AnD Boiler Room DJ Set

Boiler Room
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Techno Maniac1107
Techno Maniac1107 26 дней назад
ruvid.net/video/видео-Vl4owTGgPTY.html Check out this magic! AnD playing some insane vibes in Sofia... 🤘✌️
TheWarrior Col
TheWarrior Col Месяц назад
34:00 ID??
Rubén Carrillo Martín
Rubén Carrillo Martín 3 месяца назад
17:52 Track id??
adolf merkel
adolf merkel 6 месяцев назад
Track at 6:30 ?
Soetaers Kosta
Soetaers Kosta 7 месяцев назад
Track at 26:20 ?
Ali Naderzad
Ali Naderzad 8 месяцев назад
I like my djs with balls
Слава Безродных
Слава Безродных 9 месяцев назад
Friends please write a link to AND in soundcloud. Ty
Balint Nogrady
Balint Nogrady 9 месяцев назад
Ralph Woods
Ralph Woods Год назад
I can see how someone may not like this music, but everyone should respect it. This is so crazy. No let up whatsoever. One of the hardest sets I've ever heard.
Guillaume Niemans
Guillaume Niemans Год назад
batterisound fucking police station bring me to psygologic part in the hague and put me in a cell an burnd the fucking magnet ggp niemans de ling wulf
Dino Cartillone
Dino Cartillone Год назад
Quel style de techno est joué ?
Didac Colom Ferre
Didac Colom Ferre 11 месяцев назад
Dino Cartillone pure techno!
Надежда Кауль
Надежда Кауль Год назад
отлично, технецо)
Mascarpone Год назад
That guy in the APN white shirt is king. He's like a visualiser in itunes. Music get's heavier = he bounces more.
Pentem Год назад
where do these producers get all them unbelievable sounds
NocTuRn RuSh
NocTuRn RuSh Год назад
metal wellington
metal wellington Год назад
horrific spectical
Augustoxi c
Augustoxi c Год назад
so hardddddd so coool
Flock Flock
Flock Flock Год назад
one of the best boiler rooms
FinalBossOfTheInternet Год назад
ID at 7:30 pls
nknasi Год назад
i love this set, keep coming back to it.
GeetS32 Год назад
TRACK ID anyone around 20min ?
OTiS BLu Год назад
Still the best Boiler Room set to date.
Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore 2 года назад
transition from marauder to the next tune almost made me nut, didn't catch it first time i tuned into this many moons ago
ernest hemingway
ernest hemingway 2 года назад
22:35 thunder
busywl69 2 года назад
wow. real techno. nice.
101Ezb 2 года назад
finally a dj who can dj! a bit rough,but Im not complaining..too much.. .
Chris 2 года назад
Track ID 9:57?
João Quintela
João Quintela 2 года назад
oops, that's the previous one
João Quintela
João Quintela 2 года назад
Vapauteen - Welt
Lowerzone 2 года назад
17:24 track name !!?
Lowerzone 2 года назад
love you ! <3 i've been looking for from years !
nicozizzetta 2 года назад
hmc - marauder !! big classic :)
lolguz 2 года назад
10:00 track ID please
Fidel Bustamante Comisaña
Fidel Bustamante Comisaña 2 года назад
que buena sesión hecha con platos, genial y auténtica
Ryan Badke
Ryan Badke 2 года назад
ID at 20:20 anyone?
maxbasketbal 2 года назад
Senescent 2 года назад
do you even love?
Zip King
Zip King 2 года назад
24:00 88 to piano (L)
bezchantla 2 года назад
sideshow704 2 года назад
i hit the dislike after the poor mixing
see eee
see eee 2 года назад
you mean they played records instead of pre bpm matched mp3s?
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 2 года назад
this is a party what i want
odd productions.
odd productions. 2 года назад
these guys dont fuck around
Marcin Sikora
Marcin Sikora 2 года назад
kapitan Nemo i Wonder Woman
LeenaCirclePage NewManagementCOMINGSOON
Yesss *TECHNO*. At last there's *TECHNO* out here LoL LoL. :) :)
LeenaCirclePage NewManagementCOMINGSOON
you write it like this -->> * word * <<-- like that but without the 'space' on it. it will become like this *word* like that so go try it then.
Marci Nelson
Marci Nelson 2 года назад
Joey45 *Asterisk* on either side of the word, that you want to be *bold*.
Joris 2 года назад
how do you type in bold?
Ben Cormican
Ben Cormican 2 года назад
18.00 track id??
Bill Blackκ
Bill Blackκ 2 года назад
fuckin awesome
Mathieu Brengman
Mathieu Brengman 2 года назад
Track at 18:05 pls? What a bomb :D
Marcin Sikora
Marcin Sikora 2 года назад
used also by Nina Kraviz in esenciale dj miX :) captin Nemo And Wonder woman :)
385 habeebee
385 habeebee 2 года назад
it's "dj hmc - marauder" mate
Herman Shank
Herman Shank 2 года назад
Sound at @14:40 please?
dpSlan 2 года назад
Why Dont you let the dsnt guy do hes job ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Francesco Cariello
Francesco Cariello 3 года назад
10:09 track id!!!???
Roly Saavedra
Roly Saavedra 2 года назад
Ken Ishii - Extra ( Luke Slater Remix )
Francesco Cariello
Francesco Cariello 3 года назад
8:51 track id? Pleaseeee
ElanFit 3 года назад
Playing sunil right from the start
Techneut 3 года назад
someone please tell me that last track..
Techneut 3 года назад
at 37:40 dimitrios is like, last track? ok but im gonna destroy the whole place, look at his movements. i love it!
Fabio Mendes
Fabio Mendes 3 года назад
This makes you feel like you're alive.
OTiS BLu 3 года назад
How in the fuck can you dislike this video? Unless your are deaf and blind and mistakenly press the thumbs down button. This video shows true techno. My Dad was a hard techno DJ , who favourited the likes of Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke etc! Proper music! Thumping Techno. What the world needs. Thank you AnD for this phenomenal set!
An D
An D 2 года назад
Thank you bruv 😎
TheMrBluebastard 3 года назад
id at 18:00?
Hom Burg
Hom Burg 2 года назад
DJ HMC - Marauder
buedtske 3 года назад
+TheMrBluebastard DJ HMC - Marauder
De Joeri
De Joeri 3 года назад
boooom party set
Marian W
Marian W 3 года назад
The style reminds me on Karenn...straight, hard...just Techno @ it's best!
Mjoelk 5 месяцев назад
qp667 3 года назад
+Marian W they often get booked at the same gigs, its not a coincidence :)
jean deJ
jean deJ 3 года назад
track at 25:00?
jean deJ
jean deJ 3 года назад
+Christian Tyler Thanks man i found him antsinplot B1 record
Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler 3 года назад
+JJ deJ antsinplot my friend antsinplot, finnish finnest
Leigh Davison
Leigh Davison 3 года назад
proper mint this set like !!!
Chr San
Chr San 3 года назад
14:02 id?
___ inkg
___ inkg 3 года назад
Fabio Cristofaro
Fabio Cristofaro 3 года назад
who the other dj with And????
Eric Dufresne
Eric Dufresne 2 года назад
An D looks like a pain the ass passing those headphones back and forth.
An D
An D 2 года назад
+biomecaNICK no harm done bro ;) peace love and techno 😬
biomecaNICK 2 года назад
lol come on I didnt mean to insult you at all. You guys are awesome producer and dj's. Damn I feel bad now.
An D
An D 2 года назад
+biomecaNICK either you believe it or not we don't care bruv🤘🏻 thanks for your nice words too....
biomecaNICK 2 года назад
I don't have an "off to fuck" so ill believe you. great set btw
AngelTeknoform 3 года назад
This set is just perfect!
Michael Rietdyk
Michael Rietdyk 4 года назад
9 minsssss?????
pietz911 4 года назад
soundcloud.com/dan-divinium/reflections-in-mercury give this a listen if you liked this set. berlin producer!
jtrskaos 4 года назад
Heavy !
Andrew Colgan
Andrew Colgan 4 года назад
196Prod 196Prod
196Prod 196Prod 4 года назад
putain de bordel de merde
Alex Andre
Alex Andre 3 года назад
+Malou Valdes pareil
Malou Valdes
Malou Valdes 4 года назад
pas mieux
Deejak 4 года назад
yes guys
JmX- -XmJ
JmX- -XmJ 4 года назад
Track at 30min? Thanks!
Hugo Laval
Hugo Laval 3 года назад
And - ADBF
Frank Kleditzsch
Frank Kleditzsch 4 года назад
straighte abfahrt mit nem klassiker bei 18:00min!
196Prod 196Prod
196Prod 196Prod 3 года назад
+Bugz98Q Later Better than Never
Bugz98Q 3 года назад
+196Prod 196Prod 3 Months later, HMC- Marauder
196Prod 196Prod
196Prod 196Prod 4 года назад
+Marta Pérez Campos yeah please!!!!!!!
Marta PCampos
Marta PCampos 4 года назад
name of the track, please?
FC INTERN 4 года назад
last comment, lol.
Vincent Wallois
Vincent Wallois 4 года назад
ID for track at 9:30 please?
Lautaro Ciancio
Lautaro Ciancio 4 года назад
Proper crowd AnD make it possible
Lautaro Ciancio
Lautaro Ciancio 3 года назад
+Ben Chilvers The intoxicants fingerprint will help some people. But with these good music. Personally I don´t need them.
Mascarpone 3 года назад
+LiquiDJaze True! This set is straight to the point techno. Or as I like to call it: Non Shtop Techno. Love watching the crowd in this also.
Be Uncensored
Be Uncensored 3 года назад
+Ben Chilvers wtf are u on about?
LiquiDJaze 4 года назад
+Ben Chilvers bullshit mate. the selection is just awesome. even sober u can go off like crazy
An D
An D 4 года назад
+Ben Chilvers intoxicants at 7 In the evening ? Doubt it buddy ;)
unknown 4 года назад
Who r these guys? Can't find any bio(
supergangsterish1 4 года назад
the most fun i've had watching a boiler room, except for SDC maybe but that's a big maybe
Vjekoslav Cvitanic
Vjekoslav Cvitanic 4 года назад
track on the 10.00? please
Vjekoslav Cvitanic
Vjekoslav Cvitanic 3 года назад
thank you very much :)
Daniele Barsassi
Daniele Barsassi 3 года назад
+Vjekoslav Cvitanic Ken Ishii - Extra (Luke Slater Remix) [R&S - RS 95064]
PapuStronk 4 года назад
id for the last track?
Re My
Re My 4 года назад
ID 20:00 please?
Dave Hagen
Dave Hagen 4 года назад
3rd track? Aprox. 6 min. Someone?
cormac sweeney
cormac sweeney 3 года назад
+Dave Hagen sunil sharpe - let christy take it
Dexter 4 года назад
nice suond
fnatist 4 года назад
a prober boilerroom crowd also!
Ryan Percy
Ryan Percy 4 года назад
this crowd fucking loves it!
Hao Hao
Hao Hao 4 года назад
so-what 4 года назад
Fuck orf bigot.talk music not negatives.
so-what 4 года назад
Fuck orf bigot.talk music not negatives.
KphexTwin00 4 года назад
Just kills the craic at 33:11 ...
KphexTwin00 4 года назад
pille Palle
pille Palle 4 года назад
track at 25:00 mins ???? plsssss
Nickiy00 5 лет назад
Great set ! whats the tune at 33min ??
GlitzNoize1985 5 лет назад
Tracklist... [00] AnD - 002 [AnD002] [02] Artist One - B1 [Black Sun Records - BSR01] [04] Sunil Sharpe - Let Christy Take It [Black Sun - BSR003] [06] Truncate - 21 [Truncate - 3] [09] ? [10] Ken Ishii - Extra (Luke Slater Remix) [R&S - RS 95064] [13] Johan Platt & Boner M - A1 [Antsinplot - 001] [16] Ø [Phase] - Binary OppositionProcess 1 [Token - TOKEN20D] [18] DJ HMC - Marauder [Juice - 016] [20] ? [22] Dave Clarke - Thunder [Re-Load - REL 952008] [25] Johan Platt & Boner M - B1 [Antsinplot - 001] [26] Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid (Joey Beltram Remix) [Missile - 33] [29] Boom Boom Satellites - Joyride [R&S - RS 98131] [32] AnD - ADBF [Black Sun - BSR004] [34] Norman Nodge - NN 8.0 [Marcel Dettmann - MDR 03] [37] ?
Iambent Год назад
GlitzNoize1985 could you add quicklinks (starting from 00:01 etc)
Marcin Sikora
Marcin Sikora 2 года назад
Dr Motte and Westbam Loveparade
Marcin Sikora
Marcin Sikora 2 года назад
the track after HMC at 24 min i wuld look in Lov Parade 2000
santiago lachaise
santiago lachaise 3 года назад
+GlitzNoize1985 youre big dude!!
cesar losada
cesar losada 4 года назад
at min. 37 its Raoul Delgardo "Steelworks"... cant remember wich track, possibly B2
Dennis De Wolf
Dennis De Wolf 5 лет назад
Dont they have a facebook fanpage? Or a soundcloud?
JavalSound 4 года назад
Riccardo Medda
Riccardo Medda 5 лет назад
37.00 is the first one of Black Sun Records...www.deejay.de/Vol1__59875
mr pacman 88
mr pacman 88 5 лет назад
trak id 13:59
Da GobliNN
Da GobliNN 5 лет назад
Anybody the track at 19.06 thanks
Da GobliNN
Da GobliNN 5 лет назад
wicked set
OTiS BLu 5 лет назад
Name of tune @13:30 anyone ?
matias martinez
matias martinez 4 года назад
well, maybe i am :E
PapuStronk 4 года назад
+matias martinez dude are you stoned ? binary opposition is coming after Johan Platt & Boner M - A1 which is the track at 13:30
matias martinez
matias martinez 4 года назад
a rmx?
PapuStronk 4 года назад
+matias martinez no its not
matias martinez
matias martinez 4 года назад
that's Phase . binary opposiion
doggy12345678912 5 лет назад
Track ID around 34:00?
DaviD 2 года назад
Norman Nodge - NN 8.0
trond egil Johansen
trond egil Johansen 5 лет назад
AnD rock`s!
William Hlt
William Hlt 5 лет назад
Jan Hrábek
Jan Hrábek 5 лет назад
fucking awesome......best BR for me
mlkdfs 5 лет назад
track id 30:27?
mlkdfs 5 лет назад
Jonatan Cabanes
Jonatan Cabanes 5 лет назад
boom boom satellites - joyride
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