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Anime Food IN REAL LIFE! I’ve watched anime since I was a little and always wanted to try the food in real life! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what you'd want to eat! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 7 months ago
No one: Me: dELiCiOuS 🤪
Gacha_Mochi _Ian
Gacha_Mochi _Ian 14 days ago
lol 😂
Isabelle Somers
Isabelle Somers 15 days ago
the big brekfast was from a movie named ''howl's moving castle''. i'm a kid so don't make fun of my spelling.
BurgergamerBAD 16 days ago
3:57 how did she not get demonetized!?
purple cream
purple cream 2 months ago
Gabrielle Cleofe
Gabrielle Cleofe 2 months ago
Me and my sister wuf you oops did I say wuf sorry I meant love you by the way your the best RUvidr in the whole wide world 🤗
Clairey Bauschlicher
Lia: Where you get that bacon from Ghibli/Howl's moving castle fans: A fire demon that basically got harassed into cooking that bacon :D I love Calcifer
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall 13 hours ago
Attack on Titans me evaporate as soon as it is tooken off the Titan
Kittycat Sophie
Kittycat Sophie 14 hours ago
who else watching in 2020? And who else is hungry after watching dis?
Lukas sherlock
Lukas sherlock 19 hours ago
I such your name it is so good
Ariel Monarch
Ariel Monarch 21 hour ago
Smoked el :3 😋😍 Yummyyy
Honestly I *LOVE* Akame ga kill SSSniper you should watch it sometime if you're into assassins fighting for a whole country and battling an army of trillions with an army of thousands
saPugs Roblox
Omg ponyo
Kawaii_ LemonLime
Man one day I have to visit the Attack on Titan cafe ❤️ low key looks delicious 😋 Especially because it’s my absolute fav anime
HunterXHunter, Bleach, DragonBallz, Naruto, and seven deadly sins
K Jewels
K Jewels Day ago
10:43 Them brussel sprouts 🤢 not peas
Rex Romero
Rex Romero Day ago
I don’t like eggs yuck
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
naruto noodles
If you want a really good anime watch the seven deadly sins 👌
Mehdi ASMR
Mehdi ASMR 2 days ago
my favorite anime is of course DRAGON BALLLLLLLL
Mallory Shocklee
Mallory Shocklee 2 days ago
i love onyon
Ryan Gacha 123
Ryan Gacha 123 2 days ago
How i eat a egg i eat all the white stuff and take the yoake and eat it whole
Foxy's Extra
Foxy's Extra 2 days ago
I think I'm gonna get pizza today 🍕
SŧaŗiČøffé Ŋiğĥtx
*Wow Leah better feed those puppies on your shirt cuz both of them got too hungry to watch that video and one of em just be snakin on the other XD* *Anyone noticed her shirt btw? Im in love with it its so cute!*
Sakura Kawaii
Sakura Kawaii 2 days ago
I tried rice balls once..... I ended up getting appendicitis ;-;
iHummus 3 days ago
oh no shes ranting about eating titans i need to move to mexico
Kawaii_ LemonLime
Yo itz Berthold 😂😂😂
AdaEnpanada 3 days ago
The melon bread looks like Concha a sweet bread which is popular in mexico
GaidenSSG 101
GaidenSSG 101 3 days ago
*eats dragon balls* No one: I FEEEELLLL THE SHEEEEENROOOOOOON!!!!!!
Shoto todoroki
Shoto todoroki 3 days ago
Kawaii_ LemonLime
Nope :) I reacted the exact same way 😂❤️👌🏻
Georgia Rose Thompson
They don't eat the titans because they are to not and evaporate anyway and if u did watch it you would know that titans are humans so cannibalism alert i mean rlly u should pay attention and I doubt that they would test good
Mina Park
Mina Park 3 days ago
My mom actually makes the octopus sausages XD
Von 3 days ago
SniperWolf: Gotta make a video, searches anime food.
Elizabeth Dooley
Elizabeth Dooley 3 days ago
i am watching her in covid 19 thing
ØutSpxce Bruh
ØutSpxce Bruh 4 days ago
My fav anime is *haikyuu*
hobi sPrItE
hobi sPrItE 4 days ago
That's not butter it's pickled radish
Cel cel
Cel cel 4 days ago
Them pancakes from kimi no na wa lookin bomb asf doe
Lexi Mika
Lexi Mika 4 days ago
This is how many times she said “mmm” ⬇️
Abigail Jacobs
Abigail Jacobs 4 days ago
Jeez I'm so glad you like Attack on titan as well I saw the video when Sasha had a "flash back " of when she stole...bread..?
*_-oof-_* 4 days ago
The way she said Totoro or is she talking about something else cus I am talking about My Neighbor Totoro
gizmo 4 days ago
FurryBendy YT
FurryBendy YT 4 days ago
Why dose anime have to make food so good looking. Like a snack.
Lingzhi Hong
Lingzhi Hong 4 days ago
I use chopsticks to eat everything
Lingzhi Hong
Lingzhi Hong 4 days ago
I love rice ball
Janice weng
Janice weng 4 days ago
I luv those kinds of fOOD
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee 4 days ago
My favorite anime is called haunted house it's only on Netflix
Jack_ lyn
Jack_ lyn 4 days ago
Lia: *announces that she washed her hair only in some videos* Me: *wondering if she put effort into keeping her hair hygienic*
Crémei owo
Crémei owo 4 days ago
at 9:20 filipinos: *L u g a w*
Hoathu Minh
Hoathu Minh 5 days ago
Every time she said pastry on the chocolate bread thing, Siri thinks that I said pastry and turns on
RobloxNOOB 5 days ago
balls you can eat?
not joaquin
not joaquin 5 days ago
oh my favorite *soft and wets bubbles from jjba* oh wait that’s the *dragon ballz from dragon ball*
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 5 days ago
You watch Aggretsuko too!?
BloxyBacons 5 days ago
me after watching this video: mom I'm hungry mom: have an apple me; I'll be hungry. mom: have two
Georgina Montero
Georgina Montero 5 days ago
5:49 is that ponyo the fishy in the sea??? 😮😯😐😑😧😅
Mitha Dhillon
Mitha Dhillon 5 days ago
I make sandwiches with onions , tomatoes , cucumbers and Mayo
Your gurl, Alexis
Wait... is that “spirited away”? I LOVE that movie! I never thought that that food was a cupcake shaped as a rive cake. WOW
Lauren Demon
Lauren Demon 5 days ago
I'm surprised they didn't have anything from the Seven Deadly Sins
Fatima De lima
Fatima De lima 5 days ago
I had a rice ball like in Dec on a boat Vaca and it was so good
Angelathevoyager D
My stupid dream is stuff my face with anime food
polar bear records
On the road to 20 mill let's get her to 20 mill by less than 3 months
arjun prasad
arjun prasad 6 days ago
Wth is Canadian bacon I live in Canada and our bacon looks the same as the ones in America
Juliza Chavez
Juliza Chavez 4 days ago
Canadian bacon is basically ham
Alfred Mapangdol
Alfred Mapangdol 6 days ago
Oh rice balls in the Philippines we have so much of rice balls but without seaweed
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter 6 days ago
Need to try making these on ur new channel
Luca Karmi
Luca Karmi 6 days ago
Anf my fav anime is naruto shipuden
Luca Karmi
Luca Karmi 6 days ago
What is… Your name
hey ssniperwolf have you seen the anime My hero acadimea?
Lavender Dobson
Lavender Dobson 6 days ago
Lavender Dobson
Lavender Dobson 6 days ago
3:19 my auntie has chop sticks that you use to put up your hair
Aaheli Das
Aaheli Das 6 days ago
I never watch anime but I watch ANIME FOOD WITH Lia!!! 🤪
Army Blinks!!!
Army Blinks!!! 7 days ago
her shirt is soooooooooooooo cutee just like herr
Marie-Ree Fox
Marie-Ree Fox 5 days ago
Come on I was just about to make a comment about her shirt 😢
Indiana Unicorn
Indiana Unicorn 5 days ago
Bella Vazquez
Bella Vazquez 7 days ago
NO thats not how you say it 10:34 its totoro Xdd im dieing
anthony mcgee
anthony mcgee 7 days ago
Miso is not vegan it's made with fish paste
Logie Baer
Logie Baer 7 days ago
I love romen and ham!!!
HayHayHay ;—;
HayHayHay ;—; 7 days ago
In my school we are learning everything about Japan and the Japanese culture and I’m really excited to learn about the food and watch anime in class!! TwT
taisha elliott
taisha elliott 7 days ago
you cant cook a titan if the titans bodies just disappear in to nothingness
•Izuku_ Midoriya•
what is your favorite ghibli movie! ^_^
kyravocado 8 days ago
So anime food is just normal japanese food?
Johie Fisher
Johie Fisher 8 days ago
I watched dragon ball 5 times
Osteen mwendia
Osteen mwendia 8 days ago
I have real dragon balls.I even summoned shimron!!!!!!
cuong Quan
cuong Quan 8 days ago
duh once u kill them they start to decompose very fast how u gonna get the meat it’s just gonna decompose in your hand
Courtney Collins
Courtney Collins 9 days ago
Mmmmm umey
Abigail Meyer
Abigail Meyer 9 days ago
Lia: Has had ramen for the first time a year ago Me in my smol town: we have soy sauce flavor in our local harvest market we have some shrimp flavor if you prefer that!
Ramona Ohlsen
Ramona Ohlsen 9 days ago
Love your shirt Lia ❤
Pappri Shorif
Pappri Shorif 9 days ago
Sniperwolf:I love attack in titans Me:I LOVE THIS ANIME MOVIE R.I.P BECAUSE SEASON 4 IS THE LAST SEASON Pls don't finish attack in titan on SEASON 4
weirdo 101
weirdo 101 9 days ago
Ive only seen aot but its bomb
Hameda Al Husaini
Hameda Al Husaini 10 days ago
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