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The Second Installment to the popular series Anime House! Where Anime Characters all live together under one roof! Make Sure You leave a Like And A Comment After Watching This
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Apr 9, 2019

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Comments 17 459
Clan N__
Clan N__ 5 hours ago
Make anime house 3 plz
David Gibson
David Gibson 5 hours ago
I cant see what's going on but ik vegeta getting beat up is he not... yes yusuke vegeta is losing.....trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Gibson
David Gibson 5 hours ago
I swear this shit hilarious everytime yusuke talk shit to vegeta he turn away after
Z Blox
Z Blox 5 hours ago
The battle shouldve ended I in 2.5 seconds he ONE PUNCH MAN!
ronin fleming
ronin fleming 7 hours ago
That "trash" kills me.
TRASH_SSGRY 7 hours ago
The level of gring
Devon Jones
Devon Jones 7 hours ago
jair chavez
jair chavez 9 hours ago
Part 3!!!!
53CR37 5N1P3R
53CR37 5N1P3R 13 hours ago
For next anime house you should bring in Natsu Dragniel. And have him fight Goku, essentially if an opponent is stronger than Natsu he get badly beat up then magically becomes more op that Goku
GOGETA The strongest fusion
Sataiama is weaker then krillen
It’sNature Beast
It’sNature Beast 15 hours ago
Naruto an beat goku
Wisp 16 hours ago
Orochimaru one to talk about losing Boi this nigga died 3 times over the course of the series
importsport 18 hours ago
7:05 I don't fight people with wedge shoes on 😂😂😂😂
Amirah LaForcarde
Amirah LaForcarde 19 hours ago
"I keep tryna let people know this ain't Yugi anymore, it's Yami-" *"Yugi (Yami)" appears*
abhisekh sen
abhisekh sen Day ago
Man this nigga is clearly lying lol M. Ded
TrueZangetsu66 •
Anime Villian House?
DestineMCPE Day ago
im gay ._.
im gay ._. Day ago
is this anime house or if anime characters were black?
Momo Yaoyorozu
Lmao, a bit of both I guess- but I'm here for it.
GohanJr Productions!
Lol how is Goku dead?
Path of the N
Yo where can we get these beats from though
FaZe Glos
FaZe Glos 2 days ago
Bro I wish goku would go UI and drop all these bitch ass niggas. 😂
Paige Miles
Paige Miles 2 days ago
I love all the animes shown. I'm living for these videos😂😂
Benny Rodriguez
Benny Rodriguez 2 days ago
Hahahah fuuuuuck, can’t beat him just stoooop
VayneSteals Souls
12:15 LMAO
Melissa Loney
Melissa Loney 2 days ago
“Don’t be shy I sense a great power from you” Goku hella passive aggressive with a Scorpio moon
Ja'Mel Brewster
Ja'Mel Brewster 2 days ago
Bruh I swear y'all need a show
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 2 days ago
Y'all should've added in Kirito in the swordsman part
meme.sensei 3 days ago
9:48 who's the afro and red jacket guy?
Kellz Main
Kellz Main 3 days ago
FINNALY somebody brought light onto samurai champloo
Fluffymiyster 3 days ago
I love that the thing that revealed L's name was something so damn mundane! A fucking piece of mail! This man is about to die because he got a bill in the mail, XDD!
Jean Paul Loze
Jean Paul Loze 3 days ago
slyfox 104
slyfox 104 3 days ago
Naruto sucks
Monee Walters
Monee Walters 3 days ago
Everything about this was on point...but these wigs!!! I’ve lost all control of my breathing with the way these wigs was movin 😂😂😂
C onstellatixns
C onstellatixns 3 days ago
dat 6 pathes scene wus well coordinated 💀
Ko Decoy
Ko Decoy 3 days ago
Why Desmond always the angry nigga😂
Pursuit of Gainz
Pursuit of Gainz 4 days ago
This gets even better the second time you watch it I swear!!!
Mio Kuroki
Mio Kuroki 4 days ago
Wow, awesome Sailor Moon Crystal poster at 02:30
Crazybafoon606 4 days ago
I like the castle crashes music at the end
Nicholas Jordan
Nicholas Jordan 4 days ago
You think my dads a dead beat? Had my ass rolling
bizor22 4 days ago
They need to have anime house 3 for real with doflamingo, stain, madara, freiza cell that would be cold Like so they can see
Jay Drawings
Jay Drawings 4 days ago
I want saiki kusuo
Elegant Monstrous
Saitama ain't even bald there c'mon man
Khaphung Jingdam
Khaphung Jingdam 4 days ago
We would love this as series 💥
ChannChann02 Deox
I fucking love pain🤣🤣
Jay Edits
Jay Edits 4 days ago
bro they need saiki k in this house
Choke point
Choke point 4 days ago
Please add hiro and 002
Jonathan Ray
Jonathan Ray 4 days ago
Is JoJo coming to the house next?
Marax 5 days ago
Well done guys, I really enjoyed it :D
William Joseph
William Joseph 5 days ago
This dont make sense becsuse ichigo is a soul reaper and non of them are spirit beings so how can they see him?
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