ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

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The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites.
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9 фев 2019

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AntsCanada 14 дней назад
AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!
Luke Forrister
Luke Forrister День назад
I don't get it. Just throw it away or out a window.
chilly the pea
chilly the pea 12 дней назад
The toxin is called bufotoxen thank love you and also i love your ants
Christine Manahan
Christine Manahan 12 дней назад
Please compose a song about the frog 😂
Victor Vargas
Victor Vargas 12 дней назад
#team zuses
Lucky Lex
Lucky Lex Час назад
Wait what?!?! Why is it ants Canada If he lives in the Philippines??!
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Час назад
Where's the new episode????
Zenbon420 OW
Zenbon420 OW Час назад
Are we still getting an episode this weekend? Usually by the time I wake up its here
Gage Mason
Gage Mason 2 часа назад
2:20 caught me by surprise. The music you played their is the same music scp illustrated uses for his videos so it sooked me lol.
Prince Pat
Prince Pat 2 часа назад
I probably enjoy your awesome ant channel/documentary. I totally admire your passion and dedication.. aside from that, I learned that if ants resides on my cactus/succulent collection means there might be an aphids/mealy bugs taking down my precious plants.
Kylie Sanguine
Kylie Sanguine 2 часа назад
name the cane-toad!!!
Emil Andraos
Emil Andraos 2 часа назад
Where are you? Did u die it’s been 2 weeks... (Btw this was a joke he’s probably just making a nice long vid for us)
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper 2 часа назад
He's posted on his twitter account that the upload will be a little late :) don't worry, its coming today! And its gonna be just under an hour long <3
pokemon go
pokemon go 2 часа назад
To upload
pokemon go
pokemon go 2 часа назад
Yeah I'm still waiting for him
Golden 3 часа назад
Predator 3 часа назад
Omg 2 weeks with no video
Major Frisky
Major Frisky 3 часа назад
Where the new vid?
Shadowflare 3 часа назад
where is the video
Snutih 3 часа назад
Legaya should eat the mites
Snutih 3 часа назад
Hopefully we get a video this week!! Thanks Mikey
NoFatChicks410 3 часа назад
#TeamDionysus !!!
Samuel Ackereizen
Samuel Ackereizen 3 часа назад
I want to see the beetles battle when will this happen
EnderFaze _Tube
EnderFaze _Tube 4 часа назад
Name the toads the paint balls
Otaku Dynasty
Otaku Dynasty 4 часа назад
The bottled water for amphibians should be either spring or reverse osmosis water otherwise it could hurt them with added minerals or lack of minerals
John Neidigh
John Neidigh 4 часа назад
they could be called TITAN TOADS
Bryson Moffett
Bryson Moffett 4 часа назад
Your stalling the thing you have stalled omg just get to it or I will unsub.
Sanjuro 2 часа назад
unsub then and gtfo,
Stoirin 5 часов назад
Death sprites and Death faeries sounds nice for them! And even though it may be cliche, Painted warriors instantly came to mind. Honestly I used to care way less about ants and all these wonderful creatures you own but this is just so enthralling! Your voice makes it even better too. I do sometimes get confused with your skipping then jumping back but it does keep me interested!
Maxygames S
Maxygames S 5 часов назад
Yes long video!!
ALventure Blogs
ALventure Blogs 7 часов назад
The name is painted toads
Cutthroat Mc Rage
Cutthroat Mc Rage 7 часов назад
Name them AC's Marauders :)
Pedra-DaNeen Ogarro
Pedra-DaNeen Ogarro 8 часов назад
One of the names should be kohocku pronounced ku jah ko
iSAGAT MOTO CHANNEL 8 часов назад
Ohhhh! My question is being answered... Hahaha. You are living in Philippines... Wow! Pinoy or Canadian? ANSWER ME PLEASE... hahahaha.
Josh Caubang
Josh Caubang 9 часов назад
The death puffles Idk why but it sounds cool and cute!
shit nibbas
shit nibbas 9 часов назад
It's been like a month seens the rhino Beatles awoke they'll die before the rhino Beatle games you said yourself that they live for a few monthes
Spider Rick
Spider Rick 9 часов назад
Lstill no rhino beetle games
Kristy Mery
Kristy Mery 9 часов назад
Apollo my savier!🙌🙏🙏
Kristy Mery
Kristy Mery 9 часов назад
GO APOLLO!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!
Lovebyte69 10 часов назад
Hi AntsCanada. New subscriber. Love this channel. That toxin is called Bufotoxin. Real nasty if you're not careful. Big up and look forward for more content.
Jay Just Gamin
Jay Just Gamin 11 часов назад
stogucheme 11 часов назад
"Earth worms, though kinda gross..." This from the guy who is fine watching ants swarm prey. XD
Indio Moustafa
Indio Moustafa 11 часов назад
Hypo-ass-piss mites... Sorry, I'll leave.
Snutih 3 часа назад
good one bro
Epic Stitch
Epic Stitch 11 часов назад
#team Ares
Matthew 116
Matthew 116 11 часов назад
TEAM ARES whoop whoop, are you not intertained!
milzy movement
milzy movement 12 часов назад
For the rhino beetle games im chosing the young gun hades youngsters seem to do the best job they are smarter and more stronger love this channel mate keep up the good work 👍👍
Raptor 12 часов назад
29:20 toad just went sicko mode
milzy movement
milzy movement 12 часов назад
I swear before the angel of death came out i said frog its obvious because they can also eat parasites
saldi lozada
saldi lozada 12 часов назад
wow you're from philippines ? where in manila? im from manila too
Snutih 3 часа назад
Are you aware of Manila Luzon?
Joseph Fresnido
Joseph Fresnido 12 часов назад
I know your going to put in the angel of death your going to put your chameleon
Juan D
Juan D 12 часов назад
Team Hades
z_Physics YT
z_Physics YT 12 часов назад
Voice Crack at 9:55
Undesirable Mark
Undesirable Mark 13 часов назад
The painted origins
David A Gamer
David A Gamer 13 часов назад
Press like for hades, and reply for posiden!👉 👇
David A Gamer
David A Gamer 13 часов назад
Pinkamena11 Faz Pony
Pinkamena11 Faz Pony 13 часов назад
Keep the geko and name it Smoky or Gizmo from Gremlins!
DrakonPlayz 13 часов назад
#TeamHades :D
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen 14 часов назад
It's good to see you read and acknowledge our comments. :)
Dragontamer05 14 часов назад
I was honestly afraid the toad might have eaten the Gecko - since Cain Toads will eat everything and anything
Thomas Decon
Thomas Decon 15 часов назад
Ive only watched one vidio,, reaaly cool,never thought id want to watch ants!!! i dont know anything about you yet ,but had a thought watching,because of how well you made this vidio!! i thught that maybe ,school districs would pay you for science vidios for their school!! i mean, they buy text books for differant subjects ,why not vidios?? any ways, loved it ,good luck!!
Army SK
Army SK 15 часов назад
Paul Murray
Paul Murray 15 часов назад
Yeah, here in Oz we also discovered that cane toads are a bit contrary.
John Madden
John Madden 16 часов назад
You can see one of the mites climbing the hill at 22:42 towards center frame
The Gray Kirby
The Gray Kirby 16 часов назад
Where's 👏 my 👏 boy 👏 Hypnos
Dangerous Moonwalker
Dangerous Moonwalker 16 часов назад
I thought it was going to be a snack or lizard
Bokes Herzz
Bokes Herzz 16 часов назад
Lol u made me laugh for about an hour! Lol angel of no show
Tarran Griffith
Tarran Griffith 16 часов назад
Wow your actually a amazing singer
Nick Otero
Nick Otero 17 часов назад
DJ 3K 17 часов назад
Let's go Apollo
JC Scaletta
JC Scaletta 17 часов назад
The painted toads name should be "The Painter Posse".
Hollowstarfire 17 часов назад
silent fist 123
silent fist 123 17 часов назад
U gotta do what u gotta do
ShadowNinja06 -The Shadow clan-
ShadowNinja06 -The Shadow clan- 17 часов назад
I also maybe she’s pregnant looking for somewhere to lay them
paboto in roblox
paboto in roblox 17 часов назад
ShadowNinja06 -The Shadow clan-
ShadowNinja06 -The Shadow clan- 17 часов назад
markisbear 18 часов назад
markisbear 18 часов назад
Thats before u said he poped his head out
Lukazoid03 18 часов назад
Waste of time, unsubscribed
Emmanuel Farley
Emmanuel Farley 18 часов назад
go team ARES🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Gabriel 18 часов назад
Call them death team 1.0
John Swensen
John Swensen 18 часов назад
You should call the death sprites...The Merry Maids since they are house cleaning.
Karen Marsay
Karen Marsay 19 часов назад
Uniquely you coming out unity you come out
Gabriel 19 часов назад
I'm team Posidon
Reuben Hibbert
Reuben Hibbert 19 часов назад
LoveBee430 19 часов назад
Edwin Lundgren
Edwin Lundgren 19 часов назад
GamerGuy22 Games
GamerGuy22 Games 19 часов назад
JIGTUBER2019 20 часов назад
I might have seen on parsstitic mite
JIGTUBER2019 20 часов назад
look over the footage of the recuperates please
JIGTUBER2019 20 часов назад
if push comes to shove you might have to chemically to eliminate all of the ants inn the hacienda del dorado
T H 20 часов назад
Using annihilation to stop a different annihilation. Playin God’s complex, and expensive.
T H 20 часов назад
Shaggy at 100% power would rip the space time continuum.
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 20 часов назад
Golden Empire - Egyptian Lore: Anubis - Guardian of the Dead Osiris - Lord of the Underworld Nephthys - Mother of Anubis, Sister of Osiris, also Guardian of the Dead.
Richmond Thunder Pee Wee 2015-2016 Hockey Season
How did a gecko get in the del dorrado if its shut and keeps ants in but can't keep a gecko out?
Butternut Crinklefries
Butternut Crinklefries 21 час назад
He woke up to a grateful antiverse
Killua Alluka
Killua Alluka 21 час назад
ill call them the death disciples
verfluecht 21 час назад
craft craft
craft craft 22 часа назад
Lel i nearly throw my phone when its to be continued like last video about tht animal revealing😂but it's good tht u said jus kidding😅good job on save ma phone
Aryan poorasad
Aryan poorasad 22 часа назад
Can you please feed the ants with a snake head????
sentryogmixmaster 22 часа назад
waits patiently for toad to come out.. Day 45 .... finds dead toad skeleton.
Ozzborngaming 22 часа назад
name them the three amigos
Carlitox b
Carlitox b День назад
Way better than nat geo
otnev Kiran
otnev Kiran День назад
Bro you are really having a brilliant enthusiasm towards ants Can where are you living
malusignatius День назад
Sorry, did you say you're in the Philippines and you're keeping a colonies of fire ants and crazy ants?
Eric Han
Eric Han День назад
nAme d froogy Lebron James 0r Chock noris
Eric Han
Eric Han День назад
When I was little, it touched a toad and I felt like I was deaf for 3 weeks.
Rowan Westhoff
Rowan Westhoff День назад
idothings Iguess
idothings Iguess День назад
Snikta День назад
jay n123
jay n123 День назад
I miss the weekly videos
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