Angry Fighters Losing Control

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A collection of clips where MMA fighters gets triggered, angry and goes out of control.
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Nov 21, 2016




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Comments 80
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Jayden Reid
Jayden Reid Day ago
That 1st one xD
Simone Fiorentini
Thera Pist
Thera Pist 2 days ago
There should be some kind of asshole test you must take before being allowed to train in a fighting art.
A Guy
A Guy 2 days ago
1:40 .....kiss him.
Lts Family
Lts Family 3 days ago
Ronda rousey went soft
Brawly Boy
Brawly Boy 3 days ago
2:37 that ref... Took punches Don’t see that often
Austin Parisian
Austin Parisian 4 days ago
conner was so calm tho
Vitamin D
Vitamin D 6 days ago
Fighters go that close and they intimidating... Normal men do that they gay
Darren Lace
Darren Lace 6 days ago
2:52 is that goldberg?
Ábel Rozinka
Ábel Rozinka 6 days ago
Fuuuuuu gay🤢😷
Ass Destroyer
Ass Destroyer 7 days ago
Lol this is retarded like my son
tania gleason
tania gleason 8 days ago
1:10 bruh.
Longboard 1
Longboard 1 8 days ago
I think that Jones clip is why Dana dues the Meditating of the face offs now YOU AINT GONNA PUSH THAT BOSS OUT THE WAY
Jasone Broamann
Jasone Broamann 9 days ago
This is more childish than a kindergarten
Mehmetali bulut
Mehmetali bulut 9 days ago
I thing the best khabib
LUVS2SPWGE 9 days ago
The first one was hella gay
Lasdo Lynsheald
Lasdo Lynsheald 11 days ago
4:40 black panther in the house
Mad Mike's Top 10's
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Thug Rose
Thug Rose 11 days ago
0:31 wtf is that guy’s deal, get his ass out of mma forever and charge him with battery
Robert Bajor
Robert Bajor 11 days ago
Vaso Bakočević!
TheWatcher 12 days ago
BRAINLESS CLOWNS I KO YOU ALL ! bastards ! this is not sport this is a CIRCUS
Retro Kidd
Retro Kidd 13 days ago
First nigga gay😂😂😂
34 Emin 58
34 Emin 58 13 days ago
2:13 must take a photo photo photo
Daily MyChildhood
Daily MyChildhood 13 days ago
haha crazy boxing
Progressive Productions Programming
Suffice to say the lack of control and discipline, the lack of controll of emptions shows how blows to the head can make you impulsive and aggressive This is why ufc fighters should do as the brottish and fight without gloves. Gloves are designed to protect the hands not the opponents head. There is alot of internal damage happening you dont see 👀 Alot of internal damage happening to the brain. When you fight without gloves the fight is more about NOT getting hit. Once someone lands a good hit and blood is drawn the fights over. This may result in more bone injuries to the hand wrist fists and knuckles but it'll protect the head. Thats how they do mma in england ireland and scottland and a UK promoter is trying lobby to bring it here and I hope he does.
3:43 Vasooo psyhoooo
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 16 days ago
I fukn love Bennett 🤣🤣🤣
BlackSilhouette 17 days ago
I never understood ,even as a dude myself, why men do that face to face bullshit.
Linda Hocevar
Linda Hocevar 18 days ago
0:55 longer time please
OFFomid 18 days ago
Me be watching at 2:03 am
OFFomid 18 days ago
Aww poor guy The first one
Janizary -
Janizary - 19 days ago
0:32 this is a fucking assault, should be arrested and charged for that, dumb bitch
MrSven46 20 days ago
It’s funny Jon Jones smashes dc 3 times twice in the ufc and once at a press conference 😂😂😂
Sqazi_9K 21 day ago
Man Greate What? | Malczynski VS Olejnik And Adrian polak vs Ferrari
marcino335 21 day ago
a loot of KSW
SirFartsALot 21 day ago
1:15 , 2:45 what a coward, your enemy is down you stupid punk. Hitting a enemy thaty is ko, bravo bravo, well done
Irozah Lano
Irozah Lano 21 day ago
Zachary Howlett
Zachary Howlett 21 day ago
2:13 that small dude ain’t going to o stop the giant 6 foot 5 guy
FlySpyGuy 23 days ago
3:32 Man, how terrible would it be to have to put yourself between two hot angry women...oh wait...that's my dream job.
Gooja Sizl
Gooja Sizl 23 days ago
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Yonkaboo Exkaboo
Yonkaboo Exkaboo 23 days ago
Lol Nick ain’t shit and neither is their fight camp. The only guy that had a chance was Nate but that hype train got derailed by Masvidal.
欄人 24 days ago
psalms 139:22
psalms 139:22 24 days ago
0:13 I would have done the same.
The Myth
The Myth 24 days ago
The first guy 😂😂😂💔💔
Rice King
Rice King 25 days ago
0:13 I'm pretty sure the guy on the right is gay no offense
Official Alonzo
Official Alonzo 26 days ago
Pussy move to hit the referee
Diego Díaz Cañas
Diego Díaz Cañas 26 days ago
wanderlei takes no one shit
The Last Toilet Roll
3:49 lmao best stare down
Facts Over Emotions
Charles Krazyhorse Bennett was terrified when Wanderlei Silva showed up in the back room.
G. Gamez Gamez
G. Gamez Gamez 27 days ago
a lot of disrespect before and during the fights.
Sergio Shafi
Sergio Shafi 27 days ago
Stupidest industry in the world
La Fraise Au Bois Dormant
wanderlei silva > all
Артем 29 days ago
0:13 serves him right
Mohammed Hamdan
Mohammed Hamdan 29 days ago
I’m I the only one waiting for KSI ?
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle Month ago
unsportsmanlike putta's is all that comes to mind when watching this..
Διρhα 28 days ago
Gino Foogle you mean “putas” fool
Kaylif Tapuaiga
Kaylif Tapuaiga Month ago
Yssela Gonzalez
Yssela Gonzalez Month ago
0:14 aa que puto
Bhoomika Month ago
3:14 is that Goldberg on mic
Barát Péter
Barát Péter Month ago
That is why I 'don't call MMA as sport...there is nothing about nice movements, respect, sport, it's rather an argument in a cheap pub...
Mma belong to prison only legend know
Cypress Warrior
Cypress Warrior Month ago
too much ego
Eddie Tiller
Eddie Tiller Month ago
0:31 he should get kicked out and hes not "hungry" hes a little coward
PC Principal
PC Principal Month ago
First guy kiss him to prove the purple power.
Diego Sosa
Diego Sosa Month ago
jaja un susto se pego el negro al final jaja
Mi chiamo così
Mi chiamo così Month ago
chuck norris : someone wants to fight me ? Everyone:
nbil amba
nbil amba Month ago
0:48 OMG nose battle.
furious boi
furious boi Month ago
If ur new here this is lit fire bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay E
Jay E Month ago
I didn't know fighting was this gay. Why they gotta kiss and rub noses all the time?
supergas1 Month ago
Trumptrash love this
かやかや Month ago
Daniel John
Daniel John Month ago
Bill Goldberg, and that's the bottom line
zeyn rasyid
zeyn rasyid Month ago
Kiss him!!!!!
Awesome dude fernandez
My name is Jose Miguel Fernandez
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Heath Herring wasn’t losing control, the other guy kissed him on the lips like a homosexual. He’s not gay
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy Month ago
0:40 the man on the left looks like Trevor from gta 5 lol
Marked One
Marked One 19 days ago
Not at all
Kyle S. Moreno
Kyle S. Moreno Month ago
5:10 it was that moment he knew he fucked up😂
Cyborg Ninja
Cyborg Ninja Month ago
What is this "now kith" bullshit they keep doing?
heromyX gaming
heromyX gaming Month ago
1:38 avarta vs avarta
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