Ancient Thai Food - JUMBO SHRIMP CURRY at 8 Seat Restaurant in Bangkok! | สำรับสำหรับไทย

Mark Wiens
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What I love so much about eating at Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย), is that it’s a Thai food learning experience. I learn so much about ingredients, combinations, history, and taste. I believe Chef Prin is one of the most talented chefs of Thai food.
The private dining room of the extremely talented Chef Prin, known better as Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย) is for me one of the best Thai restaurants in the world. Having a foundation of Thai food, it’s just incredible to see how Chef Prin takes Thai cuisine to the next level, but actually brings back ancient Thai foods that have been buried and lost.
The menu at Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย) constantly changes, typically every month. And what’s incredible is that many of the ancient Thai recipes listed ingredients, but not amounts. And so it’s up to the cook to determine the balance and taste - and you need to have a seriously good tongue and knowledge of Thai food to determine the best ratios of ingredients.
Here’s the list of Thai dishes we ate during this meal:
Miang som (เมี่ยงส้ม), marian plum
Oysters snack (ขนมหอยนางรม)
Beef salad, tree basil (พล่าเนื้อสด)
Sour pomfret soup (ต้มส้มปลาเต๋าเต้ยน้ำส้มโหนด)
Crab coconut cream relish (หลนเจ่าปูม้า)
Roasted duck, langsat fruit, salad (ยำเป็ดย่างลองกอง)
Shrimp curry, young mangosteen (แกงตู้มี่)
Beef with holy basil (เนื้อผัดใบกะเพรา)
Sticky rice ice cream, mango, golden beans (ไอศรีมข้าวมะม่วงกับถั่วทอด)
It was an outstanding meal, almost unbelievable flavors, quality of ingredients, and just an amazingly fun time to hang out with friends and eat best Thai food.
Friends in the video:
Chef Prin: instagram.com/prinpolsuk/
P’Tan: instagram.com/itan/
P’Tape: instagram.com/pongtap_lunlaman/
Chef Gigg: instagram.com/chef_gigg_kamol/
PRICE - About 2,500 THB ($81.21) per person
“Shining Skies”
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Jul 10, 2019

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Comments 1 226
Ian Bell
Ian Bell 3 hours ago
The cookbook isn't 'ancient' with a plastic cover and photographs in mate.
Mp0w3r 16 hours ago
Wifi expression so funny lmao
MS57 Day ago
Do cook @ home... what your favourite dish
Gulya1012 4 days ago
Ying is soooo cute and beautiful , i cant
idconfirm 4 days ago
the wok hei in the stir fried dishes must be amazing!!!
Ruben Ramirez
Ruben Ramirez 9 days ago
It was really cool seen your wife in this video. It would be fun to see her in more of your videos and her intake and thoughts on the foods that you guys eat
MarielysAlvidrez 10 days ago
El mas sencillo y hermoso Mak Wiens,sme encanta cada video que pone,donde anda diferentes comidas,me encantp cuando estubo en mi Mexico,admiracion y respeto por esa humildas que el tiene y llevar a su esposa y su hijito siempre con el e ahi depende el exito,felicidades!
assassin creed
assassin creed 12 days ago
Nice food
Velmurugan Kandasamy
Asian foods I always eats.south American and LEBANESE FOODS ARE unique.
J-N-H-M 12 days ago
10:46 ,,, wtf !!! was that ??? pour some , pinch some ... dumb the rest ? ... wtf is he doing ? .. just dump it in ...
Antonia Mosley
Antonia Mosley 13 days ago
I adore u mark... U have this face and ability to make EVERYTHING LOOK SO GOOD! YOUR VIDEOS MAKE ME WANT TO TRAVEL FOR FOOD😄😄
Audrey Quaye
Audrey Quaye 13 days ago
The food looked awesome! Thanks for showing Ying more. It made the video more enjoyable. Your friends were a bit too loud though; otherwise, another great video.
Mrs. Künnzee
Mrs. Künnzee 13 days ago
❤ love seeing ying... Such a cute couple!
Yosel Choden
Yosel Choden 14 days ago
I really wanted to come to thai and train thai cuisine with this chef
Cheema Sukh
Cheema Sukh 14 days ago
Wow delicious dishes
Jessie Ngo
Jessie Ngo 14 days ago
Looking forward to my first trip to Thailand! Where should I go eat first in Bangkok?
Christy. Hockey
Christy. Hockey 16 days ago
this is the ideal food experience made sweeter with chef right in front how rad
terpinhawgin666 16 days ago
Love you ying Marc and micah blessings to you
leon ham
leon ham 17 days ago
Mark and Ying please
f montes
f montes 18 days ago
Two things I immediately take away: 1.) Glad we got to see more of Ying... she is really beautiful and funny (and how she didn't like the Pomfret @ 13:30 was great...) 2.) I'm sure it was tasty... but why on earth would you ever fry an oyster? To me, that's just frying a Godly ingredient because "everything fried is good." Some things should never be fried... would you fry fatty tuna, sweet shrimp or unagi and expect it to be better than how it's meant to be consumed? Anyway, great vid.
Nanna phacool นันนา พาคลู
Coconut cream is look tasty 😋
Sam Howard
Sam Howard 18 days ago
What is umami?
Chipbutty 20 days ago
Hi Mark after watching 100s of your vids this is the first Chef I would go out of my way to sample his talents. A true Master.
Gilberto Chavez
Gilberto Chavez 21 day ago
Am I the only one who thinks Heroin everytime I see this dude
Liam White
Liam White 20 days ago
Food is marks heroin
nicolas rossi
nicolas rossi 22 days ago
I like that the chef is playing jazz in his place, (excellent choices/playlist too by the way!) so you incorporated that idea and played jazz also, as the background for your video. Nothing like adding a layer of sophistication and cool to your reportage/blog with some laid back tunes. Good food and good music, two universals in this shared human experience called life. Thanks
Jonathan Sheets
Jonathan Sheets 22 days ago
Looks delicious! How challenging is it to get reservations?
Pranoti Ture
Pranoti Ture 23 days ago
I have never seen ying with makeup she is so simple and sweet 😘 like ying more than mark.
Pranoti Ture
Pranoti Ture 23 days ago
Where is Micah
Evangeline Wood
Evangeline Wood 23 days ago
Wow 😮! I’m lost for words. I wish one day I will have the opportunity to go to Thailand and particularly eat at this restaurant Mark. It will be a dream come true to experience an authentic Thai cooking from this chef. Love everything you’ve eaten. The shrimp with young mangostine sound delicious. The crab dish also looks scrumptious. Perhaps , if I do make it In Thailand, I could look you up and take to this unique restaurant. Truly enjoyed watching this posting. Thanks Mark. 😋😊👍🏼
C J 24 days ago
Yay *MORE YING* Loved how she was actually in thos video!!!
HKvsNYC 24 days ago
is this restaurant closed? im in bangkok and cant find this place listed. no phone, no fb contact.
***** 24 days ago
Anika Swussz
Anika Swussz 25 days ago
Ying is so beautiful❤
Prajow Luck
Prajow Luck 25 days ago
this episode reminds me of my grandma foods when I visited her on special occasions. I simply did not thank her enough. she made fantastic foods.
Faisal Malik
Faisal Malik 25 days ago
You have a beautiful wife mark
Trekking Mount Rinjani
We think the chef must use a special hat, to avoid falling hair in the food place, also don't forget the chef uses gloves, and I will come to Thailand, and Thai is really a pleasant place :)
Expo Nature
Expo Nature 25 days ago
All of foods are looks so yummy. I want to try them all.
Bakakkaa Entertainment
Open this link for the best Ethiopian music don’t miss it out ruvid.net/video/video-1ClJiyG3uoA.html
Of uuob oo Disconnected huh
Watching from Arizona n enjoying ur eating portion !
Audra Andrews
Audra Andrews 29 days ago
I love watching these binge and purge videos.
L C 29 days ago
I think this is the only meal I've seen Mark eating without adding chilis, the respect is real lol XD
J Guiller
J Guiller Month ago
I like the shirt....I'll buy a few if available in red, yellow, blue, and pink...
nicolas campbell
Hey mark, did you find any grey strands of hair in your dishes? Hopefully not...
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Your son has grown lot bigger than the last time I saw , He is even waving hands .- 4:53
Thavy Roeun
Thavy Roeun Month ago
el do
el do Month ago
Same shirt same country n a grumpy wife ...
Willson Jo
Willson Jo Month ago
have you ever dislike a food Mark?
Thavy Roeun
Thavy Roeun Month ago
Ruby Fazil
Ruby Fazil Month ago
Ying in the video is the best bit!
Gerard Caccioppo
I enjoyed this one too they getting better and better I get so hungry when I watch these but there's no restaurants around by me that could cook like that
Shine A.H.
Shine A.H. Month ago
Enjoyed this video too much; smiling the whole time. The way mark explains each dish, gives you the feeling of taste like, you had that dish with him.
Sos Robin
Sos Robin Month ago
เห็นพี่เทพเเล้วนึกถึงเรื่องโหดหน้าเหี่ยวทุกทีเลย 555
Gamer Prodang
Gamer Prodang Month ago
rotitelor Month ago
The chef is so good you won’t mind his hair falling into your food because he does not wear a hair net.
Majed Mohammed
Majed Mohammed Month ago
Go to hell
Nurazwani Zakaria
My late aunt used to cook us freshwater fish curry with unripen mango.. It tasted superb! I like when people replace the sourness of the tamarind with fruits.. I think I am gonna be a fan of chef prin.. I can somehow taste the dishes already just by looking at them.. I am drooling!!!! ❤❤❤
Maksonix -M
Maksonix -M Month ago
He is really hungry today =P_________________
BlackSkullArmor Month ago
Ying was like "yeaaaah you like that soup don't you, you bad boy"
77 Wonton
77 Wonton Month ago
77 Wonton
77 Wonton Month ago
Dahlia F
Dahlia F Month ago
i thought the ice cream was shrimp paste (belacan) 😭😹
Domak89 Month ago
Regency is secret ingredient xD hahaha oh wow...
Ash Bear
Ash Bear Month ago
The face Mark makes everytime he takes his first bite of every dish cracks me up 😂. "Uh wowuh." Every first bite lmao.
Dze-ann Margaha
Dze-ann Margaha Month ago
I love seeing Ying so muchhh! I love this vid!💞💞
Luana Luna
Luana Luna Month ago
Coloca legenda em português 😥
Argus Baruck
Argus Baruck Month ago
Deberías agregar a todos tus videos subtitulos en español, porque habemos suscriptores que no hablamos inglés
BOY KASKAS Month ago
Nia fh
Nia fh Month ago
Itu appetizer nya rujak. Cuma plating nya aja beda. Intinya rujak!
King HushHush
King HushHush Month ago
We want more Ying lol
King HushHush
King HushHush Month ago
Ying is so beautiful. Mark is really blessed.
Pahanin Month ago
The world has run out of food worthy of reviewing considering he has returned to Thailand for a review
Marcos Leal
Marcos Leal Month ago
Love your show man!! Super cool guy
Robson Galdino
Robson Galdino Month ago
Background music is "Stolen Moments" by Oliver Nelson, it certainly makes the eating experience even more amazing!!!
G Dat
G Dat Month ago
Oh oh .hahahaha
Rajvir Singh
Rajvir Singh Month ago
its good to have the thai authenthic cuisine,.,im always at southern thailand and its hard to obtain flavors from the north. . .
sheldon nangoo
sheldon nangoo Month ago
I love that we finally get to see Ming eating with you
Jay S
Jay S Month ago
His one eye pops open every time he tried a dish lol
Jay P
Jay P Month ago
U have the coolest wife ever
jocelyn valencia
hey whats up u guys it’s mark wiens here
Kayla Westman
Kayla Westman Month ago
I’ve watched a lot of Mark’s videos over the years and I just love how excited he was in this one! He was practically chomping at the bit to get to the restaurant and every time he tried one of the dishes he was blown away.
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