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Cooking a perfect, crowd-pleasing turkey on Thanksgiving can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The Test Kitchen's Andy Baraghani is here to how you how to make a simple and traditional Thanksgiving turkey.
Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/dry-rubbed-roast-turkey

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Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Nov 5, 2018




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Comments 1 551
Why is this show with a phone
Sophie May
Sophie May Day ago
I want Andy to season my cavity
Wolfy Day ago
Ugh, he is HOT
Ricky Ashcroft
Ricky Ashcroft 11 days ago
andy can salt my caviety any time
R L 16 days ago
Andy, man you could baste my turkey anytime bud!
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen 28 days ago
Did someone cook rice at around 6:23 in the background? XD
Albino Deer
Albino Deer Month ago
i made this turkey for thanksgiving last year (i’m 16 and the youngest so my family was a little sceptical) but it came out PHENOMENALLY!!!!! it wasn’t dry at ALL it was delicious!!! will be doing it this year as well
Navid Azarshab
Navid Azarshab Month ago
Love your work man
Kelly John
Kelly John Month ago
Thongs at the turkey's butt 🤔 oh man the way he was rubbing n lightly squeezing the breast with the butter🤔 tie the legs🤔 Juicy breast🤔 pop the legs out🤔separate the thighs 🤔 Andy just made my mind dirty af man.
Min Tan
Min Tan Month ago
I am so sad that he is gay
Michelle Woods
Michelle Woods Month ago
Andy suck the tongs in the neck. Turkeys and chickens r normally sold w/out the head. Lol!
Mahnoor Atif
Mahnoor Atif Month ago
Omgggg DREAM JOB.... cooking all day 😍😍😍😍😍😍
zchbddy90 Month ago
God he's hot!
Ryan D
Ryan D Month ago
Straight up gay himbo with vocal fry.
zswagga7 2 months ago
Who else wants to stuff Andy’s turkey? 🤤
wendy jenkins
wendy jenkins 2 months ago
OMG!! Hilarious...He was eating there told him it was 15 minutes he had to put down his pudding I'm was laughing 😂😂😂😂 so darn hard.
wendy jenkins
wendy jenkins 2 months ago
You can tell this not script because they had to tell him the other word he was looking for wonk! wonk! wonk!
DysfunctionalDavid 2 months ago
The sizzling when he pulled out the turkey was honestly my favorite part. Usually I’m not an ASMR guy but hey, test kitchen asmr? Sure.
James Dooling
James Dooling 2 months ago
Shame on you for not filling the cavity with onions, citrus and herbs! ❤️💕
Shaheer Rahman
Shaheer Rahman 2 months ago
Tandoori turkey slaps tho
Kit Farman
Kit Farman 3 months ago
When an apron has stripes, and messes with your eyes, that's a-moiré! 🎵
Edward Chun
Edward Chun 3 months ago
Nope, those tongs are not up that turkey’s butt. Other end. Gonna just leave this comment alone now...
Mr_Pauls 3 months ago
Use flour then rub with butter liberally
M Hallmann video
M Hallmann video 3 months ago
Just watching too see Andy squatting getting that bird in and out of the oven:)
J b
J b 3 months ago
Plastic surgeon... lol.. try passion gen chem 1 first
Catherine Falardeau
Catherine Falardeau 3 months ago
But where's the stuffing???
Chantal Renee Hayles
What do they do in between shooting and waiting for the food to cook? Or do they just always us swap outs? :o
Paul do
Paul do 4 months ago
Is Andy gay?
C 4 months ago
That stick of butter literally terrified me
Ian R Close
Ian R Close 4 months ago
Oh Andy You came and you made me a turkey And you always slay Oh andy...
Cindy S
Cindy S 4 months ago
Ewwe, the glaze..total pass. Does not go well with turkey. Not only sounds horrid but have had a similar glaze, so yuck that wouldn't eat turkey for some time after. ..yuck. Other than that great job in actual prep and cooking.
Kit D
Kit D 4 months ago
But when are we getting a tandoori turkey recipe?
Donnie Franklin
Donnie Franklin 4 months ago
aesthetic 5 months ago
Yo don’t do Andy dirty like that with the low quality camera
Tv Land
Tv Land 5 months ago
Those arms omg Andy I have a crush on you 😍
nello 5 months ago
anybody else wishing they were that chicken when he was oiling it up, mmmm Andy
Kayleigh Joyce
Kayleigh Joyce 5 months ago
Your oven needs cleaning! Use Astonish Oven & Grill amazing stuff! Also please do some british recipes not many US youtubers dare to even try UK recipes :(
DMC 5 months ago
after seeing that prep, i’ve never wanted to be a turkey more in my life
Alliance Rai
Alliance Rai 6 months ago
Is that really Andy
Tech Sam
Tech Sam 6 months ago
RIP that oven door...
Dominic Lamirande
Dominic Lamirande 6 months ago
I am obsessed with his arms.
Vincent Chrepta
Vincent Chrepta 6 months ago
Anybody else wish they were the turkey he was buttering?
Shogun 7 months ago
I get the feeling that Andy is totally gay, and I love it.
張耀龍 7 months ago
Was he wearing Balenciaga shoes in the kitchen...
Rick Philip
Rick Philip 7 months ago
I am curious to try making a turkey roast. Also, Andy is hot. 😏
Jennica Sevilla
Jennica Sevilla 7 months ago
He is boring
Vansh Aggarwal
Vansh Aggarwal 7 months ago
01:43 Looks like a giant headless frog ! 😂😂😂
Idle Account
Idle Account 7 months ago
So hot
John Gil
John Gil 7 months ago
I want Andy to massage my breast with butter.
Caetano Augusto
Caetano Augusto 8 months ago
Pq tá to 3 tipos de???
adamchayce 8 months ago
This was my first turkey I ever made and it turned out great!
Lucas Lima
Lucas Lima 8 months ago
Mohamad tira da sua playlist!!! 😂
:: SBK ::
:: SBK :: 8 months ago
I'm Indian so anything tandoori for me is traditional !! 😂😜🌈🤘🏽🙈
Viet Nguyen
Viet Nguyen 8 months ago
Alot of glazing...
Daniel Buys
Daniel Buys 8 months ago
Thanks Andy! Turkey was a success 👍
Runna 7
Runna 7 8 months ago
Use a Sony camcorder to record the video the Sony camcorder had the best quality almost like imax
Phil Mochel
Phil Mochel 8 months ago
The comments: “This turkey was great!” “Ew pixel?” And people wet for Andy
VintageVoid 8 months ago
“Andy” lol you’re from Iran
BreadandButter 8 months ago
sexual turkey video
Julia Jacques
Julia Jacques 8 months ago
Looks delicious!! Making for Christmas. I love his banter I want to hang out with him!
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