Am I dumb? [CC]

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
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Comments 80
Jessica LaVergne
I had selective mutism as a kid. Because I didn't speak, people would talk about me like I wasn't there. It's like they forgot that I could hear perfectly fine.
ZebraWarriorGirl 3000
I love your hair it's so gorgeous
Lanloiv Jane
Lanloiv Jane 2 days ago
ok i understand what ur coming from but like it litteraly means a completely different meaning NOW and u said the same with gay it meant happy but now it means well GAY no ones saying dumb and meaning what it meant years ago frick a lot of people don’t even know it used to mean that i’m sorry but no ones meaning dumb like that and u shouldn’t be telling people to stop using a word just because it had a different meaning years ago
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 7 days ago
"I will ignore the common usage of a word and it's intended meaning so that I can be offended by the usage of said word based on its dictionary definition. Context and intent are less important than my desire to play victim"
Eve vxx
Eve vxx 10 days ago
I must say, I absolutely hate it when people use mental health issues as descriptors and adjectives for small inconsistencies and perhaps habits or even accidents. You have no idea how it feels to genuinely have these issues, and it is terribly insulting to those who do. There are many other words in the English dictionary to describe how you feel, there's no need to use mental health as descriptors
Sir Toad
Sir Toad 11 days ago
i'm neither deaf or dumb, but i still have a small d
Petr Novák
Petr Novák 12 days ago
You are amazing and your videos are great! (I would however disagree with 7:08 , I think it is a compliment, to all the hard work you put in your perfect speach. I dont see any way at all how it isn´t? It is only said in relation to how great your pronounciation is. I understand it doesnt make you feel happy, but it is definitely meant as a compliment, right? )
M R 12 days ago
My dad had dyslexia and struggled a lot in school but his mom really tutored him and got him through. He ended up going to law school, become a JAG ( judge advocate general- US military lawyer), served in the Army for 30 years retired as a colonel with four college degrees and is now the director of privacy and disclosure at the social security administration.. so it doesn’t define you and don’t let it get you down
Choco Joonie
Choco Joonie 13 days ago
You're beautiful from inside and outside !!!! 💜
Tweek The Mighty
Tweek The Mighty 15 days ago
My middle school decided that my Tourettes Syndrome was grounds to hold me back a year. In the end it wasn't all bad, but all throughout my school years kids assumed I was special needs because of it.
Caillum O Connor
Caillum O Connor 17 days ago
I love the way you can speak ❤️
Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook 18 days ago
oh.....I’m gay
Y2Ksnowglobe 26 days ago
I have never been more delighted to high five another genetically impaired person through a video before.
Widow Keeper
Widow Keeper 29 days ago
In all honesty, I really don't agree with this as a disabled person myself. I think we're just handing people more power to weaponize insults with, and we are giving able-people excuses not to focus on the more important issues minorities in general face. I'm really not seeing awareness being raised or better treatment.
Stew Month ago
OMG! I love your hair. It reminds me of 1940’s style. For some reason I have always loved that style. I was deaf from 12-14 years old. After seven operations I got my hearing back. I was completely deaf and hearing aids did not work. I am lucky to be able to hear. The first thing I heard after two and a half years was a kid screaming in the recovery room. It hurt my ears so much. It was like going out in the sun after being in a dark room.
Ozzisiya Month ago
Jessica: am I dumb? *i don’t need to watch this video to know that your not dumb, Jessica*
nannygoatj Month ago
An example of "dumb" making its way into the lexicon in other ways: Dumb Waiter. ;^)
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton Month ago
I call myself stupid. It's true, but other people don't understand my stupid is different from them calling me it after disagreeing with me or putting me down to be mean, not trying to reach my level of understanding. I'm not intelligent. How to phrase it...
Annonimoose Q
Annonimoose Q Month ago
One more reason to be annoyed with Aristotle
Paige Andrews
Paige Andrews Month ago
I think, for some words, such as dumb, or psycho, or some of the more well-known words(r-word anyone?) there should be more awareness of the history and they shouldn't be used flippantly. However: I suffer from multiple mental illnesses. Some of them have affected me to the point of being "crazy" and "stupid." While those words aren't thrilling to hear applied to yourself, I also work in a retail environment and sometimes those are the only words for certain customers, where "irrational," "asshat," and "dipshit" won't cover it. I think, on one hand, policing language is wrong. On the other hand, I think every single person on the planet should learn the history of these ableist words and how they've deeply affected those in history and, hopefully, they'll eventually fall out of fashion. Maybe someday the mass populace will have better words for someone, like, say, Alex Jones, who thinks lesbians eat women's brains with a melon baller and chemicals in the water are turning the fricken frogs gay.
BigWingBoy Month ago
Wanna thank you for making videos for the disabled community that are so positive. This isn't particularly related to the video but you mentioning how easily ableist language seeps through into our normal vernacular made me a little more aware that while i'm never ableist towards anyone else, im always really ableist to myself. It's been worse than normal lately as I've learned im more than likely permanently disabled, but this video kind of offered me a new perspective when you said that it's "my choice to be proud of my disability, as well as to be annoyed by it". So thank you, your approach to your topics always makes me feel a little more at ease with myself.
Lynn Month ago
Genetically impaired. Thank you for introducing me to this self-identifier, it's eloquent and it feels right.
Bella Month ago
What are better words to use? In replying to someone in conversation, I'll often say, "That's so dumb!" or "That's crazy!" in a way of showing my sympathy and google didn't really give me much of an answer on which words I can replace these with.
Debbi Jackson
Debbi Jackson Month ago
I remember years ago when I was at the gas/store station. I put my debit card to pay for my gas. I couldn't hear the speakers. I kept trying to pay for gas. So, I decided to go inside the store and pay for it. Well, the cashier was rude to me. She says, " Are you deaf or dumb?? I have been calling you over the speakers to let you know that you have to pay inside". I told her, "Yes, I am deaf and proud of it. If you see a customer not listening, that means the customer are likely deaf or hearing loss". Her boss was standing behind her and she didn't know it. Cashier response back to me by saying that no deaf people should not be allowed go anywhere without another person who can hear. I was going say something to her but her boss tapped her shoulder and fired her right on spot. She was very rude. Boss gave me free gas. I told him it wasn't necessary but he insisted.
E1e4n0r5 Month ago
Partial deafness runs in my family - my maternal grandmother was born completely deaf in one ear and mostly deaf in the other, she used hearing aids all her life and even then it could be a struggle to communicate with her. My brother has some partial deafness (he speaks very loudly and can't hear you if you speak quietly or quickly, but he never needed hearing aids or struggled in school) My father is starting to lose his hearing now (aged 57) I also struggle with my hearing, but just a little. I can hear some things but not others (it seems to be low-pitched things that I don't always hear?) or sometimes I just completely mishear what someone said and it causes awkward moments. My team mates at work know all about this and are completely fine with repeating things or speaking more slowly and will laugh off any awkward moments caused by my slightly wonky hearing, but a few others don't believe me at all, seeming to think that I'm just looking for attention. I've never had my hearing tested but I'm getting close to it, just so I know.
Ava Month ago
why is ‘hearing impaired’ bad if ‘hard of hearing’ is good? both focus on what you can’t do and set hearing as the default. I’m not criticizing but i’m just curious about what makes certain terminology acceptable or unacceptable when they’re very similar :)
Teck Wai
Teck Wai Month ago
Jessica, you are the best person ever. U choose to make these videos to help people to understand how people like you are actually feeling
Marie Onishenko
Marie Onishenko Month ago
I’m using genetically impaired to describe my genetic conditions! Haha loves it
1655BestIran Month ago
Jessica you are superbly fabulous! Discovered your content this weekend at vidcon and l cant believe l havent found you earlier! I love your personality and approach to life! This vlog is so important and l learnt so much! I love how kind and gentle you are in how you explain terms, which is crucial in educating people. I have similar issues in being trans, people use words that they dont realise are problematic and so l am patient in how l correct them. Exactly as you say, we should all look to educate ourselves on matters we dont understand because treating people with respect, regardless of how they identify, is a wonderful human trait to cultivate!
Haley rose W
Haley rose W Month ago
I still remember when my father called my grandmother “nuts” for one of her compulsions from OCD not realizing that I (also having OCD) was in the room next door and could hear everything he was saying
Haley rose W
Haley rose W Month ago
I’m confused as to whether or not it is okay to use terms like crazy for non human things
Haley rose W
Haley rose W Month ago
I’m confused as to whether or not it is okay to use terms like crazy for non human things
Mustellidae berry
I don't understand. Isn't dumb just a word for stupid? I thought it used to be an old fashioned word for people who are mute? Maybe I'm completely wrong here but I thought it was inappropriately used the other way around? Idk, please explain.
Sazza997 Month ago
This might be a silly question, but I actually never realised that “dumb” and “mute” were meant to refer to deaf people, I assumed that they just meant people who for whatever reason are unable to speak and it never intersected in my mind that those people might not speak because of deafness. I imagined that “deaf and dumb” meant that the person was not only deaf but also could not speak (I believed that this would be due to some kind of medical issue preventing them from speaking, and that this might occur often with deaf people, as a linked condition). Are “dumb” and “mute” incorrect ways to refer to someone who just does not have the power of speech totally independent of deafness and if so, what is the correct term? I apologise if that’s an offensive question, I am fully abled and love this channel and comment section because I like to learn about different experiences and how I can be a better friend to all types of people. Any comments about how I can express myself better are welcome :)
JungleEddie Month ago
But what if you play a mean pinball?
Alex Trương
Alex Trương Month ago
"There, where mountains tower today, one day there will be seas; there where today seas surge, will one day be deserts. But stupidity will remain stupidity." ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
name 123
name 123 Month ago
You have the most amazing deaf voice I've ever heard. You speak incredibly well and clear. Your voice is like a RADA actress. Perhaps if fate or whatever hadn't given you your illnesses you might have been an actress? Just the theatrical vibe you convey. 😉 3:35 is your inner actress coming out. I'm guessing these vids aren't the complete you. You tend to act a bit for dramatic effect. Perhaps a defence mechanism to hide the real you? Just something I've noticed. Could be wrong of course! I reckon you'd be a great actress. 🤗
Jenny M.
Jenny M. Month ago
Wonderful content. Truly, informative.
The Cursed Dinkleberg
...... I guess I never knew what dumb actually meant.....
Matt Duncan
Matt Duncan Month ago
Is “mute” offensive in itself? Like not referring to deaf people but referring to people who can’t speak due to physical or psychological barrier? I know for autistic people who do not communicate verbally the term is “nonverbal” but I’ve heard some nonautistic people refer to themselves as “selectively mute”. Just curious!
Pamela Mars
Pamela Mars Month ago
I feel this with my stutter. I live with brain damage from a bad car accident that almost killed me. A lot of times I can’t figure out how to put my thoughts into words & I’ve seen eyes go wide, which makes it worse. I really don’t mind if people offer words I might be looking for or allow me a second. I feel sharing helps a lot & these videos help me to understand what other people experience.
There is beauty in your soul
Thank you for this. I refuse to use words like idiot, r word, crazy etc, but I thought dumb was just another way to say silly. *adds ''dumb'' to a list of words not to use*
There is beauty in your soul
also deaf and mute is still a big term where I live. Using just deaf feels weird because a lot, when I say A LOT of people use it as an ableist insult, so I can't feel right saying just deaf even tho I have no ill intent. I hate my country :(
Marcuri Month ago
For me being called unintelligent is far more ofensive than dumb, dumb is an everyday use with almost no meaning. Being called dumb is only portrayed on the action you just commited but telling me im unintelligent because of it is basically attacking my whole existence. I even call myself dumb but still believe im very intelligent sooo. Personal preference i guess.
LifeLostSoul Month ago
Okay I guess I'm a little bit confused. Couldn't hearing impaired be neutral as well, and just a description? I feel like this might be a spectrum and kinda how people want to identify on a spectrum. My husband has a job that is causing him to lose his hearing, and medical screenings to track it degarding. At the moment he can't understand me if he is in another room and he won't be able to hear/understand the waiter. He also has issues with tinnitus. So his hearing is starting to become impaired. He and medically/his job definitely wouldn't use the word deaf to describe his current hearing even though there are signs of it degrading. Like this situation I feel like hearing impaired might be an accurate description. 100% replacing deaf with heading impaired definitely seems wrong but because to me that is not what the words hearing impaired means. Can't both words be valid and not necessarily have to be attacking an idea?
Chanel Cruz
Chanel Cruz Month ago
What if someone is accurately mute? Is it more appropriate for me to say non-verbal? I’ve never referred to a deaf person as mute or dumb. I am astonished to learn that was a thing. But I do know that there are multiple medical conditions that could render someone unable to speak. There are also some that leave someone uninterested in communicating. (I feel like uninterested is the wrong word. But I’m also not sure the word I’m looking for) so what would be appropriate for those situations is basically what I’m asking? Non-verbal? Non-communicative? Unresponsive? What’s politically correct so I make sure to do better?
April Verbatim
April Verbatim Month ago
Subscribing... 🧙‍♀️❤
Fire Blaze
Fire Blaze Month ago
“Then ability to speak does not make you intelligent” - Qui-Gon
Sara Vallejo
Sara Vallejo Month ago
I didn't know about the word "dumb" so thank you for educating me! I will try to do better. :) "Lame" is the one that always makes me cringe, likely because it's the old-timey word for the condition I have the most experience with. I've done a good job explaining to the people I'm closest with why I don't like it, but haven't done as well outside my circle of closest friends and family.
yeet my waffles
yeet my waffles Month ago
I am bipolar and autistic so my brain fog is pretty bad sometimes and I catch myself saying "Oh I'm a little dumb today." not anymore
Joan Maria
Joan Maria Month ago
I've never understood mute to mean those who have the physical ability to speak but "can't" or don't because they are also deaf. I've always thought mute to be those who cannot speak because they simply physically cannot, like for example Helen Keller.
Zoe Beikoff-Bray
Would anyone be able to elaborate on the distinction between Deaf and deaf for me? I'm a bit confused and would truly appreciate insight 😊
Alix Night
Alix Night Month ago
How do you rebut people who use retard casually? It makes me angry but I never feel like I have the right thing to say. Especially since I'm an able person so I know I can be dismissed as someone who's just offended on behalf of others
Donswolkje Month ago
This talking of how the words gain different meanings over the years reminded me of how the word 'blij' ('happy' in Dutch) is recently being used as something negative. Often now used in a sarcastic tone people use it to mock cheerful people for being enthousiastic or expressing joy, having an upbeat personality. It upsets me greatly as happiness is already so hard to be found. To shame the people for something like that...
Jahara James
Jahara James Month ago
I’m a ESL (English as a second language) teacher to a couple of Japanese adult students, and recently we had a discussion surrounding different derogatory terms they knew, and explaining the context around them. Like the differences in strength between “jerk” and “asshole” for example. When talking about the words dumb, and stupid, they asked about the word retarded and I strongly warned them against using such a term in casual conversation to describe something or someone unpleasant. I told them how it was used in the past, but how over the years there’s been a big push not to say it (for a number of reasons most of us are aware of). I compared it to the use of the word gay being used for something negative. I DID however tell them that stupid and dumb were softer terms that were usually more acceptable and lighthearted. After watching this video I’ll make sure to go back to them during our next lesson and correct myself. I didn’t know the history behind the word dumb, but now that I do there’s no excuse for spreading that ignorance. So thanks :) you’re always a pleasure to learn from
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer Wells Month ago
Very interested by this video. I was aware that deaf and dumb is extremely rude and the history that makes it so. But I wasn't aware that deaf and mute was incorrect, I had thought that was the better was to put it, though I usually just say can't speak. Meaning verbal communication, not unable to use any speech. I did think hard of hearing was the correct term for those who had difficulty hearing but weren't deaf. That's probably because I grew up with hard of hearing being the polite term and wasn't aware that it had been updated. I have both physical and mental disabilities and simply use the word disabled or on a frustrating day I'll say crippled. I can't stand the labels "handicapable" or "differently-abled", ugh when I hear those I assume the person is a twit lol
mariasole nardelli
I am not a native English speaker, why is lame problematic? Doesn't it just mean "without anything remarkable"?
Leander T
Leander T Month ago
Does Claudia sign??
Leander T
Leander T Month ago
I think this is somewhat complicated though -- depending on person. For example, I'd much rather people (looking at you homophobic dudes) say that something is lame than using gay as a derogatory. That's just an example though. But yeah I knew using dumb was problematic, etc. I'm hard of hearing, more in my right ear than my left. I know some ASL because of it. I wanted to be prepared for it to maybe get worse. So I sometimes sign anyway.
Nisha Champaneri
Your hair looks gorgeous!!! Damn I wish my hair would do that
Heidi Morris
Heidi Morris Month ago
Got an hour between lectures and watched to watch RUvid... The amount of stuff without subtitles is shocking. So... Went to the place I knew I could watch
Chesa McIntyre
Chesa McIntyre Month ago
Jessica, have you seen these? get.eargo.com/liveintent?click_id=520168b2-f90b-3fad-8742-7cd3c810dc30&li_did=520168b2-f90b-3fad-8742-7cd3c810dc30 I want try them since I’m a federal employee and I’m covered by my insurance. I’ll let you know how it goes!
Anita Vanessa Sun
interesting . . . it's like the opposite of what happened with the word "queer." originally used as a disparaging term and now has evolved to something that is more generally accepted label. "dumb" was simply a label that has evolved to mean something disparaging
Terra Brix
Terra Brix Month ago
re mute: let's say that a person actually has an inability to speak. I get why calling the person (unless yourself) 'dumb' is negative (I get treated as though I am colloquially 'dumb' by those who don't get my mutism)... and I would get the negative associated with using the term 'mute' for people who are 'simply' deaf or HoH (since it is not accurate)... but what about when refering to a person who is incapable of verbal speech... or does mute go to the extreme and indicate an inability for all kind of communication?
susan lynch
susan lynch Month ago
Brilliantly eloquent, witty and educational all at the same time. Excellent as always Jessica, thank you for all you do to point a spotlight on this issue.
Sean-Michael Gettys
Btw, i also give myself the full burden of communication and too often don’t expect or at least don’t push for others to make things accessible to me. I’m working on this. It’s not always easy, since like most of my health challenges, my hearing changes from day to day, or moment to moment. Long explanation that is incomplete as I’m still looking for more answers about why my hearing sometimes is useful in a one on one conversation and sometimes i fully need captions or an interpreter, but the latest theory is in part, my genetic disorder that causes my connective tissue problems and frequent dislocations has also meant i often get pinched nerves and things go numb. This also means my vision and hearing change when nerves that conduct vision or hearing aren’t functioning properly. Sometimes that means one side of my face goes numb and i can’t hear out of that ear, sometimes i lose 50% of my feeling in most of my face and most hearing in both ears, etc. it’s complicated...my last audiology appointment ended in her saying she has no idea and now she will send me to an ENT who is more of a specialist.. ugh another specialist who knows nothing...hope not tho...sure you can relate.
Sean-Michael Gettys
Good video. Well put. And LOL High five for genetically impaired mutual mutant-ness lol
Fun Size
Fun Size Month ago
Okay this might sound ridiculous, but it's been so long since I heard the word 'dumb' on its own (as opposed to 'dumbass') that I'd actually forgotten it was used as its own separate word. Also did not know its original definition.
greenliter1 Month ago
✋ screen high five!
Eva Luna
Eva Luna Month ago
Hello, as a non-native English speaker, I wasn’t aware of the offensive nature of the term ‘deaf-mute’ I was wondering if there is a term that you feel is more respectful to use when referring to people who are deaf and also cannot speak. Thanks
Ctreefort Month ago
If you can use the words "hearing impaired" and "genetically impaired" then so can everyone else. Just like the n word. If black people can say it so should everyone else. They are just words they only hold power if you let them.
Ctreefort Month ago
🤣😂 thanks for trying to tell me my history. You have no clue what I've been threw or what my disabilities are. Thanks for saying they don't matter though!😘 please try picking on someone who actually doesn't have a disability like you were trying to do with me.😘 shit back down Karen.
Lucy M
Lucy M Month ago
are you disabled? are you black? cuz if you aren’t, your opinion is not valuable, cuz you haven’t been abused for something you can’t control.
IHeartGameplay 2 months ago
*hears "spaz" and has flashbacks of having anxiety and crying a lot then being called a spaz and getting beat up therefore making the anxiety worse therefore getting called spaz more*
Erin S
Erin S 17 days ago
I'm so sorry you went through that. That disgusts me that people could do such a thing. You are not a 'spaz' for having anxiety attacks and the fault is not on you, it is on those gross people.
Rietu 2 months ago
I high-fived my screen in the middle of work... Now I'm getting strange looks. Ah well, nothing new!
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 2 months ago
Who are you yelling at? I already knew all this shit
Snezhanna 2 months ago
This is interesting, I have never known the origins of "dumb". However, while I do think that thinking someone less intelligent because they cannot speak is bad, I also know that language changes and adapts, and what people used to put into the meaning of "dumb" isn't true anymore. You said it yourself. I don't really see a problem with using "dumb" meaning stupid because the other meaning is obsolete nowadays, not like idiot or retard (which I personally stay away from).
Ratoftheswamp 2 months ago
Could I call a situation stupid? Like if I'm at an event and they don't have any water is it bad to say "well that's stupid, they should really have water for everyone."? I'm not quite sure what I would substitute for another word. Like I get why calling people stupid is bad but what about a situation or objective? (Also I know this video is about the word dumb but I know people aren't super happy about the word stupid being thrown around as well). Thankfully I've been trying to phase out the word dumb for months but I'm not sure about other words.
Shelley McNamara
Shelley McNamara 2 months ago
Ari! 2 months ago
Who doesn't realize the r word is offensive?
Sarah Lyon
Sarah Lyon 2 months ago
Do you have any videos on what people can do for people who are deaf and hard of hearing to make it easier for them to understand if you don’t know sign language?
Carrie r
Carrie r 2 months ago
My volume was all the way down when I started this video so I was like "is she?"
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