AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk

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The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?
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Feb 7, 2019

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Comments 3 589
dwkwb8 2 days ago
Immortal Spirit
Immortal Spirit 4 days ago
Radeon 7 gives me 15-30fps more than RTX 2080 that I use in another computer. And I also like it more because of 16gb V Ram, if you are into HD Skyrim with 500+ mods you gonna use all of that at 4k :D
VII7 5 days ago
Now in 17.07.2019, There is no fix yet for Black Screen. Stay away from Radeon VII RIP.
Curious Cat
Curious Cat 5 days ago
Could you elaborate, when and how did you got black screens?
Alex Jacobsen
Alex Jacobsen 14 days ago
Very fair review
NexusCioudz 18 days ago
AMD graphics cards are more lean looking the nvidia
sKyRyu 19 days ago
i hope when new amd gpu s come,games might try favouring amd.. like old vega
Imre Csoka
Imre Csoka 21 day ago
The most amped review i heard for this card was from VOSK , pertaining to Mining Crypto
Emil Popovic
Emil Popovic 21 day ago
why no crossfire?? Is that so hard to do?
Tipsy Brewer
Tipsy Brewer 23 days ago
Add the two Temps and divide by two. That's the average temp.
Iced CaramelCream
Iced CaramelCream 23 days ago
Did he say 2080 and 2080 ti have the same Performance ? Bruh lol
Bit Rage
Bit Rage 25 days ago
Lol why do ppl HATE fan noise!? I have 23 fans in my tower with 2 pumps and 3 of those fans are 260cfm. I always put the fan to 80+% be4 I even start to game!
ToonNut1 ToonNut007
Should do an updated video with undervolt and overclocking!
James Noneya
James Noneya 29 days ago
let me see now, the 2080 and RVII are the same price one does SLI, the other for whatever stupid ass reason doe not do crossfire. the decision is easy. They want to compete with the 2080 without crossfire, dumb dumb dumb.
Serial Thrilla
Serial Thrilla Month ago
Interesting music, heh.
naftali DG
naftali DG Month ago
I hope you guys will do a comparison between Radeon VII and Navi once Navi is released.
Zenith Month ago
I don't think Navi is going to compete with the Radeon VII, certainly not from the specs we have seen thus far. Unless they've got another card as yet unannounced.
Miyuden Month ago
All I see is that upgrading from my 980TI is still not worth it.
Miyuden 20 days ago
@SB C If I had an 980 I probably would upgrade, but the 980 TI is still doing it on 4k. For an upgrade I don't think the fps are worth the price right now.
SB C 20 days ago
My old PC had an sli 980 but I upgraded to 2080 ti
Colin Month ago
Okay now why would you buy the Radeon selling the navi is coming out
The Radeon VII is probably faster than the 5700XT. Anyway, purely for gaming, the Radeon VII is not worth it.
Eduardo B. R.
Eduardo B. R. Month ago
Loved the video, specially the ending xD
Gareth Month ago
I personally think that this card seriously needs water cooling to be optimal. The fans are super loud, and it runs way too hot for the stock cooler due to how big the die is.
terry ruiz
terry ruiz Month ago
i gave up on radeon when they were ati its garbage. AMD really screwed themselves when they bought that out .
dubya85 Month ago
Until the drivers.... good luck with that
0xc1d3 Month ago
Jay forgot the AMD PRODUO not the blue one monster for Dual GPU right after the R295x2 I was mining on the Produos and out hashing the titan Vs on older drivers by 100
Faizal Musbee
Faizal Musbee Month ago
Let the price drop begin.
P M Month ago
Metal 🤘
hoguejp Month ago
Shows how dominant the 1080ti was. Still loving that card.
darkstar2674 Month ago
exactly its even £100 lower than this and the 2080 even though the 1080 ti is used
Golom Mod
Golom Mod Month ago
Don't get this dislikes over 500 ? People from blue team ? Jays neighborhood ? Angry people that Vega is to slow in couple benches ? Good card for good price .
David Martinez
David Martinez Month ago
Are radeon 7s still problematic
moofree Month ago
In my experience, the VII is pretty good. On Windows, I had trouble with the automatic undervolting slash overclocking profiles in the drivers- but applied the overclocking+undervoling profile as described by this video, and have had better luck. ruvid.net/video/video-y88YFCYX2qg.html I agree with his comments about the GPU. The VII is also somewhat notable as it supports the open source drivers on Linux, and is the best single GPU supported on macOS Mojave.
survivormon Month ago
Pretty sure the new drivers fixed a lot of the problems and boost performance, but not enough of a % gain over my vega 56 to upgrade.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran Month ago
We need a followup to this video.
The Clint
The Clint Month ago
Wish you would just put the fastest card on top! Thank you for the benches buddies!
The Clint
The Clint Month ago
@Hitmanhitman21 Its not hard to see at all when its color coded. It s kinda confusing now!
Hitmanhitman21 Month ago
Not at those benchmark speeds; it would cause too much confusion and people would slam Dislike far too fast
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Month ago
Imma keep my opinions for after PCI-E gen 4 releases. AMD has been prepping 7nm with PCI-E gen 4 in mind for release from the start, with HBM2 it'll likely get 1 hell of a performance boost with extra bandwidth, speed and power from the socket
Gameboy 1996
Gameboy 1996 2 months ago
At CES AMD Said radeon 7 is the most advance gaming graphics card 💩💩💩 this is literally poop.. I don't believe AMD anymore you shouldn't too..
Ted Fieri
Ted Fieri 2 months ago
Honest opinion @jayz2cents, extremely cringeworthy metal music. This is a real thing on types of channels similar to yours. I've watched a long time and I need you to know it's not good
Rancidmilktogo Month ago
Ted Fieri Nobody cares
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Chapman 2 months ago
I'd be interested in an update video as I'm in the process of building my first computer in almost 10 years (it has been awhile). I have an Asus X470 Prime MB with a Ryzen 7 2700x and I'm torn between the RTX 2080 vs the Radeon VII.
Christopher Chapman
@Steampunk Skunk thanks! I bit the bullet and went with the Gaming trio x 2080.
Steampunk Skunk
Steampunk Skunk Month ago
Hardware unboxed just did one, the stability issues are gone but the card still costs as much as a 2080 but has 14% worse gaming performance (on average across 38 titles). Its a pity, if AMD had made this card with only 12G of memory it would be cheaper and would offer a much better price to performance ratio and would likely be a winner. At the moment the 7 is just not competitive, for the same money a 2080 is a better card.
Ridiculous Jatomic
Ridiculous Jatomic 2 months ago
do you guys know what driver version you used in the testing?
Poida 2 months ago
What's the latest on this card? Not that I will buy one from either camp atm. Hell will freeze over before I pay $2000 for a graphics card.
Steven Orso
Steven Orso 2 months ago
LOL im sry to say, but ive owned AMD GPU's over the yrs and ill just say, ill never buy another AMD gpu again, bought a 2070 bout 2 months ago and ive thrown every game ive got at it at ultra to high settings and never slowed down, smooth, fast, and never hiccup not one time, GL on the AMD cards lol theirs a reason y nvidia is #1 and has been since the GeForce 256 lol
Vilgot Persson 9A Dacke
It would be cool if you do a follow up review now when it has gone some time.
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx 2 months ago
Vilgot Persson 9A Dacke not much change
Ultrawide Gaming
Ultrawide Gaming 2 months ago
You really should revisit the VII, as usual they screwed the pooch on release but it's to be expected with AMD they nearly always do screw up GPU releases nowadays, I got a VII on release & I was very disappointed up until the new driver that landed just a week later, since then I've been extremely happy with its performance & how it matches up with my 3440x1440 monitor. One of the nicer aspects was how pre release we were told it would overclock upto 1800mhz, Upto 1800mhz. 1800mhz is it's base core clock, it's starting point, compare that to how it was under Raj Koduri, with him we were told the Vega 64 had a base clock of 1630mhz but it was struggle to get a Vega 64 to run on or beyond 1630mhz with an overclock, I know this as I had 3 different versions, the reference limited edition blower, The limited edition (3x8pin) Nitro+ and the Red Devil, It was the same with all three and it used to peeve me how underhanded & dishonest Mr Koduri had been about Vega with the consumer, Thank God he's gone, The situation with the VII has been much better, Because of what we were told we didn't over expect, in fact I under expected in regards to what the card now offers with the newer drivers.
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx 2 months ago
Ultrawide Gaming With the 2080ti, Nvidia limited the overclock by a lot, but you can easely change the power limit to 130%, leading to great overclocks : www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/9sfkjh/2080_ti_bios_flash_from_115_to_130_power_palit_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app There are even some with 140% for reference PCBs. Just wanted to show the overclock potentiel compared to Pascal
Ultrawide Gaming
Ultrawide Gaming 2 months ago
@Christophe Groulx Hi, You're right, like with everything silicon some overclock better than others but mine seems to be one of the worse overclockers when I compare it to what others claim to be getting from their VII's. Because of how gpu boost now works overclocking Nvidia's gpu's doesn't offer what it used to, The 980ti was a great overclocker if you won the silicon lottery but since then it's gone downhill due to how good gpu boost 3.0 is at it's job & when you add in the voltage regulator Nvidia's cards are starting to all be as good as each other when it comes to achievable clocks, In comparison Vega's had a lot to offer thanks to how untweaked it comes out of the box. I've had a 1060 & a 1080 & playing around with those was boring where as I've had a lot of fun with both my Vega 64's & my VII.
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx 2 months ago
Ultrawide Gaming 1. Some cards are better clockers than others.. You can’t really say it’s an universal fix. 2. You can overclock a 2080 quite a bit
Ultrawide Gaming
Ultrawide Gaming 2 months ago
@Christophe Groulx Hi, You're right raw performance isn't much better with an overclock, but it's only one part of the equation, I can push my core clock up into the 1900's & average at most 3 or maybe 4 extra frames but my own preference is to undervolt it to get a good balance between noise & performance. I can push close to 2000mhz for canned benchmarks like 3dmark but I'm a gamer so real world use ie gaming performance is what matters for me & with an undervolt I can get slightly better than out of the box performance for a much smaller audible footprint.
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx 2 months ago
Ultrawide Gaming The overclock was fixed, but the card didn’t receive extra performance
Jan Petter Egeland
Jan Petter Egeland 2 months ago
I am probably abit late to the party, but your words here are exactly why i wont go for an AMD Graphics card for in a while. Right now I am stuck with a first gen R9 fury, I have had it since launch, and the last couple of months are the first 3 month period where the radiator fan has not gone to 100% while idle. My former card was AMD as well, just cant remember the model (possibly HD5870) and that did not meet expectations for me eighter. I want AMD to challenge Nvidia, But they need to make sure that their cards are ready for release before releasing them, for me to consider AMD Graphics cards again.
Alejandro Zaragoza
Alejandro Zaragoza 2 months ago
Revisit the Radeon VII!!!!!!
Raven Burrows
Raven Burrows 2 months ago
I'm just trying to see if paying for a 2080 ti is gonna give me such a bump in performance it is worth the bump in price.
The Void Consumes
The Void Consumes 2 months ago
You should revisit this GPU the initial driver software had a few issues the most recent drivers better utilize it's abilities. Hint it's very good competition for most versions of an Nvidia 2080.
The Void Consumes
@Airglider56 Sure. Here you go. ruvid.net/video/video-5eMl4j_lkTg.html
Airglider56 Month ago
Could you elaborate more on this or link videos or reviews for more recent drivers?
Tech With Sean
Tech With Sean 2 months ago
you should compare with RTX 2080 ti
Hitmanhitman21 Month ago
They're not in the same league and/or price point, so people just complain; especially if they're AMD fanboys, so it's not worth the hassle in the end
thelongslowgoodbye 2 months ago
I'm surprised how well my modded Vega 64 compared to a stock Radeon 7. All I did was put it on an EKWB custom water loop and flashed the stock "performance" BIOS to a Vega 64 LC edition BIOS from TechPowerup. 2:40 My subscore is 8157 vs 8841 from the reference Radeon 7. 2:47 Wow, I got 5219 and it's breathing down the necks of the 1080Ti and Radeon 7. 3:03 Modded Vega 64 - 6255, 2080 - 6458
Tha Real
Tha Real 2 months ago
- Nvidia joins the chat - Amd joins the chat - Amd the left the chat - Amd joins the chat - Intel joins the chat - Nvidia left the chat - Amd left the chat
Maciej Mućka
Maciej Mućka 2 months ago
"Amd the left the chat" People called Romanes, they go, the house?
Michael Zak
Michael Zak 2 months ago
hence why i will never buy anything AMD and havent for over 20 years.
Wurzl ANG
Wurzl ANG 2 months ago
is your background full of nvidia products ? i guess so
*Grizzly* Andre
*Grizzly* Andre 2 months ago
Amd=gets better with age like a wine. Firmware updates and the card will be a beast
Cheepchipsable 29 days ago
So in a couple of years time, I can get full performance from my AMD card?
inflatable2 Month ago
Which is why by far most people have bought Nvidia in the last 10 years orso.. People don't want promises for the future, they want the best performance and a stable product out of the box.. They are not gonna wait for more performance and stability in the long run (1-2 years) when by that time newer and much faster videocards have already been released again..
Rex Yoshimoto
Rex Yoshimoto 2 months ago
Sometime I wonder if AMD doesn't build there cards with a scheme in mind. Like how RX 580 was essentially a Rx 480 with a bios upgrade. Sure, it's cost effective but no new performance.
Shill Crimms
Shill Crimms 2 months ago
But you can't just trust that your card will get better. The RX and Vega series did got much better because the RX was refresh and they also had a lot to explore on Vega architeture. It's kinda weird to say "buy Radeon 7, it is worse, but just for now, trust me".
freak777power 2 months ago
Why don't you retest this card now...or you just being too lazy?
ZeroCold Gg
ZeroCold Gg 2 months ago
AMD: *THIS IS THE END FOR YOU INTEL* INTEL: *IT'S OVER AMD, I HAVE THE HIGH CLOCK!* AMD: *YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY OC!* INTEL: *DON'T TRY IT* AMD: *overheats* jk i got a threadripper 2920x, good cpu (gpu's will get there eventually.)
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