Amazing Invisible Thread Levitation Tutorial

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DJ performs & explains how to levitate a bill and other small objects with the Invisible Thread Reel (ITR) or Invisible Loops.
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Feb 20, 2013




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Comments 61
MyITRcom 6 years ago
Hey thanks Debjit for promoting my product, this is James George the guy who invented the ITR many years ago, and I am very appreciative that you are selling the Original from Sam Dalal at Funtyme Magic We gave him special pricing and permission for India through my close friend Uday Jadugar. Just wanted to say hi, hope you can come by some time if you are ever in Bangalore India.
lcvely yuno
lcvely yuno 2 years ago
MyITRcom if j dont use them that much will they still break the next time you use it from the weakness?
Guide to Street Magic
@preet dixit www.propdog.co.uk/itr-micro-thread-invisible
preet dixit
preet dixit 5 years ago
@Debjit Chaudhuri cool from where i can get the ITR
preet dixit
preet dixit 5 years ago
coool Debjit Chaudhuri u r good
Guide to Street Magic
@MyITRcom I will :)
Daniel Shapiro
Daniel Shapiro 5 days ago
Abhishekh Hazarika
Abhishekh Hazarika 6 months ago
How to make the invisible thread😕
David Tsedaka
David Tsedaka 6 months ago
An Indian with a scarf is where I suspected. It's really hot in India
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Gladiator7 7
Gladiator7 7 7 months ago
Thank you!
Hope Emmanuel
Hope Emmanuel 7 months ago
This is the best performance I've seen Ur good magician
Magic club
Magic club Year ago
Bro can u suggest an itr for IT works.is S***** p** any good!
4 Joker
4 Joker Year ago
Sir card ko kese floting control karte hai apne agle video mai battayye nah. who bi isee I T R ke jareeye
AngryFlagman Year ago
Is invisible thread strong enough to turn on a water faucet? I'm trying to debunk ghost activities on other videos.
AA Year ago
Why is the intro 1 minute long? ._.
Jahmar Scarlett
Is make of to make it or I can buy it online
Thanks for explaining how this trick works!
Nikhil Halambi
Nikhil Halambi 2 years ago
Does the thread reel get over?
Magic Squad HINDI
Yes... It's a spring system inside the device.... If the thread brakes then it reduces.... If not then it's stored...
Prodeckers hindi
Prodeckers hindi 2 years ago
Hey how I get it
Stijn B
Stijn B 2 years ago
one minute intro
Praedatos 3 years ago
Hi, very cool Video. Can you tell me wich Device is used to give the Bill from hand to hand?
MePikachu 3 years ago
Nice thread work
alexa pineda
alexa pineda 3 years ago
friend I want to buy this magic trick but seriously completemente the thread is invisible? because buy one recently and was not invisible thread
Guide to Street Magic
They are never completely invisible. You have to perform it in dark conditions with the audience a bit far away.
Malik Hameem
Malik Hameem 5 years ago
Magicians never reveal their secrets......dude grow up
Help me get 500 subs with no videos
Omg, how do people learn magic then.... companies like ellusionist... etc reveal tricks as a business
Anant Mall
Anant Mall 2 years ago
Magic would be dead after one generation if that was the case my friend..
Wow Review
Wow Review 4 years ago
+tom clark Exactly! Debjit please keep doing what you're doing & help us beginners learn magic :)
tom clark
tom clark 4 years ago
+Malik Hameem Magicians have been publishing and sharing magic secrets since time immemorial.
nice trick....
abdulleh the joker
abdulleh the joker 5 years ago
this trick it,s very cool
jeffmcc93 6 years ago
You can also use it to make an object fly around.
Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt 6 years ago
well you are awesome bro..........
Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt 6 years ago
from where did you buy this ITR ? I am getting it from amazon at a very high price
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
ohhhh hahah nice yup im a total bong
from Joker with love
bong mne bengali
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
thnx mate bt did u mean to say *BORN illusionist
from Joker with love
@amoghbrata bhattacharya nice to here words from an other bong illusionist :)
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
no problem bro same here i am also a magician but due to lack of time and a good quality cam making a video is a hard nut to crack
noshadow666 6 years ago
You need to learn the Z grip if you are going to make your levitation look convincing, just tapping your finger on the line is giving away the gimmick completely. Also don't be afraid to stand up straight and walk away from the bill a little, you are using a reel so the bill will stay where it is if you are careful.
alexa pineda
alexa pineda 3 years ago
friend magic trick invisible thread spool thread is 100% that I buy one but the thread is not know what has happened?
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
hey are you bengali iam to bengali i live in tripura india noth east do you live in west bengal
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
@ debjit chaudhuri oh shit i f only i had know i would have gone there you know i just visited kolkata 4 weeks back but thanx maxi mum of my family lives there i will tell them to parcel me a pakage
Guide to Street Magic
@amoghbrata bhattacharya yeah Funtime Innovations in Ripon Street
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
@Debjit Chaudhuri is there a magic shop in kolkata beacause it just few days i came from kolkata
Guide to Street Magic
thank u
Amoghbrata Bhattacharya
finally i met a bengali in youtube your tutorils are nice
pedimano 6 years ago
You are doing magic like Howard and you talk like Raj :)
Guide to Street Magic
no but im annoying as Sheldon :P
pedimano 6 years ago
But are you smart as Sheldon;)
Guide to Street Magic
hahaha lol & I'm a nerd with glasses like Leonard.. basically I'm the BBT cast rolled into one :D
Morgan Levennder
Morgan Levennder 6 years ago
This is ugly...
irpan hanapi
irpan hanapi 6 years ago
is that awsome very nice thanks
Subikash Dhar
Subikash Dhar 6 years ago
if you ar a street magician.. use loops..i don't recommend using IT.. the are very risky..or if u have to use one use tarantula..
Akok Longkumer
Akok Longkumer 8 months ago
Spider pen pro is the best fir street magic
Guide to Street Magic
yeah i had realized that & so have shortened the intro in my next videos
GamezForMe 6 years ago
nice video and performance. If you need constructive critisism, i'd advise you to shorten your intro a bit, but other than that great video
Andy M
Andy M 6 years ago
rogue wave
rogue wave 7 years ago
I'm nearly positive he just needs to wind the elastic by twisting his caps and it'll zip back in.
marvelousmarv01 7 years ago
With that you can pull the IT through the outer tube trough the hole and the loose rubberband through the outer tube. Fix the rubber band in the cap, put the cap back on and you're done. If the rubber band is somehow woren out or even broken, you can always try and replace it with a similar rubber band. But make sure you have the same type of rubber band on both sides! I could make a video, if its not clear to you. I tend to describe stuff too complicated sometimes ;)
marvelousmarv01 7 years ago
The rubber band is most likely fixed somehow in the caps. In mine they are held inside the caps by a clear plastic circle. Try to get that out carefully on one side. Don't let the band rip. The other cap can remain intact, just take it off the outer tube. Now you should have the inner tube with the IT and the rubber bands separated. Now you can look for knots or loops that block the reel. After you fixed everything, straighten a paperclip and make a hook on one end.
marvelousmarv01 7 years ago
What I encountered a few times is, that when the IT is too loose while the reel retracts it, it loops around the rubber band or knots somewhere. That might block your reel. Look whether the IT is all around the center of the inner tube, or if it goes somewhere to the edges of it. If you are careful, you can dissemble the ITR. Just make sure you cant lose parts, as they might jump away when you take it apart.
Guide to Street Magic
if its not zipping back up, then the elastic must have lost its elasticity & there's nothing you can do about it. The main function of your reel is broken so basically now its just a repository for your IT. & the thread only gets tangled when it develops a slack so I suggest you keep the hook-up tight at all times.
Laurence Hudierez
Laurence Hudierez 7 years ago
Dude my reel is all tangled cause it started when I got it wasn't attached to the wax then around 15 mins of getting the end out and putting wax but now tangled and not zipping back up (I have done magic since 8 but never used a reel only thread and card and coins ) do u have any tips on untangling
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield 7 years ago
Great video! your magic is awsome! you could be the next chris angel
rjravaz 7 years ago
Your accent is cool and your magic is great
rjravaz 7 years ago
Your so disrespectful!
Guide to Street Magic
thanks a lot :)
GamerZoneElite 7 years ago
Great patter! I like how you performed it!
Andy P
Andy P 7 years ago
wow r u insane? u must be extremely unhappy and sad with your miserable life to go and make fun of the way someone speaks.u also must have a brain the size of a peanut. this kid is clearly happy and having a good time sharing his illusions. beat it.
Guide to Street Magic
sorry its the only one i've got :/
SubOhm GLI
SubOhm GLI 7 years ago
Annoying accent
q Lu
q Lu 7 years ago
wow, gratz for totally ruining that. a great magician never reveals his secrets.
Mark Bruno
Mark Bruno 7 years ago
When you said wax i lmao just like the guy in van wilder movie. Lol smack cram grab the art of muff diving hahaha!!
ghulam syed
ghulam syed 7 years ago
u look like the guy from life of pi
Kapil Rungta
Kapil Rungta 7 years ago
thanks for educating me about the itr :P
Guide to Street Magic
Guide to Street Magic
no sorry :/ i buy online
Guide to Street Magic
kolkata. u?
Guide to Street Magic
local magic shop
Subham Shrivastava
Subham Shrivastava 7 years ago
where do you buy these ? ITR
Subham Shrivastava
Subham Shrivastava 7 years ago
good continue . where r u frm in india ?
Guide to Street Magic
yes. I'll be uploading tutorials with street performances from next week.
Abhinay Gawali
Abhinay Gawali 7 years ago
Is this part of your season?
PlanetSensei 7 years ago
I had not yet seen much about threads, so this is a nice introduction for me! :-)
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