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Cooking a perfect, crowd-pleasing turkey on Thanksgiving can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The Test Kitchen's Andy Baraghani is here to how you how to make a simple and traditional Thanksgiving turkey.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/dry-rubbed-roast-turkey

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Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Nov 5, 2018




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Comments 1 674
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 days ago
Brown, succulent, delicious! Oh wait I didn’t notice the turkey.
Daniel John
Daniel John 18 days ago
I found his nudes on the web and omg 😍😍😍😍
Cristina Nieto
Cristina Nieto 22 days ago
I prepared this recipe this Christmas Day. Excellent results. I injected white wine under the skin and cooked until160 degrees.
Ras Alghul
Ras Alghul 24 days ago
Andy is not good on camera because he seems like he is trying too hard to say something clever - but he then doesn't say anything.
speedy jay
speedy jay 27 days ago
Moist and tender turkey doesn't exsist I refuse to believe
iarba 27 days ago
What is that countertop that they put hot things on it
Jim Long
Jim Long 28 days ago
“Thongs in the butt”, that’s actually the neck...
mellowcore Month ago
Why vinegar in the glaze? Just curious of the science behind it vs some other liquid?
Beverly Lee
Beverly Lee Month ago
After you turn it down to 300, how long do you cook the turkey for (per lb)?
dooder Month ago
where's the white meat shot? C'mon guys. We all know the white meat is the true indicator of a great turkey.
Stephanie Commisso
Followed this recipe this year for Thanksgiving, bird was delicious- everyone loved and I will be making again next year. The one issue I ran into was the use of vinegar in the glaze... i might switch that up next year as the vinegar made the drippings unable to be turned into gravy; it was more of “au jus” instead of turkey gravy.
Teresa Nguyen
Teresa Nguyen Month ago
Where is the sumac
Карина Захарова
It was the first turkey that I have cooked in my life! It was delicious. I sincerely suggest this recipe!
Once again, my turkey was a hit. Thank you so much for this recipe! ♥️♥️♥️
chief one hung low
I did everything he told me to do. I live alone with my service dog we were both in the Marines combat veterans. But I forgot to turn the stove on for 4 hours. So we ate it anyway. Talk about relaxed turkey. We feel kind of dizzy.. but it was delicious. 🇺🇸😀 Semper fidelis
Michael Book
Michael Book Month ago
LMAO at every time he takes out the turkey, grunts, and does the fancy foot close
Solomon TheTruth
Murdered animal. Innocent bird that was murdered.
Mlg Pro
Mlg Pro Month ago
COOL! cool...
Daniel Ade
Daniel Ade Month ago
The recipe is amazing. Thanks so much for such a simple but fabulous taste. I got the golden brown.
Ryan Brazil
Ryan Brazil Month ago
I just used this recipe for my in-laws, first year I’ve ever made the turkey, and they loved it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks Month ago
"I don't know what a traditional turkey means" Goes on to explain exactly what a traditional turkey is.
Kristina K
Kristina K Month ago
Making it this year
Ciana Martin
Ciana Martin Month ago
Thats a nice big turkey
bluntt Mann
bluntt Mann Month ago
50 shades of gobble gobble
probablysmart Month ago
This turkey is raw !!!
Frank Kolton
Frank Kolton Month ago
"tongs up the turkey's butt" That's the neck cavity. This guy is supposed to be a chef?
Tomas Morales
Tomas Morales Month ago
He probably thinks about butts too often lol
GREEN J Month ago
Inside the skin there's slime & also on the bird. Did u even washed it w lemon or vinegar
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
Andy: Nicks and crannies? Nooks and crannies?!...ESL! Me: 💀💀💀
Beth Bilous
Beth Bilous Month ago
Do y?ou rinse this turkey with all that salt or no?
North Country Outdoor Guys
I’m a little concerned about letting the bird sit out for three hours to come to room temperature. All this talk to about the bird getting above 40°F and the bacteria start.
David gaviria
David gaviria Month ago
Yes bacteria starts growing after about 4 hours above 41 degrees..I would only allow it to rest maybe about an hour to hour and a half
mee mee the cat
mee mee the cat Month ago
Andy Condoy
Andy Condoy Month ago
lmao he's so hot I can't even pay attention
Zolartan Month ago
3hrs rest before cooking is dangerous in that it puts the turkey to to close to being in the danger zone to long. 40deg-120deg.. prime evil heartless bacteria growing range.
A Well Dressed Male Papaya
When you put the toothpaste back in the tube 😬
Steve George
Steve George Month ago
In my country we use degrees C. It would be constructive to have both F and C for temperatures.
Pit Dawg
Pit Dawg Month ago
Mas putote que la chingada.
Wayne lawson
Wayne lawson Month ago
Wet brine is best, period.
Premium Pats
Premium Pats Month ago
I made this turkey for Thanksgiving last year and it was a big hit. I’m back to watch again for this year! Now to find Andy’s gravy recipe to try with this years bird!
Carol Mauriello
Carol Mauriello Month ago
My turkey is amazing every year .. your just fun to watch.
sid viscus
sid viscus Month ago
oh nice, andy managed to make something that isn't slop
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen Month ago
Andy is so hot.
John Burk
John Burk Month ago
Hey guys! Did you rinse the dry brine off after it sat? Thanks!
John Burk
John Burk Month ago
C. Harr that was my concern, because I would like to dry brine it, but the reason I don’t wet brine it is because of the big chance of cross contamination.
C. Harr
C. Harr Month ago
depending on how messy the dry brine is, you can dab it with a couple of paper towels. I wouldn't recommend rinsing the turkey in the sink; you might end up rinsing off the flavor + c o n t a m i n a t i o n!
Amber Mccarthy
Amber Mccarthy Month ago
What if you stuff the bird with stuffing? Will time cooking change?
Michelle Long
Michelle Long Month ago
Rebecca A
Rebecca A Month ago
What do you mean? When he carved the turkey? Its to catch the juices.
redcinos Month ago
Kind of disturbing to see a man making women gestures.
breana ramos
breana ramos Month ago
What is turkey chakrute? (Definitely spelled that wrong) IM SO INTRIGUED
T Birdz
T Birdz Month ago
The chef is annoying, im out.
Adventure Escape
Don't drain the cavity of it's juices until after it's rested.
Adrian Joel Palafox
Wow this was captured on a google pixel 3!
Sweetmissy12 Month ago
I just don't like him, hmmm
Beautiful bird...Not cooked enough.
Justin Walker
Justin Walker Month ago
kmhnova Month ago
Love. Him. 🔥❤️ And his turkey prep skills. 😋❤️
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Month ago
I wonder how much hormones and other man made crap they inject into US turkeys, to make them look better for sale or to make them grow faster..
Sid Sid
Sid Sid Month ago
I want Andy to rub butter on me
Raymond Kinsella
He seems like he doesn’t like turkey
Bridget Wasko
Bridget Wasko Month ago
I was just thinking why did they have someone who clearly hates turkey make this video lol.
? 2 months ago
someone please haelp, need last minute turkey help (tomorrow turkey) do i wash the turkey first...??? USDA says no but also says 75% of americans do. HELP
Carole Sullivan
Carole Sullivan Month ago
I always have and no one has ever gotten sick. A couple of years ago, I started spraying my sink down with hydrogen peroxide after handling raw meat. Might want to try it if your really concerned.
Người Việt USA
Người Việt USA 2 months ago
wow this is great turkey Andy, turkey comes out perfectly thanks for sharing Andy
Madeline Xiong
Madeline Xiong 2 months ago
Wakita Mobz
Wakita Mobz 2 months ago
He didn’t use sage. WIN
Shak Ashur
Shak Ashur 2 months ago
That’s lotta butter
Shina Omisanya
Shina Omisanya 2 months ago
That acknowledged eye roll/fake apology is Pure Sagittarius Energy!😂
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