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Tell bts im ready to try out for the group
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Aug 2, 2020




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Jaythedonn Month ago
Reply to this comment with songs y’all want me to react to! I’ll do the ones with the most likes
whitney_ luna2
whitney_ luna2 23 hours ago
Their song fire and dynamite too 😊
Alexiya Spencer
Alexiya Spencer 3 days ago
please react to dynamite
mitch kornahrens
mitch kornahrens 24 days ago
please i know im late but i beg you to react to KARD
M. B.
M. B. 29 days ago
BTS: -Cypher part 1-4 (by rapline - it's four different videos) -Daechwita (by Suga) -Tony Montana (by Suga ft. Jimin) -Ugh! (by Rapline)
Naho Park
Naho Park Month ago
AgustD (song from suga bts )
whitney_ luna2
whitney_ luna2 23 hours ago
No he was not speaking english the hole time 😂 only RM knows jow to speak english
Sitara Wani
Sitara Wani Day ago
Many many is more more Many=more
Blue Rain
Blue Rain 3 days ago
bruh you can read the lyrics in the captions
Chris Chavis
Chris Chavis 6 days ago
I'm a frog
I'm a frog 6 days ago
5:34 I can't understand yall. 7:02 *I LAUGHED SO HARD* 8:28 it's the face for me. 10:16 it's not like you're gonna see this but k-pop is Korean pop, they sing in korean and mix it with English. 11:01 I know the choreo to DNA (following jhope). 11:28 PFFTTTT 15:08 LAMAOAOAOAOA
Freddy Martínez
Freddy Martínez 12 days ago
Their not one of the biggest group they are the biggest group in the entire Kpop industry
Isle Boulom
Isle Boulom 12 days ago
Money money means I want it ititit
Kashish Rawat
Kashish Rawat 17 days ago
Ever heard of captions?
hheyheyhey 18 days ago
“I thought BTS was one person”, as an Army, i thought so too. THEY LITERALLY SHARE THE SAME BRAINCELL
yongii 18 days ago
i think it''s good to learn a little korean because you can get used to what the language sounds like.
Manshi Biju
Manshi Biju 19 days ago
It means more in Korean...I itself new only when I turned the sub title 😂
HARMONY HEART 20 days ago
oh the bts members names are ... rap monster,v,jimin,jungkook,j hope,suga and jin
HARMONY HEART 20 days ago
i born in korean so yea anyways bye
HARMONY HEART 20 days ago
he learn to speak english but he really speak korean i speak korean so i now everything they saying
HARMONY HEART 20 days ago
woony money money mean money thu
Ciena Jennings
Ciena Jennings 20 days ago
Ciena Jennings
Ciena Jennings 20 days ago
I know he didnt just stop BST early😭 Tragic
lim yoona
lim yoona 23 days ago
Lol i thought the normal thing is to check if there are captions when u first watch sth in a foreign language 😂 . Is it only me who checks right away and hope there is caption? Lol dude , u missed a lot
Patty Garcia
Patty Garcia 23 days ago
Shit I'm high af and he sound funny af
Park Chimmy ⟭⟬
Park Chimmy ⟭⟬ 23 days ago
Yes, BTS is the biggest kpop group, biggest boy band, and the biggest group worldwide
Army Foraver
Army Foraver 23 days ago
mani mani= moore moore
mitch kornahrens
mitch kornahrens 24 days ago
"wanhae mahni manhi" = want it more and more
Frances Makil-Ignacio
Watch Not Today MV. Talk about snap snap. Also ON kinetic Manifesto Film.
Dhana maya
Dhana maya 24 days ago
Maney maney sounds like money right it means more so oh da maney maney means want it more and more
Holly 25 days ago
Someone needa explain to this dude that u can speak more the one language 🤦‍♀️
Vaishali Das
Vaishali Das 26 days ago
Zee_Waffler 26 days ago
This guy skipped the last part os bst IM LAUGHING ABAJDVJJQA
Zee_Waffler 26 days ago
Froufrou Deluxe
Froufrou Deluxe 27 days ago
Unable to whistle gang gang
Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia 28 days ago
It’s not money it’s wamamymamay
Tamara Locklear
Tamara Locklear 28 days ago
You need to do Cypher 2 by rap line bts
M. B.
M. B. 29 days ago
They mix both English and Korean in their songs.
M. B.
M. B. 29 days ago
Him: So this is K-pop, Korean Pop, same thing right? *Suga starts rapping in Korean* Also Him: They don't speak English? *Edit* Him: Oh it's a group? That makes sense. I thought BTS was one person. *Me:* *internally dying* omfg lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mary-anne Avila ROBLOX
Yessir. ⛄
Hjsjaka Edhjeja
Hjsjaka Edhjeja 29 days ago
Listen to bts cypher
Tokyo x
Tokyo x Month ago
they have a new song and its full in english they speak sing both english and korean
Victoria Calero
Victoria Calero Month ago
Wey me gusto mucho tu reaccion no entiendo lo que decis pero me gusta, asi como tu no le entendiste a la mayor parte de las canciones si igual yo no entendi lo que decias : )
QueenJAM's World
I rlly like there song blood sweat & tears its my second fav
Just venus
Just venus Month ago
They speak English and Korean but they speak i mean sing fuck,sing Korean most
Mau Sha
Mau Sha Month ago
Please react to the songs till the end pls🥺
Lilly Byrd
Lilly Byrd Month ago
Watch the BTS dubbed series by Cameron Phillip comedy at its finest
tb skz
tb skz Month ago
React to monsta x
TheAwkwardMaître D'.
Dude how are you not going to finish the video you’re reacting too?
Yusung Park
Yusung Park Month ago
It has cc you must to use it. thank you
Ricordo McNeil
Ricordo McNeil Month ago
Host: What does MONEY mean? Me :Let it
Ricordo McNeil
Ricordo McNeil Month ago
He's like is BTS one of the biggest group? Me:😕😰 obviously yyyeeesss
Jennifer Schoenrock
많이 (manhi) means "a lot"
jimin bts army
jimin bts army Month ago
Listen to dynimit by bts pls
Marie De vulliod
Listen to ateez or nct 127
NikoO_ faNs
NikoO_ faNs Month ago
Agust d is from bts
NikoO_ faNs
NikoO_ faNs Month ago
Agust d is from bts
bad_caps Month ago
you can react to seventeen mv they are so amazing !!!!
Rose Silva
Rose Silva Month ago
I love how BTS is his first group he reacted to!
Aida Holboeva
Aida Holboeva Month ago
BTS- Dynamite 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👍🏻
Bella Alvarado
Bella Alvarado Month ago
They are singing English but in between they are singing English and Korean so while they’re singing they are singing English in between
R&R Covers
R&R Covers Month ago
the amount of pain I felt went he skipped the final drop of blood, sweat and tears me in pain:screeechhhhjejrjeuejwnfhwikwndggr it huRTs wHyyYy
Megan Everett
Megan Everett Month ago
Did you watch "Fake Love" yet? Love it.
i didn't put anything on my lips
15:38 if you like some footwork in the dance, you should react to GOT7's If You Do. They are also great friends with BTS. ^^
Nikole Gutierrez
Do it on Fire- bts
Martina Month ago
I'm not sure if you realize but u just earned a huge respect from ARMY. Thank you! 🙏
Nikki Month ago
9:22 "Wonhae Mahni" means "I want more" there's a video explaining the stories behind their songs, you should check it out. Nice reaction btw.
_an_g3_laa_ Month ago
React to agust d
Virann Welbourn
Virann Welbourn Month ago
Mani mani means a lot or many
fairyTAE's Wifeu
Wonhae mani mani I like you alot or very much
Sanduni N.
Sanduni N. Month ago
Halfway through the video: oh this is a group 👁👄👁
fairyTAE's Wifeu
There's a caption on their every song
Samantha T.
Samantha T. Month ago
Can you react to BTS new comeback in August 21st plsss
Leesuh -.-
Leesuh -.- Month ago
Bruh I got an ad right on rm's part💀😂
Chris K
Chris K Month ago
Money money money moneyy 😂😂😂
Daisy Month ago
what's the name of song in the beginning?
Tamia Smith
Tamia Smith Month ago
It means that I want so much in Korean
Tamia Smith
Tamia Smith Month ago
BTS are the 🤴
Renitha Srindran
when I furst heard Blood Sweat & Tears I thought J-Hope was saying 'Money money money ah-', but he's not, he's saying 'manhi manhi manhi' in korean, basically meaning I want more, more, more
Renitha Srindran
Renitha Srindran
me: not korean. also me:singing and understanding all the lyrics
Suga in my cup of Tae
please react to v's song singularity
Cheesi Month ago
U should react to kpop dance practices
sage sokko
sage sokko Month ago
"I dunno what he was saying but he snapped" 💀💀 yeaaaah this is bts' rapline talent
Albert Huba
Albert Huba Month ago
When the was saying "money money" they wasn't mean money it's a korean word and means "a lot"
Maria Fernanda Delcid Sosa
Listen to this song cypher pt2 by BTS and make a reaction plisss
Maria Fernanda Delcid Sosa
Listen to this song cypher pt2 by BTS and make a reaction plisss
Maria Fernanda Delcid Sosa
Listen to this song cypher pt2 by BTS and make a reaction plisss
Nancia Rudolph
Nancia Rudolph Month ago
you can turn on subtiles to know what they are saying
Chimmychimjam Month ago
7:02 got me DEAD🤣🤣
Señorito Jiro
Señorito Jiro Month ago
Thabiso Shamiso Naka
I think you should react to bts live performances. Bc certain songs become next level when you watch the choreo
prinsesa vlogs
prinsesa vlogs Month ago
You should listen to airplane pt.2 by bts!!
Brahim Darmich
Brahim Darmich Month ago
Are you army??
Jihada McSween
Jihada McSween Month ago
The way he tried so hard not to curse 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Jihada McSween
Jihada McSween Month ago
He tried so hard to whistle 🤣🤣🤣😭
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres Month ago
Yup BTS is the “biggest boy band in history” I’m just quoting tho but the charts don’t lie💜
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres Month ago
Oof BTS took ur kpop virginity, same tho
K_POP 006
K_POP 006 Month ago
Also the Money Money part means I like you a lot
K_POP 006
K_POP 006 Month ago
NCT or Seventeen are the biggest groups but BTS is number one in the charts.
Rblx Axellio
Rblx Axellio Month ago
his face is literally 👁👄👁
Danielle S.
Danielle S. Month ago
KPOP covers almost every genre when it comes to rapp, hip hop, pop, rock and roll because of the fact that kpop is deemed kpop solely on the language sang in. So in my opinion if you don't like it your not open minded. KPOP covers almost every genre out there.
niky wera
niky wera Month ago
Have you gril friend?
sofia c
sofia c Month ago
youve got me nodding along with you the whole time just constantly
sofia c
sofia c Month ago
why am i having so much fun
Arisha .S
Arisha .S Month ago
There are 4 parts of cypher tho
Arisha .S
Arisha .S Month ago
React to ugh and ddaeng and cypher it’s litttt it’s more of your type like dissing and fast rap please I’d appreciate
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