Angela Yee FINALLY speaks on Charlamagne & LEAVING The Breakfast Club | "I feel SHUT DOWN & UNHEARD"

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Angela Yee has a lot to say! Comment your thoughts below!
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Oct 29, 2019




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Daytime Tea Time
Daytime Tea Time 10 months ago
Check out the full interview here ruvid.net/video/video-EywBSKWqVk0.html Be sure to check out LEVEL 21 MAGAZINE on Instagram @level21mag and Follow the CEO of that magazine @TempesttCEO www.level21mag.com/music/level21-exclusive-angela-yee-says-feels-unheard-shut-co-host-plus-copes-woman-male-dominated-industry/
Karen Fairman
Karen Fairman 13 days ago
No to disrespect Forrest Whitaker, do people understand he is a respected actor like Denzel, Samuel, and he owes the legend an public apology.
jumbo shrimp
jumbo shrimp 28 days ago
CTG is not real.... He sways with the wind, whatever makes him look good.
Simphiwe Goso
Simphiwe Goso 2 months ago
I totally agree with you....if he didnt defend her I can understand her anger and frustration....awful....WOW that interview with Forrest was totally inappropriate! I am with Angela Lee...what a total shame to be like that to Forrest he is a legend...he seemed so uncomfortable and embarrassed....that was awful and shameful Charlamagne
natty nate Haitian Zulu warrior spirit
@Daytime Tea Time it's not protective styling if you never show your actual hair, why would you protect something you hate to show! Misery loves company and black women are so miserable about their African textured hair they'll do the most and spend the most inorder to cover it or destroy it while they pat each other on the back! When self love of ones own African textured hair becomes fashionable again will you jump on that bandwagon or stay hiding and hating your actual hair?
natty nate Haitian Zulu warrior spirit
@Tery Hodge do white men comment on white women's hair also, you people make me sick!
Cause Effect
Cause Effect 17 hours ago
charlemagne has been disrespectful to many. he'll get his.
Cause Effect
Cause Effect 17 hours ago
she is over shadowed by the other two.
Mary Brookins
Mary Brookins 2 days ago
She sat there and went along with the way he disrespected female guest on the show. She should have known her turn was coming. Watch how you move cuz what goes around comes around.
Chris Adkison
Chris Adkison 4 days ago
I actually love her the guys r haters
Gerald Humbert
Gerald Humbert 10 days ago
Why didn’t she check Gucci since she was the one offended. I think she been cuttin charlamain that’s why she got pissed he didn’t stand up for her
Rene the dude
Rene the dude 16 days ago
What about this tea? ruvid.net/video/video-GcG1g29qCyg.html
Mom First Alwayz
Mom First Alwayz 23 days ago
Yes, indeed, 9 months late on this tea, but I'm glad the show was canceled. Who calls themselves God and has no Talent? 🤷🏽‍♀️
kudos7777 Month ago
Honestly speaking fck the breakfast club!
harvey mitchell
harvey mitchell Month ago
Gucci put fear in that man. That's why he didn't have her back.
T Mo
T Mo Month ago
.From The Day I BEGAN Watching The Breakfast Club, I Never Understood Why Angela Yee was not Front and Center on CAMERA From DAY ONE. SHE FINE and Should have been The Featured HOST of The Show. They Pushed Her OFF To The Side. Nobody wants to HEAR CHARLEMANGE'S STUPID COMMENTS TO THE GUEST.
T Mo
T Mo Month ago
Angela Yee has some valid points. I Been Watching The Breakfast Club For Years OFF and ON Charlamagne Is The Biggest TURN OFF. He Makes NASTY Comments To The GUEST and He Never Put NO RESPECK On Peoples NAME.Angela Yee should have been Front and Center on CAMERA From DAY ONE. SHE IS THE EYE CANDY.
Deja Month ago
Some of y’all are really slow and lost.. her not defending a guest against her coworker/teammate is not the same as her coworker/teammate not defending her against a rude guest. They’re a team how she handled other guest has nothing to do with how her co host allowed and joined in on a guest disrespecting her.
Deja Month ago
Some of y’all are really slow and lost.. her not defending a guest against her coworker/teammate is not the same as her coworker/teammate not defending her against a rude guest. They’re a team how she handled other guest has nothing to do with how her co host allowed and joined in on a guest disrespecting her.
YAGAMi SiTH Month ago
So she can talk crazy about a man but can talk crazy about a woman but want to run and hide when fire come back smfh
Travis White
Travis White 2 months ago
That was that man's platform he should've handle it however he felt comfortable he doesn't have to do it her way
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 months ago
She was the one always making excuses for qhite supremacy when she could have put fire to they ass but no she didn't. Be gone feme
Tonja Howard
Tonja Howard 2 months ago
What you all don't understand a man has to be a real man to confront a half of a man. Charlemagne is soft and weak. He didn't defend her because he was SCARED 😥 He has a wife and girls and wonder how they felt about this weakness he displayed. Weak, just weak. SMH!
bxthorn 2 months ago
He's from north carolina what is he doing on our radio station
martin 2 months ago
Could you work with char? He is a well known ar$e hole .
Six Star 666
Six Star 666 2 months ago
“I’m looking a lil Forest Whitikery 👁 “ LMAO 😆 ⚰️ 💀...that just ain’t right 🤦🏻‍♂️
Don Juan
Don Juan 3 months ago
Skip to 2:18 to hear Yee lying response #IBelieveGucci #ThankMeLater
olajube 3 months ago
Damn all this hate for Angela yee. Too much.
Mztricee30 3 months ago
Didn't Quicksilver do the same thing to Danni Starr???
Brother Wisdom
Brother Wisdom 3 months ago
Monique tried to tell Angela but she didn't want to listen. So there ya have it.
Anelani Njokwana
Anelani Njokwana 3 months ago
She never spoke up for when the woman were dragged on the show eg Monique.
NovejSpeed3 3 months ago
She feels unheard because she don't be talking about shit. Her questions are high school level at best. How you be working with Angie Ma and be so bad at interviewing
kingfish990 3 months ago
You're beautiful.
Sweet One
Sweet One 3 months ago
I never knew there was a beef 🤯
Shana Tinnin
Shana Tinnin 3 months ago
Angela who?????
Shay Fitness
Shay Fitness 3 months ago
When black women or Muslim women came on, she could not be more uninterested. At least CTG always kept it real. Yee was very two faced and hardly contributed in any way. She had many opportunities to defend black women but never did. I don’t feel bad for her.
DEATHWISH -CHRIS 3 months ago
I'm a fan of the show, & everybody on it! But until now I just thought Angie wasn't the brightest or wittiest radio personality. (It's horrible and I feel like an asshole) But looking at it with fresh eyes, and this information. I can't help but think she just feels vulnerable..... Muffled basically walled off from being able to speak her mind. I hope that that's not the case. But if it is I sincerely hope that she continues to push forward and kick ass and keep her fucking heel on their throat! Charlamagne is wonderful when he's wonderful, & when he's wrong.... boy or f****** boy is that man wrong and embarrassing for everybody else watching/listening🤭😔. It would appear that he's a victim of his own success and this s*** is gone to his head. He is often very articulate & accurate.... But that's exactly where problems can arise. When you assumes your correct...... you can be right about a shitload of things. But that doesn't mean you're always right!!!!!! Always in good taste and the smart choice to shut the fuck up.... An then let somebody else speak.. especially if it's not a topic that you are well-versed in!!! Not all topics have your name written all over them. If you have no business speaking on.... Often in Charlemagne's case he is speaking over somebody else. If you know better, you do better, Charlemagne!! Otherwise you just look like a total ass. But you probably already knew that 🤔😉 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✌️ @AngelaYeeBreakfastclub
Faheem Johnson
Faheem Johnson 3 months ago
Why are women always attack men?Only for money you show a little respect.🤦🏿‍♂️
Charles Finnell
Charles Finnell 3 months ago
Charlamagne tha God is not the kinda guy that's going to step to, check, confront or reprimand Gucci Mane. Especially, not on the air... That's way outside of the parameters of his masculinity.
SALAHUDDIN TV 3 months ago
That's her Karma for doing the same thing for K Michelle.
JG Jerze123
JG Jerze123 3 months ago
She has no personality and her voice is annoying. I wish her well but she won’t be missed.
Veronica Logan
Veronica Logan 3 months ago
I can't stand two faced charmaine tha god
chario TwoFilthy
chario TwoFilthy 3 months ago
Hi edagdwg that was a disrespect to a real person should have been off you don't ask a personal question about his life didn't like it either Linda
Chef Ty
Chef Ty 3 months ago
Oh goodie. A gossip mongering quasi journalist operating on the fringes of their industry not enjoying their own medicine. Shocking.
Tareca Hubbard-holt
Tareca Hubbard-holt 3 months ago
This whole thing is wild. You could think they wouldn't want to mess up a good thing.
Traes His Traxx
Traes His Traxx 3 months ago
CTHAGOD carries the whole show!
Ptown No favors
Ptown No favors 3 months ago
The Forrest eye 😂😂😂
Joyce Dominguez
Joyce Dominguez 3 months ago
I don't really know much about Angela but her voice sounds brutal for the radio.
Sterling Hill
Sterling Hill 3 months ago
Don’t nobody care about what Angela yee gotta say PLUS she’s messy her damn self so why she in her feelings bout what someone else said
Schoolius Delta
Schoolius Delta 3 months ago
How often is she not there already? Absent from the show.......? 👀
titilayo thegreat
titilayo thegreat 3 months ago
well why didnt she leave
Sincerity 3 months ago
I watched the interview Gucci referred too. Charlamagne abt to get exposed him and kelvin rumor this Friday! C tha god needs to worry abt his private life. Angela yee I like her but its not too long ago girls or women might call c the god all kinds of names. But I do understand her feelings it would be crazy without yee
Tracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson 3 months ago
Ok but do we listen if charlemagne is not there. Girl bye. Stop crying. 😢😢😢😢😢
Dream Dream Serene
Dream Dream Serene 3 months ago
Thank GOD. I was gonna say they treated her like shit. They shut her down ALL THE TIME to the point where i stopped listening. had no idea she left. she's bigger than that. both of those men are childish.
Franklin Oliver
Franklin Oliver 3 months ago
Most people don't want to hear anything most women have to say. Mostly because they typically don't have great personalities. In the radio business they actually refer to women as holes. They add them to the radio program, but don't really bring much to the show.
scorpionms1 3 months ago
Charlemaigne a sell out to himself... Cant possibly expect him to stand up for someone else...
Queen Jones
Queen Jones 3 months ago
I never liked Charlamange because of his continuous disrespect to women. That interview with Forest Whitaker and Lil Momma was a total disrespect and that shows me he has no respect for anyone. Everything is not meant to be a joke, there certain boundaries you just don't cross. My honest opinion is he is insecure about himself and I don't think he was happy about his own appearance as a child because of the skin condition he had, especially his face. I think he is still dealing with those same issues today and he is low key bullying. He needs to seek counseling because he is obviously battling some issues from his past before he f#*ks his career up.
CHRISLUNDY Masterd #TheLundyLook
Didnt she sit silent when a guy came on talking bout k.michelle p#$$y stink and when CTG completely disrespected J.Hernandez on the show calling her a man and "show us your penis"??? Where was her female consciousness then?
Alex Colima
Alex Colima 3 months ago
This girl still call in him the god hahahaha
Janet Boyle
Janet Boyle 3 months ago
Yall know Angela is chinese right! That trick aint nothing
WAVERLY 3 months ago
its very funny how women can sit up their and say whatever the fuck they want about men, but when me do that ''o he's wrong for talking like that''. but yet when want = rights only when it suits them!!
Baltimore Boomin
Baltimore Boomin 3 months ago
I don’t know bout this dumb shit but it’s a real “Beef” goin on out hear with white cops shooting Black people for no reason. Seems to me it’s the only thing that’s really important to life
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor 3 months ago
Angela yee doesn't have a bunch kids running around with different fathers polluting to communities with crime.
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor 3 months ago
I'm wondering if she feels she's not getting heard or listened to. why don't she have a sit down with both of them.
Antigua Paradise Island
If I remember well a time a rapper was up breakfast club talking about K Michelle in a negative way and Angela yee was laughing and acting the same way charlamaine was and K Michelle told her how she felt about it this world is round
Jackie gordon
Jackie gordon 4 months ago
Love your channel
OFF PAROLE 4 months ago
cancel Yee get her out of here
Erich Von Manstein
Erich Von Manstein 4 months ago
"As a man first"?? Why is he HER man? Then why would he say anything? Not 2 seconds before you said the gucci character can say whatever he wants so why would charlene or whatever impede on that right? Dont get me wrong, im not really a fan of that dude or even the breakfast club on a whole but i dont think he was in the wrong on this.
Edwin Melendez
Edwin Melendez 4 months ago
Whose box stinks now 🤔
Kalifornia Sol
Kalifornia Sol 4 months ago
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 4 months ago
Not gonna lie, one of the reasons i stopped listening to the breakfast club, was cuz of her voice... i fucking hate it for some reason.
julio luna
julio luna 4 months ago
Didn't even know she was on the show. Angela yee... is a 4 on the L.A scale.
Island Roena
Island Roena 4 months ago
I mean Charlamagne doesn't really need co hosts Angela and Dj envy bring nothing to that show they are both as bland as wonder bread never even got why he had co hosts
Nate Lucier
Nate Lucier 4 months ago
queens stick together
Katrina Byrd
Katrina Byrd 4 months ago
I've been noticing that, too. Like when she does the rumor report and she's being cut off constantly. I get the back and forth talking. But they all out cut her off and go off on tangents like her segment isn't as important and she is visibly and audibly annoyed.
Nick Riley
Nick Riley 4 months ago
Listening to the show you can tell it was some underlying issues......y’all giving ctg too much power anyway, he tells on himself by the questions he ask.....I mean disrespecting Forest W like that is inexcusable asking about his eye... Come on man...
Amna Khalid
Amna Khalid 4 months ago
she still there tho
Prettytone2755 4 months ago
Oh IDK,,,maybe he just doesnt give a fuck about her or even likes her n let gucci be his mouthpiece...Ijs...
Bumble bee
Bumble bee 4 months ago
He was frfr wrong for talking to Forrest Whitaker that way. Had he been white he would not have done that. Forrest Whitaker is a great actor and should be RESPECTED!!! BUT I really like Ctg I like his books and all but he was wrong for both situations!
jestness j
jestness j 5 months ago
Yee won't be missed. I think she's attractive but, that pretty much it. Yee is also acting like a saint, shes apparently far from it.
Sequoia Miller
Sequoia Miller 5 months ago
Charlemagne and DJ envy are always rude asf and doin the same shit that she’s sayin Gucci did. All them niggas are ass.
New Era
New Era 5 months ago
I love me some Angela Yee!😍😍😍😍
C. Hart
C. Hart 5 months ago
Who g's a-f!
She didn't step up for lil Mama
Steve Shepard
Steve Shepard 5 months ago
go look up the interview of her that gucci was talking about. she really said "asian girls pussies are deep" referring to herself after gucci said he had a big dick. so what does that mean? the real reason gucci got mad in the charlamagne interview is because Angela was trash talking keshia kaior. i wouldve called her a bitch too. you talking about this man wife, and expect him to be respectful?! charlamagne aint got shit to do with that. but the best part of all of this is when keshia kaior came to the breakfast club w/ a mink and a fat ass rock on her ring finger straight flexin on Angela. Ive never seen Angela so quiet in an interview so yea i can see why she mad but thats HER problem
Boogie Down
Boogie Down 5 months ago
Angela is going to ruin her career with this move!!!
Charlton Scribner
Charlton Scribner 5 months ago
A group meeting would not work most of their heads has swelled with they think they the shit, all of the heads has gotten big it's only inevitable that they break up, their time is up.
Charlton Scribner
Charlton Scribner 5 months ago
You should have expected it coming from Charlemagne he is a weak person always has always will be, he has no backbone to take up for himself let alone his female co-worker, Charlamagne is a wimp
Shay Barcellyia
Shay Barcellyia 5 months ago
I'm a bit disgusted with how Charla handled that interview with Forest W, that was disrespectful. I also would like to add Angela didn't say anything when Lil Mama was getting clowned the ENTIRE INTERVIEW. To get upset at Charla is ridiculous. I would also like to add Gucci is trash for talking to Angela like that dude that was unnecessary and you're married.
Nappy Scribe
Nappy Scribe 5 months ago
Amanda MAKES herself be heard.
Nappy Scribe
Nappy Scribe 5 months ago
Maybe she’s being replaced by Amanda Seales.
Roscoe03160107 5 months ago
The breakfast club wouldn't be the same without her.
Digital Smoke
Digital Smoke 5 months ago
seems like you want to be the one in yees' deep hole not mane. i don't think you could have been more biased as an interviewer
jboogie knows
jboogie knows 5 months ago
🙄 I don't like her anyways......who care!...NEXT!!🥱🥱🤓😬🤪
Candy Salters
Candy Salters 5 months ago
Never know your co-workers! Now we are longing to see them!!
Kobe24 5 months ago
Yee know DAMN WELL Charlemagne ain’t bout to tell GUCCI to chill😂😂😂. Gu-Wop would’ve slapped him fast
James Holst
James Holst 5 months ago
Click bait
Crystal Adams
Crystal Adams 5 months ago
She left? 5 months later and I didn't even know🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️
Light House
Light House 5 months ago
Click bate she’s just got fake info get out of here
Leonard Stephens LimoLen228
Yes I think so
BAYB HUSSLA 5 months ago
Yee always playing the victim smh
BAYB HUSSLA 5 months ago
She laugh at other women when they get dragged thru the dirt n she ain’t never took up for char or envy when people clearly disrespected them in front of her so I don’t feel bad. And I believe Gucci n Yee obviously mad Gucci put her on blast oh well.
sealy 5 months ago
I'll say it!! It's a dude show fundamentally men dont want to hear women talk, men fundamentally dont care about most women opinions in general, she works around two alpha males so really shes a prop, a politically correct stage dynamic, men dont want to work around women, shes upset about words from a man that came on the show!! She's not made for a show that is trying to be a"keeping it real show" I'm glad she found a show with other women to talk about issues men dont really care about
Palesa Molorane
Palesa Molorane 5 months ago
"Your eye is content for social media" Charlemagne is TRASH for that bro!
Simphiwe Goso
Simphiwe Goso 2 months ago
i agree that was soooo incredibly evil...he was clearly making fun of Forest...that was so disrespectful and uncessary
Joe joe Mckenziesmith
I feel her
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