AMD's is Gonna REKT Intel's Entry Level... - WAN Show April 24, 2020

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Imp3rial St0rm)
2:48 - AMD Ryzen 3 Zen 2 and B550 Chipset
20:29 - Facebook Controversial Ad Targeting Groups
33:22 - RUvid Taking Down Videos that are Medically Inaccurate
39:20 - Sponsors
47:45 - RTX Voice
54:16 - Apple Reportedly to Sell Macs with Proprietary CPUs
57:49 - Android Automotive
58:55 - 6 GHz Coming Soon
1:01:16 - Super Chats

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Apr 24, 2020




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Comments 80
KnightVII 2 months ago
Hi, It's Me Again! Timestamps: 2:48 - AMD Ryzen 3 Zen 2 and B550 Chipset 20:29 - Facebook Controversial Ad Targeting Groups 33:22 - RUvid Taking Down Videos that are Medically Inaccurate 39:20 - Sponsors 47:45 - RTX Voice 54:16 - Apple Reportedly to Sell Macs with Proprietary CPUs 57:49 - Android Automotive 58:55 - 6 GHz Coming Soon 1:01:16 - Super Chats I got you guys! Give me free subscribers now. There was a Timestamp I forgot: 40:38 -- C Shart
Julio Cuello
Julio Cuello 24 days ago
Advaith Sankara
Advaith Sankara 2 months ago
Nick 2 months ago
@Hungry for Apples You're just a derivative of "Got Milk?"
TrichterNET 2 months ago
I thank you brother
KingInTheNorth 2 months ago
Eric Velasquez
Eric Velasquez 14 days ago
Linus bash FB for not taking down "un-scientific" content then immediately proceed to bash youtube for taking down "un-scientific" content. So which is it? complete freedom of speech or conformity?!?!
Rev. Dr. Stu Art DD
Facebook is a pile of shite, sorry this video has information proven to be false by experts, yet no links to the research or anything exist. Fuck off Facebook and RUvid can fuckoff too.
Joe G.P.
Joe G.P. Month ago
it feels like you drank to much coffee Linus
Thatonedog at the park 0po9
You gotta love how this vid views is 666 as of June 3
The Great Hadoken
James would make an awesome vampire.
Jay Bohrer
Jay Bohrer Month ago
For Linus: I got ahold of a brand new ryzen 7 2700x for 150$ from grovesland when it was on sale their website is kinda sketchy but delivery came as expected and product matched the description
David Rapp
David Rapp 2 months ago
the voice and video are not synced... sound is a little bit ahead of video.
Sean Coley
Sean Coley 2 months ago
Please make an episode on C_Shart. Thank you!
Snowy 2 months ago
No one in the comments being concerned about Facebook deciding what's true and what's false. WHO and Snopes are awful. Also Trump very clearly did not suggest we inject anything into our bodies. That woman and the koi pond cleaner is false. She's a lifelong Democrat, donated to Democrats, and it seems pretty obvious she killed her husband. She has a record of seeking out a divorce, etc.
т д в ө ө
т д в ө ө 2 months ago
Joke's on you, I am pro abortion. I don't like pro choice labek because I support population control and stem cell research.
MegaHaros 2 months ago
Hey Linus, KALAMATA!!! Kalamata is a southern city in Hellas (GR). References --> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalamata and www.google.com/maps/place/Kalamata+241+00/@37.0350607,22.095781,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1361b099624b7829:0xfc1f95ed71625f9e!8m2!3d37.0366386!4d22.1143716 I am from a village 40km south from Kalamata. I think their Kalamata CPU line will do as well as their butterfly keyboard. That name justifies the whole project.
szeredai akos
szeredai akos 2 months ago
I used to be into quack conspiracies, for entertainment purposes, but YT and FB nuked my favorite. In case you don't know who i am talking about, he is also THE prominent, most passionate amphibial animal sexual health activist.
Larry Gall
Larry Gall 2 months ago
It's worse than that (Google taking down vids) because for one, It wasn't Trump who said ingest disinfectant, he was asking one of the doctors a question. It was the *_press_* that proliferated the nonsense. ...And _they're_ propped up and shoved into every RUvid user's suggestion list. There was an NBC thing where they just got caught yesterday faking some footage of supposedly doctors testing for CV, lined up in cars, and it turned out to be cleaning staff and bystanders posing as both doctors and patients. There are dozens of these. And the one about "5G towers," I didn't see that one, but did they say it caused CV or did they say it caused _cancer.."
Aditya Khapre
Aditya Khapre 2 months ago
Did y talk about the creeper pc in this?
MSSGNO 2 months ago
no. not the cursed room of doors.
VREDFOX 2 months ago
Damn lizardpeople trying to infect us with covid with 5G towers!
VEngEAnCE 2 months ago
Taha S
Taha S 2 months ago
Why does james come off as a facebook/google and pseudoscience apologist
Outcast 618
Outcast 618 2 months ago
On the subject of "RUvid Taking Down Videos that are Medically Inaccurate" and Trump/politics, the reason why you were STUPID enough to think he deliberately took fish-tank cleaner instead of deliberate murder by his wife is because YOU were denied the real information as shown in this article "Woman Who Blamed Trump after Giving Her Husband Fish-Tank Cleaner Now Under Investigation for Murder" news.yahoo.com/woman-blamed-trump-giving-her-133613382.html
andrew moon
andrew moon 2 months ago
not loud enough? im running this video at 30%
stellarfirefly 2 months ago
While trying to admonish people who believe in pseudoscience, he sure is ready and willing to believe in corporate conspiracies.
Matthew Parslow
Matthew Parslow 2 months ago
Bit late, but for what it's worth I use voicemeeter potato to allow me to route audio so I can handle a bunch of different programs and levels - it has three virtual inputs and outputs, and seperate gain and mic comp.
Greg Dimas
Greg Dimas 2 months ago
LOL... As the AMD juggernaut rose they turned they gaze toward the muck of the console peasants below and instead of looking upon therm with disgust they reached down into the mire and said come join us and be free!
Shadowmaster625 2 months ago
why would you give money to facebook what a nutjob
Nate G
Nate G 2 months ago
SHORT circuit....LONG sleeve shirt in the works...*thinking emoji*
Franjo Radakovits
Franjo Radakovits 2 months ago
Also, 'vesi' is Finnish for 'water'. I have a theory ...
"39:20 - People that will drink bleach could also be a potential Genius?
OmicronNeon Academy
OmicronNeon Academy 2 months ago
Psychology is technically classified as a pseudoscience as it is largely dictated by philosophy and not scientific data (though there is much effort to include data where it can be done). . . and yet it is given a lot of credence. Simply food for thought.
mgz 2 months ago
33:00 Pseudoscience is Fake science indeed, because "pseudo" is the Greek word for "fake". Ψευδοεπιστήμη
diddy1966abc 2 months ago
There is such a big difference between LUKE and JAMES... James just doesn't look like he wants 2 be there... Was he made 2 do it cuz LUKE is on holiday or something... There is such a great meetings of mind between LINUS and LUKE... There is a lot of laughter and great banter...So please bring back Luke... Then again JAMES is great on his channel and I could not really c LUKE doing a good job there either...JAMES is so fun on his channel so it was hard 2 watch him here doing nothing really... Maybe LINUS overwhelms him....???? On a whole all LINUS MEDIA GROUPS channels are great and I would give them a strong 9 out of 10 over the last 2 or 3 yrs... Some of the older videos where not so good but there is not anyone who was doing great material all the time and could be given 9 out of 10 constantly...
Dj Mccullough
Dj Mccullough 2 months ago
Pretty sure Linus has been Puffing on the canadian chronic in this video. his speech pattern sounds like he's high AF.
MrStevetmq 2 months ago
Linus looks so much less boyish with that beard. Or put the other way he looks so much more manly. LOL
Arno Modelstate
Arno Modelstate 2 months ago
27:40 Yeh go to the WHO :') I don't trust them anymore
tobiasripel 2 months ago
just saw a Linus add to see this
really really panda
really really panda 2 months ago
Im so glad Linus that you've started to stand behind AMD and for good reason! Keep up the good work 👍. Love the beard! Manly! Your all grown up!
Entitled 2 months ago
No one likes sick kids... Ok Linus.
AI and Robotic automation will eventually massively reduce the cost of hard drives. Especially if they could automate the mining of the metals.
123GoForMe 2 months ago
*RUvid skills over 9000:* so, the page loads and I see the video start, but then it's Linus in a Pulsway commercial, the F???
Junker Zn
Junker Zn 2 months ago
Sandles are bad on scooters and motorcycles too... a great way to strip the skin off the entire bottom of your foot, hitting the road instantly peels the sandal off your foot before you can even react to the mistake. -Matt
Gary Weeks
Gary Weeks 2 months ago
A thin material button up shirt, like ya know, not to hot, like a t-shirt. With an awesome print on the back I'd buy two or three. Edit make it snaps instead of buttons.
fartwhif 2 months ago
30:30 Linus is a book burner/authoritarian... 31:09 another authoritarian getting off at Facebook's authoritarianism. but to Linus' credit he pitched the idea that it's wrong.
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
I Think Linus' balls finally droppe; His voice is a little deeper, he has a beard now.....
Stephen Cutts
Stephen Cutts 2 months ago
I just replaced my i5 6500 mini build with Ryzen 5 3600 16gb ddr4 3200 500gb ssd geforce 1660 super. Best computer I've built so far
Sleepa Zord
Sleepa Zord 2 months ago
Should use the 3d printing for open source ventilator parts for health care support
RoshGaming 2 months ago
I like how Linus beard looks !
mr starfire
mr starfire 2 months ago
I have a i7 7700 ..Would this cheap beat it ??
Rooster Gaming
Rooster Gaming 2 months ago
So you're actually saying that it's ok to take away people's constitutional rights away as long as it's people that you disagree with? Really Linus? Really? People who's views i'm betting you haven't even listened to yet? What if they're right . Did that ever even occur to you that maybe you're not actually that much smarter than your viewers? Get a grip man, we watch because we think you're entertaining. Not because we think you're particularly smart. If Facebook, and Google/RUvid are arrogant enough to think they are qualified to determine what is fact for the rest of us, then i'm done with them. Earlier you said they were evil - but you had agree with them though. What does that make you?
The Deboxifier: Tech and Cryptos China
..as far as Facebook and RUvid are concerned, is there really any doubt they cater to 'special interests'?? Are we at the magical point in history where RUvid and Facebook determine what should be read and thought about?...when are they going to ban 1984?..it might interrupt their self appointment as guardians off 'truth'
The Deboxifier: Tech and Cryptos China
Linus, ..don't think your comments on science are on point..1) science does have presuppositions..for example; we have to intellectually 'jump' to assert our thoughts connect to the 'real' world at all...however common sense that may appear, it is (and has been) a serious point of contention in the philosophy of science, and 2) science may be 'objective', but scientists are not...science cannot place itself 'above' scrutiny methodologically...
Jordan Jank
Jordan Jank 2 months ago
But you'll still own a cheap AMD system lol
AFK 2 months ago
Linus Beard Tips
Reed Carver
Reed Carver 2 months ago
@36:00 Just saying, the WHO said that the disease was not human to human transmittable in January when China knew it was and they simply parroted what the chinese government told them instead of digging for the truth like they say they do since they are an independent organization from governments around the world. They also said that banning travel from epicenter's for the coronavirus such as Woohan, china was not going to be helpful in slowing the spread of the virus and just cause racial problems. In regards to RUvid, Facebook, Google, and other big tech companies, etc., I don't believe it is any organizations right to deem what I or anyone else says as ok, or not ok to talk about and post in a public space such as these platforms where they can gain immunity from being sued for bad things that are posted on their site because where do they draw the line when we give them that kind of power? They don't, they continually move the line closer and closer to meet their own agenda. I have no faith in the WHO right now because of their enormous mess up and parroting what the Chinese communist party said and wholeheartedly disagree with big tech policing their sites for information that they deem as suitable or not when some of the things are not even violating their terms of service.
Barry Jillett
Barry Jillett 2 months ago
My current 8700k Z370 will be replaced with an AMD system if intel does not change cost and performance
Nikijs Jansevskis
Nikijs Jansevskis 2 months ago
spoiled cashhog
Joash Britto
Joash Britto 2 months ago
They should clip the FB segment up, and promote it using Facebook ads 😂😂
Altoroc 2 months ago
James looks really bored
Tsuneka Kou
Tsuneka Kou 2 months ago
is it me or Luke looks a bit different?
Abraxas_616 2 months ago
Is it just me or anyone else would love to have a random conversation with James. Not only does he seems really knowledgeable about a lot of things other than the pc/tech industry but I'ld also love to hear his point of view on some subjects like science, economy etc.... LMG staffs look way smarter than just knowing sh*t about computer!! 🤓👍🏼
cneuhauser1 2 months ago
So... if there really is an anti-Semitic category, why ban/filter/restrict it? As a humanist myself, I think unfortunately we try so hard to filter and tell people how to think, that we've galvanized the opposition. In other words, when does restriction become the entry level to dystopian society. This is exactly what the Nazi Political party did at the start, they banned weapons, in order to promote a more PEACEFUL society... all the while preventing the general populous from fighting back.
cneuhauser1 2 months ago
LMAO.... they got into Meta Physics and Schrodingers Cat....love it
groove jet
groove jet 2 months ago
dvrman123 2 months ago
I keep thinking i'm getting a teams message. lol
ilikepie1974 2 months ago
The latest COD game anally eats threads nicely. I got a dual Xeon 12 cores total and cod will use more than 6
Speezbort Zappfing3r
Earth IS flat
McToaster Swirlz
McToaster Swirlz 2 months ago
@linustechtips is the 3300x compatible with the b450 motherboard if you updated bios or does it have to be b550?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 months ago
I have a trauma from Linus' background ...
Hargosmos 2 months ago
Funny how facebook censors things they don't like. I don't think (most at least) vaccines are bad, or that there's chemtrails. But if people want to get ads about it, they should be able to
babadook trying to hook
Joe Rogan looks kinda weird
Eric 2 months ago
"No one likes sick kids!" - Linus
casper18795 2 months ago
I know I'm late to the party, and did not read all the comments. First thing in video about the AMD 3100: Not sure about the quad core, I'm really thinking the 1600AF would be better and cheaper if you can find one at MSRP.
ZuRriX 2 months ago
When someone says "Zen 2" I always think of the 2000 series Ryzen processors, instead of the 3000 series. You couldn't have just gone for Zen, Zen 2, Zen 3 and Zen 4? Was that really so f*cking hard, AMD? Naming the microarchitecture of the second generation Ryzen "Zen PLUS" instead of "Zen 2" is THE STUPIDEST THING EVER.
Cooe 2 months ago
There were barely any changes with Zen+.... It was literally just Zen with better microcode & 12nm. Calling it Zen 2 would have been just as stupid because it was not actually a new architecture. Like at all. Zen+ was a pretty fitting name for what it was as a technology tbh. The problem was reusing the "Zen" architecture name in the CPU product name with "Ryzen" not with them using "Zen+".
Che Evans
Che Evans 2 months ago
the new ryzen 3 3300=109100? ...
Fig Wasp
Fig Wasp 2 months ago
Getting some Metal Gear Solid 2 vibes from all this social media jargon.
Nate Orthann
Nate Orthann 2 months ago
Impressed by the level of empathy given in the "pseudoscience" segment, especially when refuting the lowbrow argument of 'natural selection' as a means to justify allowing people to remain harmfully ignorant..... shit, I come clicking to see some AMD news and I get a little bit of faith in humanity from LTT. Good on you
Xollas 2 months ago
It’s all in the name of profits
Luna Lytele
Luna Lytele 2 months ago
James was too quiet turn him up!!!
Ralf Drenth
Ralf Drenth 2 months ago
AMD 2500+ Barton!! :)
Matt D
Matt D 2 months ago
Re: FB and "is it a Hydra?" As you suggest - no... This is simply PR. They do the "good" initiatives as cover so they can continue to do the bad (much more numerous and harmful as a whole) with cover / plausible deniability. It's like how billionaires donate to charity but do harms far in excess of what their charitable ventures do in good. In fact a lot of the time their charitable activities are primarily for tax purposes, and the PR they generate is just a nice bonus that might prevent their execution some day, if the gullible are still taken in by it as they are today.
AGENT MAC 2 months ago
What sill be the best recommended GPU for the new upcoming ryzen 3300x?
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