Amateur Football ● Funny Moments | #4

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▷ In this KYSTAR video you will see the best and funny moments of amateur football 2018, sunday league football vines. amateur football vines. soccer. Amateur football fights, amateur football fails, sunday league football moments, sunday league football vines. amateur football skills & Goals. Amateur football best moments Worst sunday league football / amateur football moments Amateur Football ● Fails, Tackles, Skills & Goals
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Comments 54
KYSTAR Month ago
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Ernesto Boom
Ernesto Boom 2 days ago
2:32 definitely irish
AsherBenjamin11 4 days ago
I can't decide what's funnier in 2:00
Mr 5
Mr 5 11 days ago
1:16 Quality 😂
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *whatch this ❤️❤️❤️❤️* 1:21 🔥💯🎬 👇 👇 👇 👇💯
Jakeywakey905 _
Jakeywakey905 _ 15 days ago
In the first clip if that was any professional footballer they would act like they have just been shot.
Anton Gray
Anton Gray 16 days ago
What's the intro song👀
Matthew 17 days ago
Since coronavirus took away most sport this is the best we've got thanks 😊
Pete Burns
Pete Burns 17 days ago
Those stupid twats who DIVED !! In amateur footy should be fuckin ashamed of themselves....it wasnt michael owen an steven gerard was it?
Ro Le
Ro Le 18 days ago
0:31 it’s like watching David De Gea in EA FIFA 2020, the soccer simulation parody.
Benedict Asare
Benedict Asare 20 days ago
Kelly Frimpong
Kelly Frimpong 21 day ago
Abe 21 day ago
You must watch: "Schoppartij in Zeijen gaat viraal" is a Dutch clip, but really funny!
TBS JR 23 days ago
3:13 K.O
Gracie Thompson
Gracie Thompson 23 days ago
2:16 what a neymar
Spectacular Spaghetti
That last clip: Wow, i didnt know fottball was MMA...
Brayden Mower
Brayden Mower 26 days ago
I love how all of these are people who are in recreational.
David Große
David Große Month ago
1:58 instant karma
Greenleaf2010 Month ago
"2020" "I'm in love with football Funny Football Comedy You MUST See..." ruvid.net/video/video-aHEE_teJskM.html 📌
Dan Geering
Dan Geering Month ago
"2020" "Football is fun View Latest Football Comedy..." ruvid.net/video/video-aHEE_teJskM.html 📌
Andrew Hartill
Andrew Hartill Month ago
1:00 foul penalty as he stopped his forwards motion
SaLt Panini
SaLt Panini 18 days ago
Andrew Hartill no one gives a fuck
Johnny Loves Lisa So Much And Mark Is Best Friend
2:30 his good enough for the prem
pykkervots Month ago
The Beautiful Game
‘Diving Lessons’ are paying-off then.
rafiki 54
rafiki 54 Month ago
subscribe to my youtube channel !!
Clive TheRedDevil
0:30 ha ha haaaaaaaa
UkzDestroyerZ Month ago
the last one is pure gold 😂😂
reza syuhada
reza syuhada Month ago
best part 1;30-1;38
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Month ago
3:05 No thank you.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Month ago
0:10 Did the fouled player pooped his pants?
Francesco Lolli
Francesco Lolli Month ago
Fantozzi: married vs no married...
Gábor Végh
Gábor Végh Month ago
Outro name PLS
jerry Lott
jerry Lott Month ago
Grass roots football ... can’t beat it 🤔😆
NASA F Month ago
2:18 "bend it like Beckham"... or not.😝
SirSebastian Wielki
Mainly.is engl8sh cows
Grizzly01 28 days ago
wtf is any of that comment supposed to mean?
Funniest was the ball that 'dissapeared' on top of the guys head!!! "Where ball go???"
krzycho krzycho
krzycho krzycho Month ago
Polska klasa B się przy tym chowa
José Esparza
José Esparza Month ago
Good one ref min 2:00 the ones in blue who slided outside of the box and tackled what apears to be a center back defender and lunge with its football boot cleats in its own team mate and ref calls a foul 🤣
the way I see it
This is good.
Fendi J
Fendi J Month ago
1:31 where is the damn ball
Chris Burner
Chris Burner Month ago
1:10 - the opposing substitute bench applauds? 🤣
Tom Williams
Tom Williams Month ago
@98hfcblack that wasn't a tackle, that was assault with intent..
Jordan Davies
Jordan Davies Month ago
That was island games actually mate the red is ynys môn Melvin mcginess
98hfcblack Month ago
That's Sunday league people love a good tackle
Sarah Lopez
Sarah Lopez Month ago
1:32 exactly what Chandler would do...
Make me Happy
Make me Happy Month ago
It's funny 😅👍
Kitchen-deejay Month ago
Petra Arnold
Petra Arnold Month ago
hammergeil 😌
CarFlo Soccer
CarFlo Soccer Month ago
Name of outro?
Football star
Football star Month ago
subcribe my channel to enjoy my viedos
Γιάννης Καπνιάς
Another one please?
Γιάννης Καπνιάς
@KYSTAR yeyyyyy
KYSTAR Month ago
Γιάννης Καπνιάς Soon!
im not lazy
im not lazy Month ago
The two last ones killed me😂😂
titiu Negan
titiu Negan Month ago
0:08 foi nada segue o jogo
theRealfizz - FIFA Predictions & More
1:19 💀💀💀
KYSTAR Month ago
The Real Fizz - FIFA & Football 😂
Levinho Levinho
Levinho Levinho Month ago
Nice 👌
KYSTAR Month ago
Levinho Levinho 👍
Jayplay_ YT
Jayplay_ YT Month ago
Claudio Pilolli
Claudio Pilolli Month ago
KYSTAR Month ago
Jayplay_ YT 😂
Enzo Rafael
Enzo Rafael Month ago
Muito foda muito foda
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