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~Anime~Princess Mononoke = Legend of Ashitaka Soundtrack (Original)

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please understand that i do not own these videos
i am just doing this for soundtrack lovers


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Feb 4, 2012




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Samantha Playz
Samantha Playz 3 hours ago
I love this movie there’s not really any bad people!
Sofia Laane
Sofia Laane 6 hours ago
I’m crying It’s so beautifull art peace😭💗🌱🌱
The Creator
The Creator 2 days ago
2.7 million views around christmas, the attention is rising
Jonah Fuerstenberg
Why am I in tears now?
CRAZY ARMY 3 days ago
I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love
Den ele
Den ele 4 days ago
*ALL THE SOUNDTRACK FROM THAT MOVIE IS AMAZING AND NOSTALGIG* (Edit: from 0:00 to 0:54 this reminds me something really funny like when you take Sans's ketchup bottle and then it falls out of your hands............ *please don't get mad or shout if you read it as I said before this is probably my favourite movie a ever seen* ...an actuall Princess Mononoke x Undertale comment...only for the edit......)
Laputa ラピュタ
Legendary Movie
Rob Burns
Rob Burns 5 days ago
Can stodeo Gibley make a 15 film of the land before time If the fans want it with dreamworks and ablemation
Felipe Zava
Felipe Zava 5 days ago
One of the most beautiful and heartfelt pieces of music I have ever heard in my life. I feel lucky and honoured to have the chance to listen to this masterpiece in my lifetime. Cheers and amusement to all of you!
Zephora Zonum
Zephora Zonum 6 days ago
Fancy Dream
Fancy Dream 6 days ago
I don't think this piece is sad. It feels like freedom. Like feeling the wind and be free. It's not sad at all. It is so powerfully overwhelming with spirit. I love this piece
KĒKI CHAN :'3 6 days ago
Salvemos el bosque !!!!
Lucas Biais
Lucas Biais 6 days ago
I listen to this soundtrack every week and it still gives me goosebumps
mahé 6 days ago
Joe , you are the best of world!!!! Not oscar , not grammy...
Luisa Regina
Luisa Regina 7 days ago
This sounds so Oriental and since I don't know anything about music I can't explain why.
Fire Ferret Gamer Boy
legend of ashitaka *cough cough* zelda *cough cough*
Sarah Kottnaurová
Sui R
Sui R 7 days ago
Such an epic theme. After all these years it still gives me goosebumps.
Danielle Brock
Danielle Brock 8 days ago
I love princess mononoke she makes me feel brave and powerful I used to quietly chant her name when bad thoughts would go through my mind
Muchammad Ghufron
I love this movie because the aren't obvious heroes and villains, just shades of gray. creditmp3.com/
MrKushinator420 9 days ago
I first watched this on vacation in Florida when bored at a blockbuster when I was like 10 years old... my mom rented it and watched it with me. We both loved it, she hasn't watched it since, but everyone I've shown it to has gotten very emotional during the movie. Seems it can relate to all audiences, and I still relate with it. Miyazaki does miraculous works of art.
icarusdjr 10 days ago
Mononoke Hime is one of the greatest films of all time, and not just for animation. This film is truly Miyazaki's masterwork. A near perfect masterpiece unmatched by many.
maning04 10 days ago
A masterpiece that is to be passed down to future generations. And that is all thanks to a great and talented man such as hayao miyazaki-san!
Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo 10 days ago
/watch?v=8utSJGsUT3M :)
Vaca Voadora ML
Vaca Voadora ML 11 days ago
I love princes mononoke
スパイン 12 days ago
Kannugen 13 days ago
2:45 theres a demon inside you both
Pokémon Trainer Serena
I expected this to become the song from Pokémon black and white where N’s dragon appears
Pokémon Trainer Serena
That beginning sounds like something from Pokémon black/white
Kongo V
Kongo V 17 days ago
Tiago Machado
Tiago Machado 18 days ago
Just rewatched this movie last week after so many years. Such a masterpiece
Cora P.
Cora P. 18 days ago
So beautiful
Gabriel Andreau
Gabriel Andreau 18 days ago
Beautiful music
Du Nguyenminh
Du Nguyenminh 20 days ago
try listen to this song at midnight :)))
Kanzaki Kou
Kanzaki Kou 21 day ago
I'm chilled listening to this
the knight
the knight 21 day ago
I love the fact that the views is rising so drastic
Alexis Borquez
Alexis Borquez 22 days ago
que bonita melodía "grande joe hisaishi"
Skyler Sebok
Skyler Sebok 23 days ago
The cello and brass at 1:59 sounds so incredibly regal
tori 23 days ago
this gives me the feels :,(
NFL- Stimpy
NFL- Stimpy 23 days ago
just watched the movie yesterday. it's a masterpiece!
Alex Kotov
Alex Kotov 23 days ago
03/ 2019.
Abhishek Ray
Abhishek Ray 25 days ago
Came here from Hip Hop Universe Outro Instrumental
juan pablo rojas
juan pablo rojas 25 days ago
i love mononoke (San)
Quantum Coc
Quantum Coc 25 days ago
Best of best love this since i watched the film
nahima marouchi
nahima marouchi 25 days ago
Jaime Nieves
Jaime Nieves 26 days ago
You guys think there will be another Princess Mononoke movie sequel? Because it was a greatest movie of all time. And plus do you guy's think that Princess Mononoke is a Disney princess? Because princess mononoke is a part of Disney even though she's anime.
ErichWilliam 27 days ago
MMGeri 27 days ago
those 317 people live in Australia
Awolfx 28 days ago
0:13 Gonza: Traitor! You're a spy for the wolves aren't you!
Jessica C
Jessica C 29 days ago
Best soundtrack of all the ones I have listened.
Audino the sweets warlock
..Never watched it. The music is amazing. I think the movie will be good. . .
Nam Nguyễn Nhật
I see war in this song !!
Isabelle Herrera
I just love this track and Miyazaki's films they are all so stunning and just so enjoyable. but also the music that comes out of each film is just so amazingly beautiful and just so pleasant to listen to and I even used to listen to these at night to just lull me to sleep. I would hum along but what I love most is the fact that these pieces of music came for these films, I just can't seem to not help but picture Miyazaki's artwork and stunning visuals
Fort Hacker
Fort Hacker Month ago
Princess Mononoke is actually anime
SaiYaNunChak128 Month ago
lie or joke besa biwa raあte
Ramsés Vilchis
Ramsés Vilchis Month ago
Una obra de arte. Una historia sencilla, profunda ( qué contrastes), tranquila, excitante, llena de opuesto,paradojas. Música bella y que nos hace viajar hacia allá y más allá,mente y espíritu en un vuelo tranquilo,libre...🌫️🍃🍃🍃🍂🌫️🍂🌫️🍂🌟 "YO ME PREGUNTO SI LAS ESTRELLAS BRILLAN PARA QUE CADA QUIEN ENCUENTRE LA SUYA". ANTOINE DE SAINT EXUPERY. EL PRINCIPITO
totoro chan
totoro chan Month ago
Comentario en español, plz likes, best soundtrack ❤️
Levi Month ago
This piece is wonderful but if anyone is looking for another great OST Howl's Moving Castle's OST is nice also, I would say on par with this one in my opinion.. check it out
jean-claude lemoche
To see a World unclouded
Espectacular Una de las bandas sonoras de mi vida. Saludos desde el sur de España 💔💔💔
carterri Month ago
This song is cool!
Душан Ћулибрк
저녁식사 Month ago
Gabriel Valentine
Most beautiful instrumental!
Huy Quang
Huy Quang Month ago
Masterpiece ! This is really Masterpiece !!!
유혜민Jina Month ago
when i was young(maybe i was 6 or 7)i watched Sprited away and few years later i watched this movie.when i was little Sprited away was my favorite but after i grown up it has changed.I liked Spirited away more than this masterpiece because it's difficult to understand for 9years old kid. Now i know this movie is a truly un art.
loser mcloser
loser mcloser Month ago
when i was 5 that was one of the only movies we had in our old little house, i watched it till i memorize everything, now im 20 and after that many years i watched this again and everything that makes me sad and worry about just disappeared
Aryan Month ago
Sounds a bit Chinese.
ritz. ok
ritz. ok Month ago
when i was little i thought the curse looked like bacon. imagine getting the curse marks as like a tattoo sleeve in dedication, and then some kid like me asks you about why you got bacon tattooed on ur arm...
WODHOO Month ago
The Creator
The Creator Month ago
The views is rising drastically, I like it
tyron smith
tyron smith Month ago
rob lucci
rob lucci Month ago
Nadya Annjeanette
it's just impossible to get bored of this, it's just so good!
studyflow Month ago
if you love this, go check out the remix it's amazingggg
Ema Peiu
Ema Peiu Month ago
This sends me to another dimension yo
Milo Ziirsen
Milo Ziirsen Month ago
“Does right hand of yours wish to kill me ashitaka”
süssiboy69 Month ago
Einer wegen Eko Fresh 700 bars hier?
Angel Saiyan
Angel Saiyan Month ago
William Huang
William Huang Month ago
Zion 2 months ago
in my soul for ever
The Marsh Fox
The Marsh Fox 2 months ago
I'm currently attending school in the Great Smokey Mountains and I can personally say that listening to the soundtrack of Princess Mononoke while walking through clouded forests about 3,000 feet up in the Appalachians is a surreal experience.
The Marsh Fox
The Marsh Fox Month ago
+Max Theawesome oh it is.
Max Theawesome
Max Theawesome Month ago
Man, that sounds badass.
Will B
Will B 2 months ago
I sort of believe that by our very ability to perceive and understand not just the rules of reality, but that there ARE rules to reality, and dream around those rules. Concoct and invent legends, heroes, tragic lovers. That maybe at a younger point in the history of the universe the rules were less strict. Maybe magic did exist. Maybe existence in itself is the magic. Maybe reality was more malleable. Maybe it will be again. If the universe ebbs and flows like a vast cosmic ocean, out with a bang into the void before receding back into nothingness again and again eternally, then maybe we will again see a younger universe. A younger life. Where magic is all pervasive.
AmaZinG YennK
AmaZinG YennK 21 hour ago
En fait c'est pas la bonne humeur du Renard roux sont des gens comme
Will B
Will B Month ago
Chubb!3 Nubb!3 absolutely! You’re more than welcome to
Chubb!3 Nubb!3
Chubb!3 Nubb!3 Month ago
Will B can I use a few words from you in a story I’m writing? It’s about the Greater Truth and I feel like you have just etched out another character and their story :)))
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor 2 months ago
I was able to see this in cinema recently and it really was an experience
Erwan Gutlé
Erwan Gutlé 2 months ago
Le Dieu cerf
Kévin Mépas
Kévin Mépas 2 months ago
Phillip Drouin
Phillip Drouin 2 months ago
There are obvious villains though... Lady Ebochi is greedy as fuck. The fact that she wants more and more parts of the mountain and the forest is pure Greed. The forest and the animals did not start this shit. By not picking sides Ashitaka is complicit in the destruction of the planet. The same as you, young person. If today you refuse to pick a side, well your children will live upon barren mountains and there will be no god to save them.
Klinsk 2 months ago
This song makes me cry every time, now I wanna see the movie again
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 2 months ago
Best animated movie
I Like Turtles ;D
I Like Turtles ;D 2 months ago
00:00 goosebumps 00:30 on the verge of crying 1:00 Bawling
Smoof29 2 months ago
This song makes my palms sweat it's so good
Personoide 2 months ago
Still get chills listening to this
Japa Yi
Japa Yi 2 months ago
sempre me emociono com essa trilha
Giorgi Mikeladze
Giorgi Mikeladze 2 months ago
1998-in I was 8 years old, and I asked my mom to buy me some Disney movie VHS. When she arrived at home, she brought with her VHS of Mononoke Hime, I was anxious, because I had never heard anything about Japanese anime.So I put the tape and watch this incredible masterpiece, After that I was so grateful That I saw such a epic story, After that I became fan of Hayao Miyazaki sama and found for myself amazing world of Japanese Anime
Jessî Toro Troncoso*
Una de las pocas películas en la que los protagonistas no terminan juntos en amor como un final feliz, sino siguiendo sus ideales en lugares separados, pero sin olvidarse el uno del otro. Esta película enseña que debemos vivir, así de simple. Hermosa! ❤
Le Phi
Le Phi 2 months ago
I love this music and the film
I Like Turtles ;D
I Like Turtles ;D 2 months ago
Hooo My God nostalgia
TC 2 months ago
The only other OST that can probably, MAAAAAAAAAYBE, beat this is Howl's Moving Castle. But it's composed by the same dude, Joe Hisaishi.
Yumira 2 months ago
Arrepia demais 😍😍
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