Angelica Hale Receives Golden Buzzer From Howie Mandel! - America's Got Talent: The Champions

America's Got Talent
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The 11-year-old singer received the golden buzzer for her AMAZING performance for "Fight Song!"
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The "Got Talent" format has had more than 900 million global viewers since it began airing in 2006 and has aired in 194 markets worldwide. "Got Talent" holds the Guinness World Records title as the Most Successful Reality Television Format in history, with 70 local versions produced across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The series, from NBC, Fremantle and Syco Entertainment, will feature the star-studded judges panel from "America's Got Talent" - Executive Producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel - as well as Host Terry Crews, co-star of NBC’s "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
Angelica Hale Receives Golden Buzzer From Howie Mandel! - America's Got Talent: The Champions
America's Got Talent


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Jan 22, 2019

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Comments 42 427
blackmagic414 2 hours ago
Well done Howie! yet again Mel B was trying to put Angelica down as she did on AGT when she voted for the ventriloquist act instead of Angelica,she NEVER sang a wrong note! AMAZING performance,,,,,,,,maybe Angelica could give singing lessons to Mel b!
Mustafa Aljasem
Mustafa Aljasem 2 hours ago
98% of comments: Mel b was the first to say a negative thing me: that's literly her job she has to be honest id doesn't matter if it was her fav
تالين عبدالله
Raden Ayu
Raden Ayu 3 hours ago
Why she grown up so fast,i remember an adorable child stand in that stage
Dotty dotty
Dotty dotty 4 hours ago
She looks like the little version of Moana. And she's so cute
Mesut Guven
Mesut Guven 4 hours ago
Angelica hale Pır pır xoşbi❤❤❤
Bahiya 05
Bahiya 05 4 hours ago
Angelica had grown up so much and is so pretty!Her vocals are amazing too💕
Sophia Giron
Sophia Giron 6 hours ago
Akala ko si Janine Berdin HAHAHAHHAHA
Eca Icaro
Eca Icaro 9 hours ago
Who's here because of Gold Squad????
Gilmar Ferreira
Gilmar Ferreira 12 hours ago
Sem palavras sensacional
Mindy Rice
Mindy Rice 12 hours ago
She acts like shes so old 🙄🙄
Marilyn Ullero
Marilyn Ullero 14 hours ago
nameleless 18 hours ago
i absolutely love her and she is so good. But I tbh think that it is annoying the way she acts. I think she is so sweet and overly talented. But I just liked the old angelica more she was acting like a 10 year old. I know she is famous now but I mean its just 1 year that has passed. She dresses like a 13-14 year old. Acts like she is an adult. (I do love that but I have a feeling that she is trying to hard because she didnt won agt for the first time. So I think the pressure is making her act not like her but like a more adult and with too much respect that it is not natural) i kinda miss the natural old her♥️
urgen latsu
urgen latsu 18 hours ago
She is so good what a freaking talent...love Angelica mwuahhhhhhh
Janaina Trindade
Janaina Trindade 19 hours ago
Zahida Perveen
Zahida Perveen 20 hours ago
Ellina For bts
Ellina For bts 20 hours ago
Why did I cry??????
intanshafiqa1409 fam
my mom cry because me can't singing 🙂
Demon Bluer
Demon Bluer Day ago
Wow...that precious reaction..awee...
rich 1853
rich 1853 Day ago
So what. All you viewer don't know swat. Very boring so call entertainment.
jackline joseph
Ramshangphy Leisan
Ur an amazing star🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍
Maureese Maaño
Angelica hale I like your voice very much I wish my voice is like
madino gaming
you can hit the Philippines for the Philippines got talent
madino gaming
good healt for you angelica your voice is sow good
Edurdo Soberanis
Quedó en segundo lugar hace dos años no?
Ms. Kay
Ms. Kay Day ago
I cried happy tears imagining me on that stage. 🥺😭
mikaela erika
4:30 is legit where u see all the judges reactions when he pressed that golden buzzer!! btw who's watching in 2019? lol
Amber Cullip-cross
I want to be a singer and I’m not the best but Angelica inspires me to keep going
Amber Cullip-cross
She is the luckiest girl ever 2 golden buzzers by the same person !! I know why she is called Angelica because she is an angel
Sonsun Laishran
Man she was so small just yesterday when did she grow
Zarria Jones
Zarria Jones Day ago
Her face as he is getting ready to hit the golden buzzer
Bidisha saharia
Goosebumps moment at 2.20 when she start this is my fight song
desyanti daulay
Hello It’s me
Her hair is so beautiful!
Soni Chaudhary
Asliddin Hamrayev
Mary Osebe
Mary Osebe Day ago
Nice voice l can't stop listening to this
reynel flores
What is the tittle of the song in end?
monique simeon
Pangit kasi laki ng bunganga
Tiny K Winton
Tiny K Winton 2 days ago
Next Ariana Grande :p
Mr. Dought
Mr. Dought 2 days ago
Me at 11: starting to play TAMIYA M4WD :)
James Negre
James Negre 2 days ago
noreen fuentes
noreen fuentes 2 days ago
Angelica Hale should sing "Love me like you do"
Karina Wan
Karina Wan 2 days ago
I literally can’t wait until she makes her break and we get to hear her songs on the radio😊
Karina Wan
Karina Wan 2 days ago
When she talks she sound like a complete angel but when she sings she’s a fricken beast
Tyty Hen00
Tyty Hen00 2 days ago
I love everything about Angelica ❤️ From Cambodia 🇰🇭
[•Samantha Amanda•]
her parent named her ANGELica cause they know she's an *ANGEL*
Javier Arreaga
Javier Arreaga 2 days ago
Nadie ke escriba en español 22😉😁
Kate Thompson
Kate Thompson 2 days ago
Simon's exchange with Mel B at the end is hilarious.
Hazza Styles
Hazza Styles 2 days ago
Watching this at 3 am.
Renee Arnett
Renee Arnett 2 days ago
She is bad😬😠😳😳
Lesterjohn Mamalias
What is the title of the background music??
Lesterjohn Mamalias
Lesterjohn Mamalias 19 hours ago
@Karina Wan thank you
Karina Wan
Karina Wan 2 days ago
It’s called Wild Horses by Birdy
DALVİYK WİKX 2 days ago
Tin Mojica
Tin Mojica 2 days ago
Wow Good voice😍😍😍
Bittersweet ALDC
Bittersweet ALDC 2 days ago
Angelica: **sings perfectly** Autotune: *Am I a joke to you?*
Julie Wong
Julie Wong 2 days ago
That girl has a voice of a *Litteral angel*
aira nicx
aira nicx 2 days ago
What is the tittle 4:31??
Aya Karam
Aya Karam 2 days ago
this girl is just INCREDIBLE i mean cmon! her at 11: sings like an angel and is in the finals of agt me at 11: closes the laptop to see when the light on the apple logo will turn off
Sepimong Thonger
Sepimong Thonger 2 days ago
Maybe Simon was gna buzzer if he dint do that
Chocolate Gacha Studios
Her at 11 : sings like a God Me at 11 : living on my bed watching gacha life...
Alfred Necosia
Alfred Necosia 3 days ago
mukang bayag yung kalbong negro dito ah
Alyssa Alinio
Alyssa Alinio 3 days ago
omgggg!!!!!! first watched her when she was 9!!!! Angelicaaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️
Matt Dickinson
Matt Dickinson 3 days ago
She sounds like an angel uh that’s cause her first part of her name is angel
Eliska Holzerova
Eliska Holzerova 3 days ago
omg so this is a dream! she's so beautiful 😘 she's a charming little girl otherwise I wouldn't say it
Dylan Anonymous
Dylan Anonymous 3 days ago
Seeing How Simon Cowell teasing Mel B after Angelica's Exit haha i just can't help laughing haha. Nice Angelica ! ^_^ Well done young lady ^_^ 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Cara Jade
Cara Jade 3 days ago
Fight song yup
Lyla Medina
Lyla Medina 3 days ago
I'm happy for her😄
Lyla Medina
Lyla Medina 3 days ago
She has a great voice she is perfect,petty and she is great you got it🤗😍
Brandon Chicas
Brandon Chicas 3 days ago
2 golden buzzers
Style Princess
Style Princess 3 days ago
My fav parts: 0:00 0:04 0:37 0:43 0:50 1:52 2:17 2:29 2:53 The sad part: 3:46 Howie cheers Angelica Hale: 4:13 Golden buzzer: 4:28 Parents kiss: 4:43 The end of the video: 5:47 And your welcome like if you want to
Style Princess
ruby tae I don’t know
ruby tae
ruby tae Day ago
What is the name of the bckground music at 4:32 ??
Daja Kangal
Daja Kangal 3 days ago
Creamy frappuccino
Not only did she change the tune of this song but she also changed the attitude of it my using the strength that she was given and she used a lot of confidence to sing this song. i love Fight Song but i love it even more when she sang it because she was confident and she is an inspiration for everyone!
Sweetheart Gaming
Socorro Cortes
Socorro Cortes 3 days ago
Que lindo
destiny fulger
destiny fulger 3 days ago
She gots a great voice I wish my voice was like that😍😍😍😍😍😍
Vanessa Abarca
Vanessa Abarca 3 days ago
Que voz mas increíble tiene angélica con esa edad
حلو كتيييره😱😱😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊 Goooooooooood😊😊😍😍😍😍😎😎😱😱😱😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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