Andrew Luck is overrated and isn't what the Colts expected - Will Cain | First Take

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Will Cain calls Andrew Luck overrated, saying the Indianapolis Colts QB is failing to live up expectations.
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Published on


Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 2 505
Curtis Martin
Curtis Martin Month ago
The new generation is soft... don't expect many players to play past 40 anymore...
Matt Parker
Matt Parker 3 months ago
We really boutta call Matt Ryan a tier 2 qb? Lol
DanielSong39 4 months ago
Like it or not Andrew Luck is closer to Drew Bledsoe than Drew Brees
Gabriel 5 months ago
Luck is not on Russell's level. #3 is also easily Teir 1
bowlchamps37 5 months ago
I agree, if you take away the poor NFC South games, Luck and the Colts have done almost nothing. But this is more on the team overall
Black Ops 4
Black Ops 4 5 months ago
Are we forgetting luck would of been in super if Brady ain't deflate the balls
Peter Difranco
Peter Difranco 5 months ago
overrated but throws 39 touchdowns
Ty Pls
Ty Pls 5 months ago
Will cain is a fucking dumbass
John Herrera
John Herrera 5 months ago
Lol someone put ch this maggot
Victor Vasconcellos
Victor Vasconcellos 6 months ago
"The Roethlisbergers, Bradys and Mahomes". Dude, chill on Mahomes. If players are getting overrated in this league is because people and the media jump the gun too fast.
Marcus Boswell
Marcus Boswell 6 months ago
Who the fuck is Will Cain?
R F 6 months ago
This guy's talking out his ass. -titans fan here
EDGARDO lopez 6 months ago
He is bust for that frachise
1cent 6 months ago
The black guy sounds like a moron.
Caleb Thacker
Caleb Thacker 6 months ago
If the saints would of had a defense brees would have won 8 super bowls by now
Chaz Lee
Chaz Lee 6 months ago
I'm so tired of these idiots mentioning 2-14 record year before Andrew Luck was drafted. Colts made the playoffs previous 9 years before that 2-14 year. They lost their starting quarterback and fell to 2-14 for one year and made the playoffs following year with good quarterback. In fact, Colts made the playoff first 3 years on Andrew Luck at 11-5 then they fell to 8-8, 8-8 and 4-12 when Luck missed the entire season. How do you explain the two 8-8 seasons. It's because Andrew Luck is above average quarterback. No one mentions the fact Russell Wilson took over Seahawks when they had 4 consecutive losing seasons before he arrived. Wilson came in same year as Luck and he has 2 Super Bowl appearances, 1 win and much better numbers that Luck except total yards.
drowzy1593 6 months ago
Will Cain sounds like that dumbass Ryan Hollins
JACQUES TM 6 months ago
Wtf wrong with this idiot
Joe Haeck
Joe Haeck 6 months ago
well luck didn't work out....he sucks...…..then and now...time to go...….
Nik Stone
Nik Stone 6 months ago
Ever notice the guys who can’t play sports, have the biggest mouths.
Scott Gomez
Scott Gomez 6 months ago
Colts fans were all over his dick a week before wya now 😂
FVP Fury
FVP Fury 6 months ago
What's the female moderator's name ?
Michael Shabo
Michael Shabo 6 months ago
People are sucking up Andrew luck for retiring as if he’s barry sanders lmao. He’s extremely overrated and he’s injury prone . The best ability is availability. I agree 100% with will
Drake's Unreleased Whorepion LP
Black dude make terrible arguments and spin the hell outta shit
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson 6 months ago
Most sportscasters never played pro sports. When the networks add pro athletes, the non pros argue with the pro about how pros should be
Pitt 1979
Pitt 1979 6 months ago
I can't stand Will Cain but damn did he nail this one
Marquincey Stallings
They should of drafted rg3
kevin johnson
kevin johnson 6 months ago
Overated huh??? You see his numbers and those are while missing games and playing hurt now that he's retired let's see how many games we win without him then tell me if he's overated plus your some small 5 ft 8 punk that never competed in anything and you get paid tons of money to get on tv and do a job everyone in the comments section could do so who's really overated
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton 6 months ago
What has Luck won? Nothing
Rj S
Rj S 6 months ago
Sounds like phillip rivers
Rj S
Rj S 6 months ago
Luck fake injury. MRi shows nothing wrong
Stephon Barlow
Stephon Barlow 6 months ago
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Will Cain HOW'D YOU KNOWWWW DOEE?!
Brandon Hamblin
Brandon Hamblin 6 months ago
Luck is a bust huge expectations never won he quit on his team he's a loser
Immortal Kombat
Immortal Kombat 6 months ago
That moan was hot!!
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton 6 months ago
Luck always was hyped up..Cam was the underdog ..MVP ...NFC championship..All pro..Super Bowl appearance..Luck..nothing
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton 6 months ago
Luck will never be better than Cam Newton...has not accomplished what Cam has on any level
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 6 months ago
kiva Bolton u can’t be serious
AirJordan23 6 months ago
Will, you are fucking brain dead. Just like SAS you make stupid options, just for attention
Brandon Hamblin
Brandon Hamblin 6 months ago
He was right your dumb
NerdRN 6 months ago
Usually agree with Will Cain, but he's way off on this one. Easy to criticize Luck sitting in an air-conditioned studio.
The Truth Is Real
The Truth Is Real 6 months ago
Luck isnt even close to Ryan or Wilson.
AAA 6 months ago
This wont age well
ThisisFerrariKhan 6 months ago
Tell black dude lay off the coke a bit 😂☠️
Androsred Scrap
Androsred Scrap 6 months ago
Will Cain speaking facts. And Andrew Luck just retired. Over rated
wade5941 6 months ago
My first exposure to Will Cain. I think it will be my last.
icemule 6 months ago
Will is correct, and I don't even like him. Never understood why people think Luck is the second coming, but I wish him well.
Mondoeray Moore
Mondoeray Moore 6 months ago
Luck over Big Ben??? Dominique STFU!!! Foh!!!
Mark G.
Mark G. 6 months ago
By the time Andrew got in the playoffs he was beat down 50+ sacks in those seasons. Lol
Mark G.
Mark G. 6 months ago
Pathetic video. Andrew Luck was healthy for 3 of his 7 years because of his terrible GM. Never stayed healthy because he never got an Oline. Pitiful.
Opinionated 1
Opinionated 1 6 months ago
1 Rodgers 2 Brady 3 Wilson 4 Brees 5 Mahomes 6luck
Opinionated 1
Opinionated 1 6 months ago
How is Matt Ryan in same category as luck and Wilson 😂
Xavier Carter
Xavier Carter 6 months ago
Give Matt Ryan the legion of boom and the league would be over
yamamancha 6 months ago
@Xavier Carter How are Luck and Ryan in the same category as Wilson. Give Wilson Julio Jones and the league would be over....
Xavier Carter
Xavier Carter 6 months ago
Opinionated 1 Matt Ryan actually won an MVP compared to Luck and Wilson
Max Bosenburg
Max Bosenburg 6 months ago
who watching now...
Ben Packer
Ben Packer 6 months ago
This was the reason luck retired
Richard Watts
Richard Watts 6 months ago
I wanna dislike Will Cain so bad... But I can't
Richard Watts
Richard Watts 6 months ago
I agreed until he said Russell Wilson... Watch his season this year
Cam Vet
Cam Vet 6 months ago
2018:Comeback player of the year 2019:Doesn't come back
M C 5 months ago
Jay Luis
Jay Luis 6 months ago
That woman is beautiful
benitobreal 6 months ago
Did not age well...
Blaise Nibert
Blaise Nibert 6 months ago
Will Cain's argument is so invalid it is ridiculous
brad maguire
brad maguire 6 months ago
12 tds and 13 ints in the playoffs. How is will on crack? Every good qb can make a team drastically better. Great qbs elevate their game in the playoffs, luck was 3-5, his qbr is in the 70's in the playoffs and the high 80's in the regular season. He was overhyped, and now he retires because he has to play with pain, every player has to play with pain especially at qb. He was never great just good.
King Of EA
King Of EA 6 months ago
Not anymore he’s not
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