Amazing Work Construction Skills Incredible And Ingenious Techniques - Art Sand And Cement Working

Brendon Burney
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Amazing Work Construction Skills Incredible And Ingenious Techniques - Art Sand And Cement Working

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10 авг 2018




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thedementation666 6 часов назад
Who the fuck uses pots this big ? What are you planting, a rainforest ?
Francois Petitpain
Francois Petitpain 16 часов назад
amazing work
علي الياسري
علي الياسري 17 часов назад
Kombizz Kashani
Kombizz Kashani 23 часа назад
Amazing work with these primitive tools - They need a representative to sell their products in the IKEA for at least $200.
Steven Rielly
Steven Rielly День назад
Can't even mold mud without it caving in.... time to avoid "amazing" or "must see"
Sugarsail1 День назад
When a construction technique devised 6000 years ago is considered "incredible and ingenious" you know you have a society full of gross ineptitude.
sagbag День назад
terry gunderson
terry gunderson 2 дня назад
I'd cast this one with expanding foam in a form.... and make hundreds of them.
De markies van Drenthe
De markies van Drenthe 3 дня назад
nothing amazing and ingenious about this. this technique has been used by potters and bell casters since medieval era. But with that difference that the ppl in medieval era did it much better and were way more advanced than this kindergarten level sandpit playing.
sailaab 3 дня назад
effin' retard uploader needs to be *reported* 12 minute 11 seconds of painfully shitty background -music- noise with a less than 5 second view of the post production final sculpture!
luke lucy
luke lucy 3 дня назад
Child labor laws !! Why its important to buy local
Alessandro Arcangioli
Alessandro Arcangioli 3 дня назад
Pollice su per quante volte gli ha girato intorno!
David Kearins
David Kearins 4 дня назад
panzerdriver 4 дня назад
Put some shoes on
joohop 4 дня назад
Imagine A Curry Cooked In That ?
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 4 дня назад
Hidden ribbons inside.
azel 4 дня назад
Rodrigo Alves
Rodrigo Alves 4 дня назад
Grande bosta
Oracladeus 4 дня назад
I liked it up until he started drawing on it.
Hastin Nuraini
Hastin Nuraini 5 дней назад
White Boi.
White Boi. 5 дней назад
Hardly any steel.
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 5 дней назад
A bit of an exaggerated title.
Chris Crissey
Chris Crissey 5 дней назад
so why not just, oh I dont know, make a mold? or god forbid, use one of the others you made, as a mold. This person is actually making a ton of work for themselves.... I guess they still end up using the centrifugal trough to smooth the sides, so it works but it seems like a lot of work in the start.... they could set the tough in a preset location and put a mold over it all to start....
Smoke DankDaily
Smoke DankDaily 5 дней назад
Jesse Woody
Jesse Woody 5 дней назад
The Music sucks
Dum Mag
Dum Mag 5 дней назад
Manuela Modesta Luevano Reyes
Manuela Modesta Luevano Reyes 5 дней назад
Muy prácticas y mucha creatibidad
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 5 дней назад
THAT MUSIC when it starts to whistle an indian guy uses it & anoys the fook out me was about to leave but i >>ff the video 2 end L:)
Dermy 5 дней назад
I hope there was no Cement in that or she is in Hospital with 3rd degree burns.
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly 5 дней назад
Not only does overtime mean that employers pay more for less work, but it also contributes to an unhealthy workplace culture that leads to increased stress, sick days, and higher turnover rates.
That Ebutuoy Guy
That Ebutuoy Guy 5 дней назад
If simple villagers can figure out how to build this symmetrical shape, I'm sure "engineers" can figure out how to build pyramids.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 3 дня назад
egyptians used thousands enslaved villagers to pull-push giant rock cubes, so it's the villagers revenge after all
Dude 5 дней назад
sad, that it has such soulles music
hello hun
hello hun 5 дней назад
Making beautiful things from nothing but the most raw materials. Amazing.
JJ's 5 дней назад
YES! 🤑
Jonathan L
Jonathan L 5 дней назад
Nice cake!
ThirdDegreeWitch 6 дней назад
That's Hardly amazing is it.....
Hoanghai Nguyen
Hoanghai Nguyen 6 дней назад
made in VN?
Dum Mag
Dum Mag 5 дней назад
Tyler Penny
Tyler Penny 6 дней назад
I've used this method but with foam and bondo to make plugs for fiberglass molds...
Tyler Penny
Tyler Penny 5 дней назад
+That Ebutuoy Guy the plug is basically a mock up of a final part.. then we prep it and make a mold off it with fiberglass.. then use that mold to make fiberglass parts that look just like the foam/bondo plug... I've only made 3 in the year i've been at my new job.. but they call them air shields..they go in electric motors.. the last was a bit over 8 feet in diameter... they are always round in shape.. one was a very simple volcano shape... the large one had more of a sign wave shape to it
That Ebutuoy Guy
That Ebutuoy Guy 5 дней назад
I'm intrigued. What kind of plugs and what application?
Wings Unfurl
Wings Unfurl 6 дней назад
it wasnt until halfway thru the video, that i realized she wasnt making a pumpkin in the sand.
aaron veranos
aaron veranos 6 дней назад
i thought it would become an oven
George Koma
George Koma 6 дней назад
all this work, they could buy that at home depot for 19.95
Michael Crumpton
Michael Crumpton 6 дней назад
They are selling them to Home Depot for $7.49
Adrien T
Adrien T 6 дней назад
Une énorme jarre en béton. What else ?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 6 дней назад
Almost 3D-printer
That Ebutuoy Guy
That Ebutuoy Guy 5 дней назад
It's primitive ingenuity. We carried it throughout generations and generations. 3D printing in its current form is just an evolution of this.
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar 7 дней назад
Sand and cement ratio bataye
Gucci Boy
Gucci Boy 7 дней назад
Clearly not worried for her black and *white* pants in the dirt or cement but hey that is dope
Robert Follis
Robert Follis 7 дней назад
child labour laws?
TeamDeXtreme 7 дней назад
Me at 10.32 - Painting upside down?! what is he doing?!?!?! Me at 10.45 - THIS MAN IS A MAGICIAN
Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson 7 дней назад
Absolutely fantastic!
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 7 дней назад
Another very interesting video spoilt by some arse hole putting other videos over the top...what a bunch of wankers !
White Boi.
White Boi. 5 дней назад
I hate it when they do that.
Gl 876
Gl 876 7 дней назад
Melanie Robson
Melanie Robson 7 дней назад
Why not!!?
R MURILLOG 7 дней назад
Una plataforma giratoria a baja velocidad a una altura adecuada, guantes y zapatos adecuados podrian ayudar a que el hombre se dañe las manos, espalda y rodillas. Que la cosa gire en vez de el estar girando mil veces.
Your Highness
Your Highness 7 дней назад
No Boots concrete can burn the skin.
C Lopez
C Lopez 6 дней назад
Only if you step on it.
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson 7 дней назад
pretty cool.I would think the center rod being plumb is everything.
Roy Silver
Roy Silver 7 дней назад
errrrm, and then?
Jacob Senske
Jacob Senske 8 дней назад
That'll teach me to judge the first minute of a video...
magic3400 8 дней назад
He's got a big family, he cooks stew in that pot everyday.
igor bgd
igor bgd 8 дней назад
Without orig. sound this is nonwatchable!
Midnite Ryder
Midnite Ryder 8 дней назад
before the wheel.....
David Schnelker
David Schnelker 8 дней назад
no one seems to care that kid is already working for the rest of his life. what shitty child hood. poor little guy
M.A. Ewing
M.A. Ewing 8 дней назад
I don't know which I disliked more; the child labor or the obnoxious music.
SaltyOutcome 8 дней назад
Who Knew Asia Also Has Leprechauns?
MagoArcade 8 дней назад
Tasos Patriwtis
Tasos Patriwtis 8 дней назад
Just Looking
Just Looking 6 дней назад
THOT spelling is interesting.
Rycardo 8 дней назад
Au début je pensais à un four de cuisson mais quelle déception de voir qu'il ne s'agissait que d'un pot haha!
gamlet689 8 дней назад
в гончарном деле горшок вращается , а тут всё наоборот.
aryspereira 9 дней назад
Bravo !!! Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro.
Nomore Illegals please
Nomore Illegals please 9 дней назад
Sad to see the ads cover all the time I spent waiting for.
Thierry Marescot
Thierry Marescot 9 дней назад
C’est le même procéder pour fabriquer des cloches en bronze à la base, technique très connu pour les professionnel de la fonderie
Dr. Painkiller
Dr. Painkiller 9 дней назад
How to waste 12 Minutes of your Life...
Zora Mar
Zora Mar 9 дней назад
Dinero....¿Para qué? Con tus TALENTOS; puedes tener,¡Cuanto quieras! ¿En qué instante divino; ¿Ardió tu Espíritu Creativo?
Chickenshed Jam Band
Chickenshed Jam Band 9 дней назад
Sure that lime's doing their feet and hand a world of good..
S A GOULD 9 дней назад
The pop up ads for the next video ruined the ending! Wanted to see the full bowl!
joohop 4 дня назад
S A GOULD 4 дня назад
+Steven Hickman WITHOUT pop up ads blocking it.
Steven Hickman
Steven Hickman 5 дней назад
You did see the full bowl ffs
Flower Doyle
Flower Doyle 7 дней назад
+The Gonad Thanks........I didn't know that's what they were called, I just knew I hated them blocking the end of the video.
Frank Palmer
Frank Palmer 7 дней назад
+The Gonad THANK YOU!!!! I don't use Firefox but your comment led me on a search of Chrome addons and I managed to find one that worked in the same way. Soooooo much better!
b8e71fcbe2e195c67d8d16734013d20f 9 дней назад
If they spend 1 day on getting the right mold in steel for this vase, they would increase production by a factor of 100.
Anonymous 5 дней назад
This is highly portable, flexible and very low cost. You could have hundreds of of them or create new spinning pieces easily based on customer requirements. Put them in a box and transport them on a bike. Its similar pros and cons of 3D printer vs casting
Just Looking
Just Looking 6 дней назад
+Teammax playground The concrete goes in the steel, not the steel in the concrete. Like a Jello mold. Or a cake pan.
Teammax playground
Teammax playground 7 дней назад
And how will they remove this steel out of the vase whithout braking it? Sand can easily be removed.
Nomore Illegals please
Nomore Illegals please 9 дней назад
It is not the same, ...
David Haney
David Haney 9 дней назад
Someone is eating a LOT of cornflakes in the morning .
Trollop 17
Trollop 17 22 часа назад
All Bran, actually.
Mark cool
Mark cool 10 дней назад
WTF?!?! How did I even get here and what the hell did I just see????
budman8207 6 дней назад
Two very old, no longer funny questions. Try again!!
antigen4 10 дней назад
well THERE'S twelve minutes totally wasted ...
Gilles Lavigueur
Gilles Lavigueur 10 дней назад
What is this MASTERPIECE going to be used for ?
Zhemchuzhnikovite 10 дней назад
this is why robots are obsolete
Gary David
Gary David 10 дней назад
Is this the ONLY way to make a big ass pot??? Seems like a lot of work for one thing that could be made of plastic in 10 seconds and look exactly the same.
BrandorT 10 дней назад
why have this horrible music? i have to thumb down..
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs 10 дней назад
What is that redish lint for they tied in?
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs 10 дней назад
Almost wanted to comment child labour in the beginning... its good that i waited. What a craft they show
Harald Schmidt
Harald Schmidt 10 дней назад
Jesus Christ, I'm sick of this fucking shit music.
Enthalpia Entropia
Enthalpia Entropia 10 дней назад
We didn't see the final product and how they turned it over ..stupid...!
The Gonad
The Gonad 8 дней назад
No finished product. If you look past the pots shown at the end, you can still see it in the background and you can clearly see that it's still wet.
kahtra1 10 дней назад
I don't get it. What did she build?
Melanie Robson
Melanie Robson 7 дней назад
A massive concrete bowl. Hopefully it will be taken to a foundary and reproductions will be made.
ninh quang
ninh quang 9 дней назад
used to hold bonsai trees
Pingouin King
Pingouin King 10 дней назад
Oh it's a potter video... oh no, it's actually an artist.
kingdavewoody 10 дней назад
This is amazing... I hope these people get paid well for the art they make
Not ClickBait
Not ClickBait 9 дней назад
wtf its not art she films with her phone and its pointless pluss she call her self a genius
Dawid du Preez
Dawid du Preez 10 дней назад
Please be careful not stubbing your toe off with that shuffle.
rob jones
rob jones 10 дней назад
Love it
Luka Koprivica
Luka Koprivica 10 дней назад
It's incredible and ingenious that something as old as 5 thousand years is now considered "incredible and ingenious"...
Michael Crumpton
Michael Crumpton 6 дней назад
Ingenious does not mean new. It means clever, and this system qualifies.
Born Bred 113% Hollywood Local
Born Bred 113% Hollywood Local 11 дней назад
This is not construction work this is people in a third world country illegally making stuff in their backyard with dirt, debris possible carcinogens and other unknown substances. He's is a perfect example of child labour he's about 4 now tell me what 4 year old can do that? He's obviously been doing it for awhile my guesstimate is he started when he was 2 Look at his arms He already has man veins that's the obvious telltale right there 💩
Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell 11 дней назад
The artwork was interesting, but the process of making those huge pots is extremely inefficient. Instead of taking all day to prep the sand for one single mold, make a mold from a basic pot and use that to replicate all the rest. You can change the indentations or ridges with scrapers, or add them with wet cement after the base dries, or simply make a mold for each design. In order to hollow out the interior, simply press another plastic (or similar) bowl into the center and fill the space on the edges with cement, just make sure that you grease up whatever you use to create the center hollow, or it may be difficult to pull back out once cured.
Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell 10 дней назад
+Mike Rivera Anything oil based (like a light coat of vaseline, or even olive oil), because anything water based would bond with the cement. A plastic mold smooth, glossy, and sturdy enough to pull out may not need lube at all.
Mike Rivera
Mike Rivera 10 дней назад
What kind of grease would you use. Thanks
FrigityFrigBalls 11 дней назад
those china bitches make a lot of crap!
Losttoanyreason 11 дней назад
Bummer no flip and I wanted a slow look at the finished product.
Sven Ok
Sven Ok 11 дней назад
I couldn't believe the lady does 95% of the work, man does a cameo and looks like a hero. I know who the true hero is here.
kinggzz 11 дней назад
sad that these true craftsman probly get paid barely anything for their hard work, yet here in the good ole USA we've got lazy people sittin around on their proverbial lazy asses doing nothing getting their gov check that they whole heartedly think they "deserve".
chucktowne 11 дней назад
its not our lazy Americans fault that their economy isn't like ours. The GDP in the USA $19 Trillion. Most countries are less then $1 Trillion with some not even being $10 billion. It makes a huge difference and also, cost of living is very high in the US compared to other countries too. Artisan's can make a lot of money though, as long as their is a demand for the product. If they were making something people here wanted, they could easily get rich in their own country by exporting it.
Woochinatchika Kokillibolinov
Woochinatchika Kokillibolinov 11 дней назад
Considering that I have a trio of what were originally "bonzai" trees that have unfortunately grown into dwarves and rooted into my veggie garden, (they were in small planters but rooted thru the drain holes and firmly established themselves due to an injury that kept my out of action for a decade) I'm glad I stumbled onto this technique. I'd wondered how to fab large planters for them. Now I know!
Gaspard De Coligny
Gaspard De Coligny 11 дней назад
For the time it take to build a Bugatti Veyron these guys make that... stuff...
Ellesmere Wildwood
Ellesmere Wildwood 11 дней назад
That's not speeded up either, that's how fast she REALLY works. She makes 4000 of these post per day and gets paid $1.50 less tax. We get these pots here in Oz and pay about 600 bucks.
fausto minuzzo
fausto minuzzo 11 дней назад
Troppo bravi i bambini! Grazie Fausto (Roma, Italia)
MrPottymouth122 12 дней назад
GODDAMIT! Do people do this just to assault people with shit music? For Fucks sake you worthless publisher NARRATE YOUR FUCKING VIDEO YOU LAZY SHIT.
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