Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

Living Big In A Tiny House
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This tiny house is ready for anything! Completely off the grid, this tiny home on wheels generates it's own solar power, collects rain water, uses solar water heating and even generates it's own bio gas for cooking.
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Paul and Annett had been living the city life, in an apartment in Sydney, Australia. A desire to lower their impact on the earth and live closer to nature lead them to designing and building their own eco-friendly tiny house powered by renewable energies and moving onto a remote property outside of Byron Bay.
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Apr 20, 2018

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Comments 2 037
Angelica Castro
Angelica Castro 2 days ago
You need a catio!!!
Hammerback0 6 days ago
A weight limit? Seems very strange
David Lopez
David Lopez 9 days ago
Brend , who sale those digestor, the gas produser Thanks
Jose Angel Rodriguez
They should think about a solar oven
vempriex 17 days ago
Seen way too many slant roof bedrooms. I rather sleep downstairs with breathable space. Each their own. Nice set up tho.
Midhun Manoj
Midhun Manoj 18 days ago
I was wondering what will happen when they have a child
wim lammens
wim lammens 20 days ago
low foot print, all these systems have to be produced, humans are so spoiled they think when they are not depending on centralised systems they are doing a good job. I honestly loved the way they are living and like being independant of central systems, but definetely NOT low foot print, animals are low foot print, (no cloathing, simple shelter, only eating to survive and contributing by compost(manure) and even helping prevent desertification by eating plant material.(before it decays naturally and oxydises))
ISTP 196
ISTP 196 21 day ago
Brilliant, just brilliant; especially the energy systems! "I dunno, we wanted it long . . ." 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍
Cristian Moya Romero
How long will those systems work? Are they a 1 time in life investment or they have to replace them every couple years?
onliiine 22 days ago
carbon free means free from the indigenous people to the land
kim arlando
kim arlando 24 days ago
Boleh gak istri loo gue entot kwkwkw
mr bloxey
mr bloxey 25 days ago
these people- we wanted to show our house skeleton me- well my skeleton is hidden in my body so your house should be to
saiko 22 days ago
so your teeth are hidden too? that is weird
I really want to do this
Paola Rodriguez
Paola Rodriguez 28 days ago
Loove that kitchen space
papaburger Month ago
can this house go completely off-grid indefinitely ? What suppliers do they need to maintain its off-grid capabilities every year ?
Ronan Barthon
Ronan Barthon Month ago
Three weeks! They know nothing of what to expect yet.
theylied1776 Month ago
I don't trust that cat.
Lava You
Lava You Month ago
After building my own tiny house on no experience, no prior knowledge, and nearly no help. I can tell you that the process is complex, and each phase can be nearly overwhelming. YOU MUST COMMIT TO YOUR DESIGN PHASE AND GO OVER IT AGAIN AND AGAIN PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION! I started before the tv shows-back when the permits were unavailable, back when no county or city officials would even talk to me about the legalities, back when everyone said:why don't you just buy an RV. This is a difficult process. Even more difficult to avoid analysis paralysis. While the "Living Big" videos are fun and entertaining, they lack in practicality. Most people who are going to build a tiny house seem to have hired help for design, construction, and planning. Interviewing people who are willing to share their process is so important for people out there who do not have any background/resources in construction. I have watched so many of these videos and have yet to see much of anything that addresses the design and implementation process.....too boring I guess.
kenneth wright
kenneth wright Month ago
Dis is SUPER SWEET!!! Love it.
Emil Sydney
Emil Sydney Month ago
Very nice, but misleading. What is the carbon footprint of the driving they have to do every day to go to work, or shopping. How many cars they have. What is the carbon footprint to produce all high tech they use. How much they are polluting the land around them.
greg gregorich
greg gregorich Month ago
no one using Thermoelectric generators
The Art of Flying
Seriously not the point but caught my ear and I’m curious... did anybody else hear a German accent from her? Is she German?
Quaalude Charlie
Would be great to have one of these in My Driveway :) QC
Guillermo brito valles
she's hot
Scuba Diver
Scuba Diver Month ago
A tiny house on wheels. How is that different from a camper?
Caitlin Rose
Caitlin Rose Month ago
tour starts at 7:34
BSB 1963
BSB 1963 Month ago
3 weeks -really
Marleise Rashford
Lovely home. Enjoy.
rblibit Month ago
WOW! Totally self sufficient! And I love the design. Good for both of you!!!! I will be doing a rain dance for you.
KALEIDO jess Month ago
It's just a salad bowl but it's amazing. I'm really impressed.
shyedha Month ago
My concern is how do people keep valuables in tiny houses? If I were to live in one, it would be an utmost concern . Thieves can break in anytime. That’s what I think anyways .
EarthLifeLover Month ago
Annett is German right?
brent jarvis
brent jarvis 2 months ago
I feel that you don't have to go that small
Justice Forall
Justice Forall 2 months ago
This is so amazing. Great job.
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 2 months ago
Would be cool if they used a tesla powerwall 2 :D , hehehe , but it's just too damn expensive :)
223 Tino
223 Tino 2 months ago
Young scientists in action
Loubet Lola
Loubet Lola 2 months ago
Hello, I'd like to know if I could use 2 seconds of the house visual for a video for a project about water and new sustainable ways of using it. Would that be possible if we credit you ?
Peya Luna
Peya Luna 2 months ago
they got a great set-up for living (mostly) off-grid, but you still need money for some essentials you need to buy, plus whatever amount of rent they´re paying for the land, so....where the heck do they get the money they need to live like that?
RichieT5 2 months ago
Great house and clever energy tech, such a shame they don,t have have a deck/ verandah
Night Owl
Night Owl 3 months ago
Ready for anything??!!! I'll say no more.
Trev Bermi
Trev Bermi 3 months ago
is it me or does the wife of guy sound European?
qwrtyz 3 months ago
She’s got a German accent.
Evgeny TV
Evgeny TV 3 months ago
Ребята, супер. Удачи Вам!
ElLengthwise VLOG
ElLengthwise VLOG 3 months ago
The location is heaven 😍
Mika Morgan
Mika Morgan 3 months ago
I will hate a composting toilet. Imagine having a dinner party and having to explain to the guest how to use the toilet 😬
Majin Buddha
Majin Buddha 3 months ago
I bet they gonna have water problems if theres a drought, they need another water supply.
saahib aalim zafir
saahib aalim zafir 3 months ago
makes a great gift in retirement to a responsible young adult family member.
saahib aalim zafir
saahib aalim zafir 3 months ago
i am concerned with cluttering. it seems a minimalist interior design is absolutely necessary.
saahib aalim zafir
saahib aalim zafir 3 months ago
the new trailer parks of america.
Susan Nichols
Susan Nichols 3 months ago
"I don't know: How refreshing to hear from non architect-designers
Zakaria Al Mamun
Zakaria Al Mamun 3 months ago
Everything except, yknow... Space
Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams 3 months ago
65 what?
Manuel Cojocaru
Manuel Cojocaru 3 months ago
I fell asleep watching documentaries and this annoying voice- son-of-a-bitch wake me up with is stupid annoying voice.
Doodle Boy
Doodle Boy 3 months ago
There is a solar panel which generates water . You guys should definitely check it out
Jenni Metahu
Jenni Metahu 3 months ago
7:35 video begins...
ce gz
ce gz 3 months ago
I have a question about weight considerations and construction: they built the house in the middle of nowhere, it's completely off-grid and lets assume that for some reason they will never move the house, does it really matter the building codes if nobody sees it? I'm not from Australia so I don't really know how things work legally
Sassy me
Sassy me 3 months ago
Sadly so many places are making off grid illegal
Wandering man
Wandering man 3 months ago
And they would say... You shall not have a tiny house! Now bow to your king peasant!
Opy Brook
Opy Brook 3 months ago
Charlie Rothwill
Charlie Rothwill 3 months ago
RICH KIDS SOLVING RICH KID PROBLEMS ! Such a cute game they're playing.
Wendy Weaver
Wendy Weaver 3 months ago
Charlie Rothwell - Hard working couple who saved enough money from their salaries to self-build a tiny home. Why the hostility?
Charlie Rothwill
Charlie Rothwill 3 months ago
Not in the U.S they can't tax it -you can't have it !
Wendy Weaver
Wendy Weaver 3 months ago
Charlie Rothwell - In the U.S., tiny homes are built to qualify as RVs and are taxed as RVs are. It is local laws and regulations that inhibit and/or prohibit using tiny homes/RVs/vans for full time living. However, many towns, cities and counties are making changes to allow tiny homes as full-time residences and a number are no longer requiring water and sewer hook-ups when equipped with approved toilets and disposal systems. A few are also allowing using collected rainwater, and/or the re-use of greywater, that has been properly filtered.
Brenda Kirkland
Brenda Kirkland 3 months ago
Funniest couple yet ! Love the house 🏡 too
Amorist Eclectic
Amorist Eclectic 3 months ago
Great couple! Wonderful sense of humor. I could so live in a house like this. They got it all figured out!
Ike the ranter
Ike the ranter 3 months ago
Any updates?? How do you keep your batteries cool? Post an Update!!!
Ash 3 months ago
Doesnt have guns tho, or a fence at least. bad people could go in, rape and kill'em, take over the place till soenone else does the same to them.
Ave Nero
Ave Nero 3 months ago
She kinda sounds like she has a German accent. 🤔
Ave Nero
Ave Nero 3 months ago
@Sandra Toggenburger Guess I only noticed cuz I'm German myself ;)
Sandra Toggenburger
Sandra Toggenburger 3 months ago
Right?!? first thing i noticed!
Mystic Wine
Mystic Wine 3 months ago
Try parking this on a city lot. Ain't gonna happen.
J Bello
J Bello 3 months ago
how come so many tiny house people quit there job and working from home?? am i missing something? i've seen like 10 videos already of tiny house people working from home... the rest of us must be doing something wrong then
Tina Louise
Tina Louise 3 months ago
Sooo cool this is very inspiring to be living off grid like this that it is possible kind of like an earthship and van living all in one .. bye bye grid
Felicity Cordell
Felicity Cordell 3 months ago
I'd like to know what brand of Solar Setup they use, I looked up Giant Power but they only sell the batteries I think not the panels.
Andrew Chiausa
Andrew Chiausa 3 months ago
Paul Nubreu
Paul Nubreu 3 months ago
There two are idiots and have been socially engineered just like their rules desired.
Wendy Weaver
Wendy Weaver 3 months ago
Paul Nubreu - ????????
K Gifford
K Gifford 4 months ago
I believe the biogas digesters produce a bad odor tho???
LifestyleTales 4 months ago
Such a lovely and fun couple
Red Ivy Ivy
Red Ivy Ivy 4 months ago
This a Very beautiful smart home great job...
El final relajante
El final relajante 4 months ago
Can a use one panel in a house of that size?
haku 4 months ago
they don't grow food? also, they said they keep their humanure for 6 to 12 months before using it: where do they keep it during this time? and does humanure include pee?
David Merlin
David Merlin 4 months ago
Imagine climbing those stairs when you get older.
Teo Conserv
Teo Conserv 4 months ago
She is so wonderfully german. :-)
Just One
Just One 4 months ago
Amazing! Just gorgeous!
U.S. PATRIOT 4 months ago
When I do it, it will he done "right" as well. Great ideas to borrow here. Would like mine to include a running stream, for added energy source and fresh water source. Great stuff here indeed.🙏🇺🇸👍
John McGuire
John McGuire 4 months ago
Eco and Lib folk must unite against Gov and Corp BS
Ghost 4 months ago
I wish I could do this in the UK
jonesjones hop
jonesjones hop 4 months ago
Thank u bryce, u r absolutely great. Love all ur videos..
Thomas Moser
Thomas Moser 4 months ago
it seems like there are 2 main sources where you can get a hint of what it's like to live off grid 1. the people who are trying to go off grid with all the comfort they can get and everything is fine and they tell you their story through pink glasses because they get interviewed at a time when they lived in their new homes for a few weeks to a few months (in rare cases 1 to 2 years but still everything is fine and they had no problems) and 2. the people who don't give a shit about the new and modern lifestyle called "reduce your co2 footprint", they go off grid with only a little comfort because they wanted to live a simple life and these are the people that are going to tell you the complete brutal truth about what it's like to live off grid because they don't want to encourage you to do the same and they don't chosen this live because they saw it on the internet or on the tv and thought "let's do this because it's cool". they are usually older people who can fight against harsh conditions and know how to help themselfs because things like a hospital, a grocery store or a automobil club don't exist out there.
Omar Pulido
Omar Pulido 4 months ago
This is beautiful. I would love to see an update.
Patata 4 months ago
I got too focused on their cat. 😍 Multiple colors. 🤗😚😚 I wish could hug it. 😹😻😽 Anyway great house from water, electricity, everything. I want a house like this but it's probably expensive to achieve. But I would like it better as a normal house on a big land with those machines and all so I won't pay to have water and electricity. 😂
crazzylee 4 months ago
I think a hydrogen fuel cell would handle the gas better. It needs slid-outs. No wind turbine?
jeff mays
jeff mays 4 months ago
Ah, beta!
Philip Tomkins
Philip Tomkins 4 months ago
Just looking at the setup before even watching the vid and I'm impressed.
gasdorfic muncher
gasdorfic muncher 4 months ago
hope it works out for them , winters are harsh thier pretty thin walls ?
MrCrossbone 4 months ago
They did an impressive job for renewable energy - especially the gas machine. Likes the skeletons by the fridge but I didn't know Australia rains. Maybe install a water well pump.
Geo Yoshinaka
Geo Yoshinaka 4 months ago
Would be so interesting to see a followup on this Tinyhouse! How did they fair during winter and possible drought ? Did the biogas production suffice during the low temperatures? So many questions !!! Thanks for your very informative and inspiring videos!
Joshua G
Joshua G 4 months ago
Awesome show. I found myself watching so many episodes back to back, just fascinated with the houses, the stories, and the amazing drive, passion and ingenuity of the tiny house owners. Keep up the great work in highlighting the many unique tiny houses and their owners!
Lionwoman 4 months ago
Sadly here were I live it wouldn't be so affordable because of laws. Specially for solar panels, there's actually a fee for using it. Crazy.
Ah Kin Choong
Ah Kin Choong 4 months ago
lots of thoughts had been put in to building this house, great achievement to be independent of modern connectivity like water and power.
Disabler 4 months ago
Say no to the grid!
Cheddar Roman
Cheddar Roman 4 months ago
Desk looks suspiciously sketchy
Forgiven and Blessed
Loving the biogas deal. I'll be looking into that here in the States for when I go off grid. What a beautiful home!
What's Growing On
What's Growing On 4 months ago
How do they wash their clothes??
Wendy Weaver
Wendy Weaver 3 months ago
What's Growing On - The video showed a washer/dryer combo in the bathroom.
Mariano Perez
Mariano Perez 4 months ago
Great idea!
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 4 months ago
Nide house and dude keep her she is hott 🔥
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