An American Bald Eagle flies with a GoPro

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Jeep is a 5-year-old American Bald Eagle in Apopka, Florida. After losing a talon in 2012, Jeep (named after the "GP" in GoPro) is now rehabilitated and acting as an educational ambassador for the Avian Reconditioning Center in Apopka.
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Nov 3, 2017




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Elber Gattiessa
Elber Gattiessa 2 days ago
This is awesome,,, I was blessed to see harpy eagles in El Salvador, before they disappeared.. I was just a kid but it was really majetuous
MD Anik Shihab
MD Anik Shihab 3 days ago
Is he having problem in flying
Ali_daboss52 14 days ago
I want one
Ruth Lewis
Ruth Lewis 14 days ago
Wanna make me cry? Show me an eagle flying or a horse running. So beautiful.
Birdy Editz
Birdy Editz 14 days ago
I’m a british person but, freedom 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Mr. AS
Mr. AS 12 days ago
Traitor to the throne You better ready for scotland yard, mate
Crazy Kitty
Crazy Kitty 16 days ago
This is mean not helping the eagle but putting a GoPro on him
Roberto Silva
Roberto Silva 17 days ago
So, if you can't fly your DJI Drone in a National Park, just fly a Bald Eagle with a GoPro! LOL
Cường Quốc
Cường Quốc 19 days ago
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Nasir Rains
Nasir Rains 21 day ago
Beak Boi
Beak Boi 25 days ago
Thought he would leave with the go pro and come back with a 6 pack of beer and an assault rifle. Reality is often disappointing
Akainu Sakazuki94
Akainu Sakazuki94 25 days ago
I want to raise a eagle. What are the requirements and skills I need ? Is it job ?
Zacharias 25 days ago
bellissima creatura, da ammirare x sempre
Carson Sanders
Carson Sanders 26 days ago
F-18 Eagle flys over Afghanistan
uden alawie
uden alawie 28 days ago
Savannah Palazzo
Savannah Palazzo 29 days ago
It's Apolloooooooo !
MaltaLand Month ago
I don’t get why people call the united states of america free when people get murdered for being black or trans ;-;
John Foltz
John Foltz Month ago
I smell freedom and capitalism in this video
KinoChhang Month ago
I probably am
Stingy Month ago
People don't get murdered for just being black or trans lol. You're delusional
KinoChhang Month ago
Probably Freedom in Procescution
indoraptor indosavage
I kinda hate us
Pogi Man
Pogi Man Month ago
Amazing creature + cutting edge technology brings a breath taking view. Now we know what is the bird's eye view.
Brandon Smit
Brandon Smit Month ago
This absolutely amazing
Michael Sigafoos
Samar's Gadgets World
This bird is everywhere in USA government lol
Kathy K
Kathy K Month ago
So sad. It made me cry to see this bird in bondage. His feet are tied together. Can you imagine if someone loved you so much, took you as a pet and kept your feet tethered alike that? So sad. So many beautiful animals and birds in the world, when are we going to quite torturing them for our own entertainment. I know the guy that does more than likely doesn't think about what he's doing to this bird in that manner, but I wish he would.
Craftsboy Mobile
Eagles are the physical embodiment of freedom..
Sachin Patil
Sachin Patil Month ago
So cool
TrainFan 2020
TrainFan 2020 Month ago
So this is what it feels like in the eyes of a Beautiful bald eagle
Bunny Mehra
Bunny Mehra Month ago
Is it important to wear glasses?
Zedriq Barnes
Zedriq Barnes Month ago
Imagin that eagle just hunts and kills animals but to bad hes foot is broken
John F Cordero
John F Cordero Month ago
Cant beleive this eagles flew all the way to iraq and syria
AncientBeast 2 months ago
Russia doesn't have signature bird because all birds have freedom
SPARTAN 117 2 months ago
Keep America Great!
Doug G
Doug G 2 months ago
True freedom
kk doc
kk doc 2 months ago
I could fly on the back of an eagle for hours. Wish I could find similar videos.
Matthew Ivan Jude Ponciano
Oh sigh can you see! 🎶🎶🎶
عبدالملك 2 months ago
This comment section is so ‘murican
Dystσpiα ღ
Dystσpiα ღ 2 months ago
It’s no wonder why our founding fathers chose the bald eagle despite last minute changes, it’s a symbol of freedom and power! I love my country and I wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else ✨🇺🇸✨
Mr Heru
Mr Heru 2 months ago
come here for daily dose of freedom
Alex 2 months ago
Give that man a budweiser
Virpratap Singh
Virpratap Singh 2 months ago
Whoa... This is awesome 📽️🦅🇺🇲
WTHWasThat 2 months ago
Nothing says freedom like an eagle with clipped wings to stop it from flying off and being free....
THE PRECIOUS 2 months ago
Eagles taste better then chicken! A symbol of freedom and deliciousness. Try Eagle not turkey this ithanksgiving
i gede Gentala
i gede Gentala 2 months ago
Why you do that the gopro is gone
Jappa Official
Jappa Official 2 months ago
1:07 when someone tries to sneak up on me
rop 2 months ago
Entertaining for People
It's a natural drone of the nature
Shiro Whitecat
Shiro Whitecat 2 months ago
That's a really cool braviary
kyan fentress
kyan fentress 2 months ago
Wow loved this vid
My Food My recipe
My Food My recipe 2 months ago
Why is the eagle's hair missing,where did it go?
Kylie Nelson
Kylie Nelson 3 months ago
i love this birds
Love4Life1 3 months ago
🙏🏻 Many thanks to the Avian Reconditioning Center. Thank you Jeep for giving us a glimpse of what it feels like to fly! I’m so grateful you have Jim and the folks at the ARC to take care of you, that’s so wonderful! Blessings to All! 💗
DDDiana 3 months ago
Feels like a disney princess
Thomas Affolter
Thomas Affolter 3 months ago
These guys are so friggin majestic. Here in the Pacific Northwest, they're as common as gulls. But they never lose their grace and power.
Thomas Affolter
Thomas Affolter 3 months ago
These guys are so friggin majestic. Here in the Pacific Northwest, they're as common as gulls. But they never lose their grace and power.
Jet W
Jet W 3 months ago
Wonderful video! looking forward to the birth of Go Eagle vision Pro😉
Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_
Eagle 👍👍😍😍
bjorn2007 3 months ago
thats amazing.. so beautiful
kiri darann
kiri darann 3 months ago
I believe I can fly 😭😭😭
doppelvonkaiser 3 months ago
Blaziken 3 months ago
flying with a gopro.... doesn't flying with a gopro feels heavy?
Bas Corver
Bas Corver 3 months ago
'Murica fuck yeah
Vincent Patitucci
Vincent Patitucci 3 months ago
Somebody tell this guy they have invented drones.
Vishesh Trivedi
Vishesh Trivedi 3 months ago
One word : MURICA🇺🇸
HOW EYE 3 months ago
Great video
Jond Bpmd
Jond Bpmd 3 months ago
juanme555 3 months ago
U.S no longer deserve to have this animal represent them, U.S stopped being a free country a long time ago...if they are to keep this glorious alpha beast as their signature animal...what would it be based off? if it's based on having been a free country in the past, it no longer makes sense since Italy litearlly invented Freedom, they'd be much more entitled to wear this.
gopinath shankar
gopinath shankar 4 months ago
I need chicks
Srk7028 4 months ago
Why this eagle ride in low altitude ?
wild&young 4 months ago
I believeee i can flyyyyyy
ethan devereaux
ethan devereaux 4 months ago
I wish I was a bald eagle
TheBurgerNoder 4 months ago
I see he’s spreading the word of freedom.
Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez 4 months ago
Thank you and what a Beauty of a Bird that is
SoyuZ Gaming
SoyuZ Gaming 4 months ago
It is flying above the land of the free and the home of the brave
Maydon Kyovoy
Maydon Kyovoy 4 months ago
Her :will you be free tonight? Me *looks into the horizon, bald eagle screams, wipes tear from eyes*: I will always be free...
Hecthor Vasquez
Hecthor Vasquez 4 months ago
There were an injured bald eagle stolen from a sanctuary couple months ago, and I saw in a vision who took the injured bird, in my vision I saw a man skinny on his 30 long hair but half bald on top of the head, he lives in the area and is a Bernie Sanders socialist supporter. He is a loser with no job a junkie that lives of welfare just like Bernie Sanders did for 30 years. He kill the bird in retaliation for capitalism as Bernie Sanders sugested and what the bird represents.
LegendSupreme • 370 years ago
Then the camera falls off-
himo M
himo M 4 months ago
America eagle🇺🇸🦅⭐
Henry Coldrain
Henry Coldrain 4 months ago
And here i am cant teach my cockatiel any tricks
M.R.A The only one
M.R.A The only one 4 months ago
💜 رائع💐
Linda Diane
Linda Diane 4 months ago
Truly more beautiful than words can describe! Such pride!!! 🦅
socio sanch
socio sanch 4 months ago
Broadcast Jonathan AMERICAN 0147
socio sanch murica what?
Luke Sports
Luke Sports 4 months ago
Riding the Wild Eagle at Dollywood be like:
John Andrews
John Andrews 4 months ago
A majestic bird
Meg 22
Meg 22 4 months ago
Wouldn’t that go pro be heavy on him
Mieka M
Mieka M 4 months ago
Look what God has made!!! Oh, this is beautiful.
Ahndraus 4 months ago
He can get a female if he talks about preservation and breeding
Stoatz 5 months ago
majestic af
RAPTOR AWAKEN 5 months ago
Maybe you are interested to see it.. ruvid.net/video/video-E5KmqWjl7zU.html
Byron Vasquez Jr.
Byron Vasquez Jr. 5 months ago
God I love this land.. God Bless the 🇺🇸 USA!!!
Freaky Frosty
Freaky Frosty 5 months ago
So this is what it feels like to be the original American.
Zelo 5 months ago
i never even saw a bald eagle in person
Whitejade 5 months ago
I love it!
tortellini fettachini
Showed this vid to my parrot and he freaked the fuck out, grabbed my phone, and threw it into his poop.
EddyTee99 5 months ago
00:36 *tears up in AMERICAN*
Vulcan 5 months ago
That’s a big chicken
enis saitoglou
enis saitoglou 6 months ago
Uç kartalım🦅🦅🦅
lllilkilla202ll100 6 months ago
It’s like someone is riding on the eagle 🦅 seeing the nice view
Inspiringer 6 months ago
the bird looked american
Broadcast Jonathan AMERICAN 0147
Inspiringer the eagle is american
Chris Choir
Chris Choir 6 months ago
This is a form of animal abuse IMO
MERC 6 months ago
Searching for mass destruction weapons and oil
jpaschl 6 months ago
Eagles are the best animal ever just my thoughts lol
haitham baloch
haitham baloch 6 months ago
Atheists will believe in God if they see this
Jayp 1105
Jayp 1105 6 months ago
Wanna see my dog? wanna see my freedom?
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