Andra Day - Rise Up [Official Music Video] [Inspiration Version]

Andra Day
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"Rise Up" by Andra Day, from the album Cheers To The Fall, available now.
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Producers: Thom Fennessey & Ashwin Rajan
Production Manager: Zoe Katz
From the album 'Cheers to the Fall' available now.
iTunes: smarturl.it/CheersToTheFall
Apple Music: smarturl.it/CTTFAppleMusic
Spotify: smarturl.it/AndraDaySpotify
Connect with Andra:
Production Company: Collaboration Factory
Director of Photography: Kyle Rudolph
Art Director: Joseph Sciacca
Editor: Luke Ciarrocchi
Andra Day’s Wardrobe: Wouri Vice
Wardrobe: Jaizelle Stenardo
Andra Day’s Hair & Make Up: Emily Garrido
Hair & Make Up: Pam Peitzman
Man:Gregory Mozgala
Woman: Bisserat Tseggai
Man in Parking Lot: Mark Garcia
Rise Up
(Andra Day and Jennifer Decilveo)
You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry-go-round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
And I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I'll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousands times again
For you (4X)
When the silence isn’t quiet
And it feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we’ll take the world to its feet
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you (4X)
All we need, all we need is hope
And for that we have each other
And for that we have each other
We will rise
We will rise
We’ll rise, ohh ohhh
We’ll rise
I’ll rise up
Rise like the day
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I will rise a thousands times again
And we’ll rise up
Rise like the waves
We’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
We’ll rise up
And we'll do it a thousands times again
For you ohhhh ohhh ohh ohhh ohh (3X)


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May 9, 2016




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Comments 80
Luke Castillo
Luke Castillo 52 minutes ago
I came here to listen because of Floyd
M1SSX _ 2 hours ago
This song reminds me of my mother. She and me are living alone and I'm 14 and I can't do much to take care of her but I do because we all should believe in hope and believe that we will all heal in our own way. Love you mom for all the inspiration that I need to move on in life.
N G 3 hours ago
For all that’s going on now, this song means so much!
N G 3 hours ago
For anyone disliking this amazing video and song, you have no soul!
Radnie De Joseph
Radnie De Joseph 3 hours ago
This was amazing until I hear the cover of Rise Up of Morisette Amon.👌
Keshaun Fesmire
Keshaun Fesmire 4 hours ago
Yes yes yes yes yes yes in the name of Jesus
Santasila Bryan
Santasila Bryan 6 hours ago
Amazing song with the amazing singer. The song really makes my heart blend with the song. Listening to this song is like in heaven and i can fell the heavenly felling. Great song and can truely inspire the listener. 😁
Mark Gil
Mark Gil 7 hours ago
I never thought Rihanna sing this song
Loli p e r e z
Loli p e r e z 7 hours ago
What song 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Terry Cook
Terry Cook 8 hours ago
Thank you for this powerful song! God is so good🙏🏽
Mare Gnatjam
Mare Gnatjam 8 hours ago
Such a beautiful, inspiring song.
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 8 hours ago
This song is on the radio all the time now
Miranda Marion
Miranda Marion 9 hours ago
Makenzie Walker
Makenzie Walker 9 hours ago
THE SKYMARK 10 hours ago
Is this the original version? Wtf! Morissette Amon's version is better than this!
Herb Bradley
Herb Bradley 11 hours ago
What a beautiful song with so many different meanings for so many people and what everyone s going through. Thank you Alexa for not playing what I asked for but instead playing what has become my Anthem. I play this song in my headphones at 100 and sing as loud as I can watching my family yell and scream at me to be quiet. I shut them all out until they give up and walk away. This is my first time seeing this video today. When I first listened to this song I thought of my Arthritis pain in my body and waking up over and over everyday for the last 25 years hoping there would be no pain when I sat up to get out of bed. I also think about my pain in my own head as I struggle with daily to fight off my demons and try and stay on the righteous path with God and keep my thought positive. I also think of the struggles for all my brothers and sisters of all races and religions that they are going through on this planet just to make it through the day everyday to keep their head above water. I thank God for my blessings and gifts every morning because I know just like that it can all be taken away again. I suffer from Arthritis pain and a lot of other things daily but those things all disappear when I feel Gods love. Andrea Day you have an amazingly powerful voice. Thank you for your music.
Sharon ODonnell
Sharon ODonnell 11 hours ago
That's what the brave protesters are doing. My hope is it's not in vain. Your song touches my heart. A heart beaten up. Thank you. God is who I rise up for as to our fellow man!!!!!!! We have a real chance I feel it, "I have a dream", I can see it coming. I see the American spirit rising up to say no enough.we will not stay silent and to finish the hard work that began so many years ago. Lincoln , Harriot Tubman , Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And so many others. The oppressed will rise to where they so righteously deserve to be . God bless you all, stay safe.
Rotrice Summerville
Rotrice Summerville 14 hours ago
Who's still listening to this song in 2020 ???
Rotrice Summerville
Rotrice Summerville 13 hours ago
@Grace Ferra Yesssss 🔥🔥 🔥
Grace Ferra
Grace Ferra 14 hours ago
Nightcore x Slowed
Nightcore x Slowed 14 hours ago
Im here because of Morissette
Ray Richmond
Ray Richmond 15 hours ago
We are not stupid Republicans are in control you traders and pedophiles and criminals are not stupid people fake news go to hell
Ray Richmond
Ray Richmond 15 hours ago
President Trump will win by a landslide no matter how much you Democrats and pedophiles and traders cheat on elections go to hell fake news
Imani Grant
Imani Grant 17 hours ago
This is one of my favorite song.
Eve Mitchell
Eve Mitchell 17 hours ago
This song hits us in our different ways but for me it just remids me of George Floyd. He suffered police brutality and didn't deserve it. But together we will make a difference. One day I dream of little black girls and boys hand in hand with little white boys and girls. #BlackLivesMatter
Azizah Cornelius
Azizah Cornelius 19 hours ago
😪😪😪😪 so needed today.
BrFish 19 hours ago
This song should have over a billion views. The message this songs sends needs to be heard and felt by all
Derek Franklin
Derek Franklin 20 hours ago
Let’s rise up y’all they can’t keep us down for long
MT zy
MT zy 20 hours ago
คนไทยมาทางนี้ สู้ๆเราจะเป็นกําลังใจช่วยไปด้วยกันอเมริกัน จากThai
AP Haha
AP Haha 20 hours ago
For some reason where there's sad songs, people always have sob stories or personal stories. I'm not saying you guys are attention seekers, but there are stupid people that make up stories for attention.
Christopher Mokhtar
Christopher Mokhtar 22 hours ago
Kodie Mezzles
Kodie Mezzles 22 hours ago
Stop it Rihanna we know it’s you
Kathleen R.
Kathleen R. Day ago
This video tears me up and rips my heart out. It's beautiful, glorious, and an amazing tribute to the soldiers and their families who sacrifice so much.
Kayla Babineaux
I love your singing and this is my favorite song
Jamie Satà
Jamie Satà Day ago
My god my god
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Morrissete amon is waving👋🏻 hahahahaha. Labas mga pinoy😂😅
Corine Terrell
I'll ride up
Rayshanda Lawrence
I will always love you 😞💕
Michael Liquigan
Phil McAvity
Phil McAvity Day ago
Absolutely amazing. We MUST Rise Up and recognize our connectedness.
Chivas Kimber
Man this is beautiful
JMvlogs Architecture
we can say morissette sang it better, but andra day is a legend! her voice is so soulfulllllll
Allie In Wunderland
The most powerful I have ever heard. What a gift! Thank you!
Dw1 Day ago
U got competition with the 9 year old on America’s got talent
Catherine Brunner
When I feel like all hope is gone I listen to this song and lift my spirits. With our country in turmoil I need it more than ever. I'm hoping for a better future, where we can all love each, regardless of our skin.
As a black woman, today the words of this song have hit me in very different way. #blacklivesmatter
Jessica Chuks
Never give up on your hopes , or on anything cause we will rise up ......everyday we will keep n rising 💟💟💟💟💟.....for d world , we will rise up , against everything , we will rise up , we will keep our flags flying ........ 👍💟💟💟💟
Michael Steele
In tears listening to this......Oh God fill the world with enough love to overcome the hurt, hate and anger of our troubled times. "Our diversity matter"
Adrienne Cooper
It's a fitting song BLM
Samantha Braun
I already teared up when I would hear this song, now seeing it I am blubbering. This song is so powerful!!
Maxwell Ferreira
What's the problem with Morissette Amon cover?
spongebob sanaol
spongebob sanaol 2 hours ago
Charles Day ago
4:30 I imagined the woman rolling out the wheelchair from the shadow and it was empty, turns out the husband was dead long time ago and everything was just her imagination and i hate my brain.
Subay Loko
Subay Loko Day ago
The cover of MORISSETTE AMON was lit🔥
Julia stellings
I have CP I am loosing my ability to walk its a scary time in my life I don't know what tomorrow holds
Gessica Nogueira
Jesus te ama!
Izrafel Nraheem
the message is powerful, I can’t even cry 😌
Marlon Andres
Morissitte Amon cover is better than original
Anonymous Jastyce
*Dear Andra Day, Morissette Amon has a new acapella version of Rise Up* maybe your team wants to delete that version *again* .To those who didn't know, Morissette had a version of Rise Up in Philippine's Wish Bus and it garnered so many views that in just 1 month it got around 20Million views and obviously Andra and her team issued a copyright and wiped out all of Morissette's version in RUvid until now, they keep on deleting whenever someone uploaded it. A bitter team indeed. Now, Morissette had a new acapella version and it is better than the Wish Bus version and obviously her team will find out soon so I am here providing them the link: ruvid.net/video/video-ynCnpX0O3qU.html to save them time. Just want to tell you Andra and your team, this is the only song that made you relevant, wouldn't you be proud that many artist are covering your song? There are many singers in RUvid who covered your song yet your team decided to wiped out all of Morissette Amon's version *HER VERSION ONLY* .Triggered? Bitter? So unprofessional, what does it imply? Ur team is bitter because you all know that her version could surpass your views. Now, what will you do about it? She had a new version. Show your bitterness again? Lmao, unprofessional. Bitter much. Her new version is uploaded on her 3-month old channel so it's getting less views everyday because it's a new channel and she still got around 100k subscribers unlike.in WishBus cover where it had millions of subscribers. You should be proud darling yet your response is disgusting. When Morissette made a cover of Secret Love song from Little Mix who is so more popular than Andra that got 131Million views as of now, they never issued a copyright and they even praise Morissette, they post an Instagram video and praise Morissette. The same with the song "Never Enough". Yet this song "Rise Up" really triggered her team to actually issued copyright and wiped out all of Morissette's uploaded version. Lmao, imagine getting triggered this much. Lolz what a bitter artist. That's a bad approach dear, you should be proud instead
Music Archives
Music Archives 16 hours ago
dont worry, Andra Day cant cover Akin Ka Na Lang 😂😂😂. Not to mention 108 million views and counting
THE SKYMARK 16 hours ago
I watched Morissette Amon's acapella version of this, no goosebumps, i still prefer her Wish Bus version of this!
Anyone M
Anyone M Day ago
I think one of the reason is wish used the same backup vocals. But I can't understand why they still deleting Morissette's wishbus performance of this song, while there's a lot of version of this song around the globe with same arrangement/backing vocals and they just ignoring it. It makes me sad. But actually her original version/song is good same as with Morissette's version. I hope someday especially in this time, I hope Andra's team will let Morissette's version to come up again. Wish didn't delete it they just put it privately. Hope at this time they will do it as sharing inspiration to us. But please I'm calling some of Morissette's fans who's here. Please don't put hate comments or do ranting here, comment section of this song should be positive and full of hope as possible. Keep it healthy guys. God bless
Marsya NurA
Marsya NurA 2 days ago
Ok i'm cried
Tudor Sabina
Tudor Sabina 2 days ago
Okay, this is my new favorite song with The Beatles - Let it be ♥️
Im Faded
Im Faded 2 days ago
I never see colors growing up until I moved to other countries and started to appreciate beauty in different colors and unfortunately learned that some people only see one color and my mind opened how cruel the world is💔
Rey Canonigo
Rey Canonigo 2 days ago
Let us fight racism. Live for equality!💕
Marcelo Maia
Marcelo Maia 2 days ago
#totalmentedemais 2020
Samuca Felix BR
Samuca Felix BR 2 days ago
I love this song
きゅうり! 2 days ago
声が素敵ですね👏 私は英語が得意ではないですが、歌は好きなので覚えて歌えたらいいなぁと思ってます😄
Jason Gearhart
Jason Gearhart 2 days ago
beingme34 2 days ago
I love this song❤️❤️
Sherika Bowen
Sherika Bowen 2 days ago
This song make me cry. 😭
Shakor’s Life
Shakor’s Life 2 days ago
BLM brought me here ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿
Rein 2 days ago
So this isn't Rihanna?
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 2 days ago
This song is what the world needs to do right now if we all rise up we are powerful
Christine C
Christine C Day ago
Júnior Almeida
Júnior Almeida 2 days ago
Essa música é linda demais 🇧🇷❤
VIIH gAmEs 2 days ago
Vdd vim pela novela totalmente de mais
Chris Conner
Chris Conner 2 days ago
What a beautiful, heartfelt track, flawless victory~ C.W.C. 84'
Shaiane Santana
Shaiane Santana 2 days ago
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks 2 days ago
In spite of the ache*
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks 2 days ago
Do it
Youtube Sucks
Youtube Sucks 2 days ago
It's brilliant
Jay Soukup
Jay Soukup 2 days ago
In in 5th grade and I sang this song
Christie Herard
Christie Herard 2 days ago
Jess R
Jess R 2 days ago
Makes me cry every time 😞❤️
Storytimewith Olas
Rip floyd
Gsel Loro
Gsel Loro 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ynCnpX0O3qU.html watch Morissette Amon new release cover of RISE UP ❤️ as awesome as the original ❤️❤️❤️
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