Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Season 2 - All Episodes (15-19)

Alan Becker
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This was a good season. I made some edits to a few episodes, see if you can spot them!
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Sep 19, 2020




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Comments 100
Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
I love this part. @ So much fun.
Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch
I love this part. @ So much fun.
Matthew Martiawan
5:02 I think this from atari lol
familia molina
its good
john le
john le 2 hours ago
green made ddr
norma rivas
norma rivas 2 hours ago
Carolee Hayward
Carolee Hayward 2 hours ago
Yellow: ow redstone torch hurts now I stuff in pocket and it will not hurt
andres aldair garcia guerrero
Jaqueline Aparecida Sousa de Santana
I'me portuguesse
gamerPro 8 hours ago
Басс не в тон
qwwon 9 hours ago
Vc e Brasileiro
Dimitris Dristelas
Dimitris Dristelas 12 hours ago
mac n cheesy fun
mac n cheesy fun 12 hours ago
Can’t wait for the season 3 compilation coming soon
isaac Romero
isaac Romero 12 hours ago
hamit erbay
hamit erbay 12 hours ago
YELLOW: You red blue orange green to you teacher me RED BLUE GREEN ORANGE: okey okey okey YELLOW: is lucky block Play RED: no problem YELLOW ORANGE: hrrrrrr green my lucky block YELLOW: come on guys is animation 5: 09
hamit erbay
hamit erbay 12 hours ago
hamit erbay
hamit erbay 12 hours ago
Sorry guys 0: 00
jonas gamesb3
jonas gamesb3 14 hours ago
wow omg
Kent Vladimir Terol
Kent Vladimir Terol 14 hours ago
,,, kokokokokokokokokokokoko
Chloe Sumner
Chloe Sumner 15 hours ago
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Arvin Banaag
Arvin Banaag 15 hours ago
isa pa po gawa papo kayo idol
Alex Samsonov
Alex Samsonov 17 hours ago
when the chicken went " dundundundundundudundudnudnududnundun" i felt that
Bálint Halasi
Bálint Halasi 18 hours ago
Alan you are the best 1 wish you could have 100 million subs you deserve it
T257 Gaming
T257 Gaming 18 hours ago
Everyone gangsta till the chicken drops beats.
Rosita Khairunnisa
Rosita Khairunnisa 20 hours ago
Bagus video nya
Roblox Pro 96
Roblox Pro 96 21 hour ago
2:53 green playing ddr
Earl 21 hour ago
10:26 what is song?
Jocelyn Kho
Jocelyn Kho 22 hours ago
belly gacha
belly gacha 23 hours ago
Amo essa desenho porque quando eu to triste eu asisto ele eu fico feliz
Productive Creativity
13:22 That one fortnite try hard 15:25 Also, this
Cesar Yap
Cesar Yap 23 hours ago
This man is an angle of my childhood wound
Emily Masula
Emily Masula Day ago
i love this video to the end
ً Day ago
ً Day ago
Everybody gangsta until the quiet stickman figure wake up.
Eric Borges Pezzini
36:34 meu deus cena épica!!!!!!!!
júlio o gato
júlio o gato 3 hours ago
Esse cara edita muito bem
Riccardo Vallegra
29:02 ahahahahah!!! among us
Bilha C.R.
Bilha C.R. Day ago
Lucas Carpenter
Alan please do sonic mania for us. im a fan i was wondering if your gonna do a sonic mania one.
Pedro Barbosa
Solo Hojageldiyev
for youtube
for youtube Day ago
35:49 there is netherite armor and they get diamond (. _ .)
Krztyn Wynn
Krztyn Wynn Day ago
Orange is the only stickman with no head = 44 million views am happy for you alen :D
Springtrap Day ago
10:23 - mozart music, possibly old intro music as a placeholder 10:30 - entry level boss music, still mozart music NOW FOR THE TEA 10:48 - start of easy boss music 10:53 - you know shit is about to happen 11:00 - boss music 11:13 - Friday Night Funkin Whitty mod ballistic remix on hard difficulty *also boss music* 11:41 - unexpected boss fighting both boss and player 12:04 - GTA police when you lose ur wanted level after having 16 tanks, 3 helicopters, 123 FIB cars, 2521 cop cars after your ass 12:07 - pikachu surprized face EDIT: added 12:07 timestamp
sccp dragon
sccp dragon Day ago
I ma brazilian:>
ManuGmr 97
ManuGmr 97 Day ago
imagine the potencial of the green whit the potion of musicaly
Krzysztof Pi
Krzysztof Pi Day ago
Im CURIOUS why only orange got big head
I L Day ago
7:30, 9:22, 10:25, 11:09
Calvin Jackson 2021
Orange: *the heaviest sleeper ever*
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
37:05 I summon you archangel piggus warrior
Debangshu Mondal
I enjoyed the music part the most.
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
There is so many memes that i could make here
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
Music exists Tsc:and i took that personally
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
Red,blue,yellow and chicken cheated with the potion
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
Damn they are so good they created minecraft in minecraft
Joel Ygot
Joel Ygot Day ago
Pig exists Red:praise the pig
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee Day ago
Ya know green and orange are such good friends cuz their both not primary colors.
NøtÄlëx Plays
Pig:why would a stranger tamed me and I will annoy him Orange: ow
Ayush Dehru
Ayush Dehru Day ago
Alan Becker is my favourite animator
Rorthgaming 2 days ago
i feel like episodes 15 theyre using command block
Dylan Poblitz
Dylan Poblitz 2 days ago
11:19 im dieing
38:13 Laranja : OLHA UM NOVO LUCK BLOCK! Amarelo azul vermelho verde : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! CORRE
Eduardo Trejo-Ruiz
Gustas Przevalskas
10:25 is that symphony no 5
Gustas Przevalskas
6:59 hadoken!
Nihad Karamujić
Nihad Karamujić 2 days ago
Dylan Cruser
Dylan Cruser 2 days ago
Orange: *comes out of knowwhere leaving complete silence
tassos thanasis
tassos thanasis 2 days ago
nice video
michael kolai
michael kolai 2 days ago
michael kolai
michael kolai 2 days ago
michael kolai
michael kolai 2 days ago
19:42 red moosh LOL
michael kolai
michael kolai 2 days ago
8:47 nice music
kitty hoodi ඞ
kitty hoodi ඞ 2 days ago
Orange stickman always mess up the music cause he likes sleeping
Светлана Макаренко
After you crazi ??? 3d??? 11:00 (I don’t speak English ,I Ru )
Dark show
Dark show 2 days ago
7:35 it is Friday night fancinc
Sarı Çocuk
Sarı Çocuk 2 days ago
6:57 :D
Кирилл Краюхин
Ayaz Çağın Demir
Alan Becker awesome video
Marjete Wyatt
Marjete Wyatt 2 days ago
Subhan’s adventures
Evreything in the title: EVREYONE after 2 seconds: wait ALL that is illegal.
Alexandr Agibalov
Oказалось желтый самый умный 🧕🏻🌸
Мария Козлова
11:22 топ момент
Isaiah Gertman
Isaiah Gertman 2 days ago
Please don't tell me Green just did a fortnight dance that is hilarious
Christopher Gaines
The first replace concurrently queue because physician hemperly multiply towards a jaded nic. ruthless, puzzled step-brother
among us
among us 2 days ago
Kevin Tarazona
Kevin Tarazona 3 days ago
Minuto 7:00 En ese momento amarillo sintió el verdadero dolor
jia xu
jia xu 3 days ago
Green Omea ou a shendiru Yellow Nani
Jezrel james Cagayan
The chicken has more talent than charli
Ron Baker
Ron Baker 3 days ago
my fav blue
Dion Silang
Dion Silang 3 days ago
The green dude of the song looks like china
yanelly gallegos
yanelly gallegos 3 days ago
Omg!!!!!!!I can not alone can't believe it I'm a big fan.
Momba250 3 days ago
can we all just appreciate that blue yellow and red COMBINED need potions to be as good as green at music.
Skydogg 500
Skydogg 500 3 days ago
These animations are the best I could which them for ever in heaven I will ask god to let me do that
gamer drache
gamer drache 2 days ago
There is no god
Yin Cat
Yin Cat 3 days ago
All the stick figures special things Yellow: red stone Blue: potions Red: animals Green: building and music Orange: leader, fighting, sleeping.... Me: in order to be a good leader and fighting you music sleep a lot
Fuchstendo 3 days ago
I love the part with the music chicken
Jennifer BeeEn
Jennifer BeeEn 3 days ago
I like the music videos
Sheika Playz
Sheika Playz 3 days ago
Yellow: does anything Everyone: JOURNAL WRITING INTENSIFIES
Angelo Botov
Angelo Botov 3 days ago
11:12 11:42 It's the only music I can enjoy this is heaven for my ears🎻🎵🎷🎸💿
unknown person
unknown person 3 days ago
did anyone else notice the chicken use the force
juan manuel
juan manuel 3 days ago
What el pollo
Kerem Atlı
Kerem Atlı 3 days ago
Francisco Mora
Francisco Mora 3 days ago
Francisco Mora
Francisco Mora 3 days ago