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American Idol:
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Comments 15
Joseph Niccoli
Joseph Niccoli Month ago
20:50 is good
Reveron Everon
Reveron Everon Month ago
You are awesome thanks for sharing Love you💓💕🌹🌎💋👬🌻☝
milonguero008 Month ago
Why do these videos not have like millions of views!? I've watched Part 3 & 4 and I've never heard that many amazing singers!
Steve Snider
Steve Snider 3 months ago
I don’t know if I have a soul but if I do that last singer filled it up. Damn...
Dipor Boro
Dipor Boro 3 months ago
I love ketty p
Mohan 6 months ago
@ 3:47 - 5:41 the lady in blue dress ......simply the best.... what a voice ! Too good. Such a pleasure to listen to her voice.
Mana Mana
Mana Mana 8 months ago
It's so Shitty that I have no Talent :(
SILVIO Glauser
SILVIO Glauser 11 months ago
Uau !
Elizabeth Zacharias
Elizabeth Zacharias 11 months ago
Lauren Engle you are amazing
Sara Pause
Sara Pause 11 months ago
so many guitars are out of tune :(
Hank Dalrymple
Hank Dalrymple 11 months ago
Good clips
Barry Thompson
Barry Thompson 11 months ago
Ashley Hess all the way
MSK 11 months ago
“You can have it all if you need nothing”
Brian Landers
Brian Landers 11 months ago
That's Ashley Hess, that's the kind of music I want an Idol to sing, not some greasy Mexican that has the personality of a lamp post. I'm just saying.
Brian Landers
Brian Landers 9 months ago
Patricia Varga ; Why, because you're a greasy Mexican with the personality of a lamp post?
Patricia Varga
Patricia Varga 11 months ago
That was for Brian Landers!
Patricia Varga
Patricia Varga 11 months ago
What a terrible thing to say!!!!!
Becky Brann
Becky Brann 11 months ago
I am willing to bet both of them make it big!
M H 11 months ago
6:40 wow the best for me 😍😍😢😢
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