AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk

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The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?
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Science & Technology

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Feb 7, 2019




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Comments 3 570
mehamed bouchnak
mehamed bouchnak 23 hours ago
amd sucks they should quit making graphque cards ; nvidea is the best
Ghazzillion Films
have the drivers matured?
MjolnirMarkV 3 days ago
Jay, can you make a review of a crossfired Vega 64 vs Radeon VII and 2080/2080Ti? I think that would be cool
Antony Bellingham
woody159 3 days ago
Will you be doing an update when the drivers mature?
The Mech Treehouse, Fluffy the Great and Powerful
Ehem, it's pronounced, "Veee Two."
ptyspatys Day ago
I'm not sure whether You're trolling or not Why would you call it v2 instead of 7?
Nerd With Attitude
Not a fan of the cards aesthetics I must say.
Amellia Mendel
Amellia Mendel 4 days ago
I'm so disappointed with AMD and Intel. I've had a 1080ti, like forever. I want to upgrade, but there's nothing out STILL that's worth the upgrade considering the cost and real world performance. They're more worried with releasing cheap cards than making an upgrade path for me.
Matt Neilson
Matt Neilson 5 days ago
So have they sort out this driver issue now?
Trip D
Trip D 7 days ago
Rofl honestly when isn't AMD a huge let down? 2700x, released 2018 but is only 11% better than a 5+ year old i7 4790k; ROFL. AMD is a joke. Same old shit architecture, just on a smaller scale now lolololol. Rofl and it is selling at the same price as the i7 4790k when it was released....5 years ago. Honestly AMD hardware is for people who don't want a quality PC.
Mattias Persson
Mattias Persson 8 days ago
Regarding the shooting of this video. Why not get a tripod for static shots like the introduction? Just curious. I weirdly got annoyed by the shaking which usually doesn't happen.
Kathrine Dreams
Kathrine Dreams 8 days ago
Good to hear. I have an legendary old one. AMD Raedon HD 5700. I would love to blow your mind on the computer I have that is still working and doing most thing I want it too. Remember Dells 1st XPS Red. Giant computer. I have only replace years ago .. OS. Memory . HD and a newer Optical drive. I am assembling parts for my first build that a company did not assemble. Thanks for your videos and Your channel buddies
berret2589 9 days ago
Hey Jay love the videos and unplanned comedy that goes on during was wondering how much you guys charge for PC builds, if it is based on the included components, and if you need all sent to you. here is current component list: Also wondered what kind of controller I could use internally in side PC for SAS drive (for large sample libraries). Also this is intended as a air cooled build due or using an AIO no closed loop just for ease of maintenance unless you specify otherwise. Here is the main specs, sans SAS drive: pcpartpicker.com/list/bFRVNQ Background for this build is it is going to be used as a audio production/video editing for music mixing/mastering, twitch/youtube content, and gaming when not producing/editing.
Semi Truck
Semi Truck 11 days ago
Basically buy a 2nd hand 1080ti and save the rest for the next gen GPU RTX is a joke and Vega is a flop
Jormungandr 11 days ago
Radeon VII is a fucking joke. If they wants to grab Nvidia customers, Radeon VII cant be *as good* as what Nvidia's offering - it has to be *better* that what Nvidia is offering. AMD need to get their heads out of their asses if they want to actually hurt Nvidia's high end segment.
Kyle Thompson
Kyle Thompson 11 days ago
I agree with u so much competition creates innovation
Abner Jr. Paredes
Abner Jr. Paredes 12 days ago
Can you do a cutom GPU "shroud" for vertical mount GPUs?
Devon Hajduk
Devon Hajduk 12 days ago
vega 56 half off DONE
Midyan Shani
Midyan Shani 12 days ago
I crown the gtx 1080ti the king of all cards
Hymw 13 days ago
What is with the fucking music change in the middle lol
GrandeMage 13 days ago
NAVI needs to be either cheap or impressive. It’s very frustrating watching AMD always be a year or two late to the party and not perform well. Just once AMD, release a product ahead of Nvidia and make it better than them.
DasFroDo TV
DasFroDo TV 6 days ago
+MichaelSupreme Not really. CUDA was just earlier and better then the OpenCL integrations. There's a good reason every popular GPU renderengine on the market only supports NVidia. Remember, we're not talking about gameengines here.
MichaelSupreme 6 days ago
+DasFroDo TV thats not fair nvidia paid didn't they to make stuff optimized for them
DasFroDo TV
DasFroDo TV 6 days ago
+MichaelSupreme Unfortunately none of the major Renderengines support AMD by now. It's all NVidia. They can release good cards all they want, as long as software is focused on NVidia cards they won't have a chance on the content creator market.
MichaelSupreme 11 days ago
Not necessarily this card is a bang for the buck the reason why 16gb of hbm2 memory this is really good its a multi-use card for 3D software and gaming its not a rtx gpu killer but for content creators this is really good
Psychol 13 days ago
Who knew that RTX gonna be actually the best deal out there.
Gabriel Savian Kenway
The best deal for nvidia and the worse for our pockets. £715 for a video card it's a shame.
Luxia Productions
Luxia Productions 14 days ago
Mustaq Ahmed
Mustaq Ahmed 14 days ago
The cougar case behind you. Why didn't you do a review of that?
B Clark
B Clark 14 days ago
What a ballbuster! My wife walked by and heard you slenderizing the freaking card and now she's on my helmet because I just ordered one. Geez.. When the smoke clears and its all said and done you're just an Intel fanboy at heart. Its called beta testing for a reason and your actually being ungrateful as someone who is given early access to test a product that the rest of us have to wait and actually pay for. If you knew it was just a driver issue that they are currently working on then why such a bad review? Now I wont be able to justify spending the 700 even with the free games. Im pretty sure I wont hear the end of this and now im going to have to return it and get a Radeon 500 series. Fml….
Devon Hajduk
Devon Hajduk 12 days ago
Sounds like you can just explain the same thing to her :)
Stuart Jackson
Stuart Jackson 15 days ago
Bought one of these last week and am glad to see it's not just me that is having issues. Hopefully AMD drop some drivers soon.
Uteopia 15 days ago
I'm looking at upgrading from an R9 290 and I have narrowed it down to the RTX 2080 and Radeon VII fuck I hate deciding.
SFG ThaFactor
SFG ThaFactor 15 days ago
Just wanted to say thanks for all you do! I've watched your vids for a while now, and saw your recent collaboration with LTT. You, Linus and the rest of TechTube have helped me learn computer hardware, envision a career in the field and inspire me to go back to school to learn more about the trade/industry, and even helped me reestablish my love of gaming after 28 years. Thank you so much!
CerberuS 16 days ago
No point in buying a 2080/2080ti since more or less AMD owns the Gaming monitor market and only 15 monitors are supported for Adaptive sync Non-Certified monitors give blinking and completely blacked screens on most un-certified monitors like how i bought a BenQ EX3203R 144hz Freesync2 I am now buying an ASUS Radeon VII Card because for me buying an ASUS Strix OC Vega64 Card is pricey well at least in my country it's 200$ less then buying a Radeon VII Card so said well fuck it i'll just spend 200$ more and get the Radeon VII
Crixus The Gaul
Crixus The Gaul 16 days ago
what do you think they are ganna tell you on the phone? What sounds better? "We know we know we are working on it" or "uhhh... I have NOOO IDEEAA???" durp.... durrrp duurrrrrrp their ganna say we know to sound like they are on top of it.
Tad Mikowsky
Tad Mikowsky 18 days ago
Probably not a popular opinion, but i find the music a bit annoying/distracting
C M 18 days ago
I love AMD, but holy hell. I see the drivers have not changed at all.... Still the same buggy mess.
Mar Tee
Mar Tee 17 days ago
​+C M I've pretty much just stuck to stock, and never had issues that seemingly team green didn't share, I never had the money to game like an enthusiast, but also figured it was buggy to do so anyway. my amd cards were of the r7/r9 variety though, which I feel are totally fine, even jay admitted in an earlier video that since 2013, their drivers have gotten better. I haven't really played around with AMD's adrenaline drivers. It was roughly around their release I had purchased my 1060 and have just kinda been waiting for the day I can buy a better, cost effective radeon offering. As for why I'm dissatisfied, my mind and eyes tell me everything runs perfect, and I can't put my fingers on it but my hands tell me some games I played a lot feel off, mostly fighters.
C M 18 days ago
+Mar Tee I actually had crossfire 7850's, which would flake out with two monitors connected. Any memory overclock would cause UVD or GPU Accelerated programs to crash and or windows to crash. Switched to a 770 4GB and never had any issues. Just switched back to an R9 280 because the 770 died, and already having two monitor flicker issues with the latest driver. 16.11.5 is the only driver I can use with any sort of stability. 19.1.1 and 19.3.3 gets me constant wattman crashes, screen flickering and just general instability. DDU in safe mode, didn't fix it and neither did running the card at stock settings. 16.11.5 I can OC core / memory without any issues however. I'm tempted to just buy a 1060 6GB and be done with it lol.
Mar Tee
Mar Tee 18 days ago
I've never had a problem with amd cards outside of one game (megadimension neptunia VII), which was also giving nvidia's 10 series cards problems when it arrived on steam, the issues were patched out within the month. owned 3 amd cards and have been pleased with them, but I never bought them on launch. I'm actually not digging my 1060 atm, but I had to get one cause my 280x started experiencing heat problems after 3 years of ownership bought second hand from a dude using it for mining, I'm glad I got all that use out of it.
Ron Martinus Blind
Ron Martinus Blind 19 days ago
I think this card has great potential (more on productivity side than on gaming side, which I personally prefer)
joshua thomas
joshua thomas 20 days ago
damn amd your coming in hot on intel and nvidia. granted they will see this and actually try next time.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 20 days ago
Man! AMD is really stepping up their game. nVidia watch out! They get the bugs worked out, that card will be tough.
PeePee2000 17 days ago
on hitman it was putting the gap on nvidia, only time will tell...unless nvidia decided to came out with something that trump it...then again the new RTX isn't doing much
UnrealUnicorn 20 days ago
Should of been 600-550
ATC_Assasin 20 days ago
I have a question can you do a gaming PC build for me😀
Freestyle 20 days ago
450$-500 radeon VII , rtx 2080 winn
Elbrus Zeboew
Elbrus Zeboew 21 day ago
I like the Metal Music, but I don't know the name and I found nothing in the description... Can someone tell me the name of the song? pls...
Elbrus Zeboew
Elbrus Zeboew 20 days ago
+Tech tonic_ PC’s Oh lol, thank you for the information!
Tech tonic_ PC’s
Tech tonic_ PC’s 20 days ago
Elbrus Zeboew this is all audio jay purchases for his videos to avoid copy right problems
David Seguin
David Seguin 21 day ago
eve online, it's a huge mmorpg. actually, free to play with one account, with 5 like i do, that would be the sweet spot on testing, with 3 screen, 2 being 1080p, the third, lets call 720p, windowed mode. try that as a benchmark. it's an unforgiving mmorpg, in other words, you get shit blown up and don't get it back. so yes, good hardware is important, if not critical, in most battles that can be upwards of several thousand players with lots of moving parts.
Mr Person
Mr Person 22 days ago
Mokhammad Angga Tirtakusumah
the only concern me is the price tag of this card. if only it was cheaper maybe people will consider their choice over 1080 ti or rtx well i personaly will get the nvidia with this price tag.
CULT_GG 22 days ago
so space heater? Yep there is a reason they are Team Red.
ToxicityGaming 24 days ago
I like how he does all these game benchmarks and leaves out Rainbow Six Siege which currently is one of the largest competitive FPS games in the world. For those of us that play that we kind of would have liked to have a benchmark I'm fully aware that you can't test every single game but as popular as the title is it is it deserve some sort of section
Connor De wit
Connor De wit 25 days ago
Doesn’t amd get it we don’t care about hbm2 it doesn’t effect performance enough to be worth the cost the Radeon 7 could’ve had more cores higher clock speeds and instead of the stupid hbm2 just use 8gb of gddr6 and reduce the price by 150-200$ then people would actually buy the bloody card
Gamer The Banning
Gamer The Banning 25 days ago
I dont think you understand AMD. They wont do that. They either innovate or die! They dont stick with the basic. AMD always goes for the alternative option. And i hope one day that these innovations will pay off.
HawkFest 26 days ago
No Crossfire? Still nurturing a screwed up team of software/drivers devs.? Damned!... I had too much of an expectation I guess. I'll stick with my 580's in CF lmao Most reviews that I've seen (and found) comparing the Radeon VII with the RTX 2080, essentially benchmarked gaming scenarios. It would be nice to have reviews benchmarking these cards in a production environment (graphics/3D rendering and video post-production via tools like Photoshop, Premiere, Maya, Blender, transcoding and such), scientific computations, machine learning, test shaders programmability and math libraries (OpenCL and such), etc.
Zdravko Mihaylov
Zdravko Mihaylov 28 days ago
0:50 - 1:17 you get a thumbs up from me for that comment. Wish more people could understand that... and you got a sub =]
Jake 23 days ago
Suck his dick more
lee chi ho
lee chi ho 28 days ago
Amd have made a graphic card for 2 more years which performance can catch up with 1080ti
CLARTSOE 28 days ago
Radeon VII beat gtx 1080ti in DX12 but not in DX11 🤔
lee chi ho
lee chi ho 28 days ago
Amd cards run dx11 in low performance
Consolas Becketts
Consolas Becketts 29 days ago
Uncharted Territory. Look at the Celcius to Farenhiet chart, by google. 2:04 www.google.com/search?q=celcius+to+farenhiet&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS841US841&oq=Celc&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.9039j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Clearly Silicon Valley need to bring those Noctula coolers in nitrites oxide mode!
Exiss Month ago
I got away from AMD because of all of the weird random driver issues, things would be fixed one release then broken the next, spending way too long to resolve issues they mostly refused to admit even existed, some games I played had issues for months and months. Switched over to Intel/nVidia and haven't had near as many issues since. AMD's drivers will be the driving factor to whether they are still in business 5 years from now.
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Month ago
why would you pay MORE for a 2080 just for less memory, less memory bandwidth, bad content creation performance, gimmick features that don’t work and worse dx12 performance LOL. all for what? just less power usage and 5 more frames? it’s not even close amd won by a land slide. just grab a radeon vii. if all the major channels weren’t paid by nvidia everyone would’ve had a complete different opinion about the radeon vii.
Deano 29 days ago
Lol this guy is such a fanboy he copied and pasted this poorly constructed argument with invalid points in every Radeon 7 review
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks Month ago
Jay: Personal question for you. Due to eyesight and neuropathy complications from type 1 diabetes. Eor The eventual RTX 2080 I'm going to get. How much roughly would youu charge me to set it up for water-cooling? I already have a EKWB XLC Predator 240 1.1 for my cpu. I see myself having to pull my 2 lower 120mm. fans out of my NZXT Phantom 820 case and putting a 2nd 240mm radiator qith 2 or 4 more intake fans at the bottom of the case. The case itself has plenty of cooling right now: 200mm. front intake 2 120mm' bottom front intake 120mm mid front inside piwot fan as instake. 200mm. side panel intake. Rear 140mm. exhaust Top 2 120mm. exhausts hooked to the Predator. (Also have the push/pull kit) for the Predator for push/pull exhaust up top of the case.
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks Month ago
If I didn't already have a game that is or already does support DLSS, than this would be my choice. However, I've had Assetto Corsa Competizione since October and it either does already support DLSS or is soon going to. Add to that my next monitor which comes right after the new video card purchase is going to be a ips 4K panel, it looks like the 50% less vram RTX 2080 that supports 4K, Ray-Tracing and DLSS is my choice.
Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson Month ago
This really sucks for AMD, don't get me wrong I have an Nvidia 1080ti but was hoping they would do the same thing that Ryzen did to Intel and drive them to be more competitive in the market. The 2080ti was a rushed build but still beats out AMD... c'mon AMD all eyes on you.
DaftPunk67 28 days ago
Kenny Anderson I don’t know seeing how close in performance it is to the 2080 isn’t that bad
Richard Dale
Richard Dale Month ago
7:07 the reason i don't subscribe.
Kevin Karlin
Kevin Karlin Month ago
I find it quite peculiar that you ALWAYS have issues with Ryzen and Vega, or AMD in general... You've been bought by the Nvidia and Intel overlords.
Denis Zyza
Denis Zyza Month ago
Phaneron Month ago
Haven't had AMD GPU's since my crossfire 7970's. Kept having driver issues, so I switched and 7 years later, they're still having driver issues. One day, boys.
Different Month ago
I don't really care for this card it's way out of my budget personally.. 50-300 that's the price bracket of the majority of gamers so these cards are just for show.
Jain.G Month ago
Freesync dose not work at 55 fps, it shoud but not, my monitor 48hz-100hz but (believe me it is not Gsync, if something free it is not usefull) its works from 65 and more. And Radeon vii is not able to run games like AC odyssey or shadow of TR at 65 or up on this resolution even if you playing medium settings. Before Radeon vii i had Gtx 1080ti and it worked fine on this resolution with freesync and could make my Freesync to sync in any game much better. So i though what is this i have spend lot of money for what for Amd product whitch can not even work with its freecync technology. Then ok i gat it. AMD IS NOT ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH NVIDIA NEVER. IT IS NOT A COMPANY FOR GAMERS. DO NOT BELIEVE ADVERTISEMENT. I started hate Amd, and Radeon vii. And never buy any Amd product anymore. thing before to buy.
juanjo55lol Month ago
why the fuck did you buy a radeon 7 if you had a gtx 1080 ti?
mbsnyderc Month ago
As of right now I'm seeing more $800 prices.
mbsnyderc where? Just buy it from AMD for 699 to easy.
Spooky Fox
Spooky Fox Month ago
Ahh, amd, amd, amd . . . It's look now I know what's causing all the problems in my pc.
coffie150 Month ago
Those pinch harmonics 😍 more metal to the People! You sir just earned yourself a sub.
juanjo55lol Month ago
i wonder what the song was...
Adnan Farooq
Adnan Farooq Month ago
Can you give me a gaming PC please most cheap
devansh anil
devansh anil Month ago
if i dont have much to spend i will go with 1660ti and if had more money then i would have 1080 apart from amd r7
Erchandixe Khewniz
I heard RTX 2060 is much cheaper than GTX 1080 and beside that it is even faster! Ask around before purchasing
Johan Month ago
Nothing wrong with this review.
The One Pump Panda
Subbing because of the first 2 mins of the video. I respect that.
Spudsy 87
Spudsy 87 Month ago
Im thinking of holding onto my 980ti till next generation
RUGMA U S Month ago
Bor can you give one graphics card for me please
RUGMA U S Month ago
Lord Kingdom
Lord Kingdom Month ago
should i buy this to edit and broadcast video www.ebay.com/itm/i9-9900K-Liquid-cooled-64GB-RTX-2070-2-x-500GB-SSD-4K-Video-Editing-Computer/312504603722?hash=item48c2b9d44a:g:yT8AAOSwwlZaoaAo
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson Month ago
thank you for your review my problem is i live in a small apartment and that kind of heat coming out spring and summer are coming and it will make this place hotter the the blazes of hell i try not to use anything that gets over 65c having a computer on plus tv because thats my screen remember i live in a small apartment no place a monitor so i will stick with my rx 560 and gt 1030 plus all i play is Super Tux Kart anyway it's a open source game free no add's no pressure to buy.
skunkserenade Month ago
Say whaaat?
ken halverson
ken halverson Month ago
Can you do a show on that alien case looking computer behind you on your right that thing is amazing I would love to know more about that case...
Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres
Is that thing able to raytrace in real time?
That one N00b
That one N00b Month ago
The card seems to perform as well as the 1080Ti, keep in mind that as I type this, the 1080 Ti is priced at $1,299, while the Radeon VII is at $849. I think this is a win.
Kevin Newbury
Kevin Newbury 12 days ago
+Fisher I'd never buy a used 10 series card... not after the whole mining rush where those cards were used at 100% compute capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No thank you.
Mokhammad Angga Tirtakusumah
in my country, its price tag is the same, Indonesia precisely it is on par with 1080 ti 11gb and 2080 8gb while radeon vii have 16gb but performed the same as those nvidia. and it does make me feel unfortunate for amd.
Fisher 22 days ago
+CULT_GG OH LMAO, I was talking about the RTX 2080
Fisher 22 days ago
+CULT_GG Hey at least I'm getting raytracing support soon
Fisher 22 days ago
+CULT_GGWell fuck my personal bias made me salty there, I have the ASUS ROG 1080ti OC and have a friend with a 2080, although he is dealing with CPU bottleneck so I do get the fps edge in most situations
Carlos Nvidia
Carlos Nvidia Month ago
👎👎👎AMD Radeon vii 👎👎👎🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle Month ago
Good video. I was hoping for the same Jay. But sadly AMD dropped the ball again.
NemesisGamingYT Month ago
Ong era
Ong era Month ago
gift me pc
Alex Sharapov
Alex Sharapov Month ago
I like to see this in 2019 when at radeons 7 release there was shit ton of idiots all over the internet barking "this is just the beginning! Amd rocks the drivers will make it twice faster" lol. Amd fanboys are as dumb as a rock.
Jose L Ramirez
Jose L Ramirez Month ago
loved metal music. Who's playing it?
MrShmanckles Month ago
I was impressed by amd's benchmarks you showed because it seemed to me to keep up with Nvidia.
Sleepybunny Norbun
If nothing else, I atleast like the simple edge design of it. xD
javvy156 javvy156
They look super exspensive and don't beat out a 1080 ti most of the time. I could get a rtx 2070 for 499$ that ranks higher or is equal it seems. Are we missing something? It looks like a nice card but not for 800 to 900. I don't see any for 700.
Servesh Singh
Servesh Singh Month ago
These are limitations: 1) ainbow Six Siege™ may experience intermittent corruption or flickering on some game textures during gameplay. 2) Mouse cursors may disappear or move out of the boundary of the top of a display on AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics. 3) Modifying memory clocks on Radeon VII in Radeon Wattman may intermittently result in memory clocks becoming locked at 800Mhz. 4) Changes made in Radeon WattMan settings via Radeon Overlay may sometimes not save or take effect once Radeon Overlay is closed. 5) Performance metrics overlay and Radeon WattMan gauges may experience inaccurate fluctuating readings on AMD Radeon VII. 6) Some Mobile or Hybrid Graphics system configurations may intermittently experience green flicker when moving the mouse over RUvid™ videos in Chrome web browser.
yeahzeeroo Month ago
I will give them benefit of doubt HOWEVER i am against releasing defective/rushed products. will work against AMD in the long run. How about the average consumers 1080p people? still good for most games?
Lennart Mook
Lennart Mook Month ago
if they send you a replacement why not delay this vid until the replacement arrive and then test it? seems a bit odd to me
Matt K
Matt K Month ago
Yup. Gonna stick with my Sapphire 64 Liquid Cooled. Numbers didnt jump enough for price.
GRANDMAST3R Chronicles
What case is thay in the background at the start of the video?
hakey alsharqiy
hakey alsharqiy Month ago
Please, Please, Please, can anyone tell me what is the appropriate graphic card for my computer. Core i3 4130 RAM 8GB DDR3 SSD 120 GB
Joost Doornbos
Joost Doornbos Month ago
rx 570 or maybe 470
Love Thy Neighbor
That music in the slides. NEVER BEEN SO HYPED TO LOOK AT BAR GRAPHS!
Topher Doucet
Topher Doucet Month ago
I'm still able to pay modern games on my r9 290/7970 and it's 6 years old. Yes this is finally the year I'm going to upgrade and while I've owned Nvidia cards in the past i still find that AMD makes the best card for your buck. Take the Vega 64 very good and very affordable. I'm holding out though for the VII once the drivers stable. Price vs performed ratio is lightyears ahead of RTX 2080 as far as comparing the two go. That is until RTX actually gets used in games. Thank you for the in depth review! Just slow down the slideshow a tad! 👍
Robin Cooman
Robin Cooman Month ago
What's the metal track playing when running the numbers? I like it :p
Jonathan Muller
Jonathan Muller Month ago
Jay tell me one more time how you want AMD to do well, maybe I will believe you!
Jonathan Muller
Jonathan Muller Month ago
Dat music transition
Nathan Truitt
Nathan Truitt Month ago
that benchmark music though....
Rodwell Mark
Rodwell Mark Month ago
All my Radeon cards always crashed my systems, NEVER HAD A GOOD EXPERIENCE, BUT I DO I LOVE AMD CPUs...LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. CARDS??...... MEEEEEEEEEH. thanks for the review though.
Xbigmike17X Month ago
Love the Irregular music. Nice touch!
Daniel Asaph
Daniel Asaph Month ago
8:28 lmao, your eye balls almost pop up from your face hahaha
Mellow Minion
Mellow Minion Month ago
15:55 y so srs? What does that mean lol 😄
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