ago
An incredible soundtrack for this masterpiece truly one of the greatest animated movies of all time.
Shane Rodriguez
Shane Rodriguez Month ago
uplouded 2012 and only under 4 Million clicks, how can that be? on of the best soundtrack of all time
Thierry Deneault
Just a fucking great movie thank you 😢😢😢
Sharon Z
Sharon Z Month ago
Give me chills every time I listen to this. Princess Mononoke is without doubts my favorite Ghibli studio movie
Fandom Trash
Fandom Trash Month ago
I have been looking for this song since I was a kid. I watched this movie with my dad when i was a small kiddo, and have had this theme engrained in my memory since. Now i found it, im just listening to it on repeat, while on the verge of tears, cause nostalgia just hit me like a truck load of bricks
Groudon #383
Groudon #383 Month ago
WTF 349 dislikes so far?!?! Watch the movie first and then talk about the whole amazing soundtrack!!!
300 subscribers without videos?
Joe Hisaishi is a genius. enough said.
Capitaine Flam
Capitaine Flam Month ago
do you know what is Shan's color? I know it's emerald green (it's the same eye color as a certain Harry)
Dovyeon Month ago
This song gave me chills
Max Month ago
In life and especially in war there are many points of view, no matter how you turn it everyone acts are for a reason, the only evil is the power to make us do evil things: selfishness, envy, greed,... Destroying the enemy is not the right way, the right way is to overcome these bad feelings, thats what Ashikata ment when he said: You are not fighting the right one Excuse my english
Heffsta02 2 months ago
martin pardon
martin pardon 2 months ago
This Music feels sooo nostalgic...
Samantha Playz
Samantha Playz 2 months ago
I love this movie there’s not really any bad people!
Sofia Laane
Sofia Laane 2 months ago
I’m crying It’s so beautifull art peace😭💗🌱🌱
The Creator
The Creator 2 months ago
2.7 million views around christmas, the attention is rising
Jonah Fuerstenberg
Jonah Fuerstenberg 2 months ago
Why am I in tears now?
CRAZY ARMY 2 months ago
I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love
Den ele
Den ele 2 months ago
*ALL THE SOUNDTRACK FROM THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING AND NOSTALGIG* (Edit: from 0:00 to 0:54 this reminds me something really funny like when you take Sans's ketchup bottle and then it falls out of your hands............ *please don't get mad or shout if you read it as I said before this is probably my favourite movie a ever seen* ...an actuall Princess Mononoke x Undertale comment...only for the edit......)
ラピュタLaputa 2 months ago
Legendary Movie
Rob Burns
Rob Burns 2 months ago
Can stodeo Gibley make a 15 film of the land before time If the fans want it with dreamworks and ablemation
Felipe Zava
Felipe Zava 2 months ago
One of the most beautiful and heartfelt pieces of music I have ever heard in my life. I feel lucky and honoured to have the chance to listen to this masterpiece in my lifetime. Cheers and amusement to all of you!
Zephora Zonum
Zephora Zonum 2 months ago
Fancy Dream
Fancy Dream 2 months ago
I don't think this piece is sad. It feels like freedom. Like feeling the wind and be free. It's not sad at all. It is so powerfully overwhelming with spirit. I love this piece
KĒKI CHAN :'3 2 months ago
Salvemos el bosque !!!!
Lucas Biais
Lucas Biais 2 months ago
I listen to this soundtrack every week and it still gives me goosebumps
mahé 2 months ago
Joe , you are the best of world!!!! Not oscar , not grammy...
Luisa Regina
Luisa Regina 2 months ago
This sounds so Oriental and since I don't know anything about music I can't explain why.
Fire Ferret Gamer Boy
legend of ashitaka *cough cough* zelda *cough cough*
Sarah Kottnaurová
Sarah Kottnaurová 2 months ago
Sui R
Sui R 2 months ago
Such an epic theme. After all these years it still gives me goosebumps.
Danielle Brock
Danielle Brock 2 months ago
I love princess mononoke she makes me feel brave and powerful I used to quietly chant her name when bad thoughts would go through my mind
Muchammad Ghufron
Muchammad Ghufron 2 months ago
I love this movie because the aren't obvious heroes and villains, just shades of gray. creditmp3.com/
MrKushinator420 2 months ago
I first watched this on vacation in Florida when bored at a blockbuster when I was like 10 years old... my mom rented it and watched it with me. We both loved it, she hasn't watched it since, but everyone I've shown it to has gotten very emotional during the movie. Seems it can relate to all audiences, and I still relate with it. Miyazaki does miraculous works of art.
icarusdjr 2 months ago
Mononoke Hime is one of the greatest films of all time, and not just for animation. This film is truly Miyazaki's masterwork. A near perfect masterpiece unmatched by many.
maning04 2 months ago
A masterpiece that is to be passed down to future generations. And that is all thanks to a great and talented man such as hayao miyazaki-san!
Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo 2 months ago
/watch?v=8utSJGsUT3M :)
Hawk Light
Hawk Light Month ago
Thats not even a link
Vaca Voadora ML
Vaca Voadora ML 2 months ago
I love princes mononoke
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