Among Us Picks My Makeup!

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I play my favorite game, Among Us, and ask my fellow crewmates to pick products for my makeup routine! This challenge was SO much fun as I got glam while completing tasks and using IQ to win as imposter. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Nov 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Saskia Jackson
Saskia Jackson 15 minutes ago
Hi I love your makeup it looks amazing I have your palette
Vicky Bott
Vicky Bott 58 minutes ago
Your singing is😍😍😍😍😍😍😒😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Candle 783
Candle 783 Hour ago
You don’t have to only have to do makeup 💄
Rose Ah War
Rose Ah War Hour ago
It is my dream to play with james charles
Tania Robinson
Tania Robinson 2 hours ago
What if I am an imposter and a fan
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 hours ago
vivid idyllic
vivid idyllic 2 hours ago
when james said sister stabbed i flew, wig snatched
Sacha Egan
Sacha Egan 5 hours ago
yass queen Bi vibes!
Spy yup
Spy yup 6 hours ago
Me : let's watch James makeup vid James : here is my final makeup Me : James looks better than me :O
Spy yup
Spy yup 6 hours ago
James : Hi sisters Me : hiii :D My brother : i am brother XD😂😂😂
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl 7 hours ago
Wow you also like to be a imp me too I also like to be a imp and you are good imp
Simra Meezan
Simra Meezan 7 hours ago
Gigi 808
Gigi 808 8 hours ago
JAMES SISTER! Can you make merch called, HEY SISTERS
Torii Gagnon
Torii Gagnon 9 hours ago
crewmats suck
Rose Al Saedi
Rose Al Saedi 10 hours ago
im a pro at among us i played it so many times it is amazing
Kiya Binam
Kiya Binam 10 hours ago
I love the final product, very bright purple for the lips, u could see them when the lights are sabotaged (just a joke, not hate.)
Myira lyianna- chan
Myira lyianna- chan 11 hours ago
I always pick white color in amongus cause it's my favorite color
Christy Bullard
Christy Bullard 11 hours ago
James I would love for you to do a live among us because I would love to play among us with u
Dantii Moore
Dantii Moore 12 hours ago
JAmes I know how you can get imposter
Dantii Moore
Dantii Moore 12 hours ago
Haha facts
WolfGurrl UwU
WolfGurrl UwU 12 hours ago
Ik u dont do shoutouts but can i have one pls i really love ur vids and ur make-up :D
Lisa Massaro
Lisa Massaro 13 hours ago
It’s my favorite game to
Rufina Gatica
Rufina Gatica 13 hours ago
My name is lesli but spelled different 🤣😁😆
Heather Villalba
Heather Villalba 13 hours ago
8:02 Just listen. His singing is amazing. Your welcome for pointing it out.
Kofi Opoku
Kofi Opoku 14 hours ago
Cecile Salameh
Cecile Salameh 15 hours ago
Can we please admire Jame's autocorrect please?
Daniela Palladino
Daniela Palladino 15 hours ago
I love you 😍 💗 💛 💓 ♥ 💖 😍 💗 💛 💓 ♥
Galan Aliah
Galan Aliah 15 hours ago
james i saw green died and i saw blue
Galan Aliah
Galan Aliah 15 hours ago
james i like your video make more please
Audrey Cornejo
Audrey Cornejo 15 hours ago
hi james a think you look so good and i hope you can do a nother video from this video and read your coments
clare bray
clare bray 15 hours ago
That’s so good
Jen Ptasinski
Jen Ptasinski 16 hours ago
As I look you only love your friends like Nikki you should love mine I love you James
Kayleen San
Kayleen San 17 hours ago
Hi 👋
MARIANA SANCHEZ 17 hours ago
Hehehe love u james 😍😘😜
animexthetic 17 hours ago
if you pause at 20:29 then u liggit get the best pic of james i my opinion
Kathy Amaya
Kathy Amaya 17 hours ago
whos thedor?
Megan Bullingham
Megan Bullingham 17 hours ago
Gem MC-G
Gem MC-G 17 hours ago
James Charles is good leav him alone
Avery Sadler
Avery Sadler 19 hours ago
Ello mates
Larry Fitzpatrick
Larry Fitzpatrick 19 hours ago
Emma Lane
Emma Lane 20 hours ago
I'm literally your biggest fan and I LOVE among us
Jehiely Yetlanezi Jiménez
What incredible videos you make James
Jehiely Yetlanezi Jiménez
Cheyenne Sears
Cheyenne Sears 21 hour ago
omg love that look
Raegan Yeadon
Raegan Yeadon 21 hour ago
im a fan
Tulda Brons
Tulda Brons 21 hour ago
” I hope I’m be an imposter, heehee! OMG I’M BE AN IMPOSTER!!!!!
Tulda Brons
Tulda Brons 21 hour ago
Omg i love u😂😂😂😂
Bernard Chew
Bernard Chew 22 hours ago
James next time when you add me too plzzz
Crsjo Pelle
Crsjo Pelle 22 hours ago
The earsplitting thomas metrically tow because dancer perceptually bake circa a cultured tailor. chilly, keen gun
Stephanie H
Stephanie H 22 hours ago
James can you please play among us with me and my name is foxy
gxmes_wxves 22 hours ago
Random Person- How many siblings do u have?? James- 1 Brother and 25.2 Million Sisters!
Charlie Alex
Charlie Alex 22 hours ago
I love your video
NaTricia Covin
NaTricia Covin 22 hours ago
He said Lip booties do razz
Cassie Acosta
Cassie Acosta 22 hours ago
did anyone realize that the second among us game when James saw black vent red's dead body was there
Keri Short
Keri Short Day ago
The blue among us one
Keri Short
Keri Short Day ago
Haha I acc have that plushie
Caitlyn Atem
Caitlyn Atem Day ago
Me subscribing to his channel and thinking I already subscribe 😂
Anthony Medina
It seems I'm your biggest fan can I play with you
Cayla Gamer girl
you should start a gaming channel
Christine Love Guillergan
swati agrawal
Everyone wants to be an impostor and then there is me WHO ALWAYS BECOMES IMPOSTOR AND WANTS TO BE CREW MATE , I m not lying.
I am Sydney
I am Sydney Day ago
Prove it
Aditri Uday Nair
Imagine black from the last game watching this right now like: James, I trusted you 👁👄👁
Pistachio Queen
Can you call your haters your step-sisters😅😅😅💜
Ruth Rangel
Ruth Rangel Day ago
Im such a good friend UvU ( i was black btw ) i got ur back Sister!
Olivia Neel
Olivia Neel Day ago
Why is it always th a when I watch James Charles I get all happy
Nik Bennell
Nik Bennell Day ago
Jk sorry. I love among us so much and I wach your you tube and tik tok but one of them are inarpropryet
Ava Tade
Ava Tade Day ago
Love how James had a reminder to eat lunch 🥗
Michella Tran
James: The other imposter got killed Me: imposters can’t get killed
Susie c
Susie c Day ago
Omg hi nikkieeeeeeeee
Samantha Aden
At the end he has a dog toy on his head I have the same one
rose buenaflor
Hi im a fan
james your the queen :)
matthew liston
what is your among us code?
kenzy mansour
hi jAMES CHARLES I love among u💙💙💙
Scarlet Fitzgerald
thats sooo good
RyleyMichael Day ago
I'm a new fan
RyleyMichael Day ago
Who is Theodore?
Sophia Chavez
2:55 there is 2 dead bodies
chanda del mar
Big fan
Amy Machin
Amy Machin Day ago
Your nicer than I thought
Clarice Koch
Clarice Koch Day ago
The angry hate significantly snatch because bow superficially hop times a ambiguous alibi. hard-to-find, irritating maraca
zoreza Durrani
Hey does James has a bf but he's a boy
Gemma Harrison-Turner
I love James
Adriana Gonzalez
It's roblox
Eva Groenendijk
James is super funny at Among Us
Anand Mathew
Anand Mathew Day ago
Avas Gaming Chanel
Holy CRAP I WAS IN A GAME WITH JAMES!?!?!??!?!?!??!
Lamyae Talhaoui
Emma Phillips
james i have a black lab named luna and you have a yellow one the u got a black lab the same day i got a yellow lab! we all love labs and i bought your pallet it is awasome tyyyyyy
Cara Scullion
James your laugh is so funny 😄
Samantha 2 days ago
Is it me or is james typing is so satisfying? like seriously-
Carly Webster
Carly Webster 2 days ago
I love your videos
Carly Webster
Carly Webster 2 days ago
Lola Avery
Lola Avery 2 days ago
Haha among us:no love for you James haha no love
Gabriela Latse
Gabriela Latse 2 days ago
So funny 😂😂❤
Maeve MacDonald
Maeve MacDonald 2 days ago
Lovev your videos!
Susan Priestley
Susan Priestley 2 days ago
Can you start playing roblox
Allie Gutierrez
Allie Gutierrez 2 days ago
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