Amy Adams & Richard Madden - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Amy Adams and Richard Madden sit down for a chat for Variety's Actors on Actors. The duo talk about their shows "Sharp Objects" and "Body Guard". They discuss the difficulty of leaving their character on set, which type of roles are attractive to them, and the new wave of television.
"What is happening on TV? I need to pay attention cause it feels like a renaissance, and it is really exciting," Adams said, when talking about the new wave of television shows.

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Jun 10, 2019




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Comments 485
Zarar Afridi
Zarar Afridi Day ago
I hope to GOD that the Academy doesn't pull a "Glenn Close" on Amy.... Glenn's loss this year at the Oscar was heartbreaking.... I hope Amy doesn't have the same fate.... She deserves accolades...
Giulia C. Healy
Giulia C. Healy 3 days ago
Hi guys! I love your channel! I just open mine, could you subscribe?
Shelly Heider
Shelly Heider 6 days ago
So interesting...they are both fantastic!
Chie Reño
Chie Reño 10 days ago
omg i love them both so much
Mao Yang
Mao Yang 16 days ago
Watching this just because of MY MAN Richard Madden! Love him
cina kakar
cina kakar 24 days ago
First Amy is gorgeous Second Wtf are they talking about ?
Jane Choy
Jane Choy Month ago
What does AA have to do to get the actual Oscar or Emmy? like have people not seen any of her work.
Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner Month ago
King in the North!!
Miss Misfit
Miss Misfit Month ago
his hair, beautiful.
Sarcastic Squareflake
I would love to see Taron Egerton do one of these
ivana guardado
ivana guardado Month ago
All like how comfortable they got throughout the interview ... chefs kiss
deku scribe
deku scribe Month ago
Been watching Bodyguard. I am so in love with Richard Madden. That accent, that gorgeous face...ugh!
Aliyah J.
Aliyah J. Month ago
I’ll never understand Amy fans complaining constantly about how she’s underrated and needs an Oscar. Like does she? She been nominated many times. Do white people really need more Oscars? No. She has a bunch of noms under her belt and she stars in Oscar bait movies like every year. Some actors don’t even get that. There are so many non white actors who are much more deserving of that attention. So when I see people complaining about an older white woman not getting her Oscar because she “deserves” it as if her not winning it is somehow holding her back, I just roll my eyes so hard.
monikavec Month ago
Please, do one with Gwendoline Christie. Might be a nice pair-up with Tilda Swinton. Or anyone really.
MIV 12
MIV 12 Month ago
What a man! What a woman! Both extremely talented and deserve a lot more recognition. Hoping to see a lot more of them. Glad that Madden’s getting more attention
jackuon Month ago
what a perfect pairing! not just in talent and charisma, but in style and substance. i love how much they related to each other's experiences, approaches, and the wisdom that Amy was able to pass on to Richard, and vice versa. incredible discussion from two consummate actors at the top of their game.
Tereza Dj
Tereza Dj 2 months ago
They are great people , and excellent actors. They like to read sci- books. There is a great one, on wattpad com. The title is :The Thirteenth Child on The UnNamed Lands of Mount-Helleager.
Hannah Chen
Hannah Chen 2 months ago
Amy gives off such a warm and motherly energy, her daughter must feel very loved! The way Richard complemented that energy too, what a wonderful thirty minutes spent :)
KETTYKISH 2 months ago
They should be in a play together. Fine humans will flock to go see it!
Disney65Fan 2 months ago
Giselle from Enchanted and Kit from Cinderella... I click straight away. Cool if they starred in a movie together.
David Willian
David Willian 2 months ago
Amy ❤❤❤
Coshcosh 2 months ago
Could you put Ryan Gosling on this please?
Deborah Secretlife
Deborah Secretlife 2 months ago
A remake of Sweet Charity with Amy Adams!!!
Jamie Vera
Jamie Vera 2 months ago
weird photoshoot
Alex Xolo
Alex Xolo 2 months ago
I think we need the Writer on writer one too
Elizabeth Jannetta
Elizabeth Jannetta 2 months ago
this should be a podcast
Saemah Begum
Saemah Begum 2 months ago
You know most people would know him from GOT, but since I don’t watch that, well didn’t watch it I came across during Cinderella and it was his eyes that captivated me. Bro, I’ve never been on a research hunt so fast after leaving the cinemas
Saemah Begum
Saemah Begum 2 months ago
He’s. Just. So. Handsome
Dewi Indonesia
Dewi Indonesia 2 months ago
hes soo cute
Sarah mohammed
Sarah mohammed 2 months ago
this interview was so awkward and cringy. there is no connection between them at all. Richard is a brilliant actor.
HIND 2 months ago
i can literally Watch hours of this, my FAVORITE people together chatting. WHAT A BLESSING
AJEM 2 months ago
I tag myself as richard madden's highlights
monkey face
monkey face 2 months ago
Amy Adams is so gorgeous.
Ruthlessnoodle 2 months ago
She has a husband....... *delete*
BatmanAndHisPuppies 2 months ago
Amy Adams
최고은 2 months ago
But you did great dancing and singing in Rocketman :)
blue meerkat
blue meerkat 2 months ago
God,I love this woman
neşe tanış
neşe tanış 2 months ago
i only watched this for richard
frenchsoul 2 months ago
They seem very comfortable around each other. There's not a weird flirty vibe or them wanting to impress each other. It's so pleasing & nice. Loved it.
Zarar Afridi
Zarar Afridi 2 months ago
Sharp Objects is one of the BEST shows I've ever seen.... That show was so atmospheric and intriguing and had that eerie feel to it in a good way where you just know that shit is about to hit the fan at any moment that even the quieter moments feel exhilarating....
Makeup Talk with Alessandra
Since no one is saying it, I will. Those heels 👠 👌
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
The female Leonardo. Just give her a fucking Oscar already.
LightGE 2 months ago
These two are really gonna have to do a movie together. They have great chemistry and are both so talented, the performances would most likely be very enthralling.
Ice T
Ice T 3 months ago
I love these! These two are class acts as well!
Ryan S
Ryan S 3 months ago
I want to see them bang.
Sarah Moonspell
Sarah Moonspell 3 months ago
she's married, he's (if the rumors are true) dating a guy
jayant kumar
jayant kumar 3 months ago
Amy Adams is beautiful not sexy beautiful but beautiful
Flor Zapata
Flor Zapata 3 months ago
god i love this woman
CyclonChick 3 months ago
Two amazing actors. Great video!
Tony Jabroni
Tony Jabroni 3 months ago
I kinda wish they’d discussed robb Stark a bit selfishly lol between that opening scene in body guard and the red wedding Richard Madden has starred in two of the most intense tv scenes in the last decade. Amy Adams is great in everything it’s almost dum at this point. Also just gonna throw a prayer out here but I’d paid money to see one of these with Tom hardy and Cillian Murphy discussing Cillians performance as tommy Shelby and Hardy’s performance as James Delaney.
Petrus Delassio
Petrus Delassio 3 months ago
Amy Adams the incredible Amy Adams!
Katherine Puerto
Katherine Puerto 3 months ago
Giselle and Prince Charming! What a crossover jaja
maya lavenu
maya lavenu 3 months ago
they're so pure
aa311 3 months ago
the king in the NORTH! im still mourning Robb's death Y_Y am i the only one.
nullunit 3 months ago
They should give Richard a crack at Bond.
Elizabeth Hernández
Vananh Mai
Vananh Mai 3 months ago
That’s the ‘danger’ in acting, is u can really lose urself in the role play. And I think the way to keep or find the balance is u need to really understand the character u’re playing. b coz, when u do u can distinguish between who u r and who this character u are playing which helps u to recognise when u r being you and when u r playing the role, thus enables u to make the shift out and back into the character without losing ur own self. But when u have to go so deep and remain there so for a while-u need something to hold on to. It’d be good if u have someone; a friend, family...to be there, to support, to remind, helping u to remain grounded in a sense...where balance can then be maintained. B coz isolation in such a state can lead to mental instability and dangerously a loss of self. It’s happened in Hollywood before when actors take on dark roles. So dear actors, be wise when taking on certain roles!!! Prepare!!! Environment is important!!! Counter act the heavy role with a serene environment. And what Amy Adams said about creating a space, that’s so good!!! And I have to say, Amy and Richard are incredible actors!!! Example, when I watch Amy or Richard it’s not them being this character or that, it’s just the character (do u kno what I mean ???) and that for me is brilliant acting when i no longer as an audience, see the person Amy or Richard but only the actor telling me a story about his/her character.
Ada Bell
Ada Bell 3 months ago
Sharp objects blew my mind ,it was fantastic
Nolan Valerio
Nolan Valerio 3 months ago
i love them so much - especially amy adams - she is so genuine and well spoken
Callen Way
Callen Way 3 months ago
Beautiful match up of actors. Love them both.
Deer Heart
Deer Heart 3 months ago
Both bloody annoying
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