AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk

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The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?
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7 фев 2019

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Jonny B
Jonny B 3 часа назад
They really need to re-do their driver software too. I mean I have like 600 games, and it creates a profile for everyone automatically. Fine I guess, but the way the software works, almost as if it loads all theh data for every profile instead of just a... list... that then loads the info for whatever game you click on. It's weird. Takes like 10 minutes total to start program, get into, change a single profile, get out of, close down.
Maixaule Ramirez Villalba
Maixaule Ramirez Villalba 4 часа назад
Hello Jayz, I see many your videos and something I like a lot and it impresses me is the quality that you visually offer, lately I do not know about it but if I notice that the color of the image is a little reddish or pinkish, it is this fact deliveradadmente, or it's me and my eyes are damaged, thanks for the good content!
Stefan Buremo
Stefan Buremo 4 часа назад
WTF! Couldn't they atleast made the effort to not have blue and yellow cables visible from the fans? Buuu on that. No Xfire???
Josh Simonton
Josh Simonton 13 часов назад
Love your reviews Jay! Thanks for doing the work!
GreenLanternSalem 15 часов назад
Jay, I like that you are giving a balanced review. I like that you tell everyone to look at multiple sources and corroborate views. Good man.
Galvanized Dreamer
Galvanized Dreamer 18 часов назад
As an avid Fury user, crank that fan curve up in MSI and try again. Crimson drivers have always been pretty bad, and outright fail to even activate fans on at least my card. Albeit that 114%%D is higher than what the Fury or 64 would read at the same temp, that may be causing issues in and of itself.
groundtraveler28 19 часов назад
as expected performance. I did not expect that much from the Radeon graphics cards. :/
ValkyrieStar 22 часа назад
This GPU is what OG Vega should have been to begin with... not impressive tbh, just another yet higher clocked GCN card. Give us something new AMD.
Peter Richards
Peter Richards День назад
So here's my $700 and it will be ok later ... D'oh!
KDingo81 День назад
Radeon VII just another reason why one should wait for navi.
apostolis x
apostolis x День назад
The reviewer has wisdom gray hair
Michael Hammond
Michael Hammond День назад
AMD drivers are 100% Trash.... I put up with it for 10 years of BS.
Keith R
Keith R День назад
I miss when Radeon was owned by ATI.... Least then they actually competed. I'm not buying another AMD product, until I see little to no driver issues and actually beat their competitors in performance. For the 20-60 bucks you save on an AMD build, is not worth the BS.
Steven West
Steven West День назад
I think those direct X 12 numbers are extremely impressive. With maturity in drivers, this card should perform level with a 2080
McBobtheruggaman День назад
I like Jay and he isn't my favorite Tech RUvidr, but can we all just take a second to recognize how nicely he presents his graphs? No annoying talking over rushed slides, just some music and he really gives you enough time to take in the information. Keep it up Jay!
Elephant День назад
I've waited for better drivers since 2006 but Radeon VII is not so bad it seems. I sure hope that AMD can get it stable. Nvidia is not doing their best at the moment so it's an important opportunity for AMD to win back some market share. Keep us posted :)
Kris Sumerfelt
Kris Sumerfelt День назад
As time goes on my r9 390 doesn't seem to age as quickly as nvidia... My buddies 980 used to destroy my setup but with these newer games the tables are starting to turn..
Fangytasuki День назад
typical crap amd drivers *sigh* i was once a fanboi, but no more. I was becoming a nvidia fanboi, but dem prices make me cry, so I just kind of like them more.
saultube44 День назад
Synthetic benchmarks are maximum calculation power, and it's good if you want to calculate, like in protein folding like @Rosetta@Home, WorldCoomuniGrid, Folding@Home, it's always good and important to know. For example in that Time Spy rendering if we take the Radeon 7 performance and extrapolate linearly: 8,841/15*16=9,430.4, so would be 64 CUs instead of 60, to get to the GTX 1080 Ti performance and 74 for the RTX 2080, but Radeon 7 is a MI-25, anyway it'd have 64 CUs, if the die is too big then make chiplets, I'd have thought of 4x16 CU GPU, +1 16 CU chiplet and boom you have the 2080 Ti/TITAN performance; anyway AMD is unlocking server-only-features with a server driver, for computing and Adrenaline driver for gaming, and making FP64 4x for computing, so maybe testing with both drivers next time About the RADEON letters on top, I'd sawed off all the obstructing metal on top, and the back why is it covered? that's so dumb
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee День назад
I'm 52 and have been into computers from the 486's on up and I have learned the most important golden rule when it comes to computers: if you buy the newest and top of the line, be prepared to be a beta tester for theses companies and help them working on getting the bugs out. I would much rather wait for a year or two when prices drop, all the kinks have been worked out and most of the time I realize that one I wanted so bad when it came out, was not worth getting at all. I think once the drivers are worked out should be a decent card. I never paid for a GPU over $350 and I'm happy with what I got.
TripCircuit День назад
AMD drivers are a buggy mess. Who would've thought.
Rick Brannigan
Rick Brannigan День назад
Great review, thank you
Paul Woelke
Paul Woelke День назад
Yeah, no. Doing it the Hardware Unboxed way with 30 game benchmarks and no synthetics is the way to go. I couldn't give less of a shit how many points you get for watching your pretty movie.
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh День назад
The new Radeon 7 needs a driver or firmware update. its got a problem with EFI on motherboards. Which is replacing the BIOs on most newer PC's. I like the fact they got 16GB VRAM. that must be great for games like the GTA series.
george prout
george prout День назад
So is the TLDR for normies that it's a great card if we wait a month or two for drivers to update?
s0n1c.LP День назад
The last time I bought a AMD (ATI) card must be about 15 years ago and it's still the same: good cards with a great potential, delivered with crap drivers. Maybe Nvidia is overpriced, but everything runs like it should.
SeedMayers День назад
It can Crossfire i just saw a video where a rewiever did it. Bad research Jay, bad review. Get that straight Jay.... And learn to use the driver. It is realy a great tool. I am very disapointed from you man. I tought you do unbiased revievs and i can rely on everything you say. This review is either not prepared well or it is biased. This video changed my view on you and your chanel.
matisms 16 часов назад
Rrok Daragjati
Rrok Daragjati День назад
Learned more in 2in then any other vid .thx
WILL D 2 дня назад
16 GB? Does that really add anything other than price?
Phillip Woody Shepherd
Phillip Woody Shepherd 2 дня назад
I think everyone was expecting it to be between $300 - $400, not $700 :-/
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 12 часов назад
i thought it's $50
Khak Thui
Khak Thui 2 дня назад
can anyone tell me the background music during the benchmarks? kinda sounded like slipknot
Leah Doyle
Leah Doyle 2 дня назад
1080ti on newegg $1200+ radeon 7 $699 but out of stock. shitt!
alvarg 2 дня назад
i need that benchmarks song
AleX d4m
AleX d4m 2 дня назад
I'm subscribed to you since 2017, Geralt
Astrix au
Astrix au 2 дня назад
@JAYZTWOCENTS Are you going to do an update on the Radeon 7 with the latest drivers? I've heard that overclocking has been fixed on the 19.2.2 and possibly other issues. EDIT: Their core clocks were reaching over 2000Mhz on the GPU DIE but on the original drivers after embargo they had massive issues overclocking.
Zem Nous
Zem Nous 2 дня назад
Just remember benches can even get any heavier wait add metal this just got hard core lol
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant 2 дня назад
LOL why put any stock in to AMD? You’ll be let down every time.
FastBowtie388 2 дня назад
Was anyone else really excited for the new gen video cards coming out? I was... then I wasn't. The price doesn't justify the programs using it after 6mos. Now the older cards don't have the surplus I'd hoped for making them go up in price. I guess I'm not in the market for a VII OR an RTX atm :-/
zkkzkk32312 2 дня назад
thumbs up for metal music.
Jelique Edward
Jelique Edward 2 дня назад
Really gotta love and respect the way Jay went about handling this 🤔 Real admirable and professional, sort of going about it in a way that gave them the benefit of the doubt. But I do have to wonder if he really has these mans on speed dial on the celly? Like woah
SFPToyashi 2 дня назад
I dunno, it did pretty well in all those tests and considering its a 100 dollars cheaper than a 2080, its a pretty solid deal.
Ernest Pierce
Ernest Pierce 2 дня назад
AMD Radeon VII is a workstation card. If you are strictly using it for gaming you are paying about 92 dollars more for features you will never use. If AMD Radeon VII wasn't recycled workstation boards the price would be 610~ 615 dollars for actual gaming performance.
Caim 2 дня назад
i mean it is not like all this information was already available as they showed it off. it was already all there how this thing performs. and somehow linus hailed them as the saviours. i was rolling on the floor laughing because of that statement. from someone whose life is performance testing. like wtf.
Jason H
Jason H 2 дня назад
It should be mentioned that this card will do very well at higher resolutions thanks to the huge amount of memory that it just threw at its users.
Ma Hu
Ma Hu 2 дня назад
You sound like an AMD apologist. Making excuses for AMD's mistakes.
homelessEh 2 дня назад
I can wait ..still using 6850... i can wait...
Samuel J. Rivard
Samuel J. Rivard 2 дня назад
7:06 watch at 0.5 speed LMAO
GingerSquatch 2 дня назад
The new Radeon Drivers were released and the VII now has the ability to OC to near 2000MHz with the stock cooler!!!!
Aldion Sylkaj
Aldion Sylkaj 2 дня назад
Drew Morgan
Drew Morgan 2 дня назад
Stopgap rushed to market card is.... a stopgap rushed to market card.
Waycool jr
Waycool jr 2 дня назад
So it's overpriced 2070 in performance?And you need to beta test their drivers.I'm just going to pick up the 2070 and save some money.Yeah I know it's overpriced too but what are you going to do.
Jorge Madrigal
Jorge Madrigal 3 дня назад
feed me those AMD tears fan boys!! Where y'all at now?
Bogart Gaming & Tech
Bogart Gaming & Tech 3 дня назад
Love the Benchmark song!
Mohamed Banoon
Mohamed Banoon 3 дня назад
Nvidia really pushed the envelope with there 2xxx series. The 2060 performs as well as the 1080 in most applications, which makes it a direct competitor to the Radeon VII, for half the price.
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 3 дня назад
amds driver team consists of 2 indians, 12 and 14 year old. they like gaming and rgb and enjoy rice and curry in their sparetime.
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts 3 дня назад
radeon vii - 50 db load noise - nice..
C As
C As 3 дня назад
thank you for the honest review. I would be very upset to have spent 700 bucks on something that glitches and blackscreens and I dont understand how reviews can gloss over these major issues
Croc Monster
Croc Monster 3 дня назад
What motherboard?
Fog 3 дня назад
Ugh sounds like the problems AMD used to have 10 years ago are still here. Glad I never went back to this garbage.
hell Bent
hell Bent 3 дня назад
the dislike number effects peoples mental stability .........
GETH_ _COMMANDS_ 3 дня назад
Any liquid cooled version , or when can we expect them!
Sophistacate 3 дня назад
With 16 GB of HBM2, why would you care if it's does Crossfire?
Sophistacate День назад
+Vincent Lisa And the performance increase from running crossfire isn't all that amazing -- which was my entire point. If you are running a Vega 7 with 16 GB and once the drivers are on track you are already going to be blasting games and the performance increase of adding another card really wouldn't be that much of an increase -- specifically when you factor in cost to peformance.
Vincent Lisa
Vincent Lisa День назад
You don't crossfire cards for extra memory. The memory doesn't get doubled, two 8GB cards will still have 8GB available memory. You crossfire for raw performance increase.
Itchy An scratchy
Itchy An scratchy 3 дня назад
Intel thumbs Jay's ass for long time! Total bias view
8BitSloth 3 дня назад
So it might be hotter, cost the same as, and have less features than the RTX 2080. Why buy this card then? AMD needed to push this card out at a $100 to $200 dollars cheaper than the RTX 2080 to fill the gap that Nvidia created by trying to shove stupid raytracing and DLSS down everyone's throats. Now all the people that don't want this massive bullmess have to either buy features that they do not want or sit with their thumbs up their behinds until the GTX 2080 comes out, if it ever does. And you know they will pump the cost of that since they have raised the price point of all their cards this gen. All this bull is about enough to make me want to never buy another gaming video card again in my life. I don't need raytracing and I don't need DLSS. I need a fast, memory rich card that can play games, crunch numbers, and render Blender models. When I want to create a knock-off Pixar movie, then I'll worry about the fancy crap that will hardly ever be implemented in video games.
cool beans
cool beans 4 дня назад
Lol the music
Christopher Junkins
Christopher Junkins 4 дня назад
kill you in the comments? Who would do that? You're too nice and good for that!
bino ched
bino ched 4 дня назад
And a week later they will all talk about how great everything is now that we have a new driver......Watching these reviewers is like listening to a broken record
I thought that 7NM process would allow for a 5GHZ clock, the drivers you got with the card was that a result of someone nobbling the card to make AMD look bad?
bitmap 4 дня назад
Will you come back and review this card once it is released and has some driver upgrades?
bitmap 4 дня назад
Because it is such a high price for a card, and it seems like it may be able to work against nvidia and those crazy price points. I'd love to hear if they resolve it and if it turns out good.
miyagi ryota
miyagi ryota 5 дней назад
19.2.2 would like to talk to Jay.
That Guy
That Guy 5 дней назад
We need more Metal!
thomas m. tordel jr.
thomas m. tordel jr. 5 дней назад
investigate why AMD is always lagging? same pool of engineers.. whats up?
catgoat 5 дней назад
Bought an rx580. Had black screen / reboot issues as well. got it a bit more stable by undervolting but eventually returned. What a joke.
Jimbo 5 дней назад
Wtf was that music change?
iTracer 5 дней назад
Yeah... I Just want a cheap-ass graphics card that can run fortnite -A Kid Who Plays Fortnite
Good Game
Good Game 5 дней назад
AMD is content where they are. Trash.
Brandon Valdez
Brandon Valdez 5 дней назад
What's the song?
Luthfi Nadhil
Luthfi Nadhil 6 дней назад
Raymen 10
Raymen 10 6 дней назад
Hey Jay can you build me a pc like I need a new one trust me I would pay you if I could I am underage I can’t work I would if I could my computer doesn’t work anymore I’m trying to start recording videos and edit good but my pc literally can’t run google chrome so if you can please build me a pc I would greatly appreciate it man !
moksy shmox
moksy shmox 6 дней назад
99° and trump says no global warming ?
wolvie45 6 дней назад
what does Trump have to do with this video and Radeon VII?
Kismet Games
Kismet Games 6 дней назад
i wonder how the V64 would perform if the cooler on it was designed similarly to that of the RVII...
gw3 Extreme2
gw3 Extreme2 6 дней назад
JayzTwoCents: You should know better, wait a month or two for AMD to set the driver right. It happened the same about Vega cards when they were new. Everybody is so rushed for testing.
MADagain 6 дней назад
...I have to know what the "Benchmark song" is called.. how do I get it lol
MyMMC 6 дней назад
that was the same problems they had when they had the dual core cards.
lobo malo
lobo malo 6 дней назад
hey JayzTwoCents you ever giveaway any of the product you make videos of like videos cards ,pc and other stuff
miyagi ryota
miyagi ryota 7 дней назад
With AMD driver 19.2.2 the Radeon7 is now the chosen 1 to beat RTX 2080. Please do another review and we will see how it performs now.
Fazla Rabby
Fazla Rabby 7 дней назад
Bro amd is good but hmm nvidia one are better and i think amds cpu gonna be super hot cool
Outland 7 дней назад
19.2.2 Drivers now available
mschiavoni 7 дней назад
Radeon VII owner here. it's not your card, it's the driver. i've been playing Wildlands a lot and can only play 20-30 minutes before the game crashes. if i'm lucky and i'm quick i can hit the start menu and restart. if not it's a hard reset because the whole system locks. love the card, but the drivers need work
wolvie45 6 дней назад
I'm experiencing random minimize to desktop every time (every 10 minutes) I try to play a game.
gw3 Extreme2
gw3 Extreme2 6 дней назад
mschiavoni : The sad part is that's what happens when you get a new product when it first comes out to the mass market. You gonna have to wait for the drivers to mature. Let's hope that AMD can mature the graphic drivers quickly enough like they did with the first gen Rizen CPUs.
Kuldip Singh
Kuldip Singh 7 дней назад
Chinese new year fucked a lot of companies up cuz no one is working, no one is responding which leads to production delays. I know cuz we are in the same boat.
MääähRL 7 дней назад
can you make a video about replacing the fans for better ones on the radeon vii or putting a watercooler on it? much love
Lars Passic
Lars Passic 7 дней назад
I LOVE my GPU tach. I watch it through my glass case. Bring it back AMD!
Lasse Lund
Lasse Lund 7 дней назад
Still nothing thats good enough too justify replaceing my gtx 1080 ti with, well there is only the rtx 2080 ti and that is xstreamly overpriced. the gtx 1080 ti were released what 2-3 years ago, well atleast Amd cought up, and Nividia really haven't made any big leap for the consumer who whants too stay below 1000$ is it just me or are the gpu development going extreamly slow atm, except the pricing, I can remember nearly 15-20 years back when I build my first pc, the motherbord, ram, cpu. are allmost the same price today, except gpu wich costs 2-4 times as much what the fuck went wrong?? get the fucking prices down Amd and Nividia and get the fucinking finger out off the ass and make some improvements on your cards, before releasing the next series. The only positive with this release, seems too be a alternative to nividia, that aint overprice compaired too the preformance, that kept me from buying the vega 64.
William Weeks
William Weeks 7 дней назад
Could you use a motherboard that doesn't block air flow? Just curious if it changes temps and crashes.
TheGaluMoD 7 дней назад
2:40 What's that track? It sounds like something from Painkiller. :D
chris crawley
chris crawley 8 дней назад
Hi Jay. Love your vids. Thanks for all your hard work. I'm getting ready to build a new rig and was wondering what your testing Crosshair mobo and proc are. Also, do you maybe have a recommendation for someone on a "sorta" budget. Thanks again.
CamperSeven 8 дней назад
These test are not reliable. Software e.g. driver is not optimazed yet. Wait a month or two for AMD to set the driver right. It happened the same about Vega cards when they were new. Everybody is so rushed for testing.
Silverfox 8 дней назад
It really is pretty bad PR from AMD, if you even want to call it that. The card seems fine, but the drivers aren't ready yet, which is a big NO for a media release. I don't think you'd notice much of a difference if any, ingame between the 1080 and the VII (when it finally works). Regarding the RTX vs HBM question: RTX on vs off is like a game of "spot the difference" while cutting FPS. In comparison, I think that more RAM will be much more likely to make a difference in games in the foreseeable future.
TheParallellinial 8 дней назад
So... an AMD Radeon VII card from 2019 can't compete with a Nvidia GTX 1080ti card from 2016... Maybe AMD should just stick to processors...
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