Animating in Clip Studio: an introduction

Brad Colbow
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I've been playing around with animation the last few months and a couple commenters asked if I used Clip Studio. I hadn't used it for animation until now and it's got some cool things going on.
Download it here: www.getleonardo.com/
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Apr 30, 2018




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Comments 80
kingdomhearts 3 days ago
My issue with clip animation is it never allows me to copy and paste the frames. It always locks it to where I can never edit it and the customer service have no idea of how to help me.
Taka _ds
Taka _ds 4 days ago
thank you so much..
hoodie 9 days ago
Just make an MP4 file in Clip Studio Animate and drop it into iMovie or whatever movie editing program you use. Import a sound track under your clip studio clip and your home and dry. Get used to importing standard files from dedicated program to dedicated program. Make tracks in Garage Band and drop them into iMovie, etc. Chances are, no single program will let you do everything to a high enough level. They're all restricted to what they do best. So mix, match and come up with a masterpiece... Hope that helps.
Aqira85 Month ago
this is soo good!! simple and straight forward!! thank youu
zeyphrBW sd
zeyphrBW sd 2 months ago
Do you know how to use vectors for animation in this
Don't Scare Rami
Don't Scare Rami 2 months ago
How do you export it? I want it to be saved as an mp4 but when I hit save as it shows everything but mp4, I could be doing something wrong because I've never animated before NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT
PESKY BIRDS 2 months ago
wait IPAD!?!?!
Kamil Zdrowski
Kamil Zdrowski 3 months ago
Nice tutorial dude. Thank you so much! Greetings from Poland :D
PolkaEclipse 3 months ago
Omg tysm this was so helpful! My animations are so smooth now. All credit goes to you my friend!
H 4 months ago
most helpful video ever. and the speaker is really funny haha!
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 4 months ago
Have you tried Blender's Grease Pencil?
ugly boi
ugly boi 5 months ago
all the stuff your fast forwarding is the stuff i want to learn
Tacomelon Animation
Tacomelon Animation 6 months ago
You can now import audio
WankersCramp69 6 months ago
The limited frames is ridiculous.
LIG 6 months ago
Yeah I don't think in devices he said an animation tablet
LIG 6 months ago
See I can't teach myself because I'm 12 so I can't rlly work it
LIG 6 months ago
@ShopkinGirl80 I meant without watching a vid also how old r u Because unless u r 11 then...
ShopkinGirl80 6 months ago
LIG I’m about as old as you and I’ve taught myself how to work it 😂 if you just watch a few videos and work with clip studio you’ll get used to it! 🙂
Sophie Wilson
Sophie Wilson 6 months ago
Thanks for the video ✨🖤 TIME TO PRACTICE
Delilah Stone
Delilah Stone 6 months ago
Thank you very helpful.
Mecanical Pencils
Mecanical Pencils 7 months ago
thank u
Just curious
Just curious 8 months ago
just making this potato nose turn his head is so much fucking work
littleinksheep 9 months ago
I want to use a png I premade but it won't appear in the animation folder or let me change it at all.
Elena 10 months ago
great explanation with a good sense of humor XD I wish I had a tutor like you back when I'm in university, won't miss a single of your class
Luce Ayers
Luce Ayers 11 months ago
God this was so helpful👍👍👍👏👏
Kaela Wilson
Kaela Wilson 11 months ago
I have a question about the timeline, as I literally have no experience with animating anything ever. On the bottom, it has a blank white sheet for the first frame, but I can't get it for any after that. Does anyone know how to fix that?
honiipeach 11 months ago
thank you THANK YOU for this, I thought I was doomed to redrawing every single frame with an onion skin, but this really helps me have a way to duplicate certain frames if needed and slightly change them up. great quick beginner video!
•Lynx Saber•・
huion... .-.
thanks this was helpful
Whisper Signal
@bradcolbow This is my first attempt with animating. Trying to copy what you've done here in the video, but get COMPLETELY LOST during the fast forward bit. I would really like to have a step by step for that. Please and thank you.
Nikodem Leś
Nikodem Leś Year ago
Love it!
paying a sub is never a good thing no matter the price. opentoonz + clipstudio paint = greatness.
Chew Arts
Chew Arts Year ago
David Santacruz
anyone know why my animation kind of lingers on my last frame? like if I have a animation with 3 frames it remains on the 3rd for a little bit longer and it's noticeable
kurOkihOllOw LL
do a review of clip studio ex with all the new features
Xandros Giga
Xandros Giga Year ago
may i know what animation software do you use before?
Maya isdead
Maya isdead Year ago
If you use the same account on pc and iPad, do you need to buy clip studio on both?
MalfuNCTion Culture Technology
I dont think so
Arty'sAlt Year ago
what do I save it as in order for it to play when I open it in my files?
Setsu Of Massa
Setsu Of Massa 5 months ago
You go to File>Export and there you choose what format
monotsuki Year ago
Yuuu 0
Yuuu 0 Year ago
was that clip studio paint? was it pro? or what?
Lyle deRoulet
Lyle deRoulet Year ago
Hi, so how do you get the lil pic of your drawing down in the slider part in the animation folder thingy?
Lanciendugam Year ago
really thanks
pepperkitten Year ago
Very helpful, I had one question though. I couldn't add another frame for some reason without completely messing up the layers and the drawing for the first frame. What should I do
Kay Year ago
Hey, does anyone know how to export the animation gif when it says that the “file is larger than the target”? I’m trying to attach it to an email.
Daniel Juno
Daniel Juno Year ago
Please Help! I'm trying to key bind next and previous frame shortcuts but the shortcut in clip studio hand book does nothing/ doesn't work?
Vesperinox Year ago
i love you
* insert name here *
This was very helpful. Thank you very much.
Omnitrix8 Year ago
can we import a picture already drawn and trace it?
Nature Ideas
Nature Ideas Year ago
Good showing
AWAB Year ago
You have to update this video because Clip now has audio, tweening, 2d camera motions now and a graph editor.
esau817 & Layne17
esau817 & Layne17 12 days ago
Both pro and ex or just ex?
anzatzi 7 months ago
thanks for the update
kizz06 Year ago
Does it come with keyframer?
anzatzi Year ago
great stretchy motion eyes!
Yousif Edits
Yousif Edits Year ago
bro thank you so much i have been looking for how to animate in clip studio i cant tell you how much this helped me thank you so much. btw please sub to my channel
Tina Darestani
Everytime I animate it only shows the first frame when I press play. Plz halp
bear24908 Year ago
Thank you ! Very nice and useful :))
Osiris Cortez
Osiris Cortez Year ago
i dont have the use of work one is mine outdated
OBARI FAN Year ago
frame by frame (or so called straight ahead animation) is kind of basic way to make animation, you can even do it in photoshop (when timeline enable). The true value of making animation in Clip Studio Paint is the light table, you can make some decent In-Between for pose for pose animations through this method.
Metehan Şirin
Metehan Şirin 3 months ago
@rbflowin TV thanks for your answer, i will consider that.
rbflowin TV
rbflowin TV 3 months ago
@Metehan Şirin You might find it in Udemy.
Metehan Şirin
Metehan Şirin 6 months ago
Hello, can you recommend a good tutorial for light table function? I am quite new to this software and i would like to learn about expanding the visibility of onion skin feature. The onion skin feature only shows one page ahead and behind the current layer here.
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws Year ago
This. Especially when the art style is more detailed. Anime style hair would be a nightmare.
Hayley Rieder
Hayley Rieder Year ago
Thanks so much! This is so helpful
Sofia Costantini
hi! i have clip studio paint pro, and after I did an animation, how can I save it? I mean, in which format? I only have 'clip studio paint format' 'BMP' 'jpeg' 'PNG' 'tiff' 'targa' !
RustyRick Year ago
This response is very late, but I have troubles with CPS, can someone please help me out?
i. j. morrow
i. j. morrow 2 years ago
is there a frame limit on CSP? I have subscription to Pro but not EX can I still animate ok?
Brad Colbow
Brad Colbow 2 years ago
Yes, there is a frame limit on Pro, if you want to do anything more than a few seconds long you will need EX.
GG 2 years ago
Great video, thanks for checking out the animation feature of Clip Studio Paint pro, I hope it was as good as ex, but it's still a great version of the program and so useful at least for me.
GamingCerly And Friends
Kayge 2 years ago
Please create an Udemy course for animating on Photoshop!!!
Daniel Juno
Daniel Juno 2 years ago
Clip Studio paint EX is a great program for traditional animators and digital artists
The Extraordinary Tourist (TET)
I have the EX version of Clip Studio and, whilst the animation tools are great it's definnitely targeted at more traditional hand drawn animation - which is too time onsuming for me. I use CrazyTalk Animator 3 for all my 2D animations. I think it's one of the best tools out there for producing motion graphics and Puppet rigged character animation quickly. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Now is a good time to get a free SE version of CTA3 as the company (Reallusion) is running a contest to encourage new users.
Adro2503 2 years ago
Hey Brad! Know about any good animation apps on the iPad?
Brad Colbow
Brad Colbow 2 years ago
I've started looking into animation apps on the iPad. Havn't found much I like yet but hope to do a roundup sometime down the road.
Cam Stephenson
Cam Stephenson 2 years ago
Have ya tried running this on the surface?
Brad Colbow
Brad Colbow 2 years ago
I havn't tried the animation parts but I have used Clip Studio on the Surface and it's great!
Leo Crampton Dazzara
This on iPad Pro is a BEAST!
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 years ago
I think you copy and pasted the wrong link in the description. Links to Leonardo drawing app from your last video :D
EDAP Tools
EDAP Tools 2 years ago
Hey mate, I've been following your hardware and software reviews for a long time, but never thought I'd actually write a comment :) We develop the popular Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools - a free extensions (plugin) package for character animation. Since you're fairly new to Flash and animation in general, you may find some of my writings useful and might want to give the tools a test drive. flash-powertools.com/ Love your style and the pace of your videos! Wish I could be half as good a presenter as you are :) Keep up the great work, Brad! Nick
maria8069 2 years ago
Could you try out the animation feature in Krita??
AnimationMoron 2 years ago
Will you be exploring CSP animation a bit more for some more tutorials?
Eric Duchesnes
Eric Duchesnes 2 years ago
Hi Brad ! Thanks for this little test but... the link you provide in the description of this video is for... Leonardo !.. that's not the right software to do animation ! " clipstudio.net " is the place to go to find the right software from Celsys or Smith Micro Software... And, Yes Clip Studio Paint EX is a very good software ! 👍 ... Glad that you show some interest in animation and I think many viewers on your channel will enjoy to watch your little scenes as I will ! Keep on the good work, it's a pleasure to have some news from you ! 🙋‍♂️
Aidan Wilson
Aidan Wilson 2 years ago
Sweet, I just saw Autodesk sketchbook is being released for free now and am wondering if you have thoughts about that program?
Crazy Crafter
Crazy Crafter 2 years ago
Hi, I’ve been creating images in Procreate on my iPad and then uploading them into adobe illustrator and using the image trace to convert them into vectors. I then save them as Ai format, but I’ve been told that they are still not true vector graphics. Am I missing something?
Romomade 2 years ago
Hey I love your videos! They’re really helpful and entertaining! Keep up the great work!
Phillip Norwood
Phillip Norwood 2 years ago
Great video. You might want to check out Rough Animator at www.roughanimator.com/ Very inexpensive and you can import audio.
Zen Guitar Studio
Zen Guitar Studio 2 years ago
@brad colbow why is this app even necessary? why not just use Adobe???
Commenter839 2 years ago
Zen Guitar Studio I personally use this because Adobe is far, FAR, out of my measly unemployed high schooler budget. I got EX on Amazon for $30 (it was out of stock when I ordered hence why the price was so low), and Adobe currently doesn't have anything special that I don't already use on CSP.
Phaidon 2 years ago
Zen Guitar Studio this is a lot cheaper though.
Rae Badding's
Rae Badding's 2 years ago
Zen Guitar Studio some people can’t afford adobe
Brad Colbow
Brad Colbow 2 years ago
For me it's not necessary I just like messing with new software and new features.
Madchen Craig
Madchen Craig 2 years ago
Do you have any drawing tip videos? I’m new to digital art and I have so much to learn and would love to start animations sometimes
mick seegobin
mick seegobin 2 years ago
Hey Brad, you need to try toon boom harmony. The drawing and rigging tools are amazing. Great videos keep them coming.
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