Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

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Russians eat some crazy foods during the holidays. In this video two Americans will experience a Russian holiday dinner for the first time.
Gary Guz: @gariksuharik
Special thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the food.
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Dressed herring with juice
Yingko/Getty Images
Vintage national flag of Russia background
myistock88/Getty Images

Gary Cherkassky




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Comments 80
Toomas Argel
Toomas Argel 11 hours ago
Not golden sardins but smoked and with oil.
Toomas Argel
Toomas Argel 11 hours ago
Sardinis are not only Russoian food but Estonian -because here is Baltic sea wher that fish live
Toomas Argel
Toomas Argel 11 hours ago
Hey USA peopole "Ikra" fishegg is wery expensiv 100gr / 1/4 oz = 12 USD.
daniil duhov
daniil duhov 17 hours ago
As a russian , i can say that seledka po shobuy did cook wrong.
Shruthi S R
Shruthi S R 3 days ago
The girl in the video: you definitely would not be invited to a Russian holiday party anyways so you can chill
Kourosh Ghaffari
Kourosh Ghaffari 3 days ago
Well im Persian and I've got to say that I've found two mutual foods. Olevie and pickled tomatoes cuz we pickle vegetables too like cabbage and ext... Actually 3 cuz that cake we have it too
Sovetsky Soyuz
Sovetsky Soyuz 4 days ago
Let me tell you I would rather eat Чебурек или некоторые халва прямо сейчас
rigatonyxd 6 days ago
i find it strange how the word for fish roe in russian is "ikra," and in japanese the term for salmon roe is "ikura".
SloDigital 7 days ago
They should had given them smoked pork fat, with black bread, pickles, tomatoes, and vodka.
Angela P
Angela P 7 days ago
seledka pod shyboy is soooo flame. I specifically ask my mom to make it every time we have a party
Robert Barinov
Robert Barinov 8 days ago
Херово вы, видимо, селедку под шубой готовите))))
FTB sweetakid
FTB sweetakid 8 days ago
The asian girl is too picky. Legit love Оливье
Master oogway
Master oogway 9 days ago
Give them chebureki blyat
Vivienne Pilipenko
I hate the American guy because in the snack swap video he was saying how bad the food is
Zombie3110bd 13 days ago
Russians and Americans try Russian holiday foods
Rony Hasan
Rony Hasan 13 days ago
4:34 this group is best in terms of overacting
Mr. Stilker
Mr. Stilker 14 days ago
Хахах, клоун 🤡
Marcia Durkee
Marcia Durkee 15 days ago
I thought the Russian food looked very good.Very rich. Didn't beef stroganoff and chicken Kiev come from Russia?
Y tho ¿
Y tho ¿ 16 days ago
I’m not even Russian and Americans have the taste buds of a damp piece of bread.
Lars Chue
Lars Chue 18 days ago
The first one is basically a pizza pocket.
Orpheus 20 days ago
I feel like that guy with the long hair thinks he has a shot with the Asian Chick. But we all know that’s never gonna happen. Simp.
hitchcock scene
hitchcock scene 21 day ago
honestly eric is cute and clark is a really fun guy to watch.
Viktoria Krone
Viktoria Krone 22 days ago
Why the girl on the right is rude, disrespectful and racist 2:50 ppl this IS definitely DISRESPECTFUL... What do you mean with "i knew it" 3:57 "i don't trust it" why bec it's from Russia 6:01 it's cake why it should smell like fish?! And it doesn't smell like fish btw
M Y L O 22 days ago
hitchcock scene
hitchcock scene 23 days ago
eric reminds me if that guy i go to church with. even the tone of his voice, the way he talks. dopplegangers are real y'all.
Aldreen Flores
Aldreen Flores 23 days ago
Boris would be disappointed... AND BABUSHKA!
The Honest Reviewer
My Ukrainian father had a difficult life- not making enough money, not being able to *BUY* something because of communists... AND YOUR'E TELLING ME YOU DON"T LIKE OLIVYE?????
The Honest Reviewer
Please keep in mind that ikra & shproti are *luxury* food. They couldn't get them because communists.
Andromeda Lopcan
Andromeda Lopcan 24 days ago
The guy on 0:24 looks and sounds exactly like the guy that took Simon out of the closet in love, Simon. Lol
ZEEJM 24 days ago
Only 2 non Russians trying the food..??
Chloe Campbell
Chloe Campbell 25 days ago
Lmao did they really call shproti sardines!!😅 I would think that the Russians would know that those are indeed not sardines but sprats. A saltier, smaller, and tastier version of sardines.
UlanxRain M.
UlanxRain M. 26 days ago
I am hoping I could taste the salad cake hehe. My Russian friend told me it's really good and she always prepares it on holidays or bday .hehe😍
мистер x
мистер x Month ago
Забавная реакция была на шпроты👌.
Umair Umair
Umair Umair Month ago
This is cheap copy of "Mustafa's" village item. God knows what is in it.....
I I Month ago
I loooooove that red Salad 🥗 😋
H. Y.
H. Y. Month ago
Americans don’t know chicken Kiev?!
None of your Business
it's obvious that those two "russians" are more american than actually russian
Zeloš Miman
Zeloš Miman Month ago
Šproty without onion is a nono
Cute Pumpkin
Cute Pumpkin Month ago
I hate picky eaters.
Erika Wright
Erika Wright Month ago
I wanna try Russian food. You dont just run into that kinda thing where I am
SevenToid Month ago
вкусная еда
Debbie Lee
Debbie Lee Month ago
You lost me at FISH.............yuck...........Love mayo though.....This video was fun!!❤️
Pratik Sapkota
Pratik Sapkota Month ago
Annoying bunch.. Seems they had nothing better to eat than American fast food
AnthornYT Playz
AnthornYT Playz Month ago
i mean if they tried eating soviet food they would be like '' soviet food spotted on american soil''
Yasmim Braga
Yasmim Braga Month ago
In Brazil, every xmas or barbecue party we have this olivye salad too.
Petron Dacus
Petron Dacus Month ago
Wimps,complaining about everything.
Barry Bee Benson
if it was some weird food they would be like ' OMG i love it!!! sO aUtHenTic :3 '
Day Breaker
Day Breaker Month ago
im mexican,but i wanna try russian food
alfons bradley
alfons bradley Month ago
Wait isn't that illegal that Russia has a food
Philosophical Ethics
Clark is great, wanna watch more of him
pherakar sab
pherakar sab Month ago
absolute jokers! especially that girl
Keanna Fricks
Keanna Fricks Month ago
I don’t think there reactions to the food were to extra I just think they are not used to the food considering they did not grow up in Russia, all foods from countries are different and we should all respect that, I’m not trying to sound like a hater or anything
Megina G
Megina G Month ago
girl you are so ignorant.
magical asian
magical asian Month ago
Russian food is possibly even worse than English cuisine
Mad Mad
Mad Mad Month ago
Что для русского хорошо,для иностранца смерть)
o6ina Month ago
Selyodka goes with vodka. Everybody knows that!
J-Roc D
J-Roc D Month ago
Bagle smoked lox and cream cheese Russian style
Marika Month ago
I live in Latvia and we have most of these foods.These foods are also traditional here the 2. food in our language is Rosols,3.siļķe kažokā,4.marinēts tomāts,ikri uz maizes,šprotes uz maizes,napaleona kūka\torte
The_Kristupas Month ago
Pelmeni and cheburek are the best
Damauria Miller
Damauria Miller Month ago
The white dude annoyins me
Xentoro Month ago
Jesus the Americans are buchering the Russian words soo much..🤣
Maya Naumov
Maya Naumov 2 months ago
Me grows up with these foods
Maya Naumov
Maya Naumov 2 months ago
So don't invite Americans to your party's
Ararat Petrosyan
Ararat Petrosyan 2 months ago
Well, Americans always eat junk food and it’s normal that for them already home-made food is not tasty
Karen AGL
Karen AGL 2 months ago
Please, don't bring that woman again. Beningbrough someone who has an open mind.
Никита Павлик
I'm from Russia and I never saw anyone in our country to add carrots in the salad
yasha loon
yasha loon 2 months ago
People in Russia usually don't say something like "на здоровье"
Talking Wolf
Talking Wolf 2 months ago
That Shooba looks amazing!
Khatira At
Khatira At 2 months ago
Jesus Christ , the girl is annoying af
About Me
About Me 2 months ago
In fact theres little of Russian food in this one.
BlackKnife 2 months ago
We Russians love our mayonnaise
Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade 2 months ago
The herring in a blanket looks yummy. I don't see how it could not be.
Darisha 2 months ago
Семён Давыдов
samm sssja
samm sssja 2 months ago
Guys where are pirozhki, gnezdo gluharya, medovik vknotse kontsov!
rosierosie 2 months ago
Soviet holiday parties? Not just rude but ignorant as well.
Can You Not
Can You Not 2 months ago
I love how happy and excited the grey-sweater Russian guy is
пыжик 2 months ago
Оливье захотелось...
Kiki Lopez
Kiki Lopez 2 months ago
2:20 is literally me and my siblings😂😂 what's some more? Some more what?! you ate it all!😂😂
cynthia flores
cynthia flores 2 months ago
I’m mexican and My family lovesss ensalada russa . We add chicken to it but no pickes.
Lionel Samain
Lionel Samain 2 months ago
"Nasdrovia" isn't polish ?
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