American Authors - Best Day Of My Life (Official Video)

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Comments 80
Cin Khai
Cin Khai 44 minutes ago
me: 2020 is gon be my year corona: hold my virus
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 hours ago
I cant do anything cause i'm locked inside I'm now afraid to go outside
Teef Killer
Teef Killer 5 hours ago
If you are still listening to this in 2020, you are a legend!
s4M UwU
s4M UwU 6 hours ago
Hace años que no la escuchaba UwU❤
Samuel Gebeyehu
Samuel Gebeyehu 6 hours ago
0% porn 0% random rap features that dont go with the song 0% throwing cash 100% uplifting song
Samuel Gebeyehu
Samuel Gebeyehu 7 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: Early 2010s music was way better than the latter half of the decade.
Lindiwe HAITSMA 7 hours ago
Give a like if this is 2020
『 』
『 』 7 hours ago
Im here for the coke advertising
Fardeenator 7 hours ago
6 years old video in my recommendation? I am glad RUvid recommended it
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock 8 hours ago
Best day of my life is after corona virus end and i will play this song.
Carin Nacinovic
Carin Nacinovic 9 hours ago
who thought that this was imagine dragons
Denis Mitvan
Denis Mitvan 9 hours ago
I heard this From Roblox
George Totten
George Totten 9 hours ago
the invention of the furry
kermit the frog is my baby daddy
I have no idea why but I'm *sobbing*
Lalnutei Nutei
Lalnutei Nutei 10 hours ago
Anybody who love this song 👍
John Carlo Abaton
John Carlo Abaton 13 hours ago
2020 Still Listening Anyone?
Hallucination Music
Hallucination Music 13 hours ago
only 2019 kids will remember: *shows picture of a classroom*
Trauncles 13 hours ago
I heard this at an aquarium
Lengar XD
Lengar XD 14 hours ago
Pes 2015?
Your Average Music Person
Nostalgia hurts.
Anthony John
Anthony John 17 hours ago
I came back to my fav song 2020
CHEF MUI 17 hours ago
Indonesia goverment : please stay at home +62: this is best day of my life
Sheen Carl Bendicio
Sheen Carl Bendicio 18 hours ago
Remembering something 😔
lxsser hxney
lxsser hxney 20 hours ago
N Italia
N Italia 21 hour ago
Fifa anyone
Samantha Giangarra
i wuv this song so much!! Brings back memories
aaameanie Day ago
I HAD A DREAM SO BIG AND LOUD I JUMPED SO I HIGH I TOUCHED THE CLOUDS, anyone who wants to have an awesome summer and dance around to this song while the sun sets & we have huge smiles on our faces lmk ☀️🤍
sunflr Day ago
my 5th grade math teacher would always play this in class ;v; old memories mannn
-SkT- BrØs
-SkT- BrØs Day ago
when i listening to this song im feel like im at 2013 at the mall in the some part of america
My mind... i like it But where from? FIFA right 😅
David Nuñez
David Nuñez Day ago
in these days that stuffed animal walking would’ve been the murderer in a depressing ass music video 😭
12th Carroll
12th Carroll Day ago
This reminds me of elementary/middle school. They played this aaaaaaall the time
XXXVint ageXXX
Old Days Hit Different
Jokes Onyou
Jokes Onyou Day ago
How i miss this kind music
xd andrew
xd andrew Day ago
I'm not crying you are 😢😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😢
xd andrew
xd andrew Day ago
Alien Man
Alien Man Day ago
This sounds like Beach Boys- In my room.
Jacob Siegal
Jacob Siegal Day ago
When You’re 6 And You Get A Birthday Party A Chuck E Cheese
EJCuber Day ago
facebook brought me here haha.
xanax SAD
xanax SAD Day ago
Yo y el PES 2015 , que bellos recuerdos
zé uchiha
zé uchiha Day ago
6 anos e o youtube me endica essa musica so agora
Tabark Alsalehi
The_whack _parade
2013 just hits different now
veronica villa 03
Esta canción definitivamente no está para escuchar en cuarentena ;_;
Cj Swartz
Cj Swartz Day ago
I love this song I've known it since I was five it's my favorite song
Kool-Wade Man
2008-2014... *were the best years of my life* take me back man.
yeti coolXD
yeti coolXD Day ago
Emil Storm
Emil Storm 2 days ago
There are 189’970”779 people there love this song
Dutch van der Linde
:) not depressed
Marine Dedons
Marine Dedons 2 days ago
good old days I wish I could go back
Uriel Fillon
Uriel Fillon 2 days ago
I remember playing this song as a kid frick life was so good before but not any more because ur stuck in quarantine
Harish தமிழ்
I love this song ❤️ 🇮🇳.....
Abraham Arbiol
Abraham Arbiol 2 days ago
This song reminds me of 2014
Fer Morga
Fer Morga 2 days ago
Alison Groen
Alison Groen 2 days ago
I have this stuck in my head way too many times ugh
Johnny zzstu Eggenberger
just listening to some good music during the apocalypse
TeeCeeTee TM
TeeCeeTee TM 3 days ago
I remember this song in an Investment ad back in the day.
Ray Banana
Ray Banana 3 days ago
One of the best songs of FIFA
Shivam Mitter
Shivam Mitter 3 days ago
Why are they so underrated!!
Gilang Wardana
Gilang Wardana 3 days ago
OST my trip my adventure #indonesia
Emily Iannielli
Emily Iannielli 3 days ago
This is my go to a happy place song I have on unlimited replay! Where’s the 10 hour version? I need to play this all day as I sit in isolation praying 🙏 as the covid-19 novel coronavirus bares down on us killing everything in it’s path of destruction and death! This is scaring the shit out of me! This is my song to be played at my funeral ❤️🌸💤
THE ARTIST 3 days ago
Charsito2005 3 days ago
John Novotny
John Novotny 3 days ago
A,m I the only one that thinks that this song is addictive
Yolanda Montenegro
I like your song that is nyt
0:20 Is this the Coronavirus lol PLZ need unit Ambulance😩
Gacha_ Pie
Gacha_ Pie 3 days ago
The monster is soooo cute!!!! It looks harmless! 😁😁😁
Angelcreeper 89
Angelcreeper 89 3 days ago
My school at 7am *I MISS THAT*
Soren Channel
Soren Channel 3 days ago
Marie VM
Marie VM 4 days ago
I miss this awesome vibe in the songs of 2020
Mehmet Barut
Mehmet Barut 4 days ago
I miss pes 2015
Minkiii 4 days ago
Space And aviation
First I didn't listen this song directly ,I listen this song in a car and this was stuck in my head for a month ,and after that this song is pop up in my recommendation , what a beautiful coincidence 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Nathalie Enriquez
can i use this music for my video to be posted on facebook?
Soleil Imperial
Soleil Imperial 4 days ago
There so Underratedd
Dominique Anderson
throwback to the last day of 5th grade listening to this saying our goodbyes and being happy about moving to up to middle school😭
_____Blank_____ 4 days ago
*2013 radio in the car be like:*
yeet 4 days ago
Ahhhh yes,playing Minecraft in that amazing 2015 summer for countless hours.Miss the old times
That 1_blu3shyguy
I feel like this song is about being high on hallucinogens
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