Angry Protests Greet Ukrainians Evacuated From China For Coronavirus Quarantine | NBC News

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Ukraine's effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the coronavirus outbreak plunged into chaos Thursday, as local residents opposing the move clashed violently with police at Novi Sanzhary in central Ukraine.
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Angry Protests Greet Ukrainians Evacuated From China For Coronavirus Quarantine | NBC News




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Comments 80
Pravda Earth
Pravda Earth 23 days ago
Man People are STUPID!!! Reason: trying to break the quarantines windows
Braze The Daze
Braze The Daze Month ago
Ryan Lo
Ryan Lo Month ago
Protest is all good and cool. Violence is not warranted.
Dame idiots, these people will be the death-of the oldest.
Pete Rice
Pete Rice Month ago
Nothing spreads faster.. Than fear
winter garden
winter garden Month ago
What!!! Its possible now some of the people on the street may have contracted the virus.....they broke the buses window "quarantined". People need to be educated about this virus.
blue sky
blue sky Month ago
so dramatic and so selfish :(
20079Anatoli Month ago
nathan tobeishi
nathan tobeishi Month ago
This is a outbrake people are losing their minds now and the country is qaurantined italia and iran and africa to that was ebola and marburg and hiv virous and now sars mers and coronavorus what the heck
Knight King
Knight King Month ago
The infectiousness of this Covid19 virus alone is scaring people. More lethal than common cold. It's much less lethal than SARS, MERS, Ebola. Can recover from a low infection.
Stepan sopin
Stepan sopin Month ago
Welcome to Europe
Farhan Month ago
Put this mobs in a plane and drop them in iran.
sebastian Sm
sebastian Sm Month ago
Wow ukranian very angry that china eat bat
nick99 Month ago
Are these liberals or snowflakes getting upset because of their safe space being invaded??? 🤔🤔🤔
Keanu Reeve
Keanu Reeve Month ago
Japanese media say the zero-infected person may be from the United States
paul blart
paul blart Month ago
I am Liberty Prime I am America
Alberto David Peinado Lopez
Posible cura para el corona virus . Recuerdo que hace un tiempo tenía gallinas en la casa y de pronto llegó una peste, las gallinas quedaban sin poder respirar y morían rápidamente, no había una que se salvará del mortal virus ! Hice el comentario a un amigo compañero de trabajo y el me dijo lo que hacía su padre cuando llegaba ese virus a su casa : le arrancaba una pluma al animal y la mojaba en kerosen luego la metía en la boca del animal hasta la garganta le daba 2 vueltas y el animal se curaba . Yo algo eceptico deje bueno no cuesta nada probar y lo hice y mi asombro fue enseguida como las gallinas se curaban en el acto .
SALUT ça va?
SALUT ça va? Month ago
S.H.A.M.E for ukraine
garry p
garry p Month ago
People potentially with a virus coming back? Let’s form a large Crowd and expose the people with it by breaking the windows in protest...that’ll show them
leon 15
leon 15 Month ago
The stupid things we do when we're scared.
kevin wang
kevin wang Month ago
This kind country has no hope and future. These people return their own country. It is terrifying. Why treat your own people this way.
Lijian Xi Zhao
Lijian Xi Zhao Month ago
After the nuclear incident and this corona virus
Son Beep
Son Beep Month ago
This is how Ukrainians show that they are not agreed with the government’s decision to host the potential Coronavirus breeders in the country, especially knowing the facts the virus spreads asymptomatically and the incubation period is longer than 14 days. Ukrainians are my peeps.
4& UA
4& UA Month ago
How should people in the country where the sanitary and epidemiological service is eliminated respond to the situation?
Maria Bond
Maria Bond Month ago
I live here. It was fake people, not from that city who made such actions to evacuated people. Someone needed such agressive show but we still don't know for what?! We are, local people, still in shock about this situation!
Elena Plotnikova
Don't lie! This is your true appearance - the degradation of the person as a human! "The evil within"!!!
Sammie Month ago
Ukraine is no longer safe not just against Chinese. But for all ASIAN people! Spread the words and shut down any connections to Ukraine related because of racial predatory episode attack risk!
naffes uddin 99
naffes uddin 99 Month ago
Bangladesh 🇧🇩loves chaina🇨🇳 our prime minister will keep Chinese citizens healthy don't worry chaina we are there for you we pray to allahuakbar for well being of China mashallah ,amin
Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes Month ago
The bus driver not wearing a mask. He's got it now and will transmit it to his family and people in the community. Now Ukraine has an outbreak.
Neo Bailey
Neo Bailey Month ago
That's all it takes....
Rudolf F. Borsics
Not exactly Western culture.
peizhuang miao
peizhuang miao Month ago
Drive & See the world
this country has no future, just look at the people
Shri Ram
Shri Ram Month ago
Like your country has?
shawns blais
shawns blais Month ago
I'm here to share my testimony on how I was cured of corona virus it was eating me so bad to the extent I even wanted to commit suicide and I was directed to a great herbalists called Dr Alhaji Bash he is a very good one I'm happy I got connected to him and he helped me got cured you can also contact him via email alhajibash69@gmail.com WhatsApp +14087216629 Best regards
*GIZMO* Month ago
I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the worst to come!
Bulkier Writer 1
sebastian Sm ?
sebastian Sm
sebastian Sm Month ago
China is comming
Rock Smaller
Rock Smaller Month ago
I'm here to share my testimony on how I was cured of corona virus it was eating me so bad to the extent I even wanted to commit suicide and I was directed to a great herbalists called Dr Alhaji Bash he is a very good one I'm happy I got connected to him and he helped me got cured you can also contact him via email alhajibash69@gmail.com WhatsApp +14087216629 Best regards
Reckless Toddler
Russians and Ukrainians always looking for a reason to brawl 😂
Andrew Globb
Andrew Globb Month ago
The revolution of dignity goes on.
no - doubter
no - doubter Month ago
chinese ukrainian in the bus
lei pen
lei pen Month ago
这个国家从颜色革命之后就失去了方向,所有的选择都是错的,类似现在怀恋被殖民主义统治的香港人,没有了灵魂,只剩下情绪发泄,外在表现就是发泄暴力 This country has lost its direction since the color revolution. All choices are wrong. Similar to those who are now nostalgic for Hong Kong people who are ruled by colonialism, there is no soul and only emotions are vented. The external manifestation is venting violence.
Cernst3415 Month ago
All this from trying to do the right thing. Sheesh. So much for helping your fellow humans.
Megan Vaslev
Megan Vaslev Month ago
Something big is happening behind the scenes. They are trying to get everyone back to their home countries. The Ukraine’s with the Ukraine. The Americans with the Americans. Etc... why is this? Why are they segregating us while bringing us together too?
Doc Hoilday
Doc Hoilday Month ago
Gosh fake news in early videos you said worry about the flu more. Did you tell another little lie?? Humm
DrSnausage Month ago
Any more impeachment articles, Democrats?
DrSnausage Month ago
The zombie apocalypse is closer than you think. The first phase is the flu symptons. It will mutate to flesh eating zombies.
Flash_ JJ
Flash_ JJ Month ago
jingtao li
jingtao li Month ago
It's ridiculous. It's not China at all. How stupid it would be for someone to take Ukraine's flag as China's flag.
nullface Month ago
You will all be doing the same thing soon in whatever country or state you live in, give it 2weeks-2months. You will all murder each other for food and masks. Hypocrites.
Prophetess Malissa
Watch Prophetess Malissa On RUvid:Psalms 91 SPIRIT Of Protection
AffordableREI Month ago
When they broke the windows they let the virus out..........
Blessed Mom Life
People should be quarantined in China. At least they spray the streets and no one leaves. Stupid to bring those people back.
IVORY123100 Month ago
Hunter Biden just landed a lucrative contract with The Kyiv Institute of Infectious Diseases today .
The corrupting influence of the White House explains that.
Zack Month ago
A taste of things to come I think if it continues to spread don't think any country is above it.
SCIL Films
SCIL Films Month ago
Check out this coronavirus patent: data.epo.org/gpi/EP3172319B1 Pirbright is funded by Gates Foundation. This patent was published 11/20/19. UH OH
Ve Nus
Ve Nus Month ago
Great.. break the window of a bus full of infected people
Max Spirin
Max Spirin Month ago
Not infected they all tested negative
#Roxanne The Prophet #Jesus Comes Quickly
#WHOpayattention. #Godhasspokeadeclarationtotheworld #watchvideoandshare ruvid.net/video/video-DsNbaF2vd6w.html
reptilexcq2 Month ago
J King
J King Month ago
And this is what the US created
Titanmth saturn
Titanmth saturn Month ago
Yes we did, and its working brilliantly, LOL. one way or another, China MUST die,.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Month ago
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Month ago
Dude we don't sub to FAKE NEWS. i just come to make jokes. Hahahahaha.
gamer forever
gamer forever Month ago
How was there protests in china? According to president winnie the poo xi, china is the only civilized country in the world. O_o
peace World
peace World Month ago
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Month ago
When this goes on in the black community people say it doesn't make sense. Hahahahaha.
Ian Werden
Ian Werden Month ago
Good times.
Jacob Churchill
Jacob Churchill Month ago
Flora Havard
Flora Havard Month ago
I don't blame those People's why bring that viruses to thair country.
Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj
you think chinese would treat those ukrainians before their own citizens ??? I think not !!!
Titanmth saturn
Titanmth saturn Month ago
I agree
Buntha Touch
Buntha Touch Month ago
i do.. no need to act that way tho.
Aramai Jonassi
Aramai Jonassi Month ago
Oh that's smart. Go and attack the ppl you think are infected. You won't be exposed at all. Good job!😉
Angela Warner
Angela Warner Month ago
Unbelievable! I can't believe they are treating their own people like that!
SALUT ça va?
SALUT ça va? Month ago
you stupid is not a matter of "own people" it s a matter of human been
blankenter Month ago
Unbelievable! I can't believe they are treating people like that! *fixedit
Covid 19 OR Billie Eilish singing
I love Eastern Europe thats why they have such a low infection rate they are tough no bullsh*t people but the more liberal the leadership gets the more infected will happen.
Alex Leaud
Alex Leaud Month ago
@Kolodyazhniy Sergey Idiotic Slavic thinking.
Kolodyazhniy Sergey
@Alex Leaud This stone was intended for the driver bus to stop the movement of the coronavirus
Alex Leaud
Alex Leaud Month ago
I agree. Let's break the windows of the bus so the virus gets out. Right-wingers are a very smart bunch.
Jack sparrow
Jack sparrow Month ago
People are crazy
Archnid 001
Archnid 001 Month ago
Communist is a virus.
Dominic Green
Dominic Green Month ago
Check this out guys! Sensible analysis, brand new! ruvid.net/video/video-nrk47V0ruoA.html
Kat Month ago
Bunch of crazed dangerous armed men. I heard they bombed themselves to con America into supporting their military.
G 9 The Visionary
This is like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie
goddammit 10
goddammit 10 Month ago
@nightwishnemo Typical commie response
nightwishnemo Month ago
This is a normal day in Ukraine eversince American "love peace and democracy" roled in ,in 2014.
Knight King
Knight King Month ago
Breaking the windows might cause the outbreak, and protestors aren't wearing mask... Not a smart bunch, are they.
Jeremy Choken
Jeremy Choken Month ago
My Bean
My Bean Month ago
Their an angry bunch. That's what angry people do rush in without thinking.
End Light
End Light Month ago
Alex Leaud my mom is Ukrainian and she doesn’t drive normal in United States she thinks it’s like your driving in Ukraine
Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes Month ago
And Japan let hundreds of infected cruise passengers roam free in Yokohoma and then fly on planes with the general public back to their home countries, pretty much guaranteeing the Olympics get canceled and Japan's economy crashes, and the rest of the world goes pandemic. Yep, lots of stupidity all around.
Alex Leaud
Alex Leaud Month ago
They're Ukrainians. What did you expect?
Arthur Don't
Arthur Don't Month ago
Ukrainian Angry Birds game:(
Mike Month ago
Not when you have no symptoms for 14 days (incubation period) all the while you have no idea your spreading it unknowingly. It's the perfect bio weapon. Lethal, highly contagious, no anti viral , and undetectable without having the nucleic acid test which is running short on supplies. I guess this is what Trump meant by the "calm before the storm" and met with "fury and fire like none other" This not going to end well and the collateral damage will be extensive. Spawning wars, economic collapsed, and death to 60% of the world's population. I recommend people start stock piling food with long shelf life, survival gear etc...God Speed
Nut Shell
Nut Shell Month ago
It's a zoologic.
Umbrella Corporation
A 29 year old doctor has dies from the virus yesterday. And now hundreds of cases in Iran and South Korea. It's getting worse.
Hayden Month ago
Allen Dew Perfect username
Jack sparrow
Jack sparrow Month ago
I think umbrella coorporation behind this
Allen Dew
Allen Dew Month ago
Umbrella Corporation why is this ur name lol
Carla Broderick
Carla Broderick Month ago
Tragic they dont understand risk is small
Nut Shell
Nut Shell Month ago
750 million people in China quarantine. Doesn't sound small risk to me. Notice the numbers changing in South Korea. Iran. Ect ect ect.
Hayden Month ago
Carla Broderick risk is NOT small you moron. There are covid cases in IRAN for god sakes. The meme that the coronavirus is less of a problem than the flu needs to die, now. It’s already been disproven. The coronavirus will seriously disrupt global trade and will cause an economic collapse by June if not April.
Nonsense music
Nonsense music Month ago
If they smash windows of the bus They are doomed
Sean Wong
Sean Wong Month ago
Thanks, CCP.
Russia Wants Ukraine....... hmmmm...
Vlad Me
Vlad Me Month ago
russia will chock with ukraine and die. They bit much more than they could chew.
Lysol Month ago
Smashing the window is the dumbest thing to do. I bet some of the protesters caught the virus
many flies
many flies Month ago
@Pringles Master I know
Pringles Master
Pringles Master Month ago
many flies this virus doesn’t always test positive at the first test. Some infected get tested positive after a couple of days.
many flies
many flies Month ago
They all tested negative but they still are in quarantine
This whole situation has been botched from the beginning. It would not have spread to other countries if they had just been honest about it and closed borders and quarantined people properly when this disease was spread. I almost think this shiz was done on purpose but I cant prove it so just hypothetical guess..
Empty Empty
Empty Empty Month ago
They should have stayed in China where they belong.
Maggie Month ago
Empty Empty They are Urkranians
Arthur Don't
Arthur Don't Month ago
it took NBC news 24 hours to delivery this news
march51990 Month ago
In 24 hours it could be to late
Arthur Don't
Arthur Don't Month ago
@Nut Shell agree; who knows, maybe news companies finally started delivering news
Nut Shell
Nut Shell Month ago
I'm surprised they said anything at all
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