An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more: spartan.com
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Feb 25, 2021




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Comments 100
jgb 4 hours ago
What the heck!? They should have gotten the Jazzy Jeff treatment in Bel Aire!
too much
too much 4 hours ago
omg looking back at this vid at 10:05 u see harry talk abt his grandfather right as they pass a graveyard. talk abt shadowing
Jasmine K
Jasmine K 4 hours ago
The way he said he was known to be part of the BTS army I CACKLED
maplefreak64 5 hours ago
An American doesn't know a royal family and a monarchy state. So it's used like an ordinary celebrity. The American who slights respect to a kingdom. The American who destroys citizen's spirit in a kingdom.
Aditi Ratna
Aditi Ratna 5 hours ago
Harry “alright love?” Omg he is the cutest 😭😭
quakecon2009 6 hours ago
Looking at these comments you can just tell they are deleting the ones what people really think. harry is a cretin.
Angie S
Angie S 7 hours ago
Awesome 👏🏼 👏🏼😊
nate levinson
nate levinson 7 hours ago
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Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour 8 hours ago
Prince Henry
Prince Henry 9 hours ago
Emma Amelia
Emma Amelia 10 hours ago
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Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley 11 hours ago
Prince Harry is a joke ... both he and the witch want all the trapping of Royalty and that includes money without any of the Duty and work .... Reasonable people can see this and are disgusted by them both ... In the UK Prince Harry has gone from most loved Royal to most hated, even behind Prince Andrew ... As for the manipulating witch she better not show her face in the UK ever again ... Time will come when they are both striped of anything Royal associated with them
Cassandra Cole
Cassandra Cole 11 hours ago
I’d watch “English Tea on the 405” 😂😂
AddyVenture Time
AddyVenture Time 12 hours ago
love you Prince Harry❤️
Cyndi McKeen Elser
Cyndi McKeen Elser 14 hours ago
Hahaha. I Loved it. Just what Harry and Meghan needed. Laughter is good mental Health 🤣😂
sana 123
sana 123 16 hours ago
Royals don't carry cash huh more like we loot cash from other countries and fill up our safes inside the mansions we hide ourself in
jonnysvlvmi 16 hours ago
“hey has” your name is has 😂😂😂😂
Heriberto Bell
Heriberto Bell 18 hours ago
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LadyLakeMusic 21 hour ago
This was fabulous! I find Prince Harry so relatable plus he looks like my son.
Khloe Harrison
Khloe Harrison 22 hours ago
‘james!! if i’m not out in 5 minutes come and get me’
Khloe Harrison
Khloe Harrison 22 hours ago
i can’t stop smiling at this i keep rewatching it
LMD Ashley
LMD Ashley 23 hours ago
How many are here because of Tarot by Janine??
Hazel Hernández
Omg i loved this i never thought the prince would be so charming. I understand Megan now ❤️ wish the best for them. Love from Cuba 🇨🇺
Daniel P
Daniel P Day ago
Bro this man is literally royalty and he acts so humble
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke Day ago
Harry seems like a lovely guy
bea kittelscherz
Idiots abroad! That was fun ... lol
Ahd Haddad
Ahd Haddad Day ago
2:32 🤣🤣🤣
angel Pg3d
angel Pg3d Day ago
9:05 sus 🤨
Inego Zamora
Inego Zamora Day ago
Did you know that Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex was in Thomas and Friends Special:The Royal Engine/Thomas and the Royal Engine(Thomas and Friends 75th Anniversary Special)on Netflix he was in the opening announcing scene and he is and still a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 🚂💙💛❤🥳🎉🎊🎂🎂🎊🎉🥳🥳🚂💙💛❤🥳🎉🎊🎂🥳🥳🚂💙💛❤
Alexa Grundon
It’s wired to see a prince spitting out tea, saying a bad word and literally rolling in mud
Nubiann Cahill
Great conversation and insights...
Nubiann Cahill
James need to introduce Harry to his barber...
Sara Kjeldsen
Sara Kjeldsen 2 days ago
This was actually really funny. XD
Meg 2 days ago
This is such a trip
Cameron2 2 days ago
Katharine Davis
Katharine Davis 2 days ago
Harry is definitely an empath .and He's so happy away from Mee again . K
Jade Go
Jade Go 2 days ago
Even though this probs didnt happen; Imagine the Queen going to Amazon and purchasing a waffle iron
Leila Simon
Leila Simon 2 days ago
That's what ties Chelsea to Harry, they are both free, wild and crazy.
Daniele Eyre
Daniele Eyre 2 days ago
Sad that Phillip has now passed
abdou bah
abdou bah 2 days ago
Prince Harry and Meghan markles i like you all
Pad 2 days ago
Harry is so sweet..waiting for James to clear each obstacle.. What a gentleman.
Enea Bucchi
Enea Bucchi 2 days ago
Harry is totally look like his grandfather Prince Philip
Annie S
Annie S 2 days ago
Completely destroyed his image agreeing to the Oprah interview
Chez Day ago
Diana told her truth and left. It cost her her life. Her son left to save his family. They’ll be fine. Some People who listened to the interview actually like them more now
AA CULTURE 2 days ago
Tiffany Starbeck
Tiffany Starbeck 3 days ago
He is so much like his mother in so many ways.. she would be proud of him I'm quite sure. 💕💕💕
Chewie 3 days ago
If you look behind the bus close enough you can see a whole escort convoy
IamWho Iam
IamWho Iam 3 days ago
The queen won’t be happy about this for sure haha
Simplyy Mel
Simplyy Mel 3 days ago
he looks like he was truly enjoying himself
ally tsui
ally tsui 3 days ago
istg james should’ve asked what harry thought about suits
Flo 3 days ago
Meghan is on a random facetime call and she looks stunning. And Harry is so down to earth and chill, so nice to see him so happy.
Paul Gaskell
Paul Gaskell 3 days ago
Had to wear the muzzles to keep the fake virus deceptiion going !
Paul Gaskell
Paul Gaskell 3 days ago
Megan markle is a man !
Paul Gaskell
Paul Gaskell 3 days ago
Fake man ftm reverso freak !
RustyRules426 3 days ago
This was so funny.
Caste Reviews
Caste Reviews 3 days ago
Crazy RICH British!
Mike Mangieri
Mike Mangieri 4 days ago
The others should take Lessons from James O great late night
9vlanneh 4 days ago
I was crying with laughter during that obstacle course! 😂😂
Amy R
Amy R 4 days ago
Do you have army experience?” James: Yep, very much a member of the BTS ARMY. Same.
Amy R
Amy R Day ago
Aylin Alkoc
Aylin Alkoc Day ago
I was searching for this comment
Aylin Alkoc
Aylin Alkoc Day ago
Hannah Bustamante
Amanda Negretè
Amanda Negretè 4 days ago
5:02 and 5:22, why is Harry so visibly upset?
C L 4 days ago
This interview is so much better than the other one. James Corden handled it so well. Trash talking one’s family in front of the entire planet is never smart move, always going to hurt both sides, there’s no way coming out of it classy.
Abioye Bidziil
Abioye Bidziil 5 days ago
The people's prince.
Esmerita Sepulveda-Lusky
That was the best! So happy for the Prince
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
Hello, my dear. Thanks so much for your beautiful words of love you shared with me. kindly add me up on your hangout, to enable us to communicate better. Email: princeharry522@gmail.com...
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
Hello, my dear. Thanks so much for your beautiful words of love you shared with me. kindly add me up on your hangout, to enable us to communicate better. Email: princeharry522@gmail.com...
Gemma Brass
Gemma Brass 5 days ago
I have 😂 so hard watching this video. 😂
Anne Taylor
Anne Taylor 5 days ago
What a prick !
Cooking with Safia
10:08 Prince philp being dead Them talking about him while driving past the grave Me:💀 am smart lol follow me on tiktok: craftedrlfanfoxy
tamcogic4life 5 days ago
Love this Love them both
Solidholz 5 days ago
nice video
Martha Leite
Martha Leite 5 days ago
Admirable!!! Nunca dejes solo a tu compañero ...en todo momento Harry empujó a James para llegar a la final. Saludos desde Paraguay 🇵🇾
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
Hello, my dear. Thanks so much for your beautiful words of love you shared with me. kindly add me up on your hangout, to enable us to communicate better. Email: princeharry522@gmail.com...
dhelcoach 5 days ago
that face reaction of Prince Harry to James on the last part! :)
Sanjana Dias
Sanjana Dias 5 days ago
Ohhh nooo, serve ppl , and Meghan signed up for that?????
Lisa R
Lisa R 5 days ago
This is the Harry the world needs to see now. He's a good guy! He's in love with his family, a proud father with another on the way. Cut the poor man some slack! No one can make decisions for Harry, he is a grown man and a human being who, by accident of birth, was cast into public duty and service. That is the 11 year old boy who had to hold back the tears whilst following his mother's coffin in a public procession through London. Let them alone already, enough judgement and trial by media.
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
Hello, my dear. Thanks so much for your beautiful words of love you shared with me. kindly add me up on your hangout, to enable us to communicate better. Email: princeharry522@gmail.com...
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 5 days ago
Não precisa prestar reverência pra ele? 🧐
M H M 6 days ago
“Haz” takin’ a pee in a stranger’s Bel-Air home. Hilarious! This could only happen with James Cordon. Harry’s so down to earth and normal. That’s Diana’s son alright. God bless his mom.
the Party of ONE
the Party of ONE 6 days ago
Oh Harry I feel for you so much! I can only imagine how things are being totally cut off from your family, in the hands of a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING in a city full of zombie vampires. Stay strong Harry and don’t let your reality get written over or manipulated by her. You are brave and clearly trying to stay positive, but I hope you heed the red flags that I know you see 🚩🚩🚩come to terms that MEGHAN DOES NOT CARE about your well being whatsoever. I don’t say this with judgement but recognizing the tragedy of it all; as she will never will be able to care or feel empathy. In Meghans mind there’s nothing but ill-fated intentions and endless schemes that will only bring to you ever-increasing destruction as each day passes. Hold onto YOUR reality, Harry! No matter what words she says to twist your head up don’t let them take root. She will continue editing reality to suit herself, no consideration for you at all. I know because I too love someone who is afflicted and he cannot help himself. Be careful, Harry! Sending love to you and encouraging thoughts everyday 🙏🏼
Amanda Negretè
Amanda Negretè 4 days ago
Agree 100%
Po Ridge Misa
Po Ridge Misa 6 days ago
😂😂😂😂Harry's the Mann!!!😍 What a crack-up!😂❤
clarissa 6 days ago
Imagine just living your life, on your way to work or school or something, and looking at an opentop but and seeing THE FREAKIN PRINCE ON ENGLAND!!!!??
Βιβή Χρονοπουλου
2:32-2:34 Me every fucking time I try to move something carefully! 😢😂
Βιβή Χρονοπουλου
2:32-2:34 Me every fucking time I try to move something carefully! 😢😂
Didi. love
Didi. love 6 days ago
just two british guys riding a bus.
Didi. love
Didi. love 6 days ago
Nobody: James: “You’ll be the fresh princess of bel air”
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 2 days ago
It's so easy for humans to prejudge and doubt.
Ilayda Al
Ilayda Al 2 days ago
@Prince Harry no
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
@Ilayda Al Can you kindly email me.
Ilayda Al
Ilayda Al 3 days ago
@Prince Harry ‘Princess’ not ‘Prince’ mate. Read again
Prince Harry
Prince Harry 3 days ago
Hello. Thanks so much for your beautiful words of kindness you shared with me. kindly add me with this new email, to enable us to communicate much better, with each other,. Hangout email Address: princeharry522@gmail.com
Nhel Somera
Nhel Somera 6 days ago
Vogue And Living
Vogue And Living 6 days ago
This was amazing !!!!!!
Joe Elliott
Joe Elliott 6 days ago
채뒹? 6 days ago
Romari Bussette
Romari Bussette 6 days ago
I like how there is a whole escort going on while having a chat lmao
THE___TRUTH 6 days ago
Imagine every time you pull out cash you see your gran 🤣
C W 6 days ago
Prince Harry the coolest prince in the world!!!
Sandra Walker
Sandra Walker 6 days ago
Harry and Meghan saw a better future for themselves than being dependent (mendicants) on the charity of the Queen and Charles ( in reality the public purse) paupers dependent on houses, clothes , food etc As an independent modern woman earning her own living Meghan rescued Harry from that insanity and saved him from ending up like Andrew and Princess Margaret Princess Margaret: Rebel Without a Crown - British Royal Documentary @ Andrew ' This Is Your Guys' Royalty.' Prince Andrew Accuser Virginia Giuffre Urges British Public to 'Stand Up Beside Me' in BBC Interview@t The Prince and the Paedophile: Epstein's Royal Scandal @ Prince Andrew - The Walls Are Closing In - David Icke @
Chric 6 days ago
Haz sounds good on him
Amanda Negretè
Amanda Negretè 4 days ago
His reaction was to the contrary.
Patricia H
Patricia H 7 days ago
They're both toolbags
THE___TRUTH 6 days ago
Yes, both your parents are toolbags for conceiving you.
asdf jkl:
asdf jkl: 7 days ago
How do you get "Haz" out of Harry?
Teresita Sotto
Teresita Sotto 7 days ago
I love you prince harry
Sunshine Lovier
Sunshine Lovier 7 days ago
Harry: Come on. Let’s go 🏃‍♂️ James: You don’t have to talk to me like I’m a dog. 🥺 Me: (almost spit out my ice cream from laughing 😂)
Laura Lillystone
Laura Lillystone 7 days ago
I love how ‘celebrity normal?’ He is 👏🏾😭
Esther Odigie
Esther Odigie 7 days ago
I just can't stop watching this video. You guys are the best.
Sam Daniele
Sam Daniele 7 days ago
(10:35 - 10-52) WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SOUL!.. I LOVE HIM!! Also when he said, " hes Trying to bring some compassion to the world ". That statement there ; Would be directly from his mother's soul & consciousness & straight out his mouth by a sub-cincious communication without him even realising it! .. How beautiful.. What a lineage she has left him If anyone could sum up Dianna *compassionate* and *humane" would be certainly part of the category.. We all remember the images of her holding the baby's and vests and masks. Doing things others wouldn't care to do.. What a gift she has left her children, to try to esteem to these qualities of their own free will that their mother left them!! .. God bless them. And God bless Diannas soul and spirit for leaving her boys with the absolute best of her self & her spirit!.
Sam Daniele
Sam Daniele 7 days ago
Maureen Samuel
Maureen Samuel 7 days ago
We love you prince harry
Blowingthetrue 87
Why I'm watching this just nowwww?!!!!! Amazing guys 💖💖💖 love it .
Create Logic
Create Logic 7 days ago
To the people who are still listening in 2021 are legends...
Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke