Angela Yee FINALLY speaks on Charlamagne & LEAVING The Breakfast Club | "I feel SHUT DOWN & UNHEARD"

Daytime Tea Time
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Angela Yee has a lot to say! Comment your thoughts below!
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Oct 30, 2019




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Daytime Tea Time
Daytime Tea Time 3 months ago
Check out the full interview here ruvid.net/video/video-EywBSKWqVk0.html Be sure to check out LEVEL 21 MAGAZINE on Instagram @level21mag and Follow the CEO of that magazine @TempesttCEO www.level21mag.com/music/level21-exclusive-angela-yee-says-feels-unheard-shut-co-host-plus-copes-woman-male-dominated-industry/
Benjamin Sigel
Benjamin Sigel Month ago
Daytime Tea Time I think it is inappropriate because he’s a grown ass man older than him. It’s a time and place for all that , like before they were on air🤦🏾‍♂️💯
27freddiemitch 2 months ago
But you forget that people disrespect ctg on the show on a, daily and they dont say anything plus sometimes ang would start stuff to just saying
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 2 months ago
@GoGo Shack right always saying stupid shit and bring up people relationship like she on lip service hardly have anything to say or bring to the table
GoGo Shack
GoGo Shack 2 months ago
The grass ain't always greener on the other side. Charlemagne did what a non bias interviewer would do. She coming up with all these excuses to leave. If you wanna leave just leave. Business is business. She's speaking on friendship not business. Talking about she ain't being heard. She ain't talking about ish! She done got big headed cause of her little show.
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 2 months ago
So he was black balled ?
Gregory P.
Gregory P. 6 hours ago
I just feel angela yee should take this all with a grain of salt beecause she wasn't always on the radar when she needed to be and she sometimes said things that put her in uncomfortable situations too. I like her, she seems like a nice girl but she does straddle the fence sometimes
k jamz
k jamz 19 hours ago
Oh my! That is discusting, the intervew with forrest whitiker he seemed like why are you asking about my eye? And charla is poking fun of it.I love forest's lazy eye that's what makes him unique!
Charlemagne should not have asked that man about his eye
Meliodas Wraith
Meliodas Wraith 4 days ago
You can’t do that with rappers is this woman ok they’re either gonna turn up or leave and you don’t that to happen as a interviewer it goes against the bag 🤨
Meliodas Wraith
Meliodas Wraith 4 days ago
Kmt she said that but does the same thing all the time
Meliodas Wraith
Meliodas Wraith 4 days ago
Kmt she said that but does the same thing all the time
Vishnu Venkatesh
Vishnu Venkatesh 4 days ago
Charlamagne makes the show. She just sounds whiny and annoying.
Jenny 7 days ago
I’m not a fan hearing the word “tea” so much in one sentiment. She does annunciation her words like a beast tho.
Carl_Sandzs 8 days ago
CTG is not responsible for taking up for her. He has a wife to do that for. She's a big girl. I'm sure she can handle shit herself.
Annet Morrison
Annet Morrison 9 days ago
How many of yall defend your co-workers?? How many of yall really like your co-workers??? She bad talked k. Michelle, now that the tables turned she wants sympathy.
sharee wert
sharee wert 9 days ago
Who is this person? People need jobs and get more busy with their lives so they have to fuss about other people.
ka 9 days ago
Why Do We Give This Dot The Time Of Day???? She Not Official None Of That Breakfast Club Authentic Just A Lot Of Misdirection Not Helping People But Hurting Them.................... AMERIKKKA
WardaRobe be
WardaRobe be 10 days ago
She is a women in a boy's club. Be one of them or get out. They are not going to treat you like a princes.
Karl Ross
Karl Ross 12 days ago
They all need to leave
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 12 days ago
It takes a real man to put another man in check. Charlemagne ain't built like that. He was scared to death of Gucci.
T Poppy
T Poppy 13 days ago
Is it just me or did she not leave the breakfasr club? Why do black people always feel the need to create amd immerse themselves in bullshit as entertainment? Smh.
Treasure Diamond
Treasure Diamond 14 days ago
She say don't talk about men like that. But they talk about men like that .
marcelo martinez
marcelo martinez 14 days ago
marcelo martinez
marcelo martinez 14 days ago
Mane,is no man and should be ashamed for the way he treated the girl on Breakfast club ,a pure low-life!!!
marcelo martinez
marcelo martinez 14 days ago
Charlamagne is no man and he should of step in and told that guest to stop,but he’s a pure punk,and has no respect for woman and especially for himself!!!!
Stephanie Crews
Stephanie Crews 14 days ago
Angela you cant throw rocks and hide yo hands what ever you put out in the universe it shall return... so now you want people to fell sorry for you well I don't what was that thing you said to gucci you know what they say about Asian women your reply was its deep why you say that ms. Yee
Samir Yaqub
Samir Yaqub 15 days ago
Some of y’all are crazy. Y’all want ppl to give Yee sympathy for the same disrespect she laughed at ppl she didn’t give sympathy too? Smh
Em Be
Em Be 15 days ago
If Angela Yee wants to be heard and not be shut down then focus on your podcast and do your own thing. She is absolutely annoying on the show but oddly enough she seems cool on the podcast.... go figure.
Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson 16 days ago
He was AFRAID to confront Gucci because he can box.
jleron22 17 days ago
I believe Angela Yee wanted to top Gucci off back in the day, I mean c'mon, she has a show called mouth & lip service
Moetry 220
Moetry 220 17 days ago
What y’all want him to do is fight the guy, not his woman. Now, maybe he shouldn’t laugh but, he can’t start beef with another dude over something he had nothing to do with
Victoria C
Victoria C 18 days ago
I have not noticed she left the breakfast club either..
Urban Spinster
Urban Spinster 19 days ago
Just like their is no honor among thieves, there is no “loyalty” among people in their industry. If it gets attention, and views most don’t concern themselves with integrity.
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez 19 days ago
They did disrespect Forrest Whittaker though he a cool guy that was hella uncalled for .. but at the same time he looked unbothered anyway
Cliff Davis
Cliff Davis 20 days ago
But she done the same shyt many times so screw her.
Tennessee1987 20 days ago
Angela yee is being a hypocrite, anytime a female guest came onto the show(the breakfast club) they were always disrespected by the men & everything she sat back and let it happen. . But now the shoe is on the other foot she wants to speak up. . & the rumors of her sliding in Gucci Mane DM's I believe it. . She deserves every bit of her karma and if anything she should be happy "Ms. Mane" didn't get a hold of her
zarif ahmad
zarif ahmad 21 day ago
Get . her own
jersey queen
jersey queen 21 day ago
Clickbait girl bye with this lying channel
Jeremy Heard
Jeremy Heard 21 day ago
I think Angela Yee needs to stop being so sensitive. Gucci man said what he said and I'm sure Charlemagne wouldn't let him physically hurt you. I thought all three of yall worked good together. She need to know having your bk is one thing but disagreeing with her opinion is another.
Oswald Williams
Oswald Williams 22 days ago
Yea c da God was a real ass whole in that interview ..
Efim 2sleep
Efim 2sleep 23 days ago
Charlamane is so disrespectful to everbody. Even on a show that's not his. Look how he did Chanel West Coast on Rediculousness. He really needs his asa whooped.
Hood Reviews
Hood Reviews 25 days ago
Click Bait
__ 26 days ago
Who cares about you no life opinions. Monetizing on gossip. Girl bye!
M P 26 days ago
Even though I agree that Gucci was disrespectful, if I recalled correctly didn't K Michelle have the same issue with Yee that she has with Charla. K Michelle said that she don't respect Yee no more because she laughed while their guest said disparities about her and egged them on. Jmo....
Charlene Pleas
Charlene Pleas 27 days ago
Amen she's gone
RayJ Black
RayJ Black Month ago
She ain't left...why did you get my hopes up
Christopher Ragland
She called Micheal Blackson ex and try to expose him just to get brown nosing points from Kevin Hart, I don’t wish bad on nobody but when you constantly see someone dragging or allowing someone to be dragged you naturally want them to get there’s so they can see how it feels, I’m glad she got hers good looking Gucci Angela Yeee haaaaa 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Christopher Ragland
She didn’t stand up for Lil ma or lil Kim or Monique but she want sympathy, smh karma karma karma, I’m gone take the childish route on this one ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂 that’s what she get!!!
tiamrblue Month ago
Angela Yee....Paybacks a Mutha....she laugh when Charlemagne was calling Lil Momma ugly in her face.......And Charlemagne damn near got jump many times...Angela never came fohiadefensehwithertimes
Leonardo Davinci
Angela Yee can bounce. I'm good. I wouldn't watch if Charlemagne left though. As annoying as those stupid continuing YO's.
Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders Month ago
This content is not nearly interesting enough for me to put up with all the commercials. I’m out. Hope everything works out for Yee.
Kenneth Williams
I'd do the interview quick, fast and in a hurry. Get over it.
Str8 Shooter
Str8 Shooter Month ago
The ONLY women men will stick their neck out to defend.....is their wife, mom and maybe a sister. All u female coworkers, friends, acquaintances, cut buddies, and everybody in between, can forget it. Men have an unspoken unwritten understanding about this amongst each other. Right or wrong, it is what it is.
Speezy780 Month ago
Umm this shit so false Charlamain still there and her they just interviewed Martin and will yesterday lol
Dennis Kyle
Dennis Kyle Month ago
Ye is such a hypocrite. She always in on some bullshit with others but when it's towards her she crying victim. She sat right there and laugh with Maino and Uncle Murder when they talked shit about K Michelle. I actually think Ye is the weak link, I hope she leaves.
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré Month ago
She needs to build her own platform if men are a problem stop wanting to work with men because i strongly believe men and women should not work together
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré Month ago
She talk and critical of others why do people especially women want all the benefits but never the consequences nor reap what they sow when they do shit to others? She is so full of herself
Benjamin Sigel
Benjamin Sigel Month ago
He is very condescending. I wish I could go on his show. 🤛🏾👑💯
Johnny Wilson
Johnny Wilson Month ago
Shes is a go get her with lip sevice
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena Month ago
Candice - I like how you speak and explain things and how you do your makeup. 👏👏👏 Girl you should be on the radio!
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena Month ago
Charlamagne is like the worst interviewer ever, asking Forest Whitaker about his lazy eye, like really? How rude is that? He just always comes off as really ignorant, uneducated, and unprepared. The Breakfast Club really needs to get rid of him and hire somebody else, another woman! He also did a horrible job interviewing Amara La Negra! He was so rude and disrespectful to her.
Rosie Pena
Rosie Pena Month ago
Charlamagne has no balls to defend any of his co-hosts that he works with! There's no excuse for that! He shouldn't have been laughing when Gucci Mane was talking sh*t about his coworkers and disrespecting them for no reason.
Samir Yaqub
Samir Yaqub 15 days ago
Rosie Pena What? How many times Yee and Envy defended him on the show?? When ppl was getting real serious with him? 🤔 When a real dude come up there after him, they just sit there. What was their excuses because they been doing what Charlamagne did way b4 this, let’s keep it 💯. Not to mention when CGod was clowning Lil Mama, Yee ass was laughing. Now she complaining about him laughing, very hypocritical. She crying about everything she has already done to him or with him, it’s only a problem now because it’s about her!
Gianni Puface
Gianni Puface Month ago
Angela yeet.
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