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Natorsha Smith
Natorsha Smith 4 days ago
Rip George Floyd #blacklivesmatter
Sylvia Divinora
Sylvia Divinora 4 days ago
Is this Zed from Pulp Fiction? Why they break the storyline? He should spend the rest of his short life in agonizing pain...
Jim Schmidt
Jim Schmidt 5 days ago
Who polices the police?
Anthony Arredondo
Anthony Arredondo 16 days ago
What does God say about Racism? The unbiased truth may surprise you. Hear this 100% Scripture by scripture look into Racism. "The Great Divide" ruvid.net/video/video-8omLSJxaI2I.html How are Christians supposed to address the Racism discussed in "The Great Divide"? Hear the answer in the follow up video below. "How to Witness in the Last Days" ruvid.net/video/video-3DjCo3Y5KMs.html
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Officer needs therapy not jail
B. Marie Glasgow
B. Marie Glasgow 26 days ago
The guy in the mug shot is not the guy kneeling in the video; check the ears in the photos.
Realeboha Mahlatsi
Realeboha Mahlatsi 26 days ago
jamie lunes
jamie lunes 26 days ago
Where is the 20 dollar bill? Evidence!
Montana Montana
Montana Montana 28 days ago
You’re all stupid
Jarda Adámek
Jarda Adámek 29 days ago
Good Day, bravo for police man!!! I wish good luck from Czech republic😃😃😃
Chad Billingey
Chad Billingey Month ago
That cop is a fucking HERO
David Johnson
David Johnson Month ago
The investigation is ongoing blah blah blah blah and more blah.
Daniza Alvares
Daniza Alvares Month ago
Justicia todos somos hijo de dios
Michaela Grundler
Can someone help me please? I'm from Germany. I already searched for hours in the Internet and asked in a houndred chatrooms and wrote Mails but I could find anything yet. Is there a way to support or help Mr Derek Michael Chauvin and the other policemen? Thank you!
Maciej Antz
Maciej Antz Month ago
God will hate to see him in his place
latino heat
latino heat Month ago
This cop had rage for black folks he finally exploaded and george paid the price
Lance Cain
Lance Cain Month ago
He's a narcissist and a Piece of💩
Even God is waiting for him of this murder....
Prinz Lady3
Prinz Lady3 Month ago
steelnation 28 days ago
Prinz Lady3
Prinz Lady3 Month ago
Snicky G
Snicky G Month ago
Oh, how I wish they never show this video again! When I heard George Floyd say, 'Please don't let me die,' and then I heard him say his last word, 'Mama,' I cannot imagine how many mother's hearts broke, including mine!
Richard Black
Richard Black Month ago
100% Real
100% Real Month ago
Peter Month ago
Search cash cab on RUvid and have your mind blown! 🤯 the “cop” is an actor!
Raphael Pattel
Raphael Pattel Month ago
It was just a tragic event. But I mean how do you know that someone who is drunk is dead. A DRUNK PERSON IS ALREADY HALF DEAD THOU... just saying. Nobody deserved to die like that and nobody deserves to be charged like that too on basis of racism.
Poo Lingus
Poo Lingus Month ago
The fact that they used the word "restrained" is f'ed up. That was beyond restraint.
Chuck Austin
Chuck Austin Month ago
His smirk says he cant wait to tell his story of bravado to those who will listen. Before arrest ill bet he felt good about his position in society.
Anthony Keegan
Anthony Keegan Month ago
And they ask us why we fear for lives when stopped by the police... Y'all know you work with someone like this and if you don't, your most likely them! I urge our good Officers to Expose these corrupt sick individuals and stop “letting things go" This is not a “black problem" this is a “blue problem" I'm not even related and the anger I feel I don't have words for.. I cannot imagine how the family feels.
BOB MEDNA Month ago
well, police criminals always try to find a way of not being guilty ,creating facts would have been happened after killing people.
Albert Demarco
Albert Demarco Month ago
Hello ❗👎👇🧠👁️🤔🤫😱😷.The 🇺🇸USA Government not care about citizens life, property, safety, constitutional rights. However, they do care about their own life, property, safety, government jobs and place of employment. Will Protesters paint White House Black❓ AlbertJoseph Demarco from Harrisburg Pennsylvania 17110.
Nambi Hannie
Nambi Hannie Month ago
He is uncouth to life. Actually the four of them should go to hell
Roberto Salazar
Roberto Salazar Month ago
There will never be justice for injustices. But at least this ex cop is going to jail unlike other cases ended up no conviction and cop walking away with pay leave.
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
They're trying to tell us that Floyd would've dropped dead that day, regardless. That the knee had nothing to do with it.
superman vn
superman vn Month ago
Here is a video of martial art training of how the knee is on the neck, so that mean the charge for the police officer are too quick to judge and he is just using the technic facebook.com/323638934852947/videos/2487166678278030/
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Month ago
He was murdered
hen ko
hen ko Month ago
God damn you for not being able to feel the last breaths of a human being under your knees and hear the begging voice of a human being to be saved from death!
Tamy bah
Tamy bah Month ago
Si Si
Si Si Month ago
The is the premeditated murder. The only reason they called ambulance so after George died, they could get away with the lie of “his own medical problems”, the police internationally killed him and he knew he will get away because he already got the “back up plan” to call ambulance to disguise him. That is the purpose of calling ambulance as soon as the police decided to kill him before pinning him down the floor. They called the ambulance then they killed him. World needs to wake up and realised this is premeditated murder with back up plans to get away. This is common sense world, call the ambulance before you tried to kill someone to get away of murder by making it look like a personal medical accident !!!!! This world is so stupid not see the tactics been used by the police. How many prisoners died because of “medical issues” that ambulance called first, then police kill him and ambulance pick up the dead body lie about “medical problems”... if this tactics do not get revealed, more people will die and there is already an ambulance on the way to pick up your dead body...
Kenneth Nebel
Kenneth Nebel Month ago
let this police officer get ín to this cop killers there are in jail and let them finish this police officer RIP george floyd
George Floyd is not dead you morons wake up and smell the psyop
Charming nowhere to hide
He died from being choked TF. They’re trying to cover this up
skyrain production
Girl please white people just wanna stick up for there own kind 😒
Patricia Peever
Patricia Peever Month ago
An evil POLICEMAN....how could he be so CRUEL?.he deserves the cruelty that he gave to George.
Charming nowhere to hide
He will be charged but I don't think the others will and I say this the others had no idea that he was going to take it that far also one of those cops was only 4 days on the job,
OX TV Month ago
Veseli Balkanac
Veseli Balkanac Month ago
Derek Chauvinist
vote trump
vote trump Month ago
floyd was a violent criminal before the arrest its public record
ngaho lysa
ngaho lysa Month ago
Ces policiers sont assaillants ou bien?
Zara Amina
Zara Amina Month ago
Le pur racisme tu tue quelqu'un les mains DNS les poches espèce de sals criminel q vous etes
Stern Flug
Stern Flug Month ago
When everthing calms down he is free again
Vete Rán
Vete Rán Month ago
There are thousands of cops like that one.
hooman kh
hooman kh Month ago
God damn you for not being able to feel the last breaths of a human being under your knees and hear the begging voice of a human being to be saved from death!
Andy Powell
Andy Powell Month ago
You people are such an a******
hema mamidy
hema mamidy Month ago
Kill them same way
hema mamidy
hema mamidy Month ago
Rude behaviour
Lemsy McSnipe
Lemsy McSnipe Month ago
Tony Timpa
paka sakot
paka sakot Month ago
Livia Negidius
Livia Negidius Month ago
this video of kiling JF was shot by 17 year old girl.
Tracey Jones
Tracey Jones Month ago
? Does anyone think that all of this would be going on had he not died thank God everyone has camera and the opportunity to video tape this so that these departments can clean there act up.
Tracey Jones
Tracey Jones Month ago
He will be charged but I don't think the others will and I say this the others had no idea that he was going to take it that far also one of those cops was only 4 days on the job, there is so much more that everyone will learn and hear 18 charges against one cop he should have been gone my next thought was why was the three cops paired with this useless piece of crap were they being trained ,it's amazing what one bad seed can do .
Aleem Pervez
Aleem Pervez Month ago
Thank God that I have seen this day that America is behaving like a third world country. Under the leadership of Trump, the time of high claims/rights of the US people are over. America always used and abused third world countries armed forces against the toppling of democratically elected governments. Who is General Al-Siss of Egypt, a dictator who is sitting with unqualified American support? Now Trump is in a mood to use the American armed forces against its own people. Hurrah, I am really pleased. Mr. Trump better to abrogate the American constitution and rule America like General Al-Sissi of Egypt. American constitution checks and balances mechanism is disturbing you. Even otherwise the American Administrations are in the habit of tearing and throwing away the constitutions and laws of the third world countries. Throw away democracy and fulfill your dreams and totally ban the FAKE AMERICAN PRESS. These rascal journalists are disturbing you. Do it, Mr. President, I am with you, I am from a third world country. We are habitual for bearing such crimes, you are reluctant, I am encouraging and supporting you. Come on Mr. President, America is the land of the brave. America is built on an ancient Red Indian burial ground. Follow the precedent and bury your opponents.
Epafra Ngweshemi
Derek, the giant murderer. Shame up your dark sprit you demonstrated to black people.
Discover channel
People don't quit
Mercylove Amponsah
Hmmmm so sad
Joanna Month ago
Let’s say he was having a heart attack, they still didn’t render C.P.R. or any type of help. It is murder written all over this case. Sad
Wealth Engineer's Boot Camp.
Karla Shmeeda Vlasta
This cop looks like getting off on it, too. Very disturbing.
Joanna Month ago
6 years ago
6 years ago Month ago
Criminals Murders
Rick Pat
Rick Pat Month ago
Last one was kobe bryant, now, george floyd? Whos next? Lebron? I guess this year is death of black, bald celebrities. Non rasicm
Peter Edward
Peter Edward Month ago
If USA not careful, the jihadist can take advantage...
Sean Fishman
Sean Fishman Month ago
02:19 0:12 02:01
DjuDju Doe
DjuDju Doe Month ago
whole four of them are mrds
FatAss David
FatAss David Month ago
any of the pigs have a hot wife? 😘😘
Shikikan -sama
Shikikan -sama Month ago
@FatAss David You're welcome
FatAss David
FatAss David Month ago
@Shikikan -sama dam yes she is 😉👍🏼 miss minasoda 2019, did i spell that correct? im going to find the swim suit part, thanks ✊🏿🐨👍🏼
Shikikan -sama
Shikikan -sama Month ago
Derek Chauvin does
Krista Davis
Krista Davis Month ago
That’s not Derek Chauvin that is Cash Cab game show host Ben Bailey!!’
Roshan Month ago
it is likely that the government will change the story. they might even say its a natural death.
Sean El King Bey
What a piece of shi so called news channel....
Ken Titus
Ken Titus Month ago
This was a contract killing I believe.
Combatinho Month ago
While the officers actions are undefensible, the easiest way to not have this happen to you is first don't commit any crimes. Second pay more taxes to get the proper training for police officers.
polly smith
polly smith Month ago
why did;nt someone who was watching this man pass, just bum rush that cop? least long enough to get some air to him, only would of been charged with an assault PUBLIC SERVENT.
mercy245 Month ago
Even after the paramedics arrived, the officer was still on top of him, even those paramedics they didn't perform CPR, they just lured him on a stretcher just like a dead chicken. And Floyd didn't even fight them.
Yilmaz Kilinc
Yilmaz Kilinc Month ago
The cop didnt know
Norsheen Ali
Norsheen Ali Month ago
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