Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

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Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time.
Gary Guz: @gariksuharik
Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food.
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/74101
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Dressed herring with juice
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Vintage national flag of Russia background
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Gary Cherkassky

Published on


Dec 23, 2018




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Comments 5 183
Martin Henry
Martin Henry 10 minutes ago
I’m Scottish. Olivye (Russian Salad) is the most normal thing in the world and you’ll get it all over Europe. I can’t believe these people pulled faces at it like they’ve never actually put anything other than Krispy Kreme in their mouths.
Madalina 2 hours ago
Im not russian but still grew up eating all of these and much more traditional moldovan food,the besttt!
Мария Канатова
1. Tomato wasn't pickled enough 2. WTF butter under your sprouts?!
Treasa Jeggo
Treasa Jeggo 6 hours ago
Am I the only one that gets pissed of when someone smells food 🥘 like putting it near their noses 🙂
Eric Varvak
Eric Varvak 12 hours ago
*flashbacks of mom yelling in Russian to apply mayonnaise thoroughly to olvye on new years*
Maksym Markov
Maksym Markov 23 hours ago
Those are not sardines, they are sprats.
Melek Öztürk
İ hate that attitude
III BBB Day ago
Love this food It makes me hungry for New Years Eve! But I see nothing wrong that they don't like it Its not for everybody. I can see how people who didn't eat it in their childhood negatively react to shuba event though for me it is delicious. So no need to hate on the girl.
Dangerously Pink
The guy who ate the pickled tomato made my day
Madalina Hour ago
i looove pickles lmao russians and in general the countries from the soviet union have all the vegetables u can think of in a pickled version, IM LIKE EATIN RN PICKLED WATERMELON! YESS IT SOUNDS CRAZY BUT IM IN HEAVEN NOWWW
Laura Smart
Laura Smart 2 days ago
Да вы даже не представляете, как это вкусно! Слюнки текут 😭 Видимо повар не очень приготовил?🤣
Rice Balls
Rice Balls 2 days ago
Girl annoyed me a lot
Разно Всякое
Здорово бандиты)
VANESSA ADEE 3 days ago
Any other russians drooling?
Brian Schwartz
Brian Schwartz 3 days ago
I love hearing Gary list the ingredients.
Aleksander Alfalah
In mother Russia , salad eats you. Love from Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️ Btw alevye is a blessing
Hans 4 days ago
Why are they saying _на здоровье_ (na zdorovye)? It means *cheers* , they should say _приятного аппетита_ (pryatnavah appyeteetah) instead
Xander Stone
Xander Stone 4 days ago
I'm Swedish, my grandma's Finnish. and we eat a lot of holiday food that closely resembles this!
Desiree Layne
Desiree Layne 4 days ago
Omg all looks so delicious 😋 please can I have to recipes
RiftZM 6 days ago
So many angry Russians in the comments. LOL.
Salena Ilnitsky
Salena Ilnitsky 6 days ago
Ohy mai gaush Yanna 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼
British Bulldog
British Bulldog 8 days ago
They’re amber fish not sardines
Jason Young
Jason Young 8 days ago
Terrible Representation Of Russian Food !!! I'm Not Russian And I'm Offended
chaos embodied
chaos embodied 8 days ago
I really want to try a lot of Russian foods (I'm American). Piroshki? Sign me up. The kotlet thing? Sounds great. Olivye? Sounds freaking delicious. Blins, borsh, etc. I would try. Unfortunately, I can't cook and I can't find a Russian store or restaurant near me...
Inday Langging
Inday Langging 9 days ago
That's Americans for you. What do you expect. All they can find tasty are grease.
oookaypal 9 days ago
The girl seems like she orders chicken fingers at 5 star restaurants. Their reaction to салат oливье was borderline infuriating. Perhaps the Buzzfeed people made it poorly, because oливье is amazing, and I eat it regularly. Also, the Russians on here seem very americanized.
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell 9 days ago
Um, the first thing was chicken kiev.
Ava Grace Haller
Ava Grace Haller 9 days ago
I really like the long haired guy hes so fun
Ilona 9 days ago
"more like bread". Ahh. The famous American sugar bread. I've heard of how sweet your bread is and I'm judging you all from afar.
ไทโรน Ptolemy [ XXVII ]
Why do the Russians have such heavy american accents.... Like really?
swekker123! 10 days ago
Im not a hatefull person and I never experienced such a need to hate on someone but this girl.... I actually want to look her up and slap her across the face.. not that I'm going to do that.. but those expressions.. that obviously thinking highly of yourself.. the bratiness... she is a c.nt have no other words.
Daphne Reichenberg
Daphne Reichenberg 10 days ago
How weird is that fish eggs are ikra in Russian and ikura in Japanese
RiAd ViDs
RiAd ViDs 11 days ago
Я хочу узнать как вы бы чувствовали если я говорю плохие вещи о вашей Еды
Eli T
Eli T 11 days ago
The comments are making it seem like this girl was setting each dish on fire, but she seriously wasn't that rude. Normally people in these vids are spitting things back onto plates, shouting, and gagging. She...made a few facial expressions and negative remarks. If you wanna see actual bad table manners, check out the Buzzfeed vid of people eating Sichuan food for the first time.
Creed 11 days ago
I am an Indian but when I tried American food for the first time I immediately puked... Cause it just taste like medicine💊 and never again touch American food again
Emily's Photography
yikes, im russian and cant even eat most russian dishes
Ate some high quality Bread
The first one is not a holiday food. Plus it’s not that buttery most of the time.
Tightt Af
Tightt Af 12 days ago
I’m sorry but the food looks nasty
Amadeo Gaming135
Amadeo Gaming135 14 days ago
Susie Rodriguez
Susie Rodriguez 14 days ago
In Dominican cuisine we eat “ensalada rusa” (Russian potato salad) A LOT - sooo good
MaJIbIu 14 days ago
Chicken-Kyiv is not a russian dish, it's a Ukrainian dish, geniuses
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