Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

Alan Becker
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This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!
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Sep 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Kwanruthai Sangrujee
Kwanruthai Sangrujee 28 minutes ago
Nancy Cabañero
Nancy Cabañero 42 minutes ago
When are you gonna make animtion vs among us?
Noah JK
Noah JK 2 hours ago
Golden Cookie
Golden Cookie 2 hours ago
Who else agrees he should make animation vs geometry dash?
MrMrHatdog Head
MrMrHatdog Head 2 hours ago
So many ads wth
JOSEPH 3 hours ago
That chicken lived his best life
Bá Khang Nguyễn
Bá Khang Nguyễn 3 hours ago
Hay quá ❤️ ❤️
Debora Szalai
Debora Szalai 3 hours ago
New Stickman vs Among us
Pink fox
Pink fox 4 hours ago
Can you please do a among us video?
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Milk 4 hours ago
What’s that songs name at 6:02
Diman1351 5 hours ago
28:26 (russian will understand) Blue:... *BULBA!*
Diman1351 5 hours ago
25:06 lava on water *wait that's illegal*
afdalrizik 5 hours ago
Oh i know now how to use redstone i only use it to make some potion
Notch Pad
Notch Pad 5 hours ago
did you remove a scene of they are on the minecart seeing all the things of redstone??]:
Reptillia 15
Reptillia 15 6 hours ago
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but I think the entire Logic Gates part of the Redstone Academy episode got cut out.
911 Emergency
911 Emergency 6 hours ago
I actually learned Redstone from this vid xD
bhebz frynchfrynchyzch
My favourit is green what is your favourite
신재윤 7 hours ago
IcyLuu 7 hours ago
27:03 is the lucky block video starts your welcome
Crispy B
Crispy B 7 hours ago
eating swords.....
Casonya Henyu
Casonya Henyu 7 hours ago
Does orange like sleeping because I do to 🎃🤣
Daniel OwO
Daniel OwO 9 hours ago
Love your stuff mate but it's a bit much advertising in your vids. - 1/3 in and already got 6 😅
Gabriela Rangel
Gabriela Rangel 11 hours ago
JONATHAN OP 12 hours ago
Alan Becker I really like your videos I Love Minute 6:08
Shadow God razi razi
Shadow God razi razi
علي 1
علي 1 13 hours ago
Maggie Da Pineapple
Maggie Da Pineapple 13 hours ago
The one time a chicken gets to smile ^▽^
Ian Saldivar
Ian Saldivar 13 hours ago
When they gonna play among us
J0s-3mm 800F
J0s-3mm 800F 14 hours ago
groove battle and animation jjajajaja in minecraft
Fdlf 0224
Fdlf 0224 14 hours ago
The guitar battle sounds like a final boss theme if extended
Bissy Animations Memes
。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Alan was not the impostor.  。 .     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。XD
Gianluca Myslimi
Gianluca Myslimi 15 hours ago
That one guy: Now let's see if we can run Doom in minecraft's map screen!
265game player
265game player 15 hours ago
8:52 was nice
M4r7 16 hours ago
Ahh! Now i know where my despawned items go!
mariela pirchi
mariela pirchi 17 hours ago
😌😌🥴🥴🥴 is sonrry
mariela pirchi
mariela pirchi 17 hours ago
wow is happy like alan becker ;3
Ozinin mekani
Ozinin mekani 17 hours ago
Amazing 👏
Steep_Ti Тимур
Steep_Ti Тимур 17 hours ago
Hello! I am not speak English) I am can spick Rassia
Tajim Rahman
Tajim Rahman 17 hours ago
ngl but it i loved the skit that begins at 6:00
Tajim Rahman
Tajim Rahman 17 hours ago
that should be on spotify
Tajim Rahman
Tajim Rahman 17 hours ago
and i REALLY loved the part at 6:34
Kyle Wang
Kyle Wang 17 hours ago
lol orange just wrecks everything
dậu chị
dậu chị 18 hours ago
21:17 XD
Ayu Sari
Ayu Sari 18 hours ago
Bang aku suka animation warna kuning
Sergio alexis Gomez
Sergio alexis Gomez 19 hours ago
Исмайыл Кайса
PhamBoiXDTVYT 20 hours ago
My favorite is red
Demon the Gamer
Demon the Gamer 20 hours ago
Make an animation vs terraria episode, a new and probably better toy to play with
Thyanne Rocha
Thyanne Rocha 21 hour ago
O---= 0---- 0---[
Zhejan Ryu Mahilum
Zhejan Ryu Mahilum 21 hour ago
I don't think they can make anything right
癖者:KUSEMONO 21 hour ago
Ken PH
Ken PH 21 hour ago
were they all working in a Band in the musical episode?
Samsonator 23 hours ago
The chicken playing the note block with his beak is the cutest thing
Theresia Hutagalung
Theresia Hutagalung 23 hours ago
Its so cool
Azza Lia
Azza Lia 23 hours ago
Next animation good luck lucky block and minecraft nether update pls
Willem L
Willem L Day ago
Music ? 6:01
Stupid Cat
Stupid Cat Day ago
When your that high and you see the chicken make the banjo 👁👄👁
Arya Bintang
Arya Bintang Day ago
There is a fortnite dance
Rito Marasame
the chicken dances
cjf cgf
cjf cgf Day ago
Season 2 is going to be epic best episodes
TheWindowsCollector Windows 11
Will you make a Season 3 if you do i would sub (a lot)
Ardavan Joodaki
ивашка прстоквашка
season 2 very cool like that s for sure
Ben Day ago
Orange: The Leader Blue: The Farmer Yellow: The Engineer Green: The Builder Red: The Vet
Joel Justin
Joel Justin 4 hours ago
You play growtopia?
User 11 hours ago
Hey so um you messed up with the name, but thats okay, many get confused. His name isnt orange, but second coming
Oracle Expo
Oracle Expo 12 hours ago
@Ei chou then he’s a musician
Ei chou
Ei chou 13 hours ago
No green is great at noteblocks
TheProWolf 74
On a serious note this helped me know some stuff about redstone..
Xx_саша_xX Could
Кто смотрит это в Россие
Jessie& Angel_123
Band kita sudah ditemukan
Khalid Hafiz Zaid
Match part 1 8:35 Match part 2 9:23 Match part 3 10:26
lol 68
lol 68 Day ago
Remember kids if someones is better than you use drugs and outshine them
shane sketches
Why do these make me so happy 😂
omen ciak
omen ciak Day ago
lidia ramirez
Mamah Abi
Mamah Abi Day ago
Wow keren
Kingsley Erickson
Oh my gosh... He comfirmed it... There is gonna be a season 3
L Lee
L Lee Day ago
what would happen if you gave green a musically potion?
Juan Angel Meza Carnero
micah poirier
Bring back tha chicken-
Kayla Price
Kayla Price Day ago
15:55 to 16:03 :):):):):):):):)::):):):)
Kayla Price
Kayla Price Day ago
from the lack of sleep from his friends rocking out at 3 in the morning.
epic 35
epic 35 Day ago
Blue Is A Master Builder. Green Is Grian.
LogOffDazed Day ago
37:08 *Technoblade Joins the game*
Sara Moody
Sara Moody Day ago
My absolute favorite is the robot one where to go oh hi there my new friend
Nathaniel Letada
I wish u make about this 8 love this when this is in 5he moviies
Alex Ubatuba
Alex Ubatuba Day ago
Alex Ubatuba
Alex Ubatuba Day ago
Legal 👍🆗
Ryuji Day ago
6:58 funniest part
Alan Becker [ >_
Nortman Santander
canta una cancion electro
DINO SAN Day ago
lokis seu cachorrinho lokinho e muito bonitinho
Potato NO
Potato NO Day ago
It’s so cute at 2:36 what blue does
molko824 Day ago
Next minecraft episode: Yellow messes with minecraft code
Diman1351 5 hours ago
@molko824 i understand lol
molko824 5 hours ago
@Diman1351 no like mess with the actual code where if u step on water it spawns wither or smth
Diman1351 5 hours ago
Ahem Already with textures and command blocks
molko824 Day ago
Rememver kids do drugs before your show talent
Otonaque Chiromi
I think that alan don’t use his computer
Izzy DaGoat
Izzy DaGoat Day ago
Too fire
Oᑭ GᗩᗰE FF
how long does it take you to do one of these animations?
Sapana Gurung
Котя Няша
Do among us please
Huynh Gia bao
Can you do sp20
Jeanne Pace
Jeanne Pace Day ago
Alan becker's animations = happiness to 999 septilleon people i think there is 999 septilleon people
37:07 is how technoblade was born
William Julien Nkoghe Olympio
what's up with the loosers always wanting to destroy the winners sculpture?
ValeRa_ YT
ValeRa_ YT Day ago
13:40 yeah, Fortnite
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