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Jeff J. Brown
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I always appreciate it when fans take the time to contact me about an article/podcast that I did. It is especially gratifying when a fellow author/journalist does so, because they know how much work goes into a well-researched piece.
Source article with all the images and hyperlinks: chinarising.puntopress.com/2018/03/06/an-email-exchange-between-william-engdahl-and-jeff-j-brown-china-rising-radio-sinoland-180306/
Much more at www.chinarising.puntopress.com, chinarising.puntopress.com/2017/05/19/the-china-trilogy/ and apps.monk.ee/tyrion



6 мар 2018

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Комментарии 9
Zheng Yan
Zheng Yan 11 месяцев назад
maybe too long as a video, you could try tik tok app
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown 10 месяцев назад
Thanks, I'll look into it.
Ben Wong
Ben Wong 11 месяцев назад
PS -As a Christian my favorite Apostle Paul also preached we should obey the laws of the country we are in. Many Christians, especially our po;iticians talk but don't walk Christianity.
Ben Wong
Ben Wong 7 месяцев назад
henry tavener - I have read the Bible. As with most critic they read the Bible and misinterpreted it's meaning. As humans we are all subject to fallacy. The acts of violence against nations were done to remove reprobates - those so evil that cannot be redeem - as with Sodom, Jericho, Nazi Germany.etc.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown 10 месяцев назад
Amen, Ben!
Henry Taverner
Henry Taverner 11 месяцев назад
... written by ancient camel jockies with no knowledge of the world around them. Don't waste your time with religion and be a better man
Henry Taverner
Henry Taverner 11 месяцев назад
Ben, if you actually read the Bible, the Christian God is a genocidal, meglomania that make world's most cruel dictators like a boy scout. Also, it's the 21st century, why believe in fairy tales written b
Ben Wong
Ben Wong 11 месяцев назад
I have shared your videos with fellow Americans to counter their ignorance and or bias. On the issue of religious freedom I contend that Christians have forgotten Christ's words "give unto God what is his and unto man what is man's'. The problem in the past was that western churches preached the opposite especially the Vatican - that parishioners owe their allegiance to the church. Chinese history is rife with religious 'nuts' that created chaos and death. An example being the Taiping rebellion. Not residing in China - my speculation is that people can practice whatever faith, or have a religios group so long as it does not not preach subversion or foment disorder. Americans, especially atheist, are asament on the separation of church and state - is this not a reflection of Christ's words? I believe China is only seeking the same.
Jeff J. Brown
Jeff J. Brown 10 месяцев назад
Well said, Ben!
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