Amazing Off-The-Grid Tiny House Has Absolutely Everything!

Living Big In A Tiny House
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This tiny house is ready for anything! Completely off the grid, this tiny home on wheels generates it's own solar power, collects rain water, uses solar water heating and even generates it's own bio gas for cooking.
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Paul and Annett had been living the city life, in an apartment in Sydney, Australia. A desire to lower their impact on the earth and live closer to nature lead them to designing and building their own eco-friendly tiny house powered by renewable energies and moving onto a remote property outside of Byron Bay.
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20 апр 2018

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Комментарии 1 889
Epi C
Epi C 36 минут назад
I love the way those 2 laughed!
Oleksandr Kuznietsov
Oleksandr Kuznietsov 15 часов назад
молодці! красива пара! Бажаю вам щастя та здоров'я ,здійснення мрій!
Piano & Clarinet
Piano & Clarinet 2 дня назад
love plants in jars :) awesome idea :)
Kate Lily
Kate Lily 2 дня назад
Sucks being poor. Can't afford healthy organic food, nor living off the grid.
Karmus 2 дня назад
You should mass-produce this tiny house as a modular caravan/mobile home and you would be billionaires.
blackmagick77 4 дня назад
Do the panels ever get damaged from ice, snow, wind or debris?
Megantropus Erectus
Megantropus Erectus 4 дня назад
update on the winter pls...
Rhys ALBA 5 дней назад
Think they smoked a fat reefer before this interview. They got mad giggles
Pierrot 6 дней назад
Be AWare, you Fry your Brain in the Middle of Nature with Solar pannels over your bed! And indoor heavy metals acid batteries creating gas bad to breath! Be aware friends ;-)
Glen Risk
Glen Risk 6 дней назад
What about insulation?
CLAWZGALAW 7 дней назад
I love this couple!!! They are so goofy🤣🤣🤣
CLAWZGALAW 7 дней назад
LMAO!!! “I don’t know... we wanted it long?!” 🤣🤣🤣 I DIED!🤣💀
Nameless Cynic
Nameless Cynic 8 дней назад
How do people find 'someone' with acres of beautiful land who just 'let you set up your house' on it? This is probably the hardest part of living off grid.
DoubtLizard 8 дней назад
Awesome Build! Would love more information about the gas generator!
Kittzy 8 дней назад
Its nice, but the house is kinda wasted space,
Malcolm Price
Malcolm Price 9 дней назад
Great achievement. I hope it delivers what you have hoped for.
Derek Frampton
Derek Frampton 9 дней назад
Goals. I'd love to have the land to put something like this on. Excellent vid and excellent engineering on this Tiny!
Wow... 👌👍😉😘😁😁 😁
ilove2929 11 дней назад
The only thing missing is a farm, for eggs and milk, and veggie garden
Naaomi Sealy
Naaomi Sealy 11 дней назад
ok this was my favorite it has everything I could dream of it’s a copy paste for me ❣️
Ben L
Ben L 13 дней назад
Such a nice couple. All the best
John Smith
John Smith 13 дней назад
Brilliant, love it :-)
Clyde Livingston
Clyde Livingston 14 дней назад
3 weeks!?
Mohammad Dhany Saidin
Mohammad Dhany Saidin 15 дней назад
This couple are humble. I love their idea that not taking the mortgage for big house which is supposed to be.
greg Wade
greg Wade 15 дней назад
People don’t really wanna live this way for the false climate change global warming bs. They wanna do it to get away from government control
H4CK61 16 дней назад
I like the idea of off grid but no carbon footprint they sound like a pair of fucking Libtard idiots.
tooobe12345 16 дней назад
Any way to get more information on the type of battery storage system they are using? 😃
Katsunov 17 дней назад
good idea, great show and best platform to show off but the host really lacks entertainment value that's needed to keep the conversation going through..... still love the house :)
Kell Schultz
Kell Schultz 17 дней назад
Oh PFO with the BS 'carbon footprint' trash. Going off grid is cool but that would be the last reason I would do somthing this.
Steven Barnhill
Steven Barnhill 18 дней назад
This is very cool i real hope everything is still going well for them!
Lali Blackcastle
Lali Blackcastle 18 дней назад
cant you follow up on them please
John Douglas
John Douglas 19 дней назад
yeaaaa fuck that. if thats your "dream" have at it, but when it's urban landscapes of millions of those with millions of people crammed into tiny spaces, things are going to go HORRIBLY wrong for humanity, and that IS the way it's going, except, vertically. why anyone would want to live in a shoe box is beyond me.
Jasper Edwards
Jasper Edwards 19 дней назад
this is the stuck up git channel
Jose Luis
Jose Luis 20 дней назад
Methane AKA fart.
Omnipitous 20 дней назад
It's true. Australia is an amazing land occupied by surprisingly amazing people. On ya.
chazoclock 20 дней назад
How do you get to the hanging clothes? they're too high to reach.
karlwashere123 20 дней назад
Take it from somebody who's lived off grid for over a year. Living with a setup like this absolutely sucks. I am back on the grid. I have three refrigerators a wet bar a deep freezer I do an excessive amount of laundry I can run up to Walmart leave my stove on I can wash my bed linens in discriminately pressure wash my vehicles flush my toilet every time I pee take a long shower every night iron any piece of laundry run spot lights around my property at night leave my computer and router running indefinitely have Christmas decorations have football and Super Bowl parties have Christmas parties 4 flat screen televisions with a security system and a large monitor in the kitchen. Garbage disposal dishwasher slow cooker coffee pot... I mean I can just go on and on. Living off grid sucks. Your water and power consumption is an endless pain in the ass that you never stop thinking about. It's the little things too like having an electric blanket or falling asleep watching a RUvid video. Your first impression is well you can do without a lot of these things but over a period of time all these things build up into a gnawing anxiety and sense of inconvenience. Endless maintenance always staring at rain clouds and counting every inch of water and hoping to God you don't sprain an ankle or the tire doesn't blowout on the car because your whole world falls apart around you. believe me it's not worth it.
April Jenkins
April Jenkins 20 дней назад
Could you please message me I would love a off the grid house
mickey blowman
mickey blowman 21 день назад
Not sure with the use of steel framing though, it produces a large carbon footprint in manf process but is lighter and almost a necessity in OZ due to termites. Most suppliers in wont warranty if within 500m of coastal areas. Renewable timber framing though has minimal carbon manf footprint and stores co2 but susceptible to vermin, rot and is heavier, i.e. wider framing size due to height and windzone.
Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)
It looks bigger inside. I want the smallest tiny house.
RobotZer0 22 дня назад
Someone will now find them and make a horror movie.
Pak De
Pak De 22 дня назад
not Australian so a bit confused why you elected to build an off grid home on wheels. just guessing it means your house isn't required to comply with building codes and the only requirements are that it is under the vehicle height and weight roadway specifications? sorrylready answered in comments.
madpet83 23 дня назад
Please tell me more about bioreactor and biogas system!
Butimar Seabird
Butimar Seabird 23 дня назад
yes an update after 1 year will be very interesting indeed
synergy inv
synergy inv 24 дня назад
Did You buy the land?
J F 24 дня назад
Great job guys. That's the aussie way live free and clean.
Kyle Waller
Kyle Waller 24 дня назад
3 weeks? Pssh.
Paul Paul
Paul Paul 24 дня назад
Nice place and nice land. These two are complete idiots, clearly they have been socially engineered.
Hodge Podge
Hodge Podge 25 дней назад
I hope their not in the western 2/3's of Australia as that going underwater come the Pole Shift.
Fernando Rodriguez Almada
Fernando Rodriguez Almada 28 дней назад
I really loved this video guys. My sincerely respect for yours green responsibility. Also a beautiful decoration concept
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